the boy who bakes

Shoutout to the black boys

Shoutout to the black boys who do ballet.
Shoutout to the black boys who are gymnasts.
Shoutout to the black boys who are acrobats.
Shoutout to the black boys that do yoga.
Shoutout to the black boys who are cheerleaders.
Shoutout to the black boys that play soccer.
Shoutout to the black boys that play volleyball.
Shoutout to the black boys that play tennis.
Shoutout to the black boys who are models.
Shoutout to the black boys who are poets/writers.
Shoutout to the black boys who cook/bake.
Shoutout to the black boys that are opera singers.
Shoutout to the black boys that are fat.
Shoutout to the black boys that are skinny/bony.
Shoutout to the black boys with eating disorders.
Shoutout to the black boys with mental illnesses.
Shoutout to the black boys with disabilities.
Shoutout to the black boys who are gay.
Shoutout to the black boys who are trans.
Shoutout to the black boys who are bisexual.
Shoutout to the black boys who are asexual.
Shoutout to the black boys with crooked teeth.
Shoutout to the black boys with huge/tiny ears.
Shoutout to the black boys with weird belly buttons.
Shoutout to the black boys that are short.
Shoutout to the black boys that can’t grow facial hair.
Shoutout to the black boys that are afraid to be themselves.
Shoutout to the black boys that never feel like they are enough.

You are enough, and we love you. If they don’t, I sure as hell do. Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t talented or beautiful, or “not black enough” or “man enough” because of the things you enjoy or deal with in live. You are valid. You are loved. You are important. And that’ll never change.

My dear lgbt+ kids,

The idea that lgbt+ people - fictional or real - have to be pure, sweet, good-in-every-way, perfect angels or else their entire existence is problematic and offensive is not only a ridiculous concept, it’s also harmful.  

This mindset of “Evil characters are not good lgbt+ representation” is understandable if we talk about really evil people here. Of course a pedophile can be gay but would not represent the majority of gay people (just like a straight pedophile would not represent the majority of straight people) and if anyone tried to paint them as a relatable gay character, we could rightfully call them out for portraying LGBT+ people in a bad light. This also applies in cases where being lgbt+ in itself is portrayed as a character flaw or their identity/attraction is portrayed as the cause of their flaws. 

But the moment “Evil characters are not good representation” turns into “Only 100% good people are allowed to identify as lgbt+”, the mindset is getting harmful.  

Is a trans boy who dresses in pastel colors and likes baking and soft puppies more of a trans boy than one who dresses masculine  and likes swearing and getting drunk? Nope. You may think of one as “better” than the other or one may be closer to who you would want to be friends with, that’s your opinion but both are trans boys. Is a lesbian in a picture-book-like marriage more of a real lesbian than a lesbian who has lots of one-night-stands? Nope. You may think of their personal choices whatever you want to think but you don’t get to say one is less of a “real lesbian” than the other. 

We can’t pick and choose who belongs in the lgbt+ community based on who we personally consider a good or cute or pure person. 

The truth is that there is no such thing as a perfect person. We all have flaws. We all have said or done something “bad” at least once in our life (more realistically speaking, probably multiple times during our lives). I did and you did, too. And guess what? That’s okay. We are humans. We are not a walking representation of the lgbt+ community as a whole who is never allowed to fail or else we doomed our whole community.  

And who gets to decide what counts as “bad” anyway?

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

1d as kids i met on my first day of work at a kindergarten

harry: the boy who acted really tough but had pink pants and one glittery earring and carried a pink rock around with him for an hour when we were playing outside

niall: the girl who asked me 5 times what my name was but then decided to call me “baked potato”

louis: the boy who played board games all day but never finished a game. he always quit while he was still winning so he wouldn’t lose (he also cheated a lot)

liam: the brother of the pink pants boy, always complaining about everything his brother did and only talked to me once to ask me if i listen to a lot of music

Weapon (Thorin x Reader)

Originally posted by daoriginalhigh

Summary: In the modern world, the reader was turned into a weapon against her will. Now part of Thorin’s company, she has to deal with the fallout of Thorin’s close call after the company barely escapes Azog’s ambush and takes refuge in Beorn’s home.

Notes: Written for the dear anon who underwent chemo a while ago. I hope it’s what you were hoping for. :)
Warning: It gets quite violent in the beginning.
Words: 4164

Sweat drips into your eyes as you twist and slash your dagger across an orc’s bare thigh. The orc howls. Blood spurts from the femoral artery. You lean sideways to evade the spray and twist again to evade a clumsy mace blow.

The orc stumbles, dragged off balance by the momentum of his own weapon. To your enhanced senses he seems to move in slow motion. For a moment, the orc’s chin lifts, exposing his throat above the armor. You feel a short pang of dismay as you flip the dagger and slice again.

Time speeds up as you dip beneath the flashing arc of a mace blow meant for your throat. You turn, quicksilver fast, and make use of the opening it affords you. Another orc drops to his knees. You leave him to choke on his own blood and press on.

Around you, the forest is burning.

You are forging a path toward Azog. The Company is cornered and outnumbered, and time is running out. There are entirely too many orcs; killing their leader is the only way to survive. Thorin was right about that. But he shouldn’t have tried to go it alone, weakened as he was by a persistent bout of illness that had swept through the Company for days.

Taking refuge in the trees had been the only option. Not for you — you had been subjected to years of experimentation and conditioning for this very purpose: infiltration, Guerilla tactics and the whole array of wetwork skills. So you had signaled Thorin and went to ground, making your silent way towards the white warg. Undetectable. Deadly.

Your whole body is a precision instrument engineered for this specific purpose. Even your sweat adapts to mimic the scents around you. You could stand right in front of a warg and it wouldn’t be able to smell you.

But none of that matters now.

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From non-binary to gender critical

So, not many of you know this, but from about mid-2015 to early 2016 I identified as non-binary. Now there are a couple of reasons I did so.

1. Anorexia screwed with my hormones. When males are underweight (in my case 48kg at my lowest, with a Body Mass Index of 15), their testosterone level drops dramatically, which messes with the balance of testosterone and oestrogen in the male body. However, with still higher testosterone than a female body, it left me with something in between; not quite ‘female’ and not quite ‘male’ (even though I was, still am, and always will be very much male). It’s really, really hard to explain. However, this was about 5% of the reason.

2. The other 95% is because I felt I had to. The discourse around the LGBT+ community right now perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes. I, however, break societal norms as a gender non-conforming (GNC) man. For a boy like me - who loves flower crowns, flowers, dancing, baking, makeup and other traditionally ‘feminine’ things, and who is kind, gentle, curious, caring and loving, and who even looks ‘feminine’ - the label of ‘masculine’ doesn’t fit me. I didn’t fit the stereotype put forward by toxic masculinity, therefore I couldn’t be a ‘man’. So I turned to the LGBT+ community. What did I get? I got “No, you’re not a man, you must be non-binary!” To them, I didn’t fit the traditional gender stereotypes, therefore I wasn’t a man, and I could identify out of being one. Not only that, but I also have quite severe body dysmorphic disorder. People in the libfem and trans community told me that this is body dysphoria (it is not).

There is an immense amount of pressure put on GNC men and women (particularly on GNC lesbians and gay men) to identify out of being lesbians and gay men. Society can’t handle us, and apparently neither can our own community. How about that, our own community can’t handle a butch lesbian or a fem gay man, so they want us to identify out of it.

I could have identified as non-binary for the rest of my life, but I have my friend and radical feminism to thank for snapping me out of this delusion. My friend is a de-transitioned lesbian radical feminist, and she told me something I had trouble dealing with. Gender and gender stereotypes are bullshit. I am masculine because I’m a man. The notions of masculinity enforced by the patriarchy - and upheld by liberal feminism - don’t mean anything. My masculinity involves wearing makeup, dancing, baking, kindness, gentleness and everything that is me. She taught me that it is up to GNC men and women to reject the categories that society tries to force us into, to stand up and say no, we are masculine/feminine, nothing that anyone can say will ever take that away from us, and that traditional notions of masculinity and femininity are bullshit.

This really did help me, and it made me realise just how much liberal feminism has become a tool of the patriarchy to uphold oppressive gender stereotypes.

Not only this, but the whole ‘non-binary’ category allows people to attempt to identify out of privilege. You can be heterosexual, rich, white, male and masculine presenting, but if you decide to identify as non-binary, you suddenly become oppressed. 

There is no doubt in my mind that people, whether it be on a conscious or subconscious level, do this. How many times has a man (sorry, non-binary person) - who is heterosexual, white and masculine presenting - told you that he’s more oppressed than you on the basis of his gender? For the women out there, how many times has he said that you benefit from being women while he doesn’t benefit because he’s ‘non-binary’. It’s happened to me, and the man in question had a full beard and a man-bun.

The question is, if you have to continually keep telling people how oppressed you are, who are you really trying to convince?

I hope a GNC gay man or lesbian out there reads this. If you are one of these people reading this, I want you to know that you matter and you are valid. Your identity is yours, and don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Young Justice Batmom: Part 4

Prompt: Batmom in the young Justice universe

words: 918

AN: I love diving into this universe. This first part is a little short, but the next parts will be longer. Thanks to my wonderful Beta’s who are plowing through my stories!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

You stare at Bruce, arms crossed over your chest and ask, “Are you sure this is a good idea? Starting a new team based on lies?”

          Bruce just smirks, the cowl hiding his eyes, “Are you sure wearing that bathing suit around me is a good idea? You do remember what happened last time you wore it, don’t you?”

          You do your best to beat down the blush fighting to make its way to your cheeks, “I went to the beach with the kids today,” You shrug, “I just haven’t changed yet,” You clear your throat, “Don’t you have a city to patrol?”

          He just grins, gives you a quick kiss, and makes his way to the Zeta tubes. The mountain is quiet. You busy yourself with making a batch of cookies for when the kids get back before settling on the couch with paperwork.

          While it’s certainly not your favorite thing to do, it does need to be done. You’re immersed in reports and numbers, when chattering reaches your ears. There’s an exclamation of, “I smell cookies,” And then everyone is in the kitchen. Well almost everyone. The team is too caught up in their recent success to notice you slip out and back onto the beach.

          She’s standing there, her boots in the sand, her fingers playing with the string of her bow. She’s the outsider in a group that’s been together for a while now. She’s seen as a replacement, by the team and by herself. You can see through the bravado there.

          You have shorts on over you bathing suit, still not having bothered to change. You kick your flip flops off and stick your feet in the water, finally gaining her attention. You give her a small smile, “There are cookies in there if you want one.”

          “Not a big sweets person,” She mumbles.

          You nod, “Batman wasn’t either. Then he tried my chocolate chip cookies and the rest is history. Not that I’m bragging or anything.”

          Her lips quirk into a smile, “I can’t see batman eating cookies.”

          You smile, “Don’t tell anyone but he’s more cookie monster than bat.”

          Her grin fades a bit, “Don’t worry I can keep a secret.”

          You nod, “I know you can Artemis. But sometimes it helps to talk about those secrets. Especially with someone who already knows,” Her eyes go wide, and you step in front of her, “I get it, I do. My husband is Batman, my son is Robin, and I’ve been trusted with the secret identities of almost every other superhero there is. And now I have to keep my identity a secret. Not going to lie, I threw a fit about that one. Anyways, having someone you can talk to helps. So, if you need a confidant, I’m here,” You place a hand on her shoulder and smile as you look her in the eyes, “It’s part of my description as batmom.”

          She laughs a bit at that, before nodding, “Not right now … but maybe later … if I need it.”

          You give her your card and say, “Anytime Artemis, day or night.”

          She goes in ahead of you and you wait a moment before following her. Something isn’t sitting right with you and you don’t like it. The Zeta tube delivers you in time to watch Roy confront your newest cub and you don’t like it.

          You wait for her to walk away before exiting. He doesn’t run, he just stares you down. Or tries to anyway. You win that battle hands down. After years of marriage to Bruce, it would have been disgraceful if you hadn’t.

          You’re shorter than him, and you can’t help but miss the good old days when this kid was smaller than you, “I see you’ve entered your teenage angst phase,” He just looks away and that makes you the tiniest bit angry, “Don’t you look away from me Roy Harper, I’ve known you since your voice began to change.”

          “So you’re taking her side too, huh?”

          You cross your arms over your chest, “She needs someone, just like you needed someone all those years ago Roy. When you and Ollie were still adjusting to each other. I still have all those old emails you know. The ones where you’d rant about him being a womanizing jackass.”

          “He doesn’t take me seriously!”

          You smile at that and say, “I don’t take you seriously Roy. That’s what happens when you’re an adult. You watch kids grow up, but every time you see them you see this little kid who used to hang on you every word, and who would beg for cookies. A little kid, whose arrow wouldn’t even make it a foot without dropping.”

          His frown intensifies, “That’s how you see me?”

          You smile and nod, “Yeah, I see you as that adorable little boy who’d keep me company while the leaguers were in meetings, who helped me bake, the little boy who was around even before Robin was.” You ruffle his hair and surprisingly enough he doesn’t protest it. You let out a sigh, “You haven’t let me ruffle your hair since you turned thirteen. Thanks.” You turn to walk away but stop. Turning to him one last time you say, “My email is still the same by the way.”

          He vanishes a moment later, as Dick steps out of the phone booth with a smile. You wrap an arm around your son’s shoulders and listen to him tell you about saving Wayne Tech.

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The DR2 boys(+ Mitarai) and their S/O having an EPIC BATTLE! And by epic battle I mean a game of mariokart over who gets the last piece of cake)

That… SOUNDS SO AWESOME! I would so do that with my friends to be fair haha

SDR2 Boys (And Mitarai) battling in MarioKart over the last piece of cake

Hajime Hinata:

- You were just laughing and eating cake

- But then…

- Both of you look down at the plate to find there is only one piece left

- “Hinata - kun”

- You look him dead in the eye before pointing to him

- “I challenge you to a duel. Winner takes all”

- He smirks and nods

- “Alright. What battle ground?”

- You let out a little laugh

- “Rainbow Road.” 

- “Oh you are going to regret this.”

Kazuichi Soda:

- He was good

- Too good

- You thought that maybe he modified his controller somehow

- So you had to use tactics of your own

- “Right turn!”

- You turned your hands and whole body right bumping into him

- “Wha-?! S/O that’s cheating!”

- You laugh as you continue turning

- “Not at all! I do this naturally!”

- By the end of the race the two of you are leaning against one another laughing

- “Alright, you win this race S/O…. But can I at least have one bite?”

Nagito Komaeda:

- Why did you challenge him in MarioKart?

- Big. Mistake.

- You forgot this boy has the most bs luck out there

- You thought you were doing pretty good, last lap, first place

- But then

- “Hm? What does a blue shell do? Oh well I’ll just throw it”

- “WAIT NO D-”

- It was too late, you instantly lost your lead and all you could do was watch Komaeda zoom past

- You just stare at the screen in disbelief as he quietly eats the cake

- “I guess… Luck was on my side this time, but please use this loss as a stepping st-”

- You put your hand over his mouth, you honestly don’t want another one of his hope speeches

Nekomaru Nidai:


- You thought challenging him to a game would be a good idea

- But it turns out you’re more likely to go deaf

- Also, you take a quick glance at his controller

- You could swear there’s cracks forming on it due to him holding it so tightly


- “I’m ahead of you Nidai - kun”

- “Say it like you MEAN IT!”

- You let out a small laugh


Gundham Tanaka:

- It took him a while to figure out the controls

- He kept muttering that this battle is unfair, he is the rightful owner of the cake

- Afterall, he will rule this world!

- But you kept insisting

- So he accepted your challenge

- As soon as he got an item, he would immediately throw it in front

- However, that plan backfired as he kept slipping on his own banana peels

- “This game… IT’S CURSED!”

- “Oh don’t be a sore loser Tanaka - kun!”

- You lean over and kiss his cheek before standing up and getting your prize

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:

- He thought it was stupid

- Why would you fight over cake?!

- More importantly, why on a video game?!

- It’s not that he was scared of losing, he just though it was stupid

- … Yeah.

- *Lowkey trying his hardest whilst making it seem like he doesn’t care*

- He barely manages to finish first

- “Hah, what did I tell you?! It’s pointless to challenge me in a fight!”

- “Kuzuryuu - kun… I’m glad you had fun”

- You just smile at him as you hand him the cake

- I-Idiot, you should be mad at me for winning! Gh, you’re too adorable

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter):

- You honestly didn’t know what to expect

- When you challenged him, he told you he happily accepts

- Just give him 5 minutes to get ready

- The minute he walks into the room your jaw drops to the ground

- “Wh-What the hell?”

- “Well if you’re going to challenge me in a game I had to get into character!”

- “So you decided to dress up as Nanami - san?!”

- You know what I think it’s better if I leave it

- He wins.

- You can’t believe it but he wins

- “See, I told you all you need to do is get into character”

- Wh- Bu- H- Whaaaa?!”

- He smirks as he goes off to devour the cake

Teruteru Hanamura:

- This boy doesn’t really care who gets the cake

- He can easily bake another one

- But a race sounds fun!

- He spends a solid 30 minutes on the character selection screen, and eventually he settles for Princess Peach

- “Oh I see, did you pick her because of the stage we’re going on?”

- “… Of course”

- Not really, she just looked pretty

- At the beginning, he’s actually doing quite well

- “Look! I’m in 4th!”

- “Good going Hanamura - kun! However…”

- You smile as you hit him with a red shell and soon take the lead

- By the end he’s just clinging to you with tears in his eyes

- “Waaaaah! Everyone threw shells at me! That’s not how you treat a princess!”

- You can’t help but laugh as you comfort him

Ryota Mitarai:

- It was a miracle you managed to pull him away from his computer screen

- “Oh, there’s one piece left. You can h-”

- “Let’s fight for it, Mitarai - kun!”

- “Eh?!”

- You point to your console

- “MarioKart!”

- “But… I’m kind of bu-”

- You take his hand and look him in the eyes

- “Please?”

- For some reason, he can’t say no to you

- “Okay… But I haven’t played it in a while… Just saying”

- You smile as you squeeze his hand and kiss his cheek

- It was a really close game, but he still managed to beat you

- “Uwah… That’s amazing Mitarai - kun! You defeated me with a banana peel in the last second!”

- “Haha… Yeah I did, but, you can still have the cake if you want”

- Why is this boy so pure omg

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heres a nurseydex prompt if you want: au where dex is an art major and nursey is a model for one of his classes

Lardo was hands down the coolest, secretly-sweetest, most intimidating person Dex has ever met. She had taken him under her wing as soon as she had spotted his paint stained flannel and freckle constellation tattoos, arched achingly alone with his notepad. She even dragged him to Haus to meet all of her weird hockey friends after he confessed that it was hard getting to genuinely like some of the other art students. He was taken aback by how much he liked the small Georgian boy who was obsessed with baking and he honestly looked up to one of the team co- captains like he was an older brother. The only member of the team he didn’t immediately love was Derek Nurse. Nursey was an English major minoring in poetry and he reeked of the same “special snowflake” attitude most of the other art students possessed. He wore expensive clothes, bought expensive, frilly coffee drinks and flashed the whitest teeth that Dex had ever seen on a living person. He was spoiled and entitled and pompous and Dex hated him, which is why he was so furious when his Studio in Art professor assigned the students corresponding models for their living portraits project and his folder read Derek Nurse. The menace himself was thrilled, even offered to let Dex go through his closet to pick his photo shoot outfits but Dex begrudgingly that he was being painted and the portrait was nude. He seemed even more excited after that and Dex considered dropping out. Nursey was a douche but he was also extremely attractive and Dex was going to have to see his rippling muscles and washboard abs and hockey ass and Dex was going pass out. Nursey leaned in way too close to ask if Wednesday nights were okay and Dex choked on his coffee a little when he relied fine.
Nursey shows up to Lardo’s studio ten minutes late with a tray of coffees from the small coffee shop near campus. He huffs as he drops his jacket to the ground and toes off his shoes, taking in the pile of blankets and pillows in the center of the room. There are several large lights pointing at the apparatus and a stool and aisle poised just outside the lit area where Dex is mixing a sample of colors for the pillows. Dex takes a moment to set the palette down before he turns to address his model, yet when he sets eyes on Nursey the man is mostly naked and striding towards him
“I’ve modeled before, William, no need to be shy.” He’s peeling off his boxers as Dex simply points to floor and directs his position.
“Lean back against the pillows, tilt your head back and bend your left leg at the knee, foot flat on the ground.” Nursey complies easily, smiling gently and closing his eyes.
“I got you a coffee, black with no cream or sugar like you like it.” Dex feels a tug in his chest as he realizes Nursey memorized his coffee order. He takes in every detail of Nursey’s chiseled body before starting his soft strokes, moving the brush slowly.
Before he knows it three hours have passed, and the sun is setting a warm pink glow on Nursey’s dark, gorgeous skin. Dex finished the small detailing on Nursey’s lips before dimming the lights and tossing a robe at the model. Nursey’s eyes open lazily and he smirks at Dex as he pushes the robe off his lap and strides naked across the room to collect his clothes. Dex doesn’t have the strength to look away as Nursey walks away, his perfect ass bouncing and stretching as bends to pick up his boxers. It happens again and again, week after week until the project is finished and Dex doesn’t want to stop seeing Nursey and his beautiful body so he asks Nursey to model for other “projects” that are purely recreational. But Nursey doesn’t have to know that.
Nursey sat shirtless covered in gold glitter surrounded by peonies, he laid nude on the hard wood with a pink silk sheath placed artfully over his body, he let Dex streak white paint over in limbs in a Kim Kardashian esque fashion. Every session allowed the artist and the model to reveal more about themselves, Nursey’s mothers are loving but distant and he spent most of his childhood alone or with uppity rich white kids and Dex’s parents were ‘crunchy granola’ hippies who encouraged Dex to be an artist after their first two children grew to be a biologist and a lawyer. They learn each other’s favorite pizza toppings, favorite movies and where in the world they wan to travel the most. They spend every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon together until Dex’s gallery showing and Nursey swells with pride when most of Dex’s portfolio is Nursey, as if he were more of a muse than a model. Lardo takes several pictures of Nursey in front the copious portraits and Dex’s face burns the entire time. The majority of the hockey team is there to support Lardo but they provide wolf whistles and hollers when they see Nursey’s naked body. There are several cheeky comments and innuendos pointed at Dex but he brushes them off in favor of watching Nursey’s flushed face.
“You should come by the Haus after the gallery, Bitty made pecan pie.” Nursey nudged him slightly before sauntering away as Dex stutters a “yeah”.
When he arrives at the Haus, Ransom and Holster make the same chirps about his septum piercing and his all encompassing freckles and he laughs with them because he knows it’s all in good fun. The goalie (Chowder??) asks Dex a million questions about art and Maine and lobsters and traces his constellation tattoos with his eyes. Bitty distracts everyone long enough (with pies of course) for Nursey to pull Dex up to the reading room unnoticed.
They sit side by side and stare at the stars in silence, letting the warm spring night wash over them. Nursey trails his finger tips over the constellation on Dex’s right arm. “Orion’s belt?”
Dex nods slowly, then unbuttons the crisp blue button up to reveal a night sky on his skin. Hercules sat on his shoulder, Taurus and Cancer were on his back and Ursa Major on his chest. Dex brushes a hand over Nursey’s arm, tracing the intricate band. “What does it mean?”
Nursey laughs and whispers, “Does it have to mean something?” But Dex looks incredibly serious.
“It’s forever. It should hold some value. Isn’t that your expertise as a poet? Finding a deeper meaning in everything?” There was not a single hint of teasing in Dex’s voice, his face is open and and honestly confused, and Nursey’s heart swells.
“It was an act of pure vanity, I guess. I got it because the design was intricate and beautiful and I wanted to be more beautiful.” Dex is perplexed next to him and Nursey let’s out a nervous laugh.
“Derek there’s something I really need to show you.” His head snaps up but Dex is holding up his blank phone screen. “A mirror.” He takes the phone out of Dex’s hands and places it on the rooftop before moving into Dex’s space.
“Let me show you something.” When their mouths press together Dex tries to paint every emotion Nursey pressed under his skin into Nursey’s lips.

Yoon Jisung Royalty Au

Y’all really love Jisung and honestly, same.

•You love life in the city,
• You grew up moving back and forth between the hustle and bustle of the city and to your family’s farms in a small village in the country, so yanno, an equal balance,
• But yeah, you decided to start a buissness in the city after years of internal debate and struggle ™ (because decision making is hard and scary okay),
• Because whilst growing up you had strong tactics in making friends:
• Baked goods.
• 10/10 good thinking, well done.
• Because you moved back and forth, it was kinda hard to maintain friendships?
• So you did what any wise 9 year old would do:
• Bought their friendship (Probably didn’t have to but you likes making cakes anyway so eh),
• No, seriously though, people then understood you were really friendly and kind, and it was always good with old friends because it was like a ‘sorry you haven’t seen me in 6 months but look I have pastries’
• So, baking was like a safety blanket with good connotations, and you were seriously awesome at it.
• Family recipe? Pffft, you made the family recipe.
• So what better investment than a small bakery in the city?
• People in the city missed the home cooked feeling you could bake and if business was quiet you could people-watch through the glass front, the royal palace nearby drawing in lots of tourism,
• So you make your cakes and chat with regulars in your dainty little bakery, aesthetic goals,
• You’re slipping some warm cookies into the glass showcase that you use as your counter when your bell jingles, telling you that you have your first customer,
• You smile at the man sliding through your pastel blue door; he’s elegant looking, clean, and you can feel his aura instantly, holding himself well,
• His face is covered with a mask, a common accessory, especially in the colder weather, and a bobble hat pulled down adorably all the way down, so you can’t see much of his face,
• Although his eyes seem somehow piercing, they’re warm and gentle looking and you can tell the man in front of you can’t be much older than yourself,
• You greet him and then make yourself look busy with some cinnamon buns so he doesn’t feel any pressure to buy anything,
• “Have you had this place long?”
• His voice makes you jump, and you laugh at yourself for being so skittish, but the man’s voice is smooth and oddly familiar,
• “Only around 9 months, but I’ve been baking since I was small,”
• You see his eyes crease, indicating a smile that warms your heart,
• “I enjoy cooking but I never get the time to do so,”
• You take your time in appreciating how he pronounces every syllable of what he says, making him sound like he means every word,
• You have a feeling he could say 'shrek is a cinematic masterpiece’ and you’d believe him whole heartedly,
• “That’s sad, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what stops you? You should be able to do what makes you happy,”
• “I have a family business which makes time quite scarce, and I do not entirely know how to make anything as complex as these chocolate cookies,” his tone is quite and almost sorrowful, but lilts upwards at the end, joking,
• You can’t hold back the giggle that escapes your lips, although his words hang slightly on your heart,
• You push the sliding door open and scoop 4 of the large chocolate cookies into a paper bag, taping down the top with a flourish and presenting it to the man with an exaggerated bow, as if he was royalty,
• *nervous laughter*
• The man behind the counter starts searching his pockets, but you cross your arms with a soft smile,
• “Free for such a lovely first customer,”
• He begins to refuse but you sigh and lightly push his hands away from searching his pocket,
• Because you’re nothing but bold AmIRight,
• His hands are covered in some black silk gloves, a clue that keys in with his speech that this man may be of higher class,
• Despite the gloves, his warmth radiates through them and sends a small shiver up your back,
• (Someone walking over your grave my ass),
• “Listen, if you can’t do what you enjoy, you should at least get to enjoy the finished product,”
• The man looks reluctant as you watch something shift in his coffee coloured eyes, but nods anyway,
• And that is not the last encounter with this regal man,
• He starts to come every other day, making his way through your whole menu, and the two of you becoming casual friends,
• You have a habit of watching his eyes, desperate for any type emotion you can read,
• You always have the radio on and if there’s no customers you’ll dance and, on rare occasions, get the man to do a jig with you, he swirls you around and it takes an extra 5 seconds for you heart to stop spinning,
•  You test new bakes on him, and you can always count on him to tell you the honest truth,
• You hug him spur of the moment sometimes, When he comes into the shop or helps you in any way,
• Self control, what’s that?
•He always freezes at first and then melts into you, wrapping one arm around you,
• If he ever has a minute of spare time he’ll people-watch with you,
• His shady and sassy comments always make you crack up,
• “Those kids running, they have not yet experienced the cruel world,”
• “Jisung they look to be 6, I hope they haven’t,”
•  or
• “ That dog looks to have more swag than you, Y/N,”
• So yeah you develop a slight crush on this complete stranger,
• Who suspiciously has never taken his mask off but you don’t pressure him,
• But tbh how couldn’t you fall for this guy,
• Jisung,
• He obviously thought the name Jisung was common enough not to raise suspicions about who he was but,
• It’s when he tells you his name that you put the pieces together,
• Expensive clothes, articulate, little time to himself because of his 'family business’, always covering his face,
• Jisung is the name of one of your country’s princes, to be particular, the one who will inherit the throne, the oldest of 11,
• And then you start realising things,
• How much Jisung composes himself, and how precious the moments he lets himself go are,
• Grace and elegance seem to be drilled into him,
• His eyes seem to be wise beyond his years, observing and omniscient, the way they track you with a caring sheen making you trip over your own feet,
• The way his eyes take in every detail about your baked goods and cozy little shop,
• How he always seems to take deep breaths, inhaling the sweet smell of cooked bread that you always have in your store,
• Because how could you be a bakery without having that classic smell™,
• And how he always seems to buzz and relax in your shop, in the early hours of the day before any customers will arrive, how much softer he is in your shop than he ever is on TV or at royal gatherings or in public,
• Upon your discovery, yeah, you have a mini mental breakdown because you’ve been chatting to the future king so casually and he likes your pastries!!!!!
• But you don’t tell him you found out, or act differently, because if he wanted you to know he’d tell you,
• But man have you fallen head over heels for this gentle, regal Jisung,
• “I was thinking, whenever you have the tiniest amount of spare time, head right here. I’ll show you how to bake those brownies you always eye up as if they offer you the answer to your dreams,”
• Oh boy, does your heart do the pla dunk when you ask him, trying not to sound awkward or desperate,
• But at this point, do you really care? Jisung will judge you anyway,
• He laughs and your heart soars because YOU could make that melodic sound come to life,
• The next morning when your bell dingles, and your heart warms like always when in Jisung’s aura,
• “I thought I’d take you up on your offer,”
• Jisung’s stood at the door, an apron in hand and you laugh as he ties it over his jumper,
•One of the superman aprons, he’d obviously seen before that you had the wonder woman one,
•" But, uh, Y/N, I have something to, ah, tell you?“ He seems nervous, shifty and a little jittery before he pulls himself together to stand tall and confident, probably what he’d been taught to do, before leaning forward onto the counter,
• "Would it, perhaps be, I don’t know, the fact that you’re Prince Yoon Jisung, the nation’s cutie?”
• You also lean forward in your counter, your faces closer than predicted, but you use all of your willpower,
• A l l  of your will power,
• To focus on Jisung’s reaction,
• His eyebrows shoot to the sky and he straightens immediately in surprise,
• “What, y-you knew?”
• “Us commoners aren’t that slow, Jisung,” You tease, pulling at his mask and nabbing his hat to slide into your own head, grinning at him, the low light bouncing off his chocolate hair, matching his eyes,
• It takes a solid 15 minutes for you to stop giggling at the amount of shocked questions Jisung fires at you, and he seems incredibly revealed you haven’t changed the way you act around him,
• But then he admits he wants to bake with you,
• And Ho Boy, who are you to refuse a man of achieving his dreams?
• So you’re showing Jisung how to make your secret recipe chocolate orange and lime cupcakes (it works with the magic of your hands trust me) when Jisung kinda just stops stirring and just stares at you,
• And your like bruh have I got it on my face? I mean you aren’t complaining about the attention but you’re v on edge at his open staring,
• “I’m to inherit this whole country, but all I want to do is spend the rest of my days in this bakery with you Y/N, and I can’t bring myself to care that that’s wrong,”
• What’s this? You’ve flat lined? Me too bro, me too,
• “Everyone’s allowed to have a dream Jisung,”
• You smile through your radiating red cheeks and heart that doesn’t want to beat to the right rhythm,
• “What if it didn’t have to be a dream, Y/N, would you let me stay here? With you?”
• Tbh, you don’t even need to say anything, that soft smile is all he needs,
• But through this whole conversation, he has some chocolate mix resting on the corner of his lips and yes this is very important and heart racing but the chOcOlAte MiX Is DisTRacTinG,
• So you lean forward to kiss him, the icing seemingly melting into the kiss as well as the two of you,
• It’s sweet, quite literally, and slow and exactly like a prince charming,
• His hands skim your back and you drape your arms over his shoulders and his hair’s damn soft and there’s fireworks,
• It all sorta tumbles from then on,
• Jisung has many, many, m a n y negotiations with his family about what he wants to do,
• Upside to having 10 brother’s, at least one of them won’t mind taking the throne instead,
• And the king and queen are understanding and you pretend not to know they’re a little pissed atm about all the hassle for your own health if nothing else,(They love you after a while dw),
• News of Jisung sorta stepping down from royalty to co own a tiny bakery spreads like wild fire and the bakery is swarmed with press and people and pure hell, and some people think it’s cute and your adorable but some think you’re a gold digger and he shouldn’t step down from royalty for something so stupid,

• Honestly it’s a lot to take in and there are several emotional points where you question whether this was the right idea but then Jisung walks over to you with some new cookies, warm heart and comforting words and everything’s okay,
• but within a year it’s died down, although you definitely still get some press or whatever it’s not so bad,
• You meet Jisungs’ brothers, which is an adventure™ oh boy, and your family all swoon for Jisungs’ proper manners and royal charm and at first you feel incredibly judged by the king and queen but then you settle down and everything’s calm,

• Then one day you realize you’re a flippin’ princess! You visit the royal palace and are in love with a prince and this is definitely not how you planned your life but can you complain?
• And most importantly, the two of you sell the best cinnabons in the country partly due to the fact you’re both cinnamon rolls, okay? So soft and sweet.

Before Jack’s graduation and Jack’s on a phone call with Bob:

“Dad, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, you can ask me anything. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just…you know Bittle, right?”

“That cute boy from Georgia who bakes pies who you can never stop talking about it?”

“Yes and don’t blame me, he’s adorable.”


Anyway…lately, I’ve been feeling sort of fuzzy when I’m around him.”

“Fuzzy? Care to add any other helpful and more descriptive words?”

“What I mean is, my heart beat begins racing and he makes me feel so warm on the inside. Whenever I see him, I can’t help but smile because he just…makes everything so much better.”

“Oh Jack.”



“Dad, are you crying?”

“Oh my son, my dear boy, my confused little Canadian chicken nugget, you’re in love!”

“Yeah, I sort of figured…wait, Canadian chicken nugget?”

“Alicia, OUR SON’S IN LOVE.”

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a baker or chef au with yoo seonho please!!

- you’re a chef who works in an old family restaurant and you work alongside two other chefs, guanlin and minhyun, and waiter daehwi
- the restaurant is really popular, but a new restaurant that serves the same type of food as you suddenly opens up a few blocks away and practically steals all your customers….
- you didn’t think it was so bad at first, but as the number of customers continues to decrease, you felt like you had to act immediately
- minhyun asks “why don’t you hire a baker?? i think it’d be good to add desserts to the menu”
- and daehwi adds “yeah!! but not only that, why don’t we add new things to the menu and replace the ones that hardly sell with something completely new??”
- guanlin says “i think that would catch people’s attention…. and we can have a fresh start”
- you give it some thought, and it’s when you pass by and see your rival restaurant filled with people do you finally decide to put up a “HIRING” sign
- you interview a bunch of people, but they just don’t impress you….. or some go way over the top like that one minki boy who decided to bake a fricking wedding cake wtf
- but then you meet yoo seonho
- he presents himself as a chick baker, as he’s only been baking for no more than six months
- seonho tells you “i know i’m lacking, but i’m a fast learner, and i promise i’ll work hard!!” and you think hmm ok let’s put him to the test
- so you tell him to make you any dessert he chooses and after a good hour, he comes back to the table and presents you a dessert you’ve never seen before
- you ask “what’s this? i don’t think i’ve had it before” and he exclaims “it’s because it’s my own recipe!!”
- you think he’s brave for presenting this to you and to be honest you doubt him a little, but when you taste it….. it’s DELICIOUS
- seonho gets hired on the spot because you can’t wait to see what else he has in store for you
- you introduce him to guanlin, minhyun and daehwi and you’re surprised by how fast he got along with them….. it’s like they’ve known each other forever and watching them interact is so refreshing
- you decide to close the restaurant for the time being and plan to make a grand re-opening to surprise your customers
- while closed, you, guanlin and minhyun work together to create a new menu while seonho comes up with unique desserts to add to it
- seonho likes to stay a little longer after work because he gets most of his ideas near the end of the day
- you walk up to him, who’s busy writing down the ingredients he used for the cake he just made, and you casually swipe a bit of frosting on your finger
- seonho says “hey!! it’s not done yet, you can’t eat that!!” and you say “ohhh i can’t? alright then, take it back!!” and you proceed to wipe it on his cheek
- seonho’s mouth falls open and you laugh at his shocked face
- he says “alright, if you want to play it like that…..” he swipes some frosting with his finger too and wipes it across your forehead, and this time, you’re the one who’s shocked
- his cake gets ruined because of your little cake war, and before you know it, you’re both laughing hysterically, covered in frosting, flour and matcha powder
- when your laughs die down, you didn’t realize just how close you’re standing….. and it doesn’t help that seonho has his hands wrapped tightly around your wrists to stop your from wiping your frosting-coated hands on his face
- you think….. just a bit closer….. and…..
- the door suddenly swings open and daehwi exclaims “SORRY I LEFT MY KEYS HERE—oh. was i interrupting something?”
- you and seonho jump a meter away from each other and say “what??? no we were just having a cake war ahahah don’t worry ahahah” and daehwi’s like “oookay right”
- you tell seonho that it’s probably time you both get home, and the rest of the evening is spent cleaning up the kitchen (and you really hope that he can’t see your burning ears)
- you, guanlin and minhyun finish creating new meals for the menu, but seonho…. is falling behind
- he only has two desserts he’s ready to serve, which is definitely not impressive when there’s a huge sign with the words “dessert available after re-opening!!”
- dessert’s undoubtedly the most important on the menu since it’s a brand-new section and seonho… would hate to disappoint you
- the new menu’s complete within just a few days, but there hasn’t been much progress with seonho’s desserts
- you tell him “the three desserts you made are enough, don’t worry!!”
- but he says “no…. if you went out of your way to make an entire menu to save this restaurant, then i have to go out of my way to make enough desserts for you to serve.”
- opening day is finally here, and you’re surprised to find a line of people waiting outside the restaurant, excited to try the new menu
- but it doesn’t surprise you nearly as much as seeing seonho asleep on the counter next to plates of different desserts you’ve never seen before
- and you KNOW what it is, you KNOW he worked all night just for you
- seonho stirs in his sleep and when he sees you, he opens his eyes right away and grins “oh, hey!! i finally made enough desserts to add to the menu!!”
- he quickly hands you a fork and exclaims “try them!!” and when you take a bite out of each desserts, you think “they’re…. perfect”
- suddenly, you remember that the restaurant’s opening in a few minutes and seonho is in no condition to work
- in that moment, you don’t care if you’re going to get angry customers, or if you’re going to get accused of false advertising, or get hate that you made the desserts thing up to get new customers…..
- you just want seonho to be well
- you tell him “seonho, go take a rest” and he jumps back in shock and says “what?? but we have to—”
- you shake your head “i’ll make up some excuse along the way. you have to get some sleep.”
- before you could leave, seonho gets up and runs in front of you to block your path
- he says “i’m going to bake.” and you say “don’t be so stubborn!! you’re going to get sick if you over-work yourself.”
- he says “i’m perfectly fine!! i promise!!” and you’re a bit uneasy but you let him work because you know he won’t give up
- you sigh and say “alright fine….. but you stop working the second you feel unwell, got it?” and he grins and heads straight for the kitchen
- you open the doors of the restaurant and you don’t stop smiling the whole day because you haven’t seen the place this lively in so long and your grin widens when daehwi tells you the customers love the new menu
- once the day is over, you shut the doors and you tell the boys that they did a good job and that they can head home while you stay behind to clean
- but seonho of coURSE doesn’t let you stay all by yourself
- you say “seonho, how many times do i have to tell you to go get some rest??” and he says “i won’t be able to rest knowing you’re left behind to clean all this up”
- you’re both washing the dishes when you ask “why are you like this….” and seonho asks “what do you mean??”
- you say “you stayed up late just to complete the dessert menu for this restaurant….. you worked even though you’re dead tired….. and now, you’re even staying behind to help. why are you so kind?”
- seonho grins “isn’t it obvious? i just…. want to stay by your side.”
- you stop washing the dishes and look up at him and you say “well…. maybe i…. want that too.”
- and you spend the rest of the night cleaning up the restaurant….. while taking quick glances at each other every now and then with pink cheeks

thank you for your request!!

Seven Brothers (Big Brother JB) Pt3

Type: Angst Fluff ~warning~

Request: So for seven brother part 3. Maybe you could do like. She has bandages on one of her arms and JB finds out and thinks she has another relapse but instead she just accidentally burnt her hand while cooking. She gets really mad and locks herself in the bathroom. She refuses to come out when JB talks to her but when someone else talks she comes out. Fluff ending up to you. ❤️❤️

~changing the body part to arm~

Part 1 Part 2

You were very much doing better with yourself. And you decided to find something to keep you busy, you turned to cooking and baking. Since you had 7 boys who loved food you found it easy to make and have willing mouths to eat it. And thanks to the heat in the room while you were making chocolate sweet rolls and had been brave enough to take off your jacket to keep yourself from sweating. And as you pulled them out you managed to bump the tray off of your arm and burnt the skin. After doing what you had to get the wound dealt with you simply wrapped it and continued on with your day. 

Soon your brother came home and the sweet smell came into his nose as he walked into the kitchen he caught sight of you sliding your jacket on. His brows instantly furrowed in disapproval “you said you stopped” he spoke as you looked confused “what?” you asked he grabbed your arm yanking the sleeve down revealing the bandage “you promised you would stop” he hissed “I did” you say as he kept your arm tight in grip “let go” you say as you attempt to pull yourself from him “I burned myself” you say as he shook his head “you’re lying” he says as he began undoing it and to his surprise it was a clean burn mark there. You ripped your arm from his grip. 

“Y/N…” he starts as you felt your eyes water and you took off “Y/N” you hear as you rushed into the bathroom locking the door. “Y/N” he says hitting the door “don’t do anything” he spoke as you sat in the bathroom quietly. “Please don’t do anything” he says. 


“Ah it smells amazing in here” Youngjae says as he instantly goes into the kitchen followed by other members. Yugyeom made his way towards his room where he saw Jaebum sitting on the floor staring at the bathroom door. “Y/N taking forever?” he asks thinking you were getting a shower but Jaebum shook his head no. “She burnt her arm and wrapped it and I thought the worse of it” he says “she locked herself in the bathroom?” Yugyeom asked as Jaebum nodded. 


“Why are you so mean?” Mark asked him “I’m sorry, my little sister hasn’t had a great run so far and the last time she relapsed I almost lost her” he spoke “so she won’t talk to you and come out?” Youngjae asks as he nod. “One of us should talk to her” Jackson comments as all their eyes drift to BamBam who looked shocked “I can but why me?” he asked “you’re the closest to her” Yugyeom told him as BamBam nodded. He quickly headed down the hall and into Jaebum’s room grabbing the teddy bear he had gotten and headed to the bathroom. He knocked on the door “Y/N, it’s me” he spoke calmly “lets talk” he says “talk through the door” you tell him as he could tell you were on the other side of the door. 

“You know I want to talk to you face to face” he says with a smile “I like looking at your pretty face when we talk” he told quietly knowing it was something you would open the door for. He knew it was the smoothest way to get you to talk to him and he had done the same many times to get you to say anything to him. He smiled as the door opened, he shook the bear at you before you tugged him in and closed the door. 

“Heard you hurt yourself” he says as he looks at your arm “how bad is the burn?” he asked as you shrugged “come on let me see” he said passing you the bear and held his hands out. He sighed as he realized it wasn’t the normal arm that had the wounds on it. You other arm wasn’t as bad but it did have a new long mark on it. “Does it hurt” he asked as you shook your head “good” he says as went into the first aid kit. The two of you had the similar memory of the first time he had taken care of your wounds, he simply smiled as he grabbed ointment. He opened the tube and squeezed a bit onto his finger and rubbed it onto your skin softly. 

“JB over reacted but he did it out of love you know?” he says as you shrugged “no no, speak. Shrugging gets you no where” he told you as you rolled your eyes. “If you’re going to be rude be vocal” he told you as he smiled again. “We’re proud of you though. You didn’t do it” he told you “I’m trying my best” you tell him as he nods “I know” he told you. He grabbed a hold of your hand “JB wants you to be mad at him in person” he teased as you smiled “I’m more annoyed than anything” you tell him. “He doesn’t trust me” you tell him “he trusts you but he has a right to be a bit suspicious” he told you, you nodded “now we both know the boys are outside the door and if they don’t move I’ll hit them with it” BamBam calls as feet quickly rushed away. He kept his grip on your hand as he pulls you out and you were instantly met with the eyes of your brother “I’m sorry” he whispers as you nodded. He sighed bringing you into a hug “I mean it” he finished.