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Many of us witches understand the beauty of taking a shower and cleansing our bodies and finding a time that is sacred and a time to relax. But there is more we can do than just the obvious cleansing.

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🚿 Use shampoos and conditioners and soaps that have ingredients and scents with magickal properties in them to directly infuse your bodies witch its intended purpose

💧Better yet, create your own shampoos and soap as a way to know what is going in and to better put your intent in (there are many good and healthy recipes on Pinterest and YouTube)

🚿 Take this time to ground yourself. This works perfectly for morning showers if you know you are going to be doing magick later

💧Do glamour spells in the shower. Bless anything you are going to use before hand and do your spell work while you are there (just be careful not to slip, as always)

🚿 Devotion. Devote your shower to the god you are working with, especially if your god controls water or beauty (*cough cough* Aphrodite/Venus)

💧Or devote a song that you are singing in the shower to your god(s) of choice; they love to hear you sing, no matter if you think you are bad or not

🚿 You could try to do divination. Scry by seeing what you see in the suds and soap that wash down the drain or even scry in the steam in the mirror as it disappears after you are done showering. Be creative!

Be sure to share this if you like it and add your own tips and tricks if you have any! I’d love to hear what all you witches think!