the boy can dangle


Request: Imagine being a very tense person. You are the opposite of Peter, where he has no care in the world while you do. Peter helps you by teaching you how to not be so tense about everything. Something bad happens and you’re like “I told you so”, but then everything turns out fine, and he’s like “I told you so”. Please and thank you. 😊

Warnings: none

“Hey! Alec, don’t do that, you can get hurt!” You warned a younger Lost Boy who was dangling carelessly from a tree.

“Let the boy play,” Peter shrugged off the dangers of the boy’s actions.

“He could get hurt, Pan.”

Peter only shrugged. “If he does, then he learns his lesson, but he won’t get hurt.”

You rolled your eyes at him, not replying. You were the overly-caring mother on Neverland. Always watching out, always tense about everything. You never wanted anyone to get hurt or injured. You always tended to those who did. But nonetheless, you were extremely tense unlike Peter.

“Oh! Kip, don’t play with swords! It’s real and can hurt you or someone else,” you panicked, running to the boy with a huge iron sword. You took it out of his hands, setting it down against a tree.

“Pan!” Kip complained. “She took my sword!”

Peter rolled his eyes, getting up from his spot. “Come with me, Y/N.” He grabbed your hand, dragging you away from the playful Lost Boys.

“Where are we going?” You asked, tensing up your body.

“I’m going to teach you how to relax and be careless for once,” Peter scoffed.

You looked at him, skeptic. He didn’t understand. If you weren’t careful, you could get hurt. That’s how it worked. Play dangerously, and someone will get injured. You couldn’t stand seeing others hurt, even if it was an accident. It always pained you to see someone in any kind of pain. So the best way to prevent was to be overly cautious. 

“But Pan…” You whined.

“Relax, Y/N. It’ll be fine.”

Peter took you to this ledge on Neverland. Below was water slamming onto the side on the cliff. You gulped at the sight. What did Peter have planned?

“We’re going to play tag,” he simply said. You gave him a confused look. “We’re going to run around this cliff, and play tag.”

“No, Pan, one of us could fall and get hurt or die.” You explained to him. 

Peter shook his head at you. He didn’t reply. Instead he tagged you and ran towards the ledge. You ran after him, calling his name and telling him to get away from the edge. 

“Tag me, Y/N. C’mon, you can do it!” Peter urged. You chased him, huffing out air. 

You eventually tagged him and he started chasing you. You let loose, having fun. You started laughing and becoming careless. You forgot about the cliff, and chased Peter around until you tagged him. You two continued doing this for a while until you tripped and fell off the cliff.

You screamed as you grabbed onto a big rock sticking out. It was a few feet down from where you just were. There you dangled, screaming and crying already. You could die. Your life could end right now if you let go, and didn’t want that. You feared death so much.

“Peter!” You cried out. “I told you so! I told you someone could get hurt!” Your voice shook along with your body. 

“Relax, I got you.”


To answer your question, Peter swooped down and lifted you up. He flew back to the top of the cliff, setting you down. You were perfectly safe and didn’t get hurt.

“I told you so,” Peter looked at you. “You didn’t get hurt, and you had fun.”

“Yeah, but–”

“You had fun, Y/N. I’m not going to let anything bad happen to you, okay? Get that through your head. Nothing will harm you as long as I’m around, and I’m always around. Even if you can’t see me. I’m the trees, the wind, the dirt. I am everywhere and everything. You won’t get hurt on my watch.”

You took to heart what Peter said. He was being sincere for once. You felt safe. 

“O-Okay…” You mumbled. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me. Let’s get back to the Lost Boys, yeah? And have fun. Don’t be too tense. Let loose like you did with me right now.”

You nodded your head. You lifted your arms up for Peter to take. He rolled his eyes, already knowing what you meant. He picked you up, carrying you back to the Lost Boys. 

your son :))


-  you hum to the tune of the music playing in your headphones.  You were finishing up so medical stuff for Noah while Luke and him had some “boy bonding time” as he claimed it was.  You knew that Luke would soon get bored with Noah seeing that he was only a month old and didn’t do hardly anything. Luke didn’t have a lot of patience.   but you decided to let the boy have some time with his father. “hey y/n?” you hear the sound of your husband calling you, voice packed with curiosity.  You pull the buds from your ears and spin on the chair watching the blonde come into the room with Noah cradled in his arms.  You hum in response, standing up to sit on the bed.  He plops next to you setting Noah in the middle.  “does he do anything?” Luke asked starring at the blue eyed beauty.  You laugh playing with the little eyebrows Noah had.  Noah watched you both in awe trying to figure out what you were doing.  “yeah but,” he paused putting his thumb and pointer on Noah’s cheeks.  “he doesn’t even blink.  Won’t he damage his eyes?” Luke starts to push around his chubby cheeks making Noah look even cuter.  “Babe he blinks don’t worry” you chuckle watching Luke move around the poor baby’s face.  “I think he’s going to get all the ladies” you gush randomly turning on your stomach that was still a little bloated.  “what? Of course he is but we should probably tell him he’s ugly so he doesn’t get a big ego and become an asshole” you laugh at Luke’s theory of preventing his son from being a prick.  “don’t worry babe if he’s related to you he’ll be a big loser” Luke gasps taking his hand away from Noah.  “I was considered a very cool person (y/full/n)” you laugh again.  “in middle school you totally looked like a lunch lady” he puts a hand to his chest pretending to be offended “that was the style” he reaches over Noah grabbing your hips and tickling you.  “Luke ok ok ok ok stop it” you giggle shoving him away from you and almost off the bed.  “I was a hot lunch lady” he stood on his feet throwing his hip out and pretending to flick his hair.  You snort picking up Noah.  “that was hot babe” you stuck your tongue out only getting an eye roll and a smile from Luke.  He flopped on his stomach next to you and Noah, putting an arm around your waist and kissing your hip.  The three of you sat in silence for a while.  But the good silence until Luke spoke up.  “I love you guys” you smiled down at him and then at Noah.  “I love you guys too”


- “Alex! Get your backpack. We’re going to be late!” Michael yelled tripping over the last step and falling onto your Labrador, pebbles.  Pebbles let out a yelp running away from the clumsy pink haired boy.  Michael groaned limping into the kitchen to see your hair neatly placed in a bun and you looking as sophisticated as ever.  You slid him a bowl of cereal smiling.  “having troubles with the stairs” you chuckling obviously seeing him.  He laughs humorously flipping you off only making you laugh more.  Your son hops down the stairs with his ninja turtle backpack and his hair flicked to the side.  Pebbles jumps on his chest making him giggle loudly and fall back onto the hardwood floor.  “Pebbles!” he squeals pushing the slobbering dog away.  “hey baby! First day of school today! Are you excited?” you ask picking him up and kissing his cheek.  “yeah! Daddy said I’m going to pick up lots of chicks and soon I’ll be banging them!” your eyes widen flicking your head towards Michael who’s chocking on his cereal.  “uh I don’t know about that bud.  It’s your first day of kindergarten lets not get anyone pregnant today k?” Alex shrugs running over to his stool and devouring his cereal. You smack your husband upside the head while Alex isn’t watching.  Michael laughs kissing your cheek and sending Alex to go brush his teeth and put his shoes on.  “they grow up so fast” Michael awes fake crying onto your shoulder.  You laugh shoving him away from you.  “get off your dork there’s still another one upstairs” you wave the baby monitor for Dylan in his face.  “I’m ready I’m ready” Alex holds his backpack straps trying to run to the car.  Michael picks him up stopping him from going any further.  “did you brush your teeth?” Alex nods smiling tightly.  “Lemme smell” he shakes his head.  “Alex” Michael warns.  Alex opens his mouth breathing heavily into Michaels face before bursting into laughter and squirming out of his arms.  “Alex Marcus go brush your teeth right now smelly” he chases his son up the stairs.  Finally he gets Alex’s teeth brush and him into the car. They get to the elementary school and Alex grabs onto Michael’s hand suddenly becoming very timid.  They get to his class and Michael bends down fixing his sons hair.  Alex looks into the class shaking his head “never mind daddy I don’t wanna go to school” he starts to walk back to the car but Michael pulls his backpack back.  “c’mon bud it’s not that bad” Alex shakes his head again “I don’t wanna go it’s going to be boring and the teacher lady looks mean” he pouts.  Michael sighs getting up and taking his hand dragging him into the room disregarding his protests.  “hello I’m Michael Clifford and this is my son Alex Clifford” Michael introduces them to his teacher who smiles at the both of them.  “why hello Alex and Michael, my name is Mrs. West.  Are you going into kindergarten?” Alex hides behind Michaels legs creasing his eyebrows at Mrs. West.  “he’s having second thoughts about kindergarten” Michael chuckles.  “hey bud why don’t you go sit by the boy over there” Alex sighs going to sit by the boy at the table.  He plops down and the boys awkwardly shifts away.  Alex dramatically throws his arms on the table tapping them together.  Michael finishes his conversation with Mrs. West and goes over to talk to Alex.  “daddy I wanna leave the kids here are mean” Michael chuckles kissing his forehead “I’m sure there’s one kid who’s nice Alex” Alex shakes his head.  Michael rolls his eyes kissing him again “you’ll do great buddy” he offers a high five to Alex who hesitantly returns,



you sigh taking Charlie out of the bath and wrapping him into a towel.  It had only been two weeks since Calum left on tour but it had felt like forever.  You missed him like crazy, as did your son.  “ok go put on Pjs and than we can talk to daddy yeah?” the tan boy sticks his tongue out in excitement dropping his towel on the groan and squealing while running to his room.  You roll your eyes going to turn on the laptop.  You quickly texted telling him you and Charlie wanted to skype.  The little button lit up almost immediately telling us he was online.  You brushed your hair through with your fingers a few times before dialing him.  Charlie ran in with an All Time Low shirt curtsey to the All Time Low boys themselves and a pair of ripped up black jeans Calum had insisted on buying him.  “oh wait!” the bright eyed boy yelled running out of the room.  Calum popped up on the screen happy as can be, his headphones dangling down and the boys messing around in the background.  “hi baby!” Calum smiled.  The boys head’s flicked towards him in curiosity.  They waved to you and you waved back saying hi to all of them.  Charlie came back in the room with a black beanie on his head covering his tiny ears.  He jumped up on the bed and into your lap giggling excitedly.  “daddy!” he cheered leaning towards the camera, almost knocking it down.  Calum’s face lit up looking at his son through the computer screen.  “Charlie! Hey buddy I miss you” he leans back onto your chest and you put your chin on his shoulder trying to see you husband.  “I miss you too daddy.  Mommy makes me eat this gross stuff and it’s all green and bushy” you roll your eyes knowing how much Charlie hates broccoli.  “aw I’m sorry bud but I think that green stuff might help you later in life” Calum chuckled making you smile.  “I don’t” Charlie pouts sticking his bottom lip out.  “well wanna know a secret?” Calum whispers looking to the boys to make sure they weren’t listening.  Charlie raises his eyebrow and nods, trying to hide his smile.  “well that green stuff helps you get super powers and all the girls will be all over you.  That’s how I convinced your mommy to marry me, cause I told her I ate that stuff a lot” you held back a laugh by biting your lip.  You could tell Calum was trying to hold back his too when Charlie’s eyes lit up.  “really?” Calum nods shutting his eyes “but don’t tell anyone else ok” Charlie nods.  You all talk for a little while until the alarm for the chicken you were making went off.  “ok well that’s dinner we have to go” you informed the two of them slapping Charlie’s butt lightly.  The both of them simultaneously pouted at you and you rolled your eyes smiling.  “I think daddy has to go on stage soon anyway” you said watching Michael tune his guitar.  “ok well I just need to tell Charlie something in private” you raised your eyebrows at the computer.  Calum smiled cheekily and you shrugged moving the boy off your lap and going into the kitchen.  You prepared the meal onto two plates making sure you had extra broccoli.  Right when you were going to call for Charlie he popped out of his bedroom, butt naked except for a large grey beanie almost covering his eyes.  “hi baby” you son said in a deep voice clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth and flopping into his chair.  You burst into laughter watching the naked boy stuff his face with broccoli.  “you got dressed just for me?” you say sarcastically.  “I told daddy that you missed him a lot and you were crying last night when you thought I was asleep and he told me to do all that and tell you that I love you, so I love you mommy” he smiled showing off his missing teeth and going to give you a big hug.  You tightened your grip on the little boy feeling warm inside.  “I love you too baby” he pulled back jumping up “oh! And he told me to give you this cause he said it’s your favorite” he pulled the beanie off his head, shaking his messy hair and putting it on your head.  “thank you baby” you kissed his head pulling the beanie over you ears and going to text your husband a thank you. 


- “ok I’ll back soon” you button your pants up running down the stairs, trying to fix your hair as well.  You look at the giggling boy who was rolling on the ground next to a curly headed Ashton on all fours making dinosaur noises.  You were going to get your nails done and leaving Caleb with the three stooges plus 1, the 1 being your husband just as stupid as the other three.  You weren’t to keen on the idea but it was last minute and Ashton has taken care of him by himself before so you shouldn’t be so worried.  You quickly kiss Ashton spinning around to jam your shoes on your feet.  “Caleb babe” you call and almost immediately a little curly haired blonde boy comes bouncing around at your feet, giggling ecstatically.  You gasp dramatically picking him up “hello baby” you coo tickling his stomach.  You kiss his forehead and set him down.  His chubby legs collapse beneath him.  The four boys stand before you awkwardly waiting for you to say something “if I come back and see that boy has sharpie tattoos or one curse word in his vocabulary I will slaughter all of you personally. Got it” you warned pointing your pocket knife at them.  They nod quickly.  You kiss Ashton once more before waving to them and jumping in your car.  As you wait for you nails to dry your carefully scroll through your twitter searching to see what the boys are up to.  A link comes up multiple times on your notifications.

@random twitter - Link: @your twitter @Ashton5sos y/n is going to murder you Ash

@random twitter 2 - Link: @your twitter @Ashton5sos aw baby Irwin is just like his daddy.


@random twitter 4- Hey y/n fuck you!

You click the link turning the volume down a little bit.  Caleb pops up on the screen, showing his little tummy.  Ashton’s giggles come in clearly as well as Calum’s.  “Caleb Caleb do it again” Ashton laughs shaking the camera.  You smile as Caleb picks up a stuffed animal that the boys got him when he was born and shows it to the camera.  Caleb didn’t seem very interested in what Ashton wanted him to do which is weird cause whenever he saw cameras he was all shits and giggles but not this time.  Meaning that Ashton clearly forgot to put him down for his nap.  Right on cue Caleb opens his mouth yawning loudly.  Michael awes and Luke mumbles something about napping.  “Caleb wanna rock out with daddy?” the little blonde boy raises his arm holding out a sign that he has seen a lot of.  Your face dropped watching the camera.  “damnit Ashton” your mind raced with what else he taught your very innocent boy.  The poor boy is going to have full sleeve tattoos before you turn 40.  You pay the lady and jog to your car.  “Ashton Fletcher!” you yell slamming the door.  You hear a couple ‘fuck’ s being tossed around in the living room before you see Ashton sprinting towards you almost loosing his balance.  “h-hey babe what’s up” he smiles innocently.  “where is Caleb” he opens his mouth but shuts it as Caleb wobbles towards you hugging your leg tiredly “sleepy” Caleb mumbles into your neck as you pick him up.  You scowl at Ashton “Did daddy make you a bad boy” Caleb nods “don’t tell daddy but I don’t wanna rock out with him” Caleb tries to whisper but it ends up coming out really loud as he holds out the same sign as on the video.  “I wont sweetheart let’s go upstairs and nap yeah?” he nods and you flip off Ashton as you carry him up stairs.  “you’re in deep shit mate” Calum laughs slapping him on the back.  He sent the boys home and ran upstairs as quite as he could.  He found you and Caleb fast asleep on his bed.  He threw on a big sweatshirt and snuggled into you whispering sorrys and sweet nothings into your neck. 

these were a addition to “your daughter” so yeah.  Luke’s was short :/ sorry I ran out of ideas