the boy who dared

i love dateaboysuggestions because the posts from that blog can either be really vague like “date a boy who teaches you how to love yourself” or incredibly specific like “date a boy who drank 5 litres of soup on a dare and then puked on the back of your car on a thursday night”

all the time my head buzzed with the impossibility of girls: girls who found exactly the right shade of rose shirt to wear with my skirt, who were impossibly talented in fashion; girls who braided my hair and kissed my cheeks while talking about their favorite mountains; girls who gently guided me through going to the gym and who would get ice cream with me in the sweaty aftermath; girls who looked dangerous but were always ready to watch a show and drink wine with me, who scratched the faces of boys who dared demand too much of me; girls who were quiet and gave me their highlighted notes in fonts i couldn’t dream of, who stood up to other girls when they stepped out of line. girls who protected me, girls i protected, girls who came to me for advice on being woman if the body feels wrong and who gave me advice on how not to quit life despite the fact i felt like a constantly ringing last song. 

all the time they were perfect, impeccably so, from the round laughing cheeks to the photogenic queens to the sundae messes to the freckles to the core of them. girls flooded every nerve ending with the ability to somehow exist so wondrously that you were sure you were in a dream.

Date a boy who will kick ass if someone dares to insult you
Date a boy who doesn’t judge your appearance
Date a boy who doesn’t care that you are stronger than him
Date a boy who is your accomplice of all times, even when he disagrees with what you do
Date a boy who always gets excited whenever he sees you
Date a boy who tries his best to fulfill your wish, but will back off if he senses you are uncomfortable or have more important things to worry about
Date a boy who, despite having a fight with you, still cares and comes for you during your hard times
Date a boy who will squat down your insecurities and always tell you you are pretty and you are great
Date a boy who silently supports you and never asks for anything in return, nor did he ever play the “nice guy” card
Date jung joon hyung

The Secret Of A Frat Boy ~Naughty November~

Prompt:Hello. Can you write a really rough Kyle (ahs coven) smut? And he gets all dominant. Daddy!Kyle x Fem!reader. 

Pairing: Kyle x Reader

Word Count: 860

Warning: none

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Seventeen’s Ideal Type’s (in my opinion) Part One

Seungcheol - I can see him going for someone very motherly and mature. Someone who take’s on the role of a protector as well as being his girlfriend/boyfriend. I think he’d suit someone who’s very talkative and can carry on conversations but at the same time he wouldn’t mind if she just sat back and let things flow. A girl/boy who’s practical and well mannered and gives of the vibe of a classy lady/guy. Polite and plans things well yet would still trip and fall in public? Just a fun mixture of both I think would suit our Coups. 

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Jeonghan - A girl/boy who’s very mature yet knows how to have fun? Like, a girl/boy who’s daring and exciting and goes through life spontaneously. I think that would catch his attention. Bubbly and positive with a bright smile that blinds anyone who looks at her/him. Gives good advice and is always there for people when they need her/him to be. Jeonghan would be drawn to her/ him because she’s/he’s a mixture of everything and he’d be very attracted to that. 

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Joshua - I’ve always seen Josh going for the biggest sweetheart on earth! Someone who’s kind, selfless and the cutest little thing ever. A girl/boy who at first is shy yet as you get to know them, she/he comes more and more out of their shell. Not someone who’s in your face but someone who you can have a nice conversation with. Your traditional good girl/boy. Someone who can get along with everyone and is pure and innocent. I think Jisoo would be head over heels for a girl/boy like that. 

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Jun - For me Jun would go for someone who’s intelligent and quick witted. Someone he can have a deep conversation with and it never get boring. A girl/boy who’s comfortable being herself and expressing her/his views on certain things; I think Jun would find that quality very attractive. Someone with a good fashion taste who likes expressing who they are through their clothes. Open minded and creative. Someone who can handle Jun being on tour and still love him just as much as she always has as their relationship progresses. 

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Hoshi: This sunshine would go for the biggest dork on Earth! Someone who makes others wonder if they’re okay yet he’ll sit and find them the most adorable thing to ever grace this Earth. I think he’d go for someone who’s good at dancing like him, they don’t have to be the best dancer ever but have some skill so he can grab them to dance. A person who’s very polite and well spoken on the streets yet at home turn silly and makes our Soonyoung smile. 

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Wonwoo - A very reserved girl/boy who takes a while to get to know someone. Someone who could just happily sit there drawing or reading and let’s the world go by. I think Wonwoo would find their stability to be very enticing. A girl/boy who allows him to put them on a pedestal because I’ve always been one to believe Wonwoo would love his partner with all his heart. Someone quite chilled and laid back yet showers our Garden Fairy with all their love and affection. 

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Woozi - A very stable girl/boy who knows what they want from life. A person who could help Woozi stay on his feet and stay’s his rock and his safe place no matter what. I could see him go for someone quite curvy and petite like himself. Someone intelligent and shares their views. A person who’s skillful at many things but prefers not to showcase their talents from shyness. Just your average girl who’s open to loving Woozi. 

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Ok so no matter our feelings on this episode i think we can all agree on how amazing it was that lukas actually talked to mama shea??? Like he literally said “liking philip this way, its hard.” This is the boy who is covering up a triple homicide that he witnessed just so he wouldn’t have to come out. This is the boy who is near panic attacks whenever philip even dares mention telling helen. This is the boy who is so terrified of coming out that he keeps hurting the boy he cares about and keeps self-destructing. This is the boy suffering from intense ptsd and suicidal ideations. But this is also the boy that admitted to philip’s mum, who already knew about them, that he had feelings for philip. No matter how shitty his actions were for the rest of the episode and how hurtful he became, this is a moment im proud of. Take a moment to imagine just how freeing and nerve-wracking and absolutely terrifying that must of been to say out loud to another person for the first time in his life.

Okay I’ve been thinking aaaand -

Ardyn, Ignis, Aranea, Luna, and Loqi have voices that can make you cry. They just sound so majestic and have so much range. It’s honestly like they’re singing to the heavens their voices are so beautiful.

Noctis, Gladio, Iris are the ones who sound … surprisingly lovely. Noctis found out he doesn’t sound half bad after a dare that went sour — everyone thought he’d sound like shit but in actuality he has one of those emo, cracky, boy-band voices and Prompto everyone who dared him had to sit the fuck down because by god the prince can sing.

Prompto, Dino, and Cindy, are the ones who really need to sit the fuck down but love to sing anyway because they just love doing it even though they sound horrible. I mean … these are the types of folks that make you excuse yourself just to escape their singing, they sound really, really bad. Cindy’s only kinda okay if you like country music and that’s like 12% of the population, and Dino’s especially bad because he tries to hit ques and have a range he just simply doesn’t have and god just let’s go home.

BTS REACTIONS: When you make fun of them


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(you guys are not dating)

“Yoongi hyung, truth or dare?” Namjoon asked. The eight of you were sitting on the floor of the living room after dinner and you have to admit, you’re not keen to be here. Truth or dare is like the worst game you’ve ever played. You rather be lock up in the cupboard with one of them than to play this.You sat at your place and stared at them playing, your chin resting on your hand, uninterested. Seokjin notices your discomfort and look at the other boys who were busy laughing at Yoongi’s dare. “Y/N-ah!” he yell across the room, snapping you out of your daydream, not failing to get the boys’ attentions as well. You turn your attention to him and he blew a flying kiss at you. Not just any flying kiss, it’s Jin’s infamous hardcore flying kiss. The room was silent for a few seconds before the boys started oo-ing.

He stared at you with expectation but all you did were laughing at him. His face dropped and the boys started laughing as well. “Yah! What’s so funny?!” he pouted. You held your stomach and continue giggling. “J-just…your face,” you said, controlling your laughter. He might looked hurt but deep down he was glad that he managed to make you happy. He stood from where he was and walked to you. Squatting down, he grabbed you cheeks with both hand and you stared at him, surprised. The boys stopped laughing to watch what Seokjin was going to do. He took a deep breath before he started to shower you with kisses on your entire face. You tried to push him away while the boys at the back keep oo-ing. “Yah! That’s gross! My face is full of your saliva!” you said between his pecking. When he finally pulled away, he’ll smirk and say, “that’s for making fun of my kisses” before he chased the boys to give them the same treatment.


Yoongi sat there with a blank face. He was chosen to carry out the penalty among the seven of them. For a moment the room was quiet, but the next second all seven of you roar with laughter. Taehyung even started rolling around on the floor of the cafe. You sneaked some glances at Yoongi, waiting for him to change his clothes. The penalty was for him to cross dress into a maid and give out food to the customers in the cafe.

When he finally came out of the changing room, all of you were dazed. Jimin was the first to break the silence by laughing his ass off which the others followed soon after. He made his way downstairs with the tray of food and started passing it around, receiving glances here and there. “Hip hop is dead guys.” he said to the camera which was connected to the small television upstairs where you and the others were watching. All of you laughed at his misery when he returned and he took a seat beside you. You turned to look at him but as soon as you did so, you started laughing again for another good five minutes, “aww you’re prettier than me as a girl~” you joked in between your laugh. Yoongi scowled at you and sighed. “you’re going to get it when we get home.”


You were doing your assignment when Hoseok ran into your room looking scared. He shook your arm to get your attention and you turned towards him. “What’s wrong?” “C-cockroach.” That one word from him had managed to crack you up so you threw your head back and began laughing at him. He wasn’t offended though, he was too scared to care about what you think of him. You stopped yourself from laughing and followed him to the kitchen.

When you spotted that tiny little creature at the stove you turn your attention to Hoseok behind you. “Really? A nymph?” you gave him the are-you-freakin-serious look. He gave you a sheepish smile and ran out of the kitchen as you started to laugh again.You grabbed your cooking book beside the fridge and rolled it into a stick before striking it down at the stove. After you’re done cleaning the mess you exited the kitchen and plopped yourself down beside Hoseok, who pulled his knees to his chest like a kid. “is it dead yet…?” he asked and slowly turned his head towards you. “Yup!” you answered and pulled out a fake cockroach from your back pocket when he wasn’t looking. You opened your palm beside his face and wait for him to turn to you. As soon as he did so, he fell to the ground, leaving you laughing so hard on the couch that you could split your sides.

Rap Monster:

You were at the practice room and they decided to start a dance battle. The maknaes were competing with each other in this round and you cheered as Jimin dances. “Go Jimin! Go Jimin!” you chanted while the other two whined. “Noona! Cheer for us too!” you laughed and nodded. “Hwaiting!” you held out your fist and pumped the air.

When it was the hyung line’s turn, you put your fullest attention on your boyfriend, Namjoon, aka Rap Monster. “Music…start!” Yoongi who controlled the music said. Seokjin first started off with his traffic dance with the maknaes mocking at the side. And Namjoon pushed him away, starting his robotic dance, leaving all of you in the room to laugh at his stiffness. When everyone wasn’t looking, he looked at you and mouthed “stop laughing” but it only made you laughed harder, imitating his moves with your hands. He sighed but came up with an idea.

“Guys! Why not we have Y/N dance too?” He shouted over the blasting music. The boys cheered and you started to panic. Jimin pushed you into the circle. “Yah! I supported you!” you yelled at him. “And I’m going to support you now!” he said playfully. You huffed and pulled your boyfriend along. Surprisingly you did better than you expected and it was more flexible than his robot dance. You showed him your tongue, mouthing an ‘I won’ and did a peace sign before sitting down at your previous seat.


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“Y/N-ah..” Jimin called out but you ignored him. “Y/N…” he tried again. He has been chasing after you for years now but he never had a chance due to your previous boyfriend who you’ve broken up with a week ago. Honestly speaking, Jimin is a very nice guy. He’s cute, funny, smart, talented and most of all, he knows how to make your day. Why are you ignoring him if he’s so nice, you may ask. You’re not ignoring him to be honest, you were just, shy to be around him. One reason for you to break up with your boyfriend was because of this. You changed. Your heart changed.

Jimin was walking down the hallway and heard some girls gossiping. Not to eavesdrop on purpose but he overheard the news of you and your boyfriend breaking up. He ran around trying to find you and saw you outside your classroom alone. “Y/N!” he yelled a few metres away from you. You turned to the source of voice to find him running. “I’m-” he started and ran towards you before landing on the floor and sliding towards you “sliiiiiding into your DM” he continued and stopped in front of you. What he did was hilarious and you started laughing hard. You held your stomach and bend down laughing. “What the hell!” you said and continue to laugh. When you finally recovered from your laughter, you stood looking into each other’s eyes. You squeezed his cheeks and cooed, “You’re so cute~” he stopped smiling and acted like he was mad. “Hey! I’m not cute! I’m handsome!”


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He opened up the front door and went straight to shower after his long day at work. After showering, he plopped himself on the bed and went out cold within minutes. You didn’t even get to say hi to him. Huffing to yourself, you sat yourself down at the end of the bed where Taehyung laid his feet at, and started giving him a leg massage. He always likes it when you do that, he said it help him relieve stress. Who knows, that kid is weird sometimes.

What you didn’t know was that he wasn’t fully asleep yet. So when you press onto the acupuncture point he let out a moan. “wow! yes right there!” he groaned. You stopped your movement and looked up at him in surprise. Well that would’ve sounded just like he’s enjoying your massages if it weren’t for your corrupted mind. You started laughing at him and rolled your head back. “Why are you laughing? Help me massage!” he said, throwing tantrum.

Instead, you jumped on the bed into his arms. “did you know you sounded wrong just now?” you said smiling, poking his nose and tilting your head to the side. He rolled his eyes up and make a thinking face. “do you want me to show you what is wrong?” he said and gave you that cheeky smile. You looked at him confusedly. The next moment you know, he was on top of you. His hands on either of your sides and you can barely prepare yourself before he started tickling you. “Yah! Sto- HAHAHA STOP!” you shrieked and laughed, struggling to kick him off of you. “Say ‘sorry master, I was wrong’ and I’ll consider letting you off” he said, continue tickling you.

“N-NO HAHAHAHA STO- GET OFF!” you yelled and try your luck again but he’s too strong for you. “I’m not stopping until you say it though…” he said and gave a fake troubled look. “OKAY! OKAY! I’LL SAY IT!” you scream out. He stopped tickling you, looking at you and wait for you to continue. “Sorry…m-MY ASS” before he got to react, you turned him over and straddled him between your legs. “IT’S MY TURN!” you said and let out an evil laugh.


“Oh my god he’s so cool!” you fangirled on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in hand while Jungkook glared at you at the side. “Isn’t he cool?!” you asked while staring at the screen. Jungkook let out a huffed which you didn’t catch and folded his arms across his chest. “Yah! Don’t you think you should pay more attention to your boyfriend than some stupid korean drama?” He said looking at you. Well that was rude. And you were offended.

“Hey! What do you mean by stupid?!” you glared back at him. He looked away and you continued watching the TV. “I just think you should love me more…” he mumbled and you turned to him with a smirk. “Is our golden maknae jealous~” you cooed and beamed. “No I’m not, I’m just-” he tried to give an excuse but you cut him off. “Alright, I’m continue watching this drama then…” “Oh gosh he is soooooo hot” you fangirled again, but this time you paid attention to your boyfriend’s reaction instead. “Yah!” he yelled and switched off the television. “Hey I’m not done watching it y- Woooaaaah,” he carried you over his shoulder and walked up the stairs to your bedroom. “Put me down! My drama~” you tried to get away from his grip.

Entering the room he threw you onto the bed. “What did you say? He’s cool? Hot?” he put his hands on his waist. “uh….yes…?” you hesitated. Well what can you say, jealous Jungkook is sexy. He huffed out. “Wanna see what is hotter?” he asked, technically, stating it, his expression changed to a smirk while he looked at you. 

“I loved you,” says Hilbert’s voice, and he’s not real, not real, not real.

Eiffel can feel his stomach twist itself into knots, vision blurring from the tears or the drink; it’s hard to say. He takes another swig to be sure.

“I know,” he says quietly.

Hilbert is a genius. Hilbert is a sadist. Hilbert is a brother and a dreamer and a thinker and a pusher and a very, very complicated man.

Hilbert is a fool and Hilbert is dead.

The weight of that truth is crushing and terrible, perhaps because, in a way, Eiffel always sort of knew. It is a strange, swallowing truth that demands more grief than it deserves. So Eiffel grieves, just a little. He grieves not for Alexander Hilbert, or Elias Selberg, or any other name he might have once had, but for Dmitri Volodin, the little boy who dared to hope, and paid the ultimate price for it.

Because when is a monster not a monster?

—  excerpts from fanfic I’ll never write

Just imagine Draco having a crush on you. He’d not immadiately tell you, but he’s kind of possessive and get’s really pissed if other boys even talk to you.
He’d give everyone who dares to require your attention (in his presence) a look that could kill because even it’s not official yet, you are HIS, and he doesn’t let anyone dare to change that.

For the anon who asked about Sakamaki's and Kou's type

Generally i don’t believe they would give much fuck about the women/man they are with…but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have some preferences.

Shuu: Weirdly i think he would prefer more lively people other than too lazy people. It would cheer him up and remind him of old happy times. A person who he could tease and make blush would pe a plus too, kind of a small person to hug and cuddle. An animal loving person would make him feel lucky too.

Reiji: Well we all know this guy is looking for a lady/gentleman with manners. A person who would act kind and cute with others, freaky and submissive in bed. Her/Him being clever and interested in science would be hella YUS to him too.

Laito: A teasing and daring girl/boy who is not afraid to show off their feminine side…that would get his interest. Actually any kind of girl/boy would get his interest to be honest but the type of girl/boy who would give their love and care about him would be the locking point. At first he would be scared but as he learns to love by her/his lingering touches he would get addicted.

Kanato: A sweet, timid and gentle girl/boy would be his fav. The one that obeys him and also is really caring. He would be mesmerized by someone who would hug him with full love when he is screaming and angry. He would stop shouting and push her/him off to mock them but secretly his hearth would beat in full speed.

Ayato: A boy/girl that can be his friend too. A brave person who would have fun with him would be his motto. Kind of a cute and clumsy person who he could pat in the head with a soft smile. A girl/boy with a shit-eating grin and the softest hugs when affection is needed.

Subaru: The type of person who has a strong personality. He would be highly amused if she/he was a person who wouldn’t let others push her/him down. Strong and cool yet so loving and positive. The person who would caress his hair and get dorky with him while being badass to the other brothers.

KOU: This trash idols first rule is honesty. The person to speak their mind. He would be really drawn to a person who keeps smiling and being strong no matter what bad situation happens. An energetic and cheerful person would be his motto. He would expect them to be able to hug him when he is down and always motivate him. The person who would see through his fake faces and love the real person inside him.

Basically all these dorks secretly wants attention and care. No matter what they say, they had pretty broken pasts and they all need love

Anyone who dares to comment negatively on my ill baby boy Rashford can fucking fight me! How do you expect the lad to be consistent when he barely gets game time?! Stfu.