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Top 5 Star Wars characters and top 5 Star Trek characters?

An ask!

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Wars Characters:

  1. Obi-Wan (fun fact: I used to have a little plush penguin named Obi-wan Kenobi)
  2. Poe Dameron (no weird childhood factoids, he’s just Best)
  3. Finnnnnnn (I just…my boy…protect him)
  4. Can we just agree everyone in Rogue One? All of them? My dears.
  5. I indistinctly remember a minor character in the old movies…somewhere…some random Rebel I think…that I really liked, but it’s been absolutely forever since I watched the original movies so. Shout-out to all the favorite minor characters: we adore you.

Trek Characters:

  1. Bones is absolutely first. My spirit animal McCoy.
  2. Scotty (just. yes)
  3. The Enterprise (what. don’t look at me.)
  4. Geordi (again. protect him)
  5. Data’s cat, Spot. (she’s a cat, and he loves her, and it’s precious)

The Best™ moment in Mass Effect: Andromeda is if Ryder jumps on top of the Tempest, Kallo Jath will say “Really, Ryder?” It is the best moment, nothing else even compares to his exasperation. Nothing. Bad facial animations? Who cares? Kallo is Fed Up Wit Ya Jump Jet Bullshit™ 


Happy Birthday Jung Hoseok aka JHOPE

I can’t put it into words how much I love and adore you, you’re literally our beautiful sunshine, our hope and our angel; our hobi :)

You’re the most talented person that i’ve ever met; your dance is mesmerizing, your voice makes me happy, your personality makes me love you more

I wish I could protect you from all of the bad things in this world :D

I want you to smile more this year too!

ARMYs will always love you from the bottom of our hearts

you’re incredible Jung Hoseok; I will forever support you

i’m sorry that people have left you. i’m sorry your heart was ripped out, ribs broken and lungs barely moving. i’m sorry that you weren’t appreciated, i’m sorry you’ve been used and thrown away. you deserve more than that. you deserve to be the best friend, the most important, the number one. you are more than what you have been given, you are not a quick fuck, you are not a ragdoll, you are not what they have said about you or what you have said about yourself. please, you deserve more. you are more. you are, you are, you are. you are MY best friend, you are THE most important person in my entire life, you are MY number one. you deserve more than the way i treated you today, you deserve every single i love you and i miss you and i want a future with you that you have received. you deserve to be needed and loved and please believe me when i say that i need you and i love you. breathe in, and breathe out. unclench your hands, take mine instead. we can get past this, this isn’t the worst night you’ve had. breathe in, and breathe out. i love you. i love you. i love you. i understand you must protect your heart, but please don’t revert back to rule number one. my heart beats with every breath you take, and every single blink of your eyes. you are more. my love, my darling, my sweet baby boy, breathe deeply and know you are mine, and you are your own. you are not their words or actions. it isn’t your fault they can’t see you for what you are. you are worth more than gold, worth more than whatever the big bang caused, you are worth more than this. i will live alongside you. i will live alongside you forever, and our kids will marvel at the love in our eyes. breathe. our fire will never go dark. you carry my heart with you wherever you go. breathe. i love you. you are loved. you matter. breathe. breathe. breathe.

me: mom can we go see this play it’s at uc berkeley–

mom: that’s in california

me: yeah

mom: we live in connecticut

me: okay yeah but the male lead is a girl and it’s gonna be gay this is important news jd is a girl it’s gay and boy don’t get me started on how fucking cute the mac is i want to protect her forever


Happy birthday to our ball of fluff and cuddles, a talented visual of the universe who works so hard ~ thank you for sharing your talent and beautiful pictures and yourself with the world

I love you so much and wish you years of happiness and success   ♥️  ♥️  ♥️

Best Friend Series; Dino/Chan

- you met chan in your teens
- you were a broke high school student who was looking for a part-time summer job
- you couldn’t even go out with your friends or anything because all you had in your wallet was like 75 cents what have you done
- while looking for a job online, you just so happened to come across this ad of a family saying they were looking for a babysitter to watch over their two sons on certain occasions
- they were offering to pay 15$ an hour and so you were like I FOUND MY JOB
- so you call up the family and after a quick interview with the parents over the phone, they ask you if you could come over to have an in-person interview and you say yes while striking a victory pose
- you tell them that you’re available this saturday and luckily they are too so you make sure to polish up your resume and wear nice clothes to show that you’re responsible and clean lol
- saturday comes around and you NAIL the interview man, you were hired on the spot
- the adults call down their sons to meet you, and two boys come rushing down the stairs immediately
- one is about five years younger than you but the other….. is literally only a year younger than you??
- you’re like ??? uhhh he can’t watch over his little brother himself ???
- the little brother just shyly waves hi to you but the older one grins widely and runs up to you and exclaims “hi i’m chan!! it’s really nice to meet you!!” and he takes your hand and shakes it excitedly
- on your first day of babysitting, you discover that chan’s parents hired a babysitter because all he can cook is instant ramen and he’s actually pretty accident-prone lmao
- so you’re cooking dinner for the two boys, and while preparing the table, you hear a crash in the living room and you’re like no nO DID WHAT I THINK JUST HAPPENED REALLY HAPPEN
- you sprint to the living room to find a broken vase and two little boys looking down at it with dropped jaws
- your jaw drops too when you see the mess and it’s silent
- until chan’s little brother points at him and yells “HE DID IT” and chan looks so betrayed that his brother sold him out
- but you don’t get mad and tbh you’re more concerned about their parents’ reactions and how you might actually get FIRED
- you quickly pick up the pieces of the vase and ask chan “DO YOU HAVE SUPER GLUE” and he stutters “uh i think we have some in the cupboard!!” and you’re like “OKAY LOOK THEY’RE NOT GOING TO FIND OUT ABOUT THIS. WE HAVE THREE HOURS TO WORK LET’S GO”
- so you and chan get straight to work while his little brother eats dinner at the table peacefully
- you both carefully put the vase back together and you both succeed in finishing it LITERALLY ten minutes before his parents get home
- both you and chan sweat when they walk through the living room, and you both let out a sigh of relief when they walk past the vase
- you both high-five each because GOOD JOB
- but after the high-five, you notice something red on your hand and you’re BLEEDING you actually cut yourself while putting the vase together without even realizing it
- and chan notices and he says “OH MY GOSH ARE YOU OKAY?? THIS IS ALL MY FAULT I’M SO SORRY WAIT HERE” and he zooms out of the room
- he returns shortly after with a first-aid kit in hand and he takes out a band-aid with dinosaurs on them and rips it open and sticks it onto your cut
- he exclaims “there!! i hope it heals fast” and you’re like…. why. are. you. so. CUTE.
- and every time you or his little brother gets hurt, chan takes out his dinosaur band-aids, and because of this you give him the nickname dino and he loves it so much
- you end up babysitting the two boys for the next few weeks of summer and chan is always looking forward to your visits, like he always has something new to tell you or a new dance to show off to you
- and when summer finally ends…. you feel so…. sad…..
- you never wanted it to end
- on your last day, you ruffle chan’s hair while his little brother is hugging you and crying for you not to leave
- you say “hey don’t be like this, you’ll still see me around, i promise”
- and you know what?? YOU KEEP YOUR PROMISE
- chan and his little brother literally wouldn’t shut up about you so his parents invite you over for dinner one night and they invite you again and again and again
- and through this, you and chan get really close and become BEST FRIENDS
- but the big question is did he force you to learn all the michael jackson dances??
- yes. yes he did
- tries way too hard just to make you happy because his best friend “deserves the best of the best”
- like once he went all out for your surprise birthday party and when things didn’t go exactly as planned he cried and then got sick for over-working himself then cried again because he felt like he ruined your birthday
- you ended up having to take care of him and you laughed “chan just seeing you today is good enough for me”
- on his graduation day, you cried when he went to pick up his diploma like the proud mother you are
- you screamed louder than anyone when they said he graduated with honors like “YES THAT’S MY BOY DO YOU SEE HIM THAT’S MY CHAN”
- hugs you all the time. if he can, he will
- compliments all day every day
- “you’re amazing!!” “you’re so cool!!” “ohhh i like what you’re wearing!!”
- constantly over-exaggerates his actions for no reason at all like you’d lightly push him and he’d fall to the floor and you’re like….. get the frick up chan
- you’re always telling him how cute he is and he gets so offended
- “cute?? i am a MAN”
- used to call himself the little giant and you’d make fun of him for it until he outgrew you and you were like how dare you
- the type to make you do pinky swears when making a promise
- scolds you when you prank him and suddenly the roles are reversed
- “how dare you speak to your mother this way”
- signs up for talent shows with the stage name dino
- made everyone believe it’s because he “dominates the stage” but really it’s a shout-out to you and you guys’ precious summer memories
- you’re usually the one taking care of him, but when you’re sad, chan suddenly becomes super protective and goes to great lengths just to make you smile again
- and it’s because he loves you with every fiber of his being and he isn’t shy when it comes to expressing it, he wants you to KNOW
- chan normally hates being called and treated like a baby but when it’s you
- he doesn’t mind at all
- “chan whose baby are you?”
- “(name)’s baby!!”

Kai – To Love

Characters: Kai x You (Suel)

Type: Angst, fluff

Word count: 1317

A/N: [8/9] And now Sehun is the only one left :)

“You’re mine now. To hold, to protect, to love. For a very long time, hopefully forever.”

Whenever I said that I would give that one person another chance, it was me suffering from it. So why was I still doing it? Why was I still friends with someone like Daesung when he was only searching for trouble? First the state, with endless debts, then loan-sharks, where he loaned the money to pay those debts and then his involvement in the mafia to get away from those loan-sharks. And who was suffering from all of it? Of course me. Why else would the mafia go all the way out to kidnap me in bright day light?

Being knocked out cold and kidnapped, after a normal shopping spree was never in my bucked list in any way.

Well, at least it seemed like the mafia had a heart. I woke up on a bed in a room where the door was locked. It felt like half the day passed when someone entered the room and brought something to eat with him; it was a tall guy. He was handsome and lean, a smile on his face.

“Hey.” He mumbled. “I brought you something to eat.”

Sitting cross legged on the bed, I titled my head to the side. “Who are you and why am I here?”

Chanyeol was his name, and he was more of a little child in an adult body than a murderous mafia member.

He spend a lot of time with me, made jokes, told me about funny situations he was apart of. I started to enjoy his company a lot. Maybe because he was so not mafia typical, he was like a best friend everyone would love to have. The best friends type with the infectious smile and bright laugh, even with a voice as deep as his.

Soon another boy appeared who was not that different from Chanyeol. In fact, both guys were quite similar and, not surprisingly, the best of friends.

His name was Baekhyun and he was way more mischievous than Chanyeol, but not as much as Chen, the guy that appeared the next day to bring me breakfast.

I spend a week with them in total, in which I not only met those three members, but all nine. Including him, the mafia boss Kai.

It was shocking, really. The moment I found out that they are supposedly the EXO gang I laughed to the amusement of those guys. They were just so normal and not as scary as how everyone described them to be. They weren’t even wearing black excessively.

But that was besides the point. I was stuck with them for approximately a week until Daesung actually got around with paying back the money he loaned before and I was set free after.

It was, just like my stay with them, a strange goodbye. They were not letting me see Daesung, rather forcing me to break off any contact with a guy who plays too much with too dangerous forces. They destroyed my phone in the progress and bought me a new one, including a new number and everything.

“Never, and I mean, never contact that guy ever again!” Baekhyun warned, his face serious for once.

“Seriously, he is bad influence.” Chanyeol muttered, patting my head affectionately.

“And you guys are not?” I raised my eyebrows, teasing them.

“We are different, and you love us for it.” Chen smirked, before sighing and pouting after. “Now on a serious note; Daesung only came up with the money because Boss found his hiding place again, not because of you specifically. As much as that hurt, he is just walking trouble, too dumb to be able to protect you. Listen to us and don’t even think about going to him.”

“I won’t.” I smiled up at them, feeling my heart grow at their concern, ignoring any thoughts of Daesung and the said boss. “Not after everything he has done. I promise.”

“Good girl.” Suho came up, followed by Lay and Xiumin. “You will hear from us soon, hush now. You need to get back in track with college. You already lost a week of studying because of us.” Turning me around, he shoved me forward, animating me to walk into my apartment building. Waving to them for the last time, with a half smile, I went in.

Some weeks went by and I tried my best to get back to all the things I missed, it wasn’t as easy as I wished but at least manageable. Probably because the guys helped me, texting me whenever they could. Giving me small visits to check up on me, generally supporting me in any way. It was adorable how much they cared and how fast we bonded, but the only one I wished would come to visit me wasn’t doing it.

There was probably not a time where I didn’t ask for him, where they guys didn’t tease me about it or exchanged gazes thinking I wouldn’t know.

I soon let it be. He may have caught my eyes, yet I couldn’t keep looking for him if he wasn’t interested to see me at least. So I stopped asking about him altogether.

Walking back home from another tiring day at the lecture hall, I took my time reaching home. I was glad that it was finally weekend, which meant more time to sleep and more time to study.

Walking into the apartment, I stopped opening the door as I found a note stuck to it. And it was far from hard to tell who has written it.

“Have fun with the surprise?” I muttered confused. “Byun Baekhyun, you are not even here but still able to irritate me. What a talent.”

“You don’t have any idea.”

Snapping my head up, my eyes widened. The door to my apartment was now open, a tall figure leaning against the frame directly in-front of me. “He was bugging me to come here without being, and I quote ’a dumbass for letting Suel wait.‘”

“Kai.” I whispered. “Why are you here?”

Raising an eyebrow at my question, he leaned forward and took my hand to pull me into my home and through to the living room.

“I thought I was so attached to the thought of you because you were the only girl who was really normal around the guys, a real friend. So when you left, I went on with life and the job to notice that whatever I was doing the thought about your well being or your whereabouts where constantly haunting me. I ordered the boys to not only text you, which they were obsessed with, but to also ask you repeatedly what you planned for the day. So I send someone to really look after you and be sure that nothing happens.” I was sure that Kai would have went on if it wasn’t for my expression he was slowly noticing. My jaw was dropped, my eyes huge as I was frozen in complete shock. It was a little too much information for me to comprehend.

“You ordered someone to stalk me?” Was the only thing I could splutter out then, letting myself down to the sofa.

“Is that the only thing you got from everything I said?” He smirked highly amused. “You have relations to the boys and especially me. An enemy, or even a friend of EXO would be after you. It’s sadly something you can’t hinder in this kind of profession.”

“I-I don’t know what to say, seriously.”

“Don’t say anything at all.” He walked up to me, pulling me up and into his frame. “Because it wouldn’t change anything, you’re mine now. To hold, to protect, to love. For a very long time, hopefully forever.”

EXO Mafia Boss One Shot Series Masterlist

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Do not ignore me,” his father growled. And then, inexplicably, he turned his face from Adam, and shouted, “What do you want?”

“To do this,” Ronan Lynch snarled, smashing his fist into the side of Robert Parrish’s face.

you don’t understand I was reading on the bus and I had to stop for a while because THIS SCENE IS AWESOME AND RONAN LYNCH IS MY SMOL ANGRY AND LOVELY CHILD AND I ADORE HIM AND ADAM OH MY GOD OH MY GOD

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Hi, this is just a little notice, but I'm a black belt in karate and teru's stance is a real thing. It prevent people from kicking u in the nads and gives u balance if u do it right. It does look funny, and it's a pretty rare stance, but teruki 'dont care as long as im in charge' hanazawa would probably use it

Oh my god.

I’m in heaven right now.

I was already in love with his fighting stance but NOW


Thank you for this I owe you for eternity.

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Hello! So far I really like your blog, very imaginative ^^ Can I request sleeping position headcanons for the RFA members with their s/o? TYSM!

Yes anon! I really like this idea! ~ This also came out rather long sO half of them are under the cut! 

♥ His S/O probably sleeps in his arms, he likes being the big spoon cause it makes him feel like he’s protecting them. BUT DON’T GET ME WRONG HE ALSO LIKES BEING THE LITTLE SPOON!!
♥ Sleeps with his torso directly pressed against his S/O’s back.
♥ Sleeps with his head nuzzled into his S/O’s neck, he likes the smell of their hair so he just shOVES HIS FACE IN IT.
“S/O! What shampoo do you use, you smell absolutely … adorable!” (his s/o has no clue how they could smell ‘adorable’ but they think its cute)
♥ Legs are usually piled on top of each other, he essentially likes to consume his S/O’s body with his own.
♥ He once accidentally drooled on his S/O’s neck when they were sleeping, he woke up at 4am with his face covered in moisture and the poor boy thought it was blood cause it was so dark. He freaked out.

♥ He likes to sleep with his S/O’s head against his chest, directly over his heart.
“Babe~ do you hear that? My heart only beats for you…”
♥ He wraps his arms around his S/O, but not super tightly, just enough to pull his S/O close.
♥ He places one leg between his S/O’s leg, he’s tall so it would get really crowded if the leg situation was any more complicated.
♥ He claims it’ll keep them warm cause it’s a part of him and every part of him loves them. “My love will keep you warm.”

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lucas friar appreciation week ♡ day seven 

go off about why you love this stupid cowboy - alright, so i’m gonna try not to write an entire five paragraph essay with bibliography on this subject, which i’m sure i could, so i’ll be as brief as possible. i love lucas friar for a multitude of reasons, he’s loyal to his friends and those he cares about, he’s goofy and breaks stereotypes about athletic boys being mean and rough, he’s a genuinely good person who doesn’t want to hurt the people around him. despite the fact that he was done dirty time and time again on the show, he never faltered from being the guy who never wants to hurt anyone. he’s protective, he’s kind, he’s good hearted, he’s smart, he never wants to do anything wrong (something i’m so so so upset we never got to explore). while i’ll forever be disappointed that we never got to learn more about lucas, i’ll always appreciate what we did get and i’ll always love the character that he was. so many aspects of lucas were relatable and wonderful to watch and i’m very happy that we had/have him. ♥

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Scars - Carl x Reader

Well, this is longer than I intended…oops. When I pasted it in the indenting got messed up, sorry.

Request?: No
Summary: Carl struggles after he loses his eye and the reader makes him see (pun intended😉) that he is still the same person she and the others love.
Characters: Reader, Rick Grimes & Carl Grimes
POV: Third Person
Length: 2,230
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Strong language, talk of sexual actions & mild violence.

The morning sky was ironically bright blue and inviting. The warm rays of the sun beating down on the wrinkled sheets from outside the window. Intertwined and fast asleep the residents looked blissfully at peace. Neither one showed a sign of distress on their face, but a thick layer of gauze on the boys head. As the birds outside the house sang out a sweet tune a man walked in the room. Gentling shaking the girl awake he gave a raspy whisper,
“It’s time to change the bandage. We don’t want his wound to get infected.” The girl nodded, sitting up and rubbing her hand down the ride of her face. Tears began to well in her eyes and she sighed, looking down at the boy, whispering,
“He wouldn’t even look at me.” The man put a hand on her shoulder,
“I know, but he’s strong. He will fight this. I know it.” The girl began to weep violently, but without a sound. Shaking her head side to side she looked up at the man,
“B-but h-h-he didn’t deserve thi-is. This isn’t th-the w-ay it’s supposed t-to be.” Her chest heaved another gut wrenching cry. The man sat beside her and once again comforted her,
“Y/N, he’s gonna be just fine, don’t worry. We just need to make things as easy as possible until he gets used to it.” His voice began to quaver and at that point he could barely hold back the tears, “Just give him a-all the l-ove he deserves.” The girl nodded and wiping her tears and the man stood up. “I’m going t-to find his f-favorite comics for when he wakes u-up.” Before the man closed the door to the room the girl spoke quietly,
“He deserves the whole world and all we have for him is a comic book and a missing eye.” Upon that the man felt a hot, wet tear drip down his face and a hard pang in his heart. He closed the door to the room and walked off to find his sons collection of comics, leaving the girl to wake up the broken boy.
Back in the room the girl gripped her wrist, holding it closed to her body, looking down at the rug with glazy eyes. She was so worried about the boy that she could hardly breathe. He was still lying still, the trauma of his pain keeping his body in a constant state of healing. He was laying on his side, facing the light coming through the window with his wisps of his hair all over his face and the pillow. The girl got up, walked around the bed and kneeled in front of his face. She smiled at the peaceful look of innocence and beauty his features held. Remembering all the fun times they had together. Days they’d sneak off into the woods and just hold each other, listening to the sweet soundtrack of the rustling trees. Laughing and singing with everyone, forgetting for one moment the kind of world they lived in. Staring up at the midnight sky and creating a story for each of their loved ones as a constellation. She felt tears well in her eyes once again and she reached up to cup his face, rubbing her thumb in a soothing circular motion on his cheekbone. Reaching up as more tears fell she kissed the tip of his nose lightly and then moved her lips down to his, encapturing them for just a second. Pulling away she grieved at the stillness of his lips against her own. The man walked back in the room holding a medical supply kit and thin comic book in hand. He saw the girl and gave her a hard look,
“Y/N. Y/N, it’s time to wake him up. He’s not gonna like it, but it’s what he needs.” The girl plastered a melancholy smile on her face and tapped the boy on the shoulder. She rubbed his back whispering,
“Wake up, we need to change your bandage. Please, it will get infected.” The girl continued to shake him and the man walked over to place the supplies on the table right of the bed. With a groan the boy opened his eye lazily.
“Hey.” The girl whispered with a sweet smile. The boy turned away with a hard look his face and quickly swung his legs up over the side of the bed. The man spoke clearly,
“Carl, it’s time to change–”
“I know.” He was cut off by his son whom was already storming into the bathroom with the supplies in hand. With a slam of the door the girl jumped and immediately ran over, but was stopped by the man,
“Look, just let him do it himself. He needs time, it’s only been a few days. We need to let him settle down.” The girl was taken aback by his defeated look. In all the time she knew this man he had never once looked this beat down and depressed.
“But, what if he needs help. What if he does it wrong and it gets infected.” She looked at him with a sickening face of fear and devastation. “We don’t have the supplies for that. Carl would die.” Seeing the terror in her eyes he reached out and grabbed her by the shoulders,
“It’s gonna be okay. He just doesn’t want anyone to see it so when he goes to sleep I’ll come in here and check it. He’s just too goddamn stubborn to ask for help and too stupid to realize that his father could never look at him like a monster. Everyday will get better though, he’ll come around.” He exhumed with a comforting twang in his southern accent. The girl relaxed a bit and she went over to make the bed.
“Why don’t you stay here until he gets out and call me when he does, okay? I’m going to go check on everyone at the wall. There is a herd up the road so they’re watching for stragglers.” The man said heading towards the door.
“Okay, I’ll tell him you wanted to see him.” She said.
“Please don’t. I don’t want to push him too much.” She nodded and gave him a sad smile,
“Bye, Rick.” The man left the room.
Impatient, the girl tipped-toed up to the door, cracking it open about an inch, just to see in. There he was, angrily gripping the countertop, glaring at himself like he was the most disgusting creature to ever walk the earth. He picked up the supply kit and chucked it into the wall, making the girl jump in surprise. He punched the wall and just when the girl thought he was going to put a hole in it he slumped into the wall and sobbed. At that, the girl couldn’t control herself and rushed in to comfort him, not bearing to see the boy she loved in such intense agony. He turned around to see her and covered his face,
“Get away, don’t look at me!” Distraught she stood her ground,
“Get the fuck out. Now, before you see my face.”
“Why? Carl, give me one good reason why I shouldn’t see my boyfriend.”
“Because I look like a fucking beast. I look like one of those fucking monsters out there.” He screamed, pointing outside. She gave him an angry look.
“You do not look like beast. You are the most han–” He quickly cut her off.
“Y/N, I’m fucking missing half of my fucking face. No one in their right mind wants to be with a guy who’s missing half of his fucking face and you know that. So you can cut this bull-shit right now and walk out that door right now because I don’t want your fucking pity. I don’t need you to sit around acting like you care, like you want to be around because I know you don’t. And you know what, it’s okay because you don’t deserve to have to look at me every day of your life. You deserve a boyfriend who can actually protect you, one who can fucking see out of his god-damn fucking face.” She could now feel tears streaming down her face and she reached out to turn him towards her and push his hands away from his face.
“Baby, stop. Stop talking like that. Please, you’re killing me–” He screamed,
“Then fucking get out!” She snapped,
“WOULD YOU JUST STOP! Stop talking about yourself that way, please. I love you. I don’t care if you have twenty eyes or one. I fell in love with the way you’re so protective over your sister, the way you’re always putting everyone else before yourself. I fell in love with your bravery and perseverance, your respectful nature. I fell in love with your sweet smile, your laugh when I do something stupid, the way my name rolls beautifully off your lips. I fell in love with the way you love your family and the sacrifices you have made for them. When we first met I fell in love with you. With the strong guy who loves his family unconditionally and is willing to do anything for them. Now if you can explain to me how losing your eye affects all of that I will gladly leave, but since you can’t I’m staying here. I know you think that this will make me hate you, but if anything it makes me love you more, because now I know how truly strong you are to have suffered through all of this. And I know you think you have to protect me, but I’m okay, we both are. We’re alive and I love you. I did before the accident, I do now and I always will, forever. I’m not going away that easy, I guess you could say I’m like a nasty scar. I will always be here, just like this one.” She pointed to his wound. The boy was shocked and once again slumped against the wall in defeat.
“You don’t mean that. I know–” He was interrupted by her as she walked over and kneeled between his two legs.
“Carl, I don’t know what to say anymore, except that I’m not giving up on us because of this. I love you too much to let you go. If not for you, for me. Please. Just let me love you.” She started to tear up again and upon seeing her so distraught he removed his hands from his face and put them on her own. With this she looked up at his face.

“Now you know why I didn’t want you to see. It’s hideous and it’s ruined me forever.” She stroked his cheek and placed a kiss just below the wound on his cheek.
“It’s beautiful, just like you. It’s a representation of who you are. Your strength, your intelligence, your sacrifice, your love. It’s part of you, so I love it. I love you.” Upon seeing the irrevocable, passionate love in her eyes, he finally believed her words.
“I love you, too. You mean so much to me. I-If you left me I wouldn’t be able to do it anymore. I wouldn’t be able to wake up in the morning and walk the earth without you. You are one of the only beautiful things about this world and I don’t know who I would be today without you. Y/N I’m the single luckiest guy alive to have met the most amazing, gorgeous girl on the planet. I’m so lucky to be in love with you.” She blinked tears out of her eyes and gave him a pure, loving smile. He laughed and returned it kissing her gently, trying to keep his open wound from touching anything.
“You know. You will always be the hottest guy I know. You might even be sexier now. She said biting her lip. He smirked,
“And why is that?”
“Because I read that when people lose their vision their nervous system becomes more sensitive. So, that means more touching to find things and explore new surroundings.” She looked at him up through her long eyelashes,
“And I have a few places I’d like you to touch.” He chuckled.
“Is that so?” She licked her bottom lip,
“Mmhmm.” He smirked again,
“Well, why don’t we do some exploring right now?” The two stood up, kissing feverishly they started towards the door, when he remembered that he still hadn’t put on the new bandage.
“Wait. I need a new bandage.” She pulled away from and reached down by his feet to pick up the medical supply kit that had ricocheted off the wall. As she brushed up against him he made a groaning sound.
“Let’s just make this fast because you rubbing up against me isn’t my favorite thing without follow up.” She giggled and reached up to kiss him one more time before cleaning the wound and wrapping the bandage around his head.
“I love you.”
“I love you, too. Forever and always.” The girl giggled,
“You are so cheesy.”
“So are you, Y/N.” He responded. The girl gave him a bright smile,
“I guess we both are.” They clutched each other, enjoying the loving embrace until the girl pulled back,
“Oh yeah, your dad brought you ‘Super Man vs. The Amazing Spider Man if you want to read it.” He chuckled,
“Nah, I’ve read it thousands of times. I rather be with you.“

Hope you enjoyed. Feel free to send any requests and comment.

To All You Lovely Mobile Users ^-^

I’ve decided to post the most recent copy of the Masterlist. You can still find the official Masterlist here - But people ask for Masterlist’s periodically, so I think I’m just going to post one of these every couple of weeks. So you can click the link above ^^^ it’s entirely clickable, or just peruse this post with a junk ton of Andy imagines and a couple other imagines on it. ^-^ Anyway, I hit 800 followers recently. Thanks guys, you rock ^-^


Sorted Alphabetically by band member, then publication date of the fic.


(RI) = “Real Imagine”
(1st)/(3rd) = First/Third Person (Fan Fiction)
(M) = Mature Content (Smut/ Gore/ Not appropriate for children)
(T) = Possible Trigger
 ♥ = Fluff
(Short) = Very brief, usually plotless, fic
(NR) Not romantic, usually just a friendship, or accidental meeting
(SA) Story that is part of a series, but can stand alone


You Are the Music I Live By (An Andy FanFic) (3rd)

Anyone Imagines: (No names mentioned, so it can be whomever you want)

Please No… -Anti Suicide- Possible Trigger (T)
It’s Okay -Panic Attack- Possible Trigger (T)
Lean On Me -Anorexia- Possible Trigger (T)
Blind to Your Own Beauty-Self Hatred-Possible Trigger(T)

Andy Imagines

Comforting (1st)
White Robe Grooms (Pt. 1) (SA)
Instagram Started It (Pt. 2)(SA)
Ride On ♥
California Girl ♥
Eye Rolling 
I Wanna Hold Your Hand ♥
A Demon in the Dark (Part 1) (M)
A Demon Returning (Part 2)
A Demon Trapping (Part 3)
A Demon With a Vendetta (Part 4)
Dinosaur Men and Remote Wars ♥
You’re Perfect ♥
Something Beautiful (Part 1) ♥ (SA)
Something Dark (Part 2) ♥(SA)
Costume Copycat (Part 1)
Dating Disasters (Part 2)
I’m Your Whore (M) 
Obsessed (Part 1) (3rd) (T) (Psychotic Tendencies)
Obsessed (Part 2) (3rd) (T) (Psychotic Tendencies)
Silly Man ♥ (3rd)
…But You’re My Strange One ♥
It’s Not Christmas Time (Drabble)
Who Said a Girl Can’t Play Guitar (Short)
I Love You Too Much To Stay
Right Answers ♥
Naps Fix Everything (Short)
Twilight Moments ♥ (M)
Baby Bear
A Lonely Asshole of a Rockstar ♥
I Can’t Lose You 
I’ll Never Leave 
Ghost House (T) (Death)
Dominance (M) (T) (Non-con)
Steal It ♥
Warm Sheets (T) (Sad Ending)
Photoshoot ♥
Winter Depression (T) (Depression)
All I Want For Christmas ♥
Here’s to a New Year 
I’m Not Good For You (T) (Almost Abuse)
If We Stand Together We Will Be Unbroken 
Anything For You
My Love ♥
Strangers on a Plane 
Teasing Andy
Andy Reminds You
I Will Protect Her

Ashley Imagines

The War Among Us ♥ (T) (Name calling)
Good Girls Don’t Cheat (T) (Fighting)
Best Friends Forever, Not ♥ (M)
I’ll Worship You ♥ (M-ish) (T)
Better Together (T) (Body Hate)
I’ll Never Leave You ♥ (Pt. 1) (SA) (T) (Pregnancy)
Daddy’s Purdy Girl (Pt. 2) (SA)
Teasing Ashley Doesn’t Go As Planned

CC Imagines

Silly Boy ♥ (Short)
Passing Notes ♥ (RI) 
You Come First (M)
See You Next Year
Things Happen 
Texting CC
You’re Not a Vampire

Jake Imagines

It Was Just Another Day 1 (1st)
The Pacifist (Short)(NR)
Camera Personas (NR)
I Miss You (Short)
I Love You
Texting Jake

Jinxx Imagines

I Knew (1st) (T) (Obsession)
It Has To Be This Way
Teasing Jinxx ♥

Let me know if I need to tag anything else, guys, I don’t want to trigger anyone.

Close To You

Jax Teller Imagine inspired by the song Close To You by Rihanna :)

Originally posted by stilinski-ortiz

Nothing but a tear, that’s all for breakfast. Watching you pretend you’re unaffected You’re pulling our connections, expecting me to let you go, but I won’t.

You reached for his hand across the table, him snatching his back the second you connected. His stone cold, distant expression made your heart feel like it had been yanked out. You tried to see past the tears in your eyes; Why was he doing this? Why was he trying to hurt you so badly?

“I’m not giving up on you, Jax. I’m not giving up on us. Stop trying to push me away just because it’s the only thing you know how to do. Stop trying to shut me out because you think I’m going to leave or get taken from you.“

Standing up, you wiped your eyes, and took a deep breath. “I’m not going anywhere, whether you like it or not.”

Know you don’t need my protection, but I’m in love can’t blame me for checking. I love in your direction, hoping that the message goes, somewhere close, to you.

“I can’t believe you fucking did that, (Y/N)! You could’ve gotten killed! What were you thinking jumping in front of me like that?!” The pure frustration on his face made you smile, knowing that if things went differently five minutes ago, you would’ve never witnessed him being angry every again. You would’ve never witnessed him again. Full stop.

Quietly, you hopped off the counter, reaching your pissed off boyfriend in a few large strides. He let out a sigh as you placed each of your hands on either side of his face, meeting his lips with your own. Melting into you, his hands found their place on your hips, pulling you into him. The kiss was slow, passionate, loving, as you both tried to express what words couldn’t. Lightly tugging at the hair at the nape of his neck, you let the world dissolve around you, being so thankful that you both still had each other.

Like so close if they hurt you, you wouldn’t find out. If you let me I’d be there by now, close to you.

Opening the door, you come face to face with the love of your life. There he stood, eyes full of pain and clothes full of blood, tears dripping down his cheeks. His bottom lip quivered as you looked up at him. Reaching out and taking his hand in yours, you gently lead him inside your house, taking him to the bathroom.

Ten minutes later he’s sitting in your bath, his expression blank. A wash cloth in hand, you softly caress his skin, trying to cleanse him of tonight’s events. No amount of cleaning would do, everything he did and everything he saw would be with him forever.

No words were needed as you both lay in bed, his head on your chest and your fingers in his hair. He knew you would always love him, no matter what demons he carried with him. He knew you would always be there to defend him and protect him, to love him and cherish him when nobody else would. And selfishly, he was glad.

A/N - I hope you liked this! Feel free to send in requests for any of the boys! Thanks for reading :) x

EXO: Kris fluff/angst


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