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(1) Introducing Nathaniel’s younger brother, Galen. Since I don’t have that amazing Wacom tablet at home, traditional will have to do. Born a decade apart, Galen’s much more laid-back than his courteous older brother. They grew up together in their family castle in western Europe. 

They parted ways when Nathaniel left to settle and have a family of his own. Meanwhile, Galen moved to Germany. Years and years have passed, not a word was said between the brothers.

Please don’t forget how momentous this day is for Asian representation in Western media. I grew up with having close to no Asian role models represented in music or in the movies. If Asians were given roles, it would be one of these:

-a nerdy, weird, antisocial loser with no personality 

-a docile, permissive Asian female who is either hyper-sexualized or completely sexless

-an Asian fighter who has close to no dimension to their character

-a wise old Asian man who teaches the white protagonist the way of the ninja or whatever

-a villain who would ultimately get defeated/humiliated by the white protagonist 

We have never been the main character. We have always just been supporting characters, if we’re even characters at all. We would be caricatures, not people. POCs have always had to relate to English lyrics, white role models, and white stories. We’ve seen white people dance around on stage wearing ethnic costumes from our culture with no idea what it is like to be from that background. Asian men have been depicted historically as ugly, awkward, and undesirable in Western media. Today, that is changing.

Today BTS is breaking down that barrier, performing on an American stage, singing in a different language, breaking those stereotypes. I can’t tell you how important and amazing it is to see people who look like me up on the stage like that, front and center. I couldn’t be more proud and excited for them! We still have a long way to go, but this is a huge step in facilitating Asian presence in America.

Eddie Kaspbrak Falls in Love

word count: 523

Eddie could remember that day like it was yesterday. It was burned into his brain, etched into the back of his mind whenever he looked at him.

It happened like this: in the winter of their senior year. Eddie remembered the smaller details before he remembered the big ones, like how he wore Richie’s basketball sweatshirt, made to fit long-gangly boys that grew to be 6′3. The sleeves slipped over his cold fingertips and slid down past mid-thigh. He remembers that his heater was broken- how his nose was a bright red, Richie made some offhand comment about him being “cute, cute, cute!” that made his cheeks match his nose.

He remembers Richie- showing up to his door with fleece blankets under one arm and a box of Christmas movies under the other, white flecks adorning his light winter jacket and wild mane of dark curls. Mrs. K scowled from the living room but didn’t say a word.

He remembers spending the whole day, watching movie after movie, and Richie pulling him into his chest and him not being able to figure out why his heart skipped a little, why his stomach turned and toes curled. He remembers Richie making crude comments, one’s that made Eddie giggle and his cheeks flush. He remembers the opening credits on the final movie playing for about an hour after it ended but neither boy made an effort to move. The blankets coddled their intertwined bodies, half asleep as dusk encroached on the horizon.

He remembers Richie succumbing to sleep right before he did, and he plucked his coke bottle glasses of the bridge of his nose and gently laid them on his windowsill, careful not to disturb the arm that was thrown around his waist. He then turned back around, and didn’t quite know what to do.

He remembers watching Richie for awhile, the soft and easy rise and fall of his chest, how warm he was in comparison to Eddie’s cold fingers, those same fingers that made a move to graze over Richie’s freckles scattered across the bridge of his nose and his cheeks. He pulled back when Richie made a noise in his sleep, a small groan, but continued to stare.

He remembers noting every detail about him, his raven curls that tumbled over his forehead, contrasting the stark white of his pillowcase. Eddie took one between his fingers, Richie’s nose twitched and he laid it back into it’s place falling in front of his eyes. He took note of his red chapped lips, and had a brief thought about kissing him that kind of scared him. He decided not to think about it too much.  

He remembers Richie’s eyes opening slightly, only to find the gentle brown of Eddie’s looking back at him. Richie threw him a crooked smile and pulled him closer.

Eddie remembers feeling the most content he’d ever felt in his entire life, in that moment.

He remembers it like it was yesterday, fingers intertwined on Richie’s chest, nose nuzzled into the crook of his neck, soft smiles as they drifted asleep.

Eddie remembers falling in love.

got drabble - swirling colors ii

a/n: so this is no longer a twoshot. oops? tis Jon’s pov. and boy is it hard to write kid’s povs and make it believable.

shoutout to @bythunder because she’s been awesome in bouncing back and forth ideas with me. i rambled a lot at her about this part and other fics.

in which Jon learns some truths, the hard way. and the whispers reach South.

As a boy of six there are few things of which Jon is certain – things he knows with absolute clarity.

Robb is his brother, his best friend, his rival; he admires him, would follow him across the Seven Hells – even at such an age, Jon knows this to be true.

Arya is his little sister, dearest of all; he would stop at nothing to ensure her safety, her happiness.

Sansa is Sansa; not a sister, not a sibling, Jon does not feel for her what he feels for Arya and Robb – it’s more, so much more, he’s only a boy and doesn’t know how to explain it—this, what he feels for her, it’s everything. She is his.

All of those things he knows; feels them in his very bones.

Then there are the things he knew.


Catelyn Stark is his mother; Eddard Stark is his father.

This he knows. This, he’s certain.

Until King Robert comes to Winterfell.

Read at Ao3.

My opinion of BTS preforming at AMAs

As an Asian, all I can say is that I’m extremely proud to have BTS represent kpop at the AMAs. I grew up with Jackie Chan as my only Asian representation. I remember being offended when someone would call me Jackie Chan as a kid. (which I shouldn’t, Jackie Chan is awesome) I grew up believing that being called Asian is an insult. Now that I’m older, I’m proud of my race, and I’m happy that BTS was able to become an asian representative tonight. What BTS did tonight, opened many new doors for future asian artists. Obviously, some people may not be pleased that it was BTS, but all I have to say to that is- be grateful! It’s extremely hard for any asian to break into the american industry so when one does, GOOD! Asian have always been seen as a joke, or trend, and that’s not going to change overnight. This is just the beginning, when Psy became popular, I’m sure not many people were expecting any other kpop group to come to america, but it happened. Psy opened that door for bts, and now bts is doing the same for the next generation. The fact that we are able to have an asian artist become more know for their musical talents, does it really matter who they are? Expecially when they’re truly trying to make a difference for our generation? With each asian artist walking through those doors, the more chances they have to be able to show their real talents. BTS is the first kpop group to preform at AMAs and they’ll definetly not be the only or last.

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okay so today in plant pathology lab we were hanging out and chilling yet again and my professor is like “hey the mycology team brought back another weird mushroom wanna see it” and i thought about the last time a mycology team member brought back a weird mushroom and we were like HELL YEAHHHHHHH so he took us back there and lo and behold

M E G A   B O Y

-mega boy is a perrenial fungus, you can tell because of the weird rings; these are formed by the same fungus growing over the old fungal structure with new mycelium year after year, leaving layers!

-is estimated to be about ten years old by the mycology team

-grew around a chain, which we can assume to be also super old because its in the thicker part of the mushroom and is also super rusty 

-chain is like straight up like 2-3 feet long????

-was in a tree/stump and they removed it

-is being dried and treated for use as a teaching specimen because MEGA CHAIN BOY

-is super heavy, probably because of the chain bbut also because HE MEGA??

-yea so mega boy thanks for coming to my ted talk

sometimes you grow up and look back and the people you used to look up to seem different. it’s a messy feeling. the singer you used to idolize turns out to be just a person, and sometimes a bad one. your best friend isn’t actually that good of one: she treats you like you’re incapable of anything because she’s used to being the better one. the girl you loved is selfish and never loved you back; just loves it when she’s getting attention. the boy you grew up with doesn’t share anything in common with you.

sometimes you try and force these things to fit. sit in cafes with them and realize that you have nothing to say and nothing to do. blame yourself for being tired or hungry or distracted or all three. that this person you loved is in the right. it’s you who is wrong about everything.

but at a certain point you’re standing there and holding these precious things and you realize they need to stay precious. that if you keep trying to force them to be what they used to be, you’re forcing yourself to be who you used to be, too. and you’re different now. a better you. sometimes things need to stay in the past so they can stay good. and sometimes perspective gives you the chance to say “you know what. i think leaving is good.”

it’s not a great feeling. i’m used to being left behind. don’t like being alone. loyal to a fault. but the truth is it’s better to realize it sooner. that there are people it’s not worth it for. that you’ve been trying to see the best in but who will never open the door. that at one point you were maybe right for. 

but they stayed put while you move forward.


I cri seing fetus kookie T^T


🐰 Happy Birthday Jeon Jeongguk 🐰 
#970901 #HappyJkDay 
      ↳ Even though you were considered an adult before, you’re finally a full on adult™ starting today! Seeing you grow since you were a small 16 year old & now I get to see you officially out of your teen years! May your 20s bring you nothing but health & happiness! Much love ♡