the boy who dared

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why is klance disgusting

bc it snuck up on me unexpectedly and I’ve been imagining headcanons in the middle of the night for days that i am dying to see fics for

like can you imagine Lance and Keith getting closer gradually and Lance not knowing how tf to process it so he just starts avoiding Keith until they argue and reconcile as Lance and Keith come to terms with their feelings for each other because I sure as fuck can!!!!!!

how dare they

how dare these space boys

1. A boy who wants to speak to you will message you, if he’s not messaging you then it’s probably because he doesn’t want to.
2. If he’s not asking you out on a date then it’s most likely because he doesn’t want to take you on one.  
3. Calling you ‘crazy’ or ‘strange’ is his way of trying to make you feel like your feelings are unnecessary, don’t stay with someone who makes you feel stupid for having feelings.
4. You never really know what he’s thinking so don’t for a second think you do because you’ll end up getting disappointed.
5. A boy who truly likes you will never put himself in a position to lose you.
6. Know when to walk away, you will find a boy who appreciates you.
7. Don’t chase him, if he wants to leave let him. If he really did like you as much as you liked him he wouldn’t be walking away in the first place, remember that.
8. There’s always someone else, they might not be right for you either but there will always be someone you find after them and eventually you’ll find the right person.
9. Don’t ignore the red flags, if you think something isn’t right then trust your gut, you’re probably right anyway.
10. If he likes you then he’ll want to talk to you and only you and will make an active effort to do so.
11. “I’m not looking for anything serious right now” means “I’m not looking for anything serious with you”.  
12. A boy who likes you will want to be with you. 
13. If he tells you he’s going to bed but is then actively on social media then don’t dare message him the next day.  
14. A boy who likes you will want to speak to you everyday, not once a week or whenever it suits him.
15. Watch out for the boys who speak to you in their free time and the boys who’ll free their time to speak to you, it’s important to learn the difference.
16. If he ignores any of your messages, whether they’re messages that have an answer to them or ones that could be ignored then he’s probably not interested.
17. If a boy is interested in you then he’s going to message you back even if your last message was one he didn’t have to reply to, if he likes you he’ll want to talk to you.
18. Actions will always speak louder than words, don’t believe anything he says unless he actively proves it with his actions.
19. Boys say things they don’t mean.  
20. Once it’s over walk away, he’s made it clear how he feels about you or rather how he doesn’t so leave it at that.
—  20 lessons I’ve learned (and never want to forget).
Yoongi as your boyfriend would include...

Originally posted by yoongles

  • Okays now lets begin
  • I feel like Yoongi wouldn’t date someone unless he knew a little about them
  • So you two would start of as friends (even if he liked you when he first met you, he just wouldn’t be comfortable starting a relationship with someone he didn’t know)
  • Anywayyy, both of you would be friends for awhile just so he could make sure what he felt for you was real
  • And when he knew it was the real deal there was no holding this boy back
  • He wouldn’t waste any time telling you he loved you
  • It would most likely be in the middle of the night when he confessed
  • He would ring the doorbell of your apartment (ignoring the string of curse words that followed and the large bang that he could only assume was you falling out of your bed)
  • You would open the door with messy hair and lopsided bunny pajamas but he wouldn’t care
  • Yoongi would kiss you right then and there, not giving a damn that you just rolled out of bed
  • He’d smile into the kiss once he felt you reciporcate
  • He would pull back and stare in your sleepy eyes, watching in amusement as you tried to form words
  • But then he’d just go, “Shh, I need to go back to sleep” before brushing past you into yOUR APARTMENT leaving you dazed and confused to question yourself what the fuck just happened
  • You’d just leave him be though, it wasn’t worth getting you eyes scratched out for waking him up
  • Over the next few weeks everyone would be kind of confused
  • They couldn’t figure out whether you and Yoongi were actually dating or just friends
  • However, one fatal night in Yoongi’s studio in the middle of making out Taehyung would burst in
  • Before running back out in the hallway screaming “oh my gOD THEY ARE DATING! FINALLY!”
  • You would giggle slightly which was then cut off by Yoongi sticking his tongue in your mouth again (rude boi)
  • There was no filter in your relationship btw
  • Yoongi would kiss you everywhere and anywhere he wanted
  • He’d also grab your ass a lot
  • So yeah he’s a big fan of PDA despite him not seeming like it
  • He just loves showing you off
  • He’d secretly dedicate lyrics to you during concerts, winking and pointing to where you sat, letting everyone know that you were his and he was yours
  • Yoongi would also be really possessive and jealous, but not to the point where it became overbearing
  • It’s just little looks and glares he’d send to the person who dared flirting with you
  • This also caused the boys to start flirting with you just to annoy Yoongi
  • You two were deemed the ‘grandma and grandpa of bangtan’ and believe me you both lived up to that title
  • You two spent most of your dates in the dorm and complained about anything and everything
  • There was also hardly a time when the both of you weren’t asleep together (not like that…)
  • Taehyung and Jungkook would constantly record the both of you for future blackmail
  • But even those two couldn’t deny that you both didn’t look adorable
  • You were the only one that could actually get Yoongi to relax
  • When the boys got worried that Yoongi was overworking himself they called you over, already knowing he wouldn’t listen to them
  • But once you arrived you’d pull him over to the studio couch, ignoring his whines, and he’d instantly fall asleep in your arms
  • Whenever he was on tour he’d ditch recording sessions and dance practices despite your protests just so he could skype you
  • Most of the time it’d be really sweet as you both exchanged “I love you’s”
  • But other times it’d become quite naughty if you know what I mean ;));)
  • He’d also send you encouraging texts throughout the day to help you get through work/school
  • You two would rarely fight
  • But when you did it was B R U T E L
  • You and Yoongi are both hardheaded and stubborn so it was hard to agree on some things
  • Your fights would include screaming matches and bringing up pointless things from the past that added fuel to the fire
  • The aftermath of the fight was the worst part
  • Yourself and Yoongi had a hard time apologizing so you two would ignore each other for a few days
  • However, after thinking about it for a long time one of you would apologize
  • And the other would immediately forgive them because you both missed each other so much
  • Yoongi would also be a big cuddlier in private
  • He loved having you in his arms on his days off, cherishing the way your body seemed to fit so perfectly with his
  • Overall you and Yoongi had the cutest relationship that most were jealous of
  • He wouldn’t know what he would do without you

Originally posted by kinkyoongi93

  • Now lets get to the sexy stuff ;)
  • Yoongi wouldn’t go easy on you when you got down and dirty
  • Don’t get me wrong, there were times when you had soft sensual love making
  • But most of the time he would be very rough
  • Slight kitten kink (okay huge kitten kink)
  • He’d love having you on top, not because he couldn’t be bothered doing anything but because he wanted to admire your fucked out state while riding him
  • Yoongi would love pulling your hair
  • He’d probably do it while he was kissing down your neck to expose more of it or when he was taking you from behind, then he’d bunch it into a makeshift ponytail
  • He’s pretty experimental in bed but he would make sure he remained dominant
  • Even when you were on top he’d hold your hips and guide you onto his dick
  • Most of the time you’d come out with multiple bruises on your hips due to his roughness
  • This boy would absolutely L O V E marking you as his
  • It was unlikely for you to have no love bits after sex
  • He’d leave them all over your neck, collarbones, chest and thighs making it impossible for you to cover them
  • As I said before he’s a jealous lover, so every time someone as much looked at you he’d make sure you remembered who you belonged to that night
  • He’s also the daddy type (he prefers kitten and princess though)
  • Yoongi would make you strip for him and would buy you the most expensive lingerie only for it to be ripped off your body later
  • Obviously he’s big on eating you out
  • But again he loved having you on top
  • You weren’t sure about it at first but once Yoongi grabbed you by your thighs and ordered you to sit on his face you’d practically melt
  • He would eat you out as a form of roleplay, it was his favorite thing to do before you two actually got started
  • He loved the way you pulled at his dark locks while looking into his intense eyes, as his tongue teased your clit
  • He is also a big post-sex cuddlier
  • He wanted to relax after intimate moments with you, so having your nude body pressed against his was like a dream
  • In conclusion you and Yoongi were practically the cutest couple (and the hottest of course ;))

Anyway I hope you guys liked this. I’m thinking about making this a mini series for each member just like my fake texts. Let me know what you guys thought! (。♥‿♥。)

Taehyung and Jungkook


Boys will be boys,
but women must be warriors; princesses.
We must be fierce but fragile.
We must be broken but unbreakable.
We must be everything but nothing all at once
and learn to take the blame.

one of my favorite things about the trans!danny hc is that, assuming we’re going by canon here, jack is suPER supportive

like almost every episode we hear jack referring to danny as “danny boy”

like,, think about this for a second

danny coming out to his parents, fidgeting nervously with the hem of his too-big t-shirt

maddie being quiet at first, taking it in, thinking about how she would have to take her son shopping for new clothes immediately.. and a binder. he would need a proper binder.

she gets so lost in calculating all the things she would have to do to help her son feel comfortable she doesnt realize how quiet shes being - but danny does

he starts panicing. his fears had come true - they didnt accept him. of course they wouldnt.. he begins backing up when all of sudden jack’s face turns into a huge grin.

he claps a hand on his sons shoulder, beaming. “oh danny boy!” he proclaims, “why didnt you tell us sooner???”

danny blanches. he hadnt expected his dad to be so accepting. this snaps maddy out of her trance, and she starts talking at lightning speed, how they would have to buy him some new, appropriate, clothes and the seriousness of proper binding.

danny cant believe it.. they? they’re ok with this? he starts to cry - from relieve and from happiness and also from a bit of guilt he didnt tell them sooner - that would have made things a lot easier

from then on jack and maddy try their best to be as supportive as they can be. maddy always cooing about her precious baby boy and jack going on and on about how they need to have more father-son bonding time. making sure hes always comfortable and correcting anyone who ever dares misgender their baby boy. danny couldnt have been happier.

even so, he stills gets dsyphoria sometimes and it really brings him down - and so jack does the only thing he could think

he starts calling him danny boy.

maybe a little reminder is all he needs… besides, he always wanted a son anyways

Drunk [S.B.]

Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 1092
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Sirius finds himself looking after a drunk Y/n, who is determined to make it as difficult as possible for him to do so.
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

The party in the Gryffindor common room was in full swing, people dancing, laughing and drinking the firewhisky that lined the tables. The room was nearly too full for anyone to move around, however all anyone seemed to care about was Gryffindor winning the Quidditch match against Slytherin.

Sirius Black leant casually against a wall on the outskirts of the room, holding a half empty cup of firewhiskey in his hand as he observed the room.

Usually, he’d be right in the centre of everything, dancing with some girl he happened to find. However, tonight it was different. His eyes were locked on the Ravenclaw boy who dared to talk to you, hating him from a distance.

He told himself it was just the natural instinct of a best friend to want to protect you, but knew deep down it was so much more than that.

He didn’t want that boy touching you, because he wanted to be the only one to be able to do that.

He took a sip of his drink before allowing his eyes to wander, just for a few seconds, landing on his best friend James, who seemed to be acting like the giddy dork he was around none other than Lily Evans. Catch him around any other girl, he’d be his usual proud self, yet put him in front of the pretty redhead and he turned into a crushing schoolgirl.

Sirius couldn’t help but shake his head in amusement, before he then began looking around for Remus or Peter - whichever one he found first.

Remus, for once, actually seemed to be having fun. Though usually not the party type, James and Sirius had encouraged him to turn up, just for one night, and reluctantly, the werewolf had agreed.

Look where that got him - having much more fun than his usually overdramatic friend Sirius.

Sirius then, avoiding looking at you and the Ravenclaw, found Peter, who surprisingly, after having one too many shots, seemed to almost be the life of the party, though it was more likely he was just overly excited that James had scored the winning shot of the match.

Sirius often questioned whether his little rat friend was in love with James and his talent.

“Sirius dance with me!” He suddenly heard someone slur from his left. Turning, he couldn’t help the smile that graced his face when he saw it was you. Clearly intoxicated, you nearly fell into your best friend in your attempt to get to him faster. “Y/n! A-Are you drunk?” Sirius asked in shock, holding onto your body and pulling you close to him.

“What? Nooo..” you giggled, then began to slide a hand slowly down his chest, heading towards his pants. “Whatcha doing there?” Sirius said as he grabbed you hand to prevent it from moving lower.

You pouted, and leaned up to his ear, “Don’t you want to have some fun tonight?”

If it were in any other circumstances, Sirius would have jumped at the chance for a night with you, especially after being in love with you for so long now. But you were drunk - these thoughts weren’t your own, and he could only feel a little down about that.

“Trust me doll, any other time I would, but right now we need to get you to bed,” Sirius said as he once again steadied you on your feet.

“Do I have to?” You whined. Sirius didn’t bother replying, and instead started to lead you up the stairs to your dorm room.

It was one of the only times the stairs hadn’t knocked him back down.

He opened the door to your dorm and helped you inside as you muttered incoherent things to yourself, clinging onto Sirius’ neck.

You collapsed onto the bed as Sirius sat down and rested your feet on his lap, so he could take your shoes off for you. He placed them under your bed, before leaning over your body to try and take of your necklace, in case if caused you problems whilst you were asleep.

He ignored the closeness of your bodies, trying to distract himself from behind pressed against you, when you said, “I really like his position.” You giggled and wrapped your arms around his neck, a leg gently looping around his as you tried to lift your hips to meet his.

“And you are a very sexual drunk, baby girl, but I can’t do this to you. I won’t,” he said in a low tone, stroking your cheek with his finger as he pulled away from you with the necklace, trying not to hurt your leg as he untangled it from around his. “Then just stay with me,” you muttered sleepily, holding onto his arm so he couldn’t stand up.

Sirius’ heartbeat sped up. Did you just ask him to stay longer?

Without a word, Sirius placed the necklace on your beside table, slipping out of his trousers and climbing into the bed with you, instantly wrapping his arms around you. You looked up into his dark brown eyes, mesmerised by the way they were gazing back at you with such adoration. Your stare flickered down to his soft lips, and in your drunk state, you convinced yourself it was the perfect idea to lean over and-

Sirius thought his head was going to explode from feeling so many emotions at once when your lips brushed his. He could taste the alcohol on you, and knew, deep down, that you were just doing this because you were intoxicated. However, he pushed that out of his mind, if only for a few moments, to savour something that he would cherish forever.

You pulled away, seemingly content with kissing him, and snuggled into his chest, listening to his rising heartbeat as it lulled you to sleep.

Sirius couldn’t believe what you had just done. He couldn’t believe that you had actually kissed him. Him, your best friend, of all people. Sure, you’d been making sexual advances all night, but he never thought you’d actually do something about it without passing out first.

He couldn’t believe he had you in his arms, holding onto him so tight. He pushed a loose strand of hair out of your face, and just watched how beautiful you looked, lying beside him with your dress clothes still on, and makeup half smudged across the pillow.

Sirius smiled to himself in a bittersweet kind of way.

You may not remember the kiss by the morning, but he was sure that he would never forget it.

In simplicity,
I found beauty.
In failing,
I found patience.
In wandering,
I found understanding.
In darkness,
I found myself.

It seems perfection
was never idealism
but little more than
the truth in who we are.


W̵̢̟͚͓̗̠͎̮̳̠̻͎͕̳̩͎̪͇̅́̈́͋͆͐͛̿̀́̌̃̃͘͜͝ͅͅͅḩ̵̨̢̧̻̱̳̤̤̤̳̙̖͎̪͇̪͖̩̭̞̘̠̭͑͂͌̇͊͑̈͊̌̒̃̈́̃͜ͅͅȯ̸̢̲̮̺͖̞͉̪͍̻̝͛'̴̨̡̛̛̼̭̫̣̣̣̼̹͉̱̜͍͔̗̩̬̩͇̲̬̗̳̤̗̟͈̰̻̻̼̯͖̥̈́͛̏̐͌͂́͂̅̓̉̿͒͗̑͂͋͂́̀̒̃̈́́̎͛̈̏͆̀̎̉̽̂̒̒͐̔̃̚̕͜͜͝ş̷̹͍̙̬̟̻̳̪͍̲͓̣̀̓͗̄̌̍͋̋̉̍͋̈́͐͗͑̍̓̅́̍̓̐̏͘̕͜͠ ̴̢̝͓̪̗͓̝̻̖̦͖͚̠̹͈̞̯͎̻̠̳̞̯͎̝̲̪́͜ͅi̵̪̪͓͚̘̩̪͔͐̔͆̀̇̌͂̌̓̏̾̂̂͐̄͌͗̉̅̎̍̆͆̐͂̂͛̔̿̈̄̍̽̓͒̍̔̆́̎͒̚̕̕̚͘͜͝͝n̷̢̨̧̧͉̮̲̬̥͓̟͖̟̩̮̠̣̱̟̤̬͚̍͗̿͆̅͛͗̅̎̽̋̈́́̕̕͘͜ͅ ̴̨̢̖͚̰͚̲̣͇̱̬̹̬̙̖̝̥̯̩̰͇̟̼̤̩͚͙͇̜̲̘̪̼̪̲͙͕̳̤̙̜͂̀͛̄̍͂͒̇̏͜͜͝C̷̢͍̭͔̞͖̯̭͖̱̘͈̖̎͊̑̊̑̋̋̃̆̒̔̑̌̆̌̕͠ͅǪ̷̢̨̨̛̛̛̛̟̺̲̺̲̥̺̪̣̫̯͚͔͉̙̼͓̪̪̹̖̞̮͎͈͇̝͙̱̣͔͋͊́̈́̂̿̄̐̋͛̈́̓̎̽́͒͆̈̑̊͆̋̀͋͌̾̊̌̂̅͊̈́̍̐̚͘͘̕͘͝͠ͅŅ̶̢̛̭̝͎̹̲̰͖̗͎͇̱̗̣̺̦̣͇͎̪͉̥͎̟̯̊̒̔̈́̒́̈́̒̿́͜͜͜͝ͅT̴͈̻̪̬̥͉̲̱̫̯͍̩́͗̐̿̓̾̇͌̄͐̊̐̋̏̊̒̉͌̊̾͘̚͝͝͝ͅŘ̷̛̩͓̖̪̙͍̺͕̲̤̻͎͇͔̘͇͉͚̻̜̹͙̥͈̭̟͈̮͉̭̖̫̺͕͍̤̟̩̹̭̖̼̤͓̱͎͖̣͒̿̓̒͆̀̎͆̾͛̌͛̂̽̏͐̈́̓̀̊́̀̀̍̽́͊̇͂̈́̔͋́͆̄̑̓̒̋̕͘̕̚͝͠Ǫ̴̧̛̥͎̤͓̘̱̬͙͍͇̤̥̙͉͇͈̙̺̜̪̺̜͎̹̞̪͒̍́̓̎͋̑̉̂͆͆̂̏̇̀͜͜͠͠L̷̢̼̟̗̦̓̊̉̄̐͗̐͗̐́̃̈́͂̋̓͛̄̈́̈͗̆̓̈̈̎̿͗̐̃̈́̓̃̓̐̇͑̈́͋̈́͘ N̷̢̧̧̛̬̦̞̝̹̣̘̘̙̩̹̩̳͍̮̣̻̟̫̝̼͍̯͔̞̟͈̯̯̜͉̹͙̘̰̘̠̘̤͔͙̠̫͕̠̬̥͎̘͕͇̼̞̆̎̄͗͐͛Ơ̷̡̡̢̢̨̧̡̨̗̼̯̳̞̬̫͖̣̬̰̩̠͚̯̪̤̼̺͈͚̦͎̺̝̗̻͇̪̭̙͚͓͎͔͐̓̀̎̾̔̈́̃̆͊̾̄͂̌̐͊̄͂͋̊̽̈̇̀͊̄̏̓͗͂̒̋͒̈̀͊̉̽́̈́̈́̅̆͋͊̚͘͘̚͘͜͜͝͝͝W̷̡̧̢̨̨̥̮̖̫͎̙̱̦̻̺̜̗̖̼̯͉͎͈͔̫͖̟̪̻̱͑̇̍̂̾̃̽͌͆͌̿͐̉͛̑̽̈́͊̒̀̎̒͊̑͆͂̀̈̊̿̈̆́̉̈́͂̒̈́͂͑͘̚͜͜͝͝͠͝͝͝?̸̢̨̨̧̡̨̨̧̛̛̫̦͙̰̻̰͕̹͚͎̼͉̯̺̠͉͉̹̼̠͚͓͔̹͓͎͈̗̣̠͓̹̮̤̦̲̣͈̠͕̦̩̺̺̮̗̫̳̟̠̙̳̻͚̘͚͓̜̜̿̅̾̔̂̃̃͌̒͌̔̈́̆͊̽̇̂̂̈̇͊͒̏̒̎͑̊̃̿̀͒̊̐̐͂͂͆͋̓̀̆̓̋̄̎̂̎́̐͊̆̌́̾̂͒͘̕̕̚̕͜͜͝͠!




🥀“But he who dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose”

Date a boy who will kick ass if someone dares to insult you
Date a boy who doesn’t judge your appearance
Date a boy who doesn’t care that you are stronger than him
Date a boy who is your accomplice of all times, even when he disagrees with what you do
Date a boy who always gets excited whenever he sees you
Date a boy who tries his best to fulfill your wish, but will back off if he senses you are uncomfortable or have more important things to worry about
Date a boy who, despite having a fight with you, still cares and comes for you during your hard times
Date a boy who will squat down your insecurities and always tell you you are pretty and you are great
Date a boy who silently supports you and never asks for anything in return, nor did he ever play the “nice guy” card
Date jung joon hyung

The Secret Of A Frat Boy ~Naughty November~

Prompt:Hello. Can you write a really rough Kyle (ahs coven) smut? And he gets all dominant. Daddy!Kyle x Fem!reader. 

Pairing: Kyle x Reader

Word Count: 860

Warning: none

Tagged: @crysxtal @dunbarkiss @kirsty-lou666 @emo-chick-59-stuff@xxshewollfxx @horror-movies-and-disney@kittencutie245@thejulietfarciertlove @yui-miyuka

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Guardian Angel

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Request:  Hey could i request a warren x reader? where he doesn’t die and instead comes back with them to the school and ends up falling in love with the reader but she don’t know only their friends & its just cute cause he kinda hates everyone lmao

Pairing: Warren Worthington x reader

Summary:  Reader has the power to create force fields and to teleport. During the fight with Apocalypse the reader saves Warren’s life. Ever since then the winged bad boy follows you around like a bodyguard, protecting you from even the smallest inconveniences. Along the way Warren starts to fall for you and everyone knows… except you.

Words Count: 1,684

Genre:  fluffy

Notes: YASS WARREN MY BB FLUFF BURB. But for real, I’m a big warren girl. This is set during Apocalypse

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Jasper Hale imagine requested by casismyguardianangel. “Could I get Jasper/reader where it’s their first kiss please? They’re at the Cullen’s alone watching a movie & partway through reader does/says something & Jas just pulls her in without thinking, he tries apologizing but she kisses him to shut him up” Hope you like it!

“So you’re telling me you’d take the Civil War all over again over the court of Marie Antoinette? You’ve got to be kidding me,” you guffawed, watching Jasper’s smile creep by inches past his steely facade, his eyes abandoning the documentary you were watching in favour of meeting your inquisitive gaze. He shrugged his shoulders, his teeth gleaming in the dim glow of the television, his hands smoothing over the denim that clung to your shins. You had your legs propped-up in his lap, a comfortable position neither of you minded, but an innocent enough picture that, should your privacy be interrupted by the return of, say, Emmett Cullen, the mockery would remain relatively minimal. Jasper’s eyes flitted to the screen, his butterscotch irises burning in their own right as they reflected the lavish colours shown on the furnishings of Versailles. “What’s your reasoning? “What’s a plate of pastries to a field of dying men?” you joked, mimicking his unnaturally smooth voice to the best of your human abilities, emphasizing a thick Southern accent, thrilling at the rolling of his eyes. “I know you’re technically a killing machine, but I was so sure you had some level of restraint.” He refused to acknowledge your jab, fighting his smile as it grew. “Come on, Jaz, be reasonable. You’d really take war over a ballroom?” He turned to you, then, his eyes open and honest as he prepared to counter your argument.

“Absolutely, I would. I mean, can you imagine living like that? All the rumours, the powder, the… I mean, for women, especially, the corsets? I’d much rather stand behind a cannon and watch femurs get sawed in half than be so… stiff.” You rolled your eyes at his logic, his preference to gore rather than tolerate a little perfume and a few layers of lead foundation. You rolled a piece of buttered popcorn between your index finger and your thumb, your thoughts arranging to compensate for the new bit of information you’d snagged from the man. Jasper’s hand continued to smooth a pathway over your legs, his touch incredibly gentle, nearly ghost-like as he passed over and over the cloth covering your skin, his eyes on yours as he waited for your next barrage of questions. You popped the piece of popcorn past your lips, munching happily before voicing your confusion.

“When you say you’d rather endure the Civil War again, does that include… you know, how it “ended” for you, or just the golden-boy-and-youngest-member-of-the-Texas-Calvary bit?” He paused, his eyes lifting slightly in thought, his hand pausing just below your knee as he digested your comment. “I mean, would you get bit again? Just to avoid Versailles?” He grinned then, chuckling softly, his fingers toying with a piece of thread coming loose of your seams.

“Well, considering the alternative…” he eyeballed the television, redirecting your attention to the scenes of unrest among the French peasants, their fists raised against each others’ jaws as they tussled over scraps of discarded bread. “If you’re asking me whether or not I prefer vampirism to the Guillotine, I think you know my answer. I’d be a fool to pick getting cropped at the neck rather than being bitten there, no matter how…” he trailed off, as if hesitant to disclose the details of his transformation, his eyes clouding over as he relived the distant memory, scenes over a hundred years old painting the landscape of his features as his mind recollected the images. He sighed lightly, organizing his thoughts before continuing. “Only one of those options ends with me living.” You scoffed, bending at the knee to nudge his side with your foot, his bewildered eyes locking on yours with mock surprise at your breach of manners.

“So to speak,” you corrected, his laughter flooding through the emptiness of the Cullen residence, his smile wide, eyes sparkling joyfully. You knew there was a part of him that was flooded with relief that you could make light of his immortality, no matter how dark the terms of his contract may be. You were expected to run screaming for the hills, but you couldn’t fathom leaving Jasper for anything, supernatural or otherwise. He caught your foot in his hand, returning it to its previous position, his body sliding ever so slightly closer to yours at the end of the couch, a movement that wasn’t lost on you. He extended is arm over the back of the sofa, his forearm by your head, the scent of his skin wafting up to flood your senses.

“So to speak,” he mirrored, his grin lingering as you both returned your attention to the documentary, watching as friends of the monarchy met their fates by the falling blade of the Guillotine, wincing each time the lever was pulled. Jasper chuckled at your so obvious flinching, bringing his lips to your ear, his voice a mere whisper. “You know this is a dramatization, right? They’re not actually being put to death. They’re just fine.” Normally, you would have swatted him away, banishing his sarcasm with a harmless roll of your eyes… but he was so close to you in that instant, and the scent of him… you found yourself positively intoxicated by his presence, and ever more aware of his body as he moved closer by fractions of an inch. When he moved away from you, he was never quite as far; this most recent transaction left him all but beside you, your legs bent from the proximity. If you so much as shifted, you’d practically be nestled in his lap… not that you would have minded, only Jasper was usually so brisk about the distance between you and the razors he hid behind his lips, lips that, just a moment ago, had been brushing against your ear. Jasper turned to you, a quizzical expression knitting his brow, his eyes curious on your own. “Are you feeling alright? You seem…” his voice trailed off, watching as you displaced the popcorn bowl from your lap, relocating the ceramic to the coffee table before you, your eyes on the screen to avoid meeting his honeyed stare, though you were very much aware of the fact that his eyes remained glued to your face, tasting your emotional atmosphere.

“I should have known you wouldn’t be put-off by executions. Blood and all that,” you tried, your attempt at humour seeming flat even to your own ears. Thankfully, Jasper had the groomed manners of a Southern gentleman, which is to say he played along despite the knowledge that you were actively trying to keep the tone of the room a specific flavour. You couldn’t hide your heartbeat from a vampire, and you certainly couldn’t hide your emotions from someone who knew you as well as Jasper did, even without his gift.

“Yes, I’m familiar,” he responded, his voice light despite the breathy quality of his whisper. There was no need for him to speak at a higher volume; you were close enough now that his arm behind your head now hovered just above the ridge of your shoulders, threatening a gentle embrace, his breath kissing along your hairline, tousling stray strands as he exhaled. You lifted a hand to tidy what little he had disrupted, the backside of your hand brushing against his hair, unintentionally shifting his golden curls. You reacted as if you’d dropped something, immediately retracting your hand and assessing the region you’d nudged for damages, finding, instead, Jasper’s butterscotch eyes intent on your own. He was quiet where he would usually fill the silence with some sort of retort, his eyes devouring your features as if he were starving, yet there was a calmness, a patience about his stare… as if he were fully aware that he had all the time in the world to memorize the details of your face. His hand reached for your face, his fingertips shocking your skin as they brushed along your cheekbone, tucking the strand of hair that had been misplaced behind your ear, his touch lingering far longer than usual before his hand retracted. His lips pursed as he exhaled once more, a cautious, tentative breath slipping from his lungs. You opened your mouth to speak, your lips parting readily, Jasper’s eyes ducking to your mouth with a quiet hunger you wouldn’t have recognized if you weren’t feeling exactly the same way.

“You would do it again?” you asked, your voice weaker than you intended, Jasper eyes finding yours in the relative darkness, the credits rolling blackly and thieving the illumination from the room. He smiled simply, his movements so much smaller now that you were so close, his eyes gleaming despite the inky quality of the room. You had no doubt he could see you clearly. “All of it?”

“Of course I’d do it again. If I had never gone to war, I would have never been bitten. I would have never had the opportunity to meet you. War is no picnic, and ours was a particularly gruesome one, but I’d do it over and over until my dying day, if that day should come, if it meant I could see you when the sun went down.” You exhaled softly, your breath trembling as it left your body, Jasper’s face illuminated then by the title screen of the documentary, his features so much softer than you remembered, so tender…

“Well, aren’t you just a hopeless romantic?” you breathed, your words hushed in the limited space between your bodies, the coolness of his chest chilling you through his shirt where you touched. “Huh. Who would’ve thought? Jasper Whitlock, golden boy of the Confederacy, who would rather go to war again than dare to set foot in French court, has a soft spot for a human who flinches at fake executions. What are we going to do with you?” His eyes, which had been locked on your own, changed suddenly when you spoke his name; most people, including his family, referred to him by the alias Hale, which he had adopted when he joined the Cullen family due to his resemblance to similarly blonde Rosalie. You had no time to discern the meaning behind the so sudden shift in emotions before his hands were cradling your cheeks and his lips had crushed to yours.

You melted easily into his embrace, his hand dropping to the small of your back to bend you into his kiss, your body slipping into his lap as he held you to the marble coolness of his chest. Your lips answered his where they could, the both of you so fervent and overwhelmed by passion, but not mindless enough to forget the sharpness of his teeth now one wrong move away from slicing your lips. Your hands moved to tangle in his hair, your body arching into his when suddenly, he had separated himself from you, moving in the course of a single ragged breath to the opposite end of the couch. His eyes were wide with shock, his chest rising and falling with his breathing, which you had never seen so unsteady. His hands he held in his lap, his eyes on your face.

“I’m… please forgive me for,” he paused, formulating his words carefully while you caught your breath, your lips electric from his kiss, your heart galloping in your chest. “Where are my manners?” he chuckled, a bit breathless, his voice feebler than you had heard it before. “I shouldn’t have done that, not without… I should have asked your permission, I’m…” he exhaled, his eyes burning when they met yours. “Please accept my apologies. I didn’t mean… I shouldn’t have done that without first asking if you were-” you sat upright, your voice emerging far stronger than before despite your lack of steady breath.

“Shut up, Jasper.” His voice trailed off to hear you speak, his eyes staring into yours with genuine shock, his lips parting wordlessly. “Ask me.” He stared at you, blankly, not quite comprehending the turn of events that had unfolded so suddenly. He shook his head slightly, as if attempting to dash the confusion from his brain, his chest expanding as he inhaled.

“I’m sorry, I don’t-” he began, asking for clarification. You simply repeated yourself, your voice quiet and steady as you analyzed his features.

“Ask me, Jasper.” His eyes burned from within, his lips parting over a gentle smile, his happiness all but tangible in the darkness. When he spoke, his voice was dripping with sarcasm, mimicking your rendition of his voice, laying heavy on the Southern twang he had lost so long ago.

“Would you mind terribly, Miss, if I were to steal a kis-” he began, his arms enveloping you as you threw yourself into his arms, your lips finding his easily, his unnaturally quick reflexes melting you into his embrace once more. You wound your arms around his neck, your fingertips threading through the hair at the back of his head, his lips moving sweetly against your own. His thumb traced over your jawline, his fingers tangling in your hair, his kisses becoming more passionate with every minor separation. Your senses were so absorbed in the taste, the feel, the smell of him, that you didn’t notice when your company expanded.

“I’ll tell you what we can do with him, Y/n. Get him to a bedroom, huh?” Emmett sang, his voice gravelly as he chuckled. You and Jasper all but flew apart, his hands straightening your clothing where it had been disheveled, shooting daggers at the brother whose entry he, too, had missed. “Hey, I won’t judge. It’s just that this is a family room, Jasper. Best not to defile it.” Jasper hissed lowly at his brother, the aggravated grumble melting to a sigh as Emmett left the room, winking in your direction. You buried your face in Jasper’s chest, deflating with embarrassment as you giggled into the fabric of his shirt, his hands smoothing over your back, his body shaking beneath your hands as his laughter mingled with your own.

EXO Reaction when you lose a bet and have to do whatever they say

Xoxo, Admin A~

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“I dare you to…. make out with me… for an hour” *Such a perv*


“I dare you to be my next muse! Like in the Titanic movie! I want to draw you!”


*Stares at you like this for like three minutes to finally say:* “I dare you to feed me with Nutella”


“Ohhh poor you! You should have said “truth”! I want your Gucci bag! Gimme!” *So evil, he’s enjoying it* 


“Maybe we can…go to my room and.. I’ll dare you something there…”


“I want you to scare Baekhyun! Maybe steal his eyeliner or something! Yes! Let’s do it! I’ll help!”


“I dare you to kiss Kyungsoo, the boy who likes you! I mean.. no.. but kiss him!” *Playing the matchmaker*


“You have to do this! Go to our neighbor, ring the bell and tell him his hot! Yes yes do it!” *So evil this Lu*


“This is time for my revenge! Drink half a bottle of wine and then try to stand on your hands!”


“I dare you to invite me to the movies every weekend for a month! I’m dying to watch the new upcoming movies!” (I would do it without you daring me baby xD)


“Omg omg I know what to ask of you! I dare you to take me to Baek’s Grandma’s house!!! I’ve wanted to go there since we recorded the show time!” *He’s still trying xD*


“Let’s start with… biting my lips… oh we are going to have so much fun with this game…”

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Matthias Helvar Headcannons

 bc my boy doesnt get enough love

Dedicated to @luckyjesper because her art kills me (and inspired this post) and her drabbles bring me back to life 

  • All animals love him
  • Even the most ferocious terrifying creature loves Matt
  • Hes the guy you call whenever you need help with animals
  • A bird flew into your house and you cant get it out??? Call Matt
  • A gator is swimming in your pool??? Call Matt
  • Catch him @ ur local animal shelter just chillin with the animals
  • Or catch him @ the gym bc y'all know my boy is fit af
  • Nina always goes with him to the gym but she never works out she just stands next to him in cute gym clothes encouraging him and he loves it (and her)
  • They both have a ton of pictures on their phones of them at the gym ranging from pics straight out of a Calvin Klein ad to absolutely ridiculous ones
  • Hes super fucking competitive
  • Jesper: hey Matty i bet you cant bench press me and Wylan at the same time
  • Matt: watch me jackass
  • Speaking of Jesper hes the one that came up with the nickname “Matty”
  • The others swear it annoys him so they use it all the time but whenever Matthias gets called “Matty” his heart grows 3 sizes :’)
  • So all the dregs got a matching tattoo and and Matt becomes addicted to them
  • Pretty soon he has full sleeves on both his arms
  • He doesn’t get tattoos just to get tattoos tho they all have very deep and personal meanings to him and he only tells them to Nina
  • Whenever Nina is really tired she’ll aimlessly trace his tattoos and my boy loves that shit
  • Hes a big softy
  • Like a literal giant teddy bear
  • Don’t get me wrong he will not hesitate to fuck someone up if they mess with him or his friends but if you’re nice to him hes the sweetest
  • Hes a stickler about routines so he has his mornings planned down to the second
  • The only thing that will make him break his routine is Nina (she doesn’t really have to try that hard to do it tho bc we all know my boy is whipped for her)
  • Whenever he travels without Nina (which is very rare) he sends her letters and postcards everyday from wherever he is in the world
  • Nina and Matthias have a whole wall in their house covered in postcards from all over the world
  • When he first met and started hanging out with the dregs he was super quiet and shy around them (he still is when they’re in public) but as he got more comfortable with them he also became more outgoing and extroverted when they’re all alone together hanging out
  • So I feel like the dregs would roast each other all day everyday but they never did it to Matty in the beginning bc lets be real hes v intimidating but one day Jes and Kaz are going back and forth and Matthias drags them both sO HARD and everyone is so shook but now no one holds back when they wanna roast Matthias
  • Matthias is very observant so whenever someone is feeling bad hes the first to notice
  • He will also do the Most™ to make them feel better
  • Like a couple years back he realized that Jesper always gets really depressed and distant around the same time every year bc its the anniversary of his mother’s death so Matthias will make Jes this dish that Jes’s mom used to make for him all the time before she passed
  • Speaking of Matthias cooking, out of all the dregs he’s the best cook
  • Nina cant cook for shit so Matthias does it all and Nina just sits on the counter watching him work and stealing small bites of food
  • Or she’ll play music and dance around him trying to distract him and get him to join in
  • He can never resist her beguiling so there has been a couple close calls where the kitchen almost went up in flames
  • Kuwei came to Matty to ask for cooking lessons bc hes the only one of the Squad™ that lives alone and he can’t survive on takeout anymore 
  • Matt and Jesper have a slightly similar style of clothes so every once in awhile they accidentally wear the same or matching outfits
  • Whenever this happens they become the most annoying pair of Bros™ to ever walk the face of the earth
  • They’re never like this at all when they wear different clothes but when they match every five minutes its just 
  • Jes: “hey bro” 
  • Matt: “what bro” 
  • Jes: “i love you bro” 
  • Matt: “love you too bro”
  • No one can explain why this happens they just go along with it
  • Kaz got Matty to watch Game of Thrones and now hes hooked
  • Every Sunday they get together with a shit ton of food to watch the new episode
  • Whenever the dregs do something ridiculous 90% of the time Matthias and Inej are looking on from the side silently judging the crew
  • The other 10% Matthias actively participates (e.g. that time Jesper dared Matthias to eat a huge spoonful of hot sauce and he did in no problem and then flipped Jes off)
  • Matthias is essentially Wylan’s bodyguard
  • Baby Wy is really quick to anger and sometimes that lands him into some pretty deep shit but its ok bc my boy Matty will fuck up anyone and everyone who would dare to hurt a hair on one of his friends heads
  • This one time Matthias, Jesper, and Wylan were all hanging out at this outdoor mall and this group of fuckboys walks past them and purposely trip Wylan so Wylan turns around and goes the fuck off on them
  • And these assholes are about to go and beat his ass when Matthias steps up behind Wylan with this intense Death Glare™ all like “i fucking dare you to try something”
  • You best believe when they saw Matty they turned and ran the other way
  • To this day Baby Wy still thinks that they ran away because of him but no one has the heart to tell him that they actually ran away bc of the guardian angel that is Matthias Helvar

Magnus & Alec - Power Couple

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