the boy doesn't live here anymore

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In highschool I had these friends who dated and the boy lived near me. I always went home with him and one time I went to his house and we started watching porn and he fingered me really hard but I never gave him anything back 😝😝😝 this repeated itself tons of times until he nearly begged me for a bj, did about 10 secs of it and hated it. Told him we'd better stop. they're not together anymore, but she still doesn't know...

This is the moment, right here, this is the moment when we can tell Lydia’s view of Stiles Stilinski has completely changed it’s course. She’s realizing that he’s not just some dumb kid that has a crush on her anymore. She really looks at him, and she sees a guy that has been there for her through everything. Someone she can see herself with. 

She looks at this boy, and she sees someone who payed attention. Someone who listened to her. Someone who remembered