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can u believe the audacity of ungrateful fans like 1st and foremost u have the motherfucking opportunity to meet your faves, an opportunity some fans will never ever get (me!!) and u completely disregard it bc oh it isnt my bias or some other bullshit fucking reason and what about ur faves’ feelings too!! u think its fun travelling different places to meet yall and being completely disrespected ffs FFS this shouldnt be news to yall use some fucking common sense bc consider this: plenty of deserving fans don’t get opportunities that ur ugly ass gets

i just want to point out one thing the gifs are never able to capture about the first malec meeting, which is that after alec stammers about returning to the fight and leaves you can hear the quick “pat pat pat” of his footsteps like alec literally ran out of the room he was just so overwhelmed by the whole situation he literally ran away.

Green-Eyed Monster - Castiel x reader (NSFW)

Summary: Cas gets worked up after reading Dean’s smutty thoughts about reader, so he decides to show Dean who reader belongs to.

Words: 2257 

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, semi-public sex, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, spanking.

Castiel x Reader

A/N: Now that it’s finally summer, I hope to write more stuff! <3 And hopefully not just Cas XD I need to give other boys some attention too, so if you want, you can drop a request in my ask or message it to me <3 

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Jungkook wanted taehyungs attention

why do i want this gay boy to pay attention to me and talk to me about life and be my best friend??? it must be because i……. have a crush on him. yes. too bad he’ll never be able to reciprocate it, all the hot ones are gay am i right ladies??? anyway i hope he talks to me about being gay, im just really. interested. in the gay experience. from an ally’s perspective ofc

I’m so sorry to bother you at home, but I don’t know where to go-

And I came here all alone

Dykes Lost Forever

Sarah and Amanda did everything together. They’d been in band together, and all their clubs. They ran for student government together and played volleyball together.

They’d worked hard all through school and in order to get into a great college and had barely had any time for dating. Finding high school boys just wanted too much attention that they didn’t have time to give.

What no one had known was that Sarah and Amanda weren’t just best friends, but they’d been lovers since junior year.

They’d dated boys on occasion to keep up appearances but they always came back to one another.

They had realized early on that they loved one another completely, and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

Now they were finally free and loving college, able to show the world how much they loved one another.

They’d been dancing at the local club, it was for college kids not old enough to drink yet and they were just enjoying one another without having to worry about who would see.

The nice girl that had come over and asked if she could sit with them to get away from the guy bothering her had been welcome. They’d talked for a while and the girl, Emily, said she’d been living in the city for a few months, working. Recently she’d heard about this other club where there were fewer horny guys and a more freindly atmosphere for, as she put it, “girls like us.”

There was also the possibility of getting something a little stronger than soda. Both girls had agreed, having had their fill of grabby frat boys, too. So they grabbed their purses and followed their new friend out into the night, holding each other’s hand in happiness.

Now the girls were waking up with a horrible hang over.

Sarah tried to lift her hand to her head but found it wouldn’t move. Quickly her eyes snapped open and she was horrified to realize that not only was she naked, but she was bound in steel manacles that held her hands to a belt around her waist and behind her back. Her screaming and crying had woken Amanda who was in a similar predicament.

The girls cried, struggled and fought their manacles for hours.

Finally after exhaustion had set in they tried to take stock of their situation. It was then they heard a lock being thrown and the door was opened.

Emily came in but was completely different. Her makeup was different and she no longer looked as young as she had. Instead she looked, older and somehow, instead of kind eyes she’d had before, there was a look of sadistic cruelty in them now.

She was accompanied by a powerfully built man that held her close. He smiled down at her and said, “Another beautiful catch.”

She smiled and said, “It’s amazing how easy it is. Like shooting fish in a barrel.”

As they talked the two girls were begging for answers. Finally the woman said, “Shouldn’t it be obvious? We’ve decided to turn you two slaves.”

The two girls were shocked into silence before they started screaming and fighting their bonds again.

The two slavers just laughed at them and Emily said, “Forget it, you’re never going to escape and you can forget your old lives, they’re gone. You’re not college students, women, Americans, human beings, persons, or even lovers,” This she said with a wicked smile, “You are slaves now. Meat that serves one purpose: to please your Owners.”

Amanda screamed and launched herself at her but the man simply punched her in the stomach. Sarah ran to her lover as the man approached. He looked over his shoulder and said, “I think it’s time for their first lesson.”

The woman smiled and said, “Enjoy,” as she left the room, locking the door as she went.

He descended upon the two helpless young women. He grabbed Amanda, still recovering and threw her onto her face, yanking her hips up and forcing her ass to stick out ludely.

Sarah again tried to help but he simply backhanded her across the face knocking her to the side as he wrapped the belt from his pants around Amanda’s neck and said to Sarah, “Do that again and she suffers.”

Sarah wanted to stop him but she heard her love’s gasped breathing and begging and stopped.

He smiled evilly as he pulled down his pants and shoved himself roughly into Amanda, in one thrust ripping away her virginity as Sarah was forced to live the torture of watching her lover raped in front of her eyes, and helpless to prevent it.

“First lesson,” he said as he continued raping his first victim, “you are here to please us. You’re hear for us to rape and fuck however we want, whenever we want, however we want.”

Sarah shook her head in denial, unable to find her voice due to what she was witnessing, he smiled and continued, “Oh yes, you will. When we’re not fucking you, in your cunt or ass or making you suck my cock or my girl’s pussy, we will be torturing you. Partly to break you, but mostly because we like hurting little cunts like you. It’s fun, and quite profitable, turning smug little bitches like you, especially dykes, into obedient little cock suckers.”

“No, I’ll never do that.” Sarah screamed. She wouldn’t do that. She wouldn’t.

“Oh yes, you will,” he smiled, as he began to increase his rhythm.

Amanda cried out in violation as much as the chocking belt would allow and the man rutted inside her ruthlessly. Using long, hard, brutal storkes to force her unused passage to accomodate him, laughing at the other girl’s helplessness.

He finished loudly, grunting as he spent himself inside her. He turned from her without a care and Sarah watched as Amanda curled up as much as she could to protect herself, pulling her knees to her chest as she’d often done when they watched a scary movie.

This wasn’t a movie however. this was a terrifying nightmare of reality, one that, incredibly was going to get worse.

Ten minutes of screaming and crying later and Sarah had also had her virginity and innocence torn from her as brutally as Amanda’s had been.

As he got up and zipped himself up, putting his belt back on as he did so, the man said, “That was just the first taste. I’ll do that again and again, as much as I want, and as much as you need it to learn. Next time, I’m going to fuck your asses, and then you’ll really beg and scream.”

The two dazed and pained girls stared up at him in stark terror, “We have stolen you from your lives. You are nothing. We own every inch of you both. We own your asses, your cunts, your tits, and your souls. We’re going to rape you, we’re going to beat you, we’re going to torture and train you, and then, when we’re done with you, you’ll do whatever we tell you to do because you won’t be able to even contemplate doing anything else. By then, you will have well learned the price of disobedience. Then, when we’re done destroying everything you were and have finished making you into the perfect little slaves we demand, essentially turned you into an it, we’re going to sell you. This is your life now, slaves, and there’s nothing you can do to change it.

The girls would have yelled at such an announcement in disbelief if they’d had the strength or didn’t have evidence dripping down theier thighs that he would do exactly what he wanted.

He went to the door and opened a small panel and programmed in a code, "Get some rest,” he said as he opened the door, “My girl will be coming in a few hours and trust me she’s not nearly as forgiving when she’s training her pussy lickers.”

With that he was out the door.

Amanda and Sarah moved painfully towards one another, each trying to gain whatever comfort they could from the other. Each lost in their thoughts of how they were going to get away, was that even a possibility, and, most importantly, what happened if they didn’t?

For both of them their keen minds had already begun to face the horrible conclusion that this obviously wasn’t the first time they’d done this. If those before them obviously hadn’t escaped, did they have any chance either?

Still, they had to try, they had to fight for each other.

That thought of hopelessness, however, would eat away at their will and serve only to undermine their spirit and accelerate their transition from independent free women to obedient cock sucking, pussy licking sex slaves.

Their Owners would make sure of it, and they had the luxury of having all the time in the world to accomplish their stated goals.


Amanda had been trained hard and it had paid off. Her body was toned and beautiful, her spirit broken, and her will subsumed by the relentless training in obedience and submission. Perfection was her only standard now, she’d learned that painful lesson quite well. Her Owners had proven to accept nothing less

She had been separated from Sarah early in their training, their female Owner saying being utterly alone, rather than having someone to lean on, would speed their training and teach them that they truly had no shelter from what their Owner meant them to be.

Sarah had been dragged away from her kicking and screaming, and she’d tried to hold on to her but in the end they had lost, again.

She had cried more that night and felt more hopless than she had since she’d been brought here. Proving that, ultimately the woman had been right. From that day forward Amanda had been utterly lost.

Now it was finally time for the auction and she was looking for Sarah, just a glimpse, that’s all she wanted.

Amanda looked around as she was locked into the frame for the auction. It was designed to show off her body fully while also making her squirm in discomfort, something her Owner’s enjoyed.

Her master saw her furtive glances and smiled knowingly, “Looking for the other one?”

Amanda looked guilty and he smiled, “I thought you might, but she’s not here.”

Amanda looked crushed, and he decided to help that along, “It just didn’t take to it’s training as well as we liked so we sent it in a different direction.”

Amanda looked terrified at what he could mean. He had once shown her another girl, one he had said wasn’t training so well. The girl was bound so she could barely move and a trainer was snapping a whip across her ass again, and again, and again. The poor woman was shaking and even through the mask and the gag she certainly wore Amanda could hear the woman screaming in agony. The image of that woman’s welt covered ass stayed with Amanda for weeks.

Her Owner had explained that there were two classes of merchandise, sex, and pain. If you weren’t good enough for the former, you’d be demoted to the latter. It was a one way trip and she should learn from the slave’s example.

Amanda had only increased her efforts from that point despite the humiliation and trepedation the training caused her.

The humiliation was key to her training but the trepedation was well tortured out of her, as her Owners had shown incredible inginuity in their ability to inflict unimagined suffering, without causing damage, at the slightest hint of hesitation. Amanda’s own ass was still sore as a testament to that fact having recieved a workout with her Owner’s electrical toys just the night before.

Obedience was always expected to be as instantaneous as it was perfect. A mantra they had drilled into her very soul.

As she was thinking this her Owner had fished out his phone and was paging through it. He had finally found what he was looking for as he smiled and held up his phone, showing Amanda a picture.

It was a picture of a slave, her face covered with a mask, but Amanda knew those curves well, even if they were slightly skinnier than the last time she’d seen them.

“It didn’t make the cut,” he told her, as always not even acknowledging that the slaves were human beings. Amanda had learned that, to these people, pronouns were for persons and slaves didn’t qualify. “Since it wasn’t trying hard enough as a sex-slave it got demoted.”

Amanda nearly burst into tears, her imagination, combining with her knowledge of the incredible sadism her two Owners were capable of painting her a picture of her lover trapped in an unimaginable hell. A Hell that, were her Owner to be believed, and she absolutely did, Sarah would never escape from.

“Anyway,” he said, gaining her attention, “the pain slut sale is tomorrow, so what you saw was the last image you’ll ever see of it.”

Amanda would have wept if she didn’t know it would gain her punishment, and this close to auction it could cost her master money and that would be even worse.

So instead she simply lowered her head and allowed her last desperate hope to vanish. It was time to let everything Amanda was go. Amanda was gone. In her place was a slave. She allowed that thought to fill her mind as everything else sank forever into the abyss of her own despair.

She’d be the best slave she could be, if only to be spared Sarah’s fate.

She hoped she’d be able to survive.


Sarah stood alone and in the dark, her face covered in a mask, her arms welded behind her in the single sleeve, perched painfully on the steel dildo as she tried to stay upright on the ridiculous shoes her master had put her in.

She screamed out periodically as the electrical shocks ripped through the double dildo in her ass and pussy.

Her master had been down earlier and told her Amanda was being sold today.

Sarah wept in misery at the thought that there was no chance she’d ever see her lover again.

Everything they hoped to accomplish was truly gone. Now they were just slaves. Amanda some disgusting person’s sex toy, and her, a canvas for a sick sadist’s brutal savagery.

Still, the most devestating things, the ones that was crushing her so completely was knowing she’d never feel Amanda’s soft body against her’s again. Never hold her lovingly in her arms, nor hear her say, “I love you,” or see her face light up when Sarah said it to her.

In fact, she’d never hear those words ever again, nor would Amanda..

She dropped her head in defeat and continued to weep and scream as the unrelenting tortures continued to be inflicted upon her body. She twisted as much as her bondage would allow, even as the one person she loved more than anything in the world was sold and doomed, like Sarah herself, to a life of irrevocable slavery.

i’m glad weightlifting fairy has been giving me so many cute bok joo/joon hyung moments bc i’m a sucker for #Romance but i also need joon hyung’s anxiety storyline to get some attention in these last eps

i want my boy on a podium wearing a gold medal while all the people who love him cheer from the stands, my precious son deserves that much sorry i don’t make the rules