the boy across the hall

more HP reread things: the shit you all knew was coming
  • the very first instance of Harry looking over at the Slytherin table to have a shufty of Draco Malfoy happens after the sorting, i.e. their VERY FIRST night of school. I cannot BELIEVE this. Harry looks over at the Bloody Baron and is like, “he’s sitting next to Malfoy! and Malfoy’s not happy about it! hahaha!!!” that’s the beginning of a puberty-long rabid obsession right there and I’m getting exceedingly misty.
  • it may also interest some of you to know that Harry then goes upstairs to Gryffindor Tower, goes to bed AND PROMPTLY STARTS DREAMING ABOUT MALFOY. they’ve only officially known each other for like four hours and Harry’s already having uncomfortable dreams about getting his head stuck in something and Malfoy laughing at him. this is day fucking one.
  • the first words out of Harry’s mouth when it’s announced that Gryffindor and Slytherin have flying lessons together are “typical. just what I always wanted. to make a fool of myself on a broomstick in front of Malfoy.” WHY is that your FIRST THOUGHT when you find out you’re gonna be FLYING A BROOMSTICK? I’ll give you one clue.
  • “Harry hadn’t had a single letter since Hagrid’s note, something that Malfoy had been quick to notice, of course.” of course? of course??? it’s normal that this 11-year-old boy has nothing better to do at breakfast than stare across the great hall at someone he hates??? “Draco, can you pass the marmalade?” “silence, Goyle, Potter is cracking his boiled egg!”
  • Harry goes to meet Draco for a midnight wizard’s duel wearing his pyjamas and a dressing gown. Draco grasses Harry up rather than actually going, but can we all please take a moment to picture his face if he’d been there to witness Harry Potter turning up to this epic death match in tartan terrycloth? thanks for your time.
Skulls and Roses ☠️🥀


The best way to get someone’s attention is to get a tattoo or hit someone with your motorcycle. 


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“Shit, shit, shit, shit.” you sprint across the quad, pushing past students and jumping over bushes and benches like a track star doing hurdles. The chanting of the curse word only gets louder and faster once you looked down at your watch once again and saw that your class would start in less than a minute and you were a mile away from the science building.

You’re too distracted with staring at your watch that you don’t notice that you’re in the middle of the street until your face is touching the rough pavement and some random guy is sprawled beside you. At first, you think that it’s a boulder that had fallen from the mountains that surrounded your campus but when your vision focused on the black lump you realized it was a helmet.

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once you got to the thot7 dorm, you inhaled a deep breath. you couldn’t have a repeat of last time, you couldn’t let them suck you in again. last time, it was only bams that was the problem. now, you’ve got double the trouble.

you knocked on the door, rung the doorbell and even yelled out their nicknames that you personally gave them. that way, the random people walking pass wouldn’t know that it was the members of got7 that you were calling out on the other side of the door.

the music was so loud that you could hear it even if you went across the street. you noticed that one of the windows upstairs was open and that that’s where the music was coming from. although there was a curtain before it, you could see both yugyeom’s and bam’s shadow.

from what you saw, they were jumping around and looking like pure fools. everytime it got to the hook, they would scream it. everybody on the block could probably hear it.

“y/n come in!” you heard jackson’s voice, calling out to you.

you literally ran pass him and up the stairs to bam’s room. you banged on the door several times, getting more upset than you already were everytime you didn’t get a response.

“if that song fucking repeats again im knocking the motherfucking door down.” you mumbled.

“what was that sweetheart?” mark whispered in your ear as he crept up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“get the hell off of me and help me.” you wiggled out of his grip.

“get the fuck off mark she’s mine.” jackson said while he walked up the stairs.

“what are you talking about? you didn’t see shit.” mark scoffed at him.

you held in your urge to laugh and focused on the real reason for your being here. but since you didn’t have the energy to keep knocking on the door, you came up with something.

“let’s make a deal!?” you yelled over the music.

“what?” they both asked in unison.

“whoever can get the door open first, will get to kiss me.” you crossed your arms and watched as they literally pounded and kicked on the door with all of their might.

“yo open the fucking door!” jackson yelled aggressively.

“the cops are here open the damn door!” mark added on.

as expected from mark, the door swung open in seconds. there stood a very sweaty yugyeom and bam bam. they had a look of fear plastered all over their faces.

“yes!” mark jumped up in excitement. he hopped in front of you and grabbed your face. he pulled yours to his and kissed you.

“mark what. the. fuck?” yugyeom was shocked, forgetting all about the cops “being here”.

“i may be in love with her but we’re just friends. friends ki-.”

“y/n!” you turned around once you heard youngjae’s bright voice.

he and the other boys came running down from across the hall with the brightest smiles on their faces.

“thank god the music stopped, i was deadass about to set this bitch off.” jaebum rolled his eyes, earning weird looks from the other boys.

“you hang around y/n too much…” jinyoung paused and shook his head at him. “anyways thank you princess. you always know what to do.”

“ehhh…it was kind of these two that did it this time.” you pointed at jackson and mark.

“so i should get a kiss too!” jackson quickly kissed you and ran down the stairs, leaving you and everybody surprised as hell.

“anyways, i feel like the cops never came and y'all are just jealous.” bam bam said distracting everyone from what had just happened.

“agreed my boy.” yugyeom dapped him up and eyed the rest of you.

“do not and i mean do not play that damn song out loud unless it’s only you two here. there’s these things called earbuds and headphones, y'all should try them.“

“to be fucking honest.” youngjae mumbled. “shoot out the roof…” bam mumbled but loud enough for you to hear. “that’s it!” you jumped at him, but you were caught in mid-air by at least two of the boys.

hm…the rest was history. who knows if you beat bams ass…or if jackson ran away…or if yugyeom was jealous of mark…or if jinyoung really shot out the roof. find out on the next episode of got8hoes.

Master Fanfiction/One Shots Post:


Just Cute:

Today Your Barista Is…- Nico’s a barista and his coworker Percy decided to have a little fun with the menu sign outside. 

The Overdue Book- After waiting for a book for weeks, Nico decided to track down the idiot who won’t turn it in.

Don’t Throw Books at the Cute Guy- After getting in trouble for throwing a book at an annoying guy in class, Nico finds himself stuttering a somewhat sincere apology.

My Neighbor is a Stripper- After several months of trading smiles with the mysterious neighbor at his apartments, Nico runs into him in a very awkward situation.

Lab Accident- After missing out on a lab in class, Will has to make it up after school with the school’s It Boy and he can’t help how clumsy he is.

Please Save Me from the Train Creep- Will asks a stranger’s help to get a creepy guy on the train to stop staring at him. 

Those Are NOT Mine- After fooling around with his secret boyfriend, an accidental memoir is left behind. 

Cafe Discount, Maybe- The cafe has a Valentine’s Day Discount for couples, so… why not pretend? 

Don’t Flirt With My Boy-FUCK- After a mutual decision to go to a party separately, Nico is trying not to make it obvious he’s jealous when someone flirts with his secret boyfriend.

Drunk Confessions- “We were drunk and confessed love to each other and on the next day everyone congratulate us about getting together and this is awkward because we don’t remember anything”

Who Are Those People- The very hot very mysterious boy living across the hall in his college dorm seems to always have someone new over, and Will is burning with curiosity to know what they do all night.

Oh No, the Landlord’s Hot- Nico makes a petition to lower the rent and is surprised when one resident challenges the sense behind it. (Spoiler alert, it’s the landlord.)

(Mortal) Camp Half-Blood- Camping is never fun, but it could be with a cute camp leader….

The Least You Could Do- After a messy break up, Nico wants to show he can move on and date someone else… even though they might not know it. 

Soccer Injuries- After getting hurt in a soccer game, Nico can’t help but get flustered by the volunteer medic helping him. 

Tacos- New to college, Nico can’t keep a proper diet. Good thing he has a friendly neighbor. 

Just A Little Lost- An art major in the science department… oops. But hey, there’s a very hot neuroscience major willing to help. 

Hello, Are You My Date?- A very attractive boy goes up to Will thinking he’s his blind date. Now Will finds himself in the best date he’s ever had… but his name is Alex now.

Who the Hell Are You?- After taking a break from work, Will returns to see someone else in his spot. Not only is his new worker arrogant and annoying, he’s also flirtatious and… confusing. 



Not Said to Me- Ways You Said “I Love You” Prompt

Just Stay Awake- It was supposed to be their anniversary, not a tragedy. 

A Promise to Myself- *Trigger warning: Cheating* Nico finds some very unnerving messages on Will’s laptop… but Will wouldn’t do that. 

White Horse- *Trigger warning: Cheating* Inspired by several Taylor Swift songs, follow the rise and fall of Nico and Will’s relationship.

The Story of Us- Closure to the story above.

Forever Yours & Forever Mine-  *Trigger warning: violence, abuse (not sexual)* Falling in love with a psychopath could be deadly. This story contains descriptive violence. Reader’s discretion is advised. THIS IS SIMPLY TO GO WITH THE HALLOWEEN THEME. 


Nightmares and Solace- Nico struggles with his trauma and can’t sleep without the help of his new friends in the Apollo cabin, and of course his very sweet boyfriend. 

Flowers and Tattoos- A tattoo artist used to prejudice catches the eye of a kind florist assistant across the street. Now every day he gets to work, there’s a new flower with a new meaning waiting for him. 

A Whisper in the Ear- The Way you said I Love You Prompt 

The “Straight” Roommate- Nico knows he’s straight. And he’s not homophobic…. So why does his roommate’s gay relationship bother him so much?

A Prank Gone Too Far- Will and Nico just wanted to prank their friends into thinking they were dating… they weren’t supposed to believe it. 

About Kit-Kat- Will’s cat keeps disappearing. To Will’s shock and excitement, his cat managed to befriend his favorite author. 

My First Kiss Went a Little Like This- Worried that Nico might not actually like him, Will asks Nico how long it’ll be before he shows a little more affection than just holding hands. 

You’re a Song- After looking on at a few or more dance rehearsals at his performing arts school, Nico finds himself entranced by one specific dancer. 

Everything’s Bigger Better in Texas- New to the state, and new to college, Nico manages to befriend a local that might turn into something more. Who could resist that Texas twang?

The New Kid- There’s a new boy in school and no one seems eager to say hi. Except for Will. 

Sick Days- Nico came down with the flu, and of course his doctor boyfriend is there to nurse him to health. 

Gravity- Based on Twilight’s “imprinting,” Nico, who takes the alpha position on accident, finds himself imprinting on a boy. 

Mix of Angst and Fluff:

I Never Meant to Fall in Love- From the first date to the possible last, Nico and Will never meant to fall in love, and now that they have, they don’t want to let it go either. 

Fireworks- After three little words make Nico panic, he immediately regrets what he did, but has no idea how to fix it. 

Just A One Night Stand- No one ever wants much to do with him. So why would Will be any different? He just didn’t expect to see him the next day….

Roommates and More- After witnessing a traumatizing death at the hospital, Will gains the courage to finally make a move on the roommate he’d been crushing on for months. 

Burn- With inspiration from Hamilton’s soundtrack, this one shot is about Nico and Will building the dream relationship only for a mistake and secret exposed to ruin it. Forgiveness is hard to reach…. Can you imagine?

Soulmate AUs:

Our Handwriting- They weren’t supposed to be the leads in the school play. They weren’t supposed to become friends. Their handwriting however says otherwise. 

The Song In My Head- Will can’t get old Disney songs out of his head, and Nico can’t stop recalling songs he’d never heard before. 


The Big Day- The day Lily is born, the day Will and Nico finally get to hold their little girl. 

A Day at Home- Nico being a stay-at-home dad. 

Just a Joke- Lily comes home crying and neither Will or Nico know why or how to fix it. 

I Saw Mommy Daddy Kissing Santa Claus- Christmas morning, Santa is the enemy for Nico and Will’s daughter. 

Flightless Bird- After losing newborns to an unknown disease, Will can’t help but wonder what he’d do if that was his baby girl with her life on the line. 


(these are literally between 1-4 paragraphs long based on requests.)

Dear Diary                 Temptation / Temptation pt.2

Hot Pepper Improv    Card Games

It’s a Texas Thing       Lazer Tag

IKEA shit                    Domesticity

Gender Norms            Mistletoe

Not Again                    Novels

Hair Braiding               War and Tears



(all of these except OatS have links to the next chapter at the end of the previous chapter)

Nemesis AU (5 parts)- Will made up a boyfriend to get his mom to stop worrying over his single state. But now she wants to meet him.

Carnival AU (4 parts)- After meeting at a carnival, Nico can’t stop thinking of the blond who’d managed to stay in touch after a chance meet. 

What Is This Feeling (5 parts)- Two classroom rivals get paired for an assignment. What else could go wrong?

Secrets of the Sea (11 parts and counting?)- A pirate AU, not sure if I will continue it.

One and the Same (24 parts and counting?)- A fantasy AU in which Nico is a vampire, Will is a werewolf, and neither know about the other. Use the list of links, I wasn’t able to connect them all, there’s too many lol. 

Your Wish Is My Command (7 chapters)- Nico discovers a genie in an old Arab artifact. The last thing he wants to do is make his third wish. 

Inverse!AU (6 parts and counting!)- Nico wakes up to see Bianca looming over him… and to a cabin full of siblings…. and to Will Solace being known as “the creepy Hades kid.” 

The Exception (4 parts)- As someone who doesn’t believe in love, Nico is challenged when he begins experiencing new emotions for a heartbroken boy. 

I Now Pronounce You Will and Nico (7 parts)- Based off I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. 

Fire Meet Gasoline (9 parts)- *Trigger Warning: cheating* After seven years, Nico and Will meet again… through their boyfriends. A little catching up never hurt anybody…. Right?

Warm Me Up (39 parts)- Depression keeps a person from trusting and opening up. It leads to self destructive tendencies. Nico has suffered this for a long time, and no on has been able to understand or make it easier. Until the right person hears his song. Link is to the full index of the story :)

No Vacancy (Ongoing)- After the death of his mother, Will doesn’t think he’ll ever be the same. But the siblings next door show him that maybe, that’s okay. And the boy? Well, Will may not have to be his picture perfect self to catch his eye.


Just Cute:

Despacito- Dancing is not Keith’s thing, but he can’t say no to the very music driven Lance. 


Drunk Mistakes- Lance being drunk leads to a few mishaps and confessions.


Barrio Slums and More (ongoing)- Lance was the special one, the one who made it to college, and Keith was the distant crush. But the summer after freshman year, the year Lance dropped out, shows that there’s more to both than their high school image.



The Lost Poet- Having a boyfriend is hard. Having a boyfriend and a kid is harder. Especially when your kid doesn’t know you like guys. 

Across The Hall [Chapter 1]

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A/N: Shoutout to my LOVE @kpopfanfictrash for blessing me with this concept. You’re the best, my dear.

Chapter 1 of Across The Hall

Series Genre: AU/Fluff/Smut/Angst

Park Chanyeol x Reader

“When are you going to finally admit you want to kiss me, Y/N?”

The deep baritone shook you from your daydream as the sound of the washing machine ending its cycle rang loudly.

Your blurred vision refocused and you realized you had inadvertently been staring at your obnoxiously handsome neighbor.

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prompt for rebelcaptain: soulmate au where they meet in dreams before they actually meet

As Though from a Dream

“You believe in soulmates, don’t you, Andor?”

Cassian is sixteen, still young enough that he hasn’t yet forgotten how to laugh.

“And you do, Martog?” he asks the skinny boy across from him in the mess hall of the latest Rebellion base on Talus.

Martog spoons a thick stew into his mouth and pouts. “I thought everyone believed in soulmates.”

“I believe in them,” Eller Myr says. Eller, who will not live to see twenty, pulls up the sleeve of his tunic to show them a purple mark near the crook of his elbow. It’s the size of thumbnail. If someone squinted and wanted to believe it hard enough, it could have been described as being shaped like a star. “It’s my soulmark. My other will have the same one on their arm.”

“I thought you were supposed to know your soulmate by the first word they spoke to you,” Alicele Fosbos says. She pushes the blonde hair out of her eyes and frowns deeply.

Eller shakes his head. “No, it’s definitely by a soulmark.”

“But I don’t have a soulmark,” Alicele says, her face falling.

“Maybe it will appear soon,” Eller says, putting a comforting arm on her shoulder.

“What happens if your soulmates dies before you meet them?” Alicele asks, but Eller has no answer. Nobody has an answer. They don’t ask the question’s twin: What happens if you die first?

Martog glares at Cassian. “If you don’t believe in this, then what do you believe in then, Andor?”

This time, it is Eller who laughs at Martog. “Don’t you know already? He believes in the Rebellion. That’s his soulmate.”

Cassian blanks his face and takes a sip of water. He feigns a carefree shrug. He doesn’t tell them about the dark haired, green-eyed girl who haunts his dreams.


The first time he dreams of her, she’s running on a black sand beach. The waves crash, violent on the shore, and without knowing how, he knows she needs to stay away, that he needs to stay away. There are sneaker waves here that will tear a man out to sea and drown him before anyone even knows he is missing. But she seems to know this. She runs toward the moss-green mountains and he can almost feel the cool air on his skin. When she vanishes from his dream, he wakes.

She grows up with him. Her skinny legs and braided hair change into womanly curves and a severe bun on the back of her head. The land where he first dreams of her changes from fire and ice to jungle to desert. He knows her and he doesn’t know her. He wracks his memory, trying to think of where they might have met, where she can be placed in all his travels, but it’s a reflexive habit, him trying to apply logic to something knows has no logic.
For two months she visits him every night, but the dreams are awash in blood, and he wakes up, heart pounding. He requests a handful of sleep aids, and for the first week, he is dreamless. But when the pills run out, she returns, and for the first time he feels her make eye contact with him.

It is then that he hears his name on her lips. “Cassian?”

He jerks awake, drenched in a cold sweat. He requests more pills until eventually, he needs to see her again, until the sensation claws at him during his waking hours.

He has come to admit that she is always going to be a part of him. He just doesn’t know why. Not yet.


“We need to find Liana Hallik,” Draven says in the briefing. Cassian sits next to Alicele and Captain Rois, watching their silent nods.

On the screen, the dossier flashes with Hallik’s aliases, her list of crimes and last locations. And then the blue holo follows, blinking to life, a phantom from his dreams.

He feels the blood drain out of his face.

“That is, she goes by Hallik. Her real name is the one that is important: Jyn Erso, daughter of Galen Erso, Imperial scientist.”

Cassian struggles to find his voice. His tongue is twisted; his mouth is dry. The words burn as they leave his lips. “Let me do this, sir,” he says. “Let me find her.” Her face is etched on his heart. He could find her blindfolded or in the dark of space; he would find her or he would not stop until he did.

Draven won’t deny him this request—Cassian knows this. He is their best spy, by a mile. It is his job to have.

“Find her, then,” Draven says, shutting the screen down. “And bring her in.”

Bring her home.

He dreams of her again that night. This time, he says her name, and she looks at him. Jyn.


“When was the last time you were in contact with your father?” he asks her. What he really wants to say is “How is it that you are real?”


He had expected her to return, and when she is gone too long, he goes to find her. Cassian finds Jyn in the cargo bay of the ship as it glides through the gate toward Scarif.

“You told everyone?” he asks, but he knows that she did. He can still feel where she squeezed his arm. There’s a heat burning in his belly, one that’s gone from ember to flame in the space of a week.

She holds her pendant in her hand and looks at him. “Do you believe in another life after this one?” she asks. She turns her eyes to him, and he sees the girl in his dreams.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you believe that after we die, we get to live again, somehow, maybe as someone else?”

“I’ve never thought about it,” he admits. “You believe this?” he asks, as Bodhi brings the ship down to what Cassian knows to be a suicide mission. From her expression, he knows Jyn feels the same.

“I have to. How can it be fair that this is the only chance we get?”

(We’ll take the next chance. And the next. On and on until the chances are spent.)


He’s dying, but he’s not alone. His wound bleeds him of his energy, but Jyn carries him. She carries him, she carries him.

In the turbolift, they can only look at one another and see the the life they should have had, the one together. He could kiss her. She could kiss him. But would it mean anything more than what they already share?

On the beach, she holds him close and tells him this: “I dreamed of you.” And he understands. It wasn’t just him all this time. It was her, too. It was always them.

The rising wave approaches: water and land; the disappearing horizon.

Do you believe in another life after this one?

I have to. How can it be fair that this is the only chance we get?

The light comes to swallows them whole, and he is filled with a strange and awful ache, one full of wonder and loss and pain. “Find me again,” he says softly, and he feels her tears against his face.

And before he draws his last breath in this life, he hears her answer, as though from a dream, a whispered I will, and he finds that in that ache, there is peace, too.

Holy Grail Meanie Fics

Hello everyone! So recently I reached a follower goal on @meanieficrecs and promised an all-time favorite fics compilation. Since I already have a top 5 fics post there, I decided to post on here.These are not only main meanie, but also fics with side meanie. Even though this is far overdue, I hope this post is useful. Once again, thank you all so much for the love you have shown. (I apologize for the length of this post!)

Ongoing (I tried not to rec too many)
  Main Meanie
Reckless, Wild Youth by baetan
Apartment Block 17 by hosaki
Not What You Think by minghaodareyou and gwanshim
Stethoscopes and Saenghwangs by ReBirth_Judgement
SEVEN DAYS by dmxlus
   Side Meanie
As It Was Meant To Be by bespelled (Jihan)
One Day at a Time by bespelled (Jihan + Jicheol)

Completed (chaptered)
  Main Meanie

Just Watch Me by triggerswaggiehavoc
Are You Sure? by shua_hui
Cabin Seven by synthetic_blossoms
You’ve got to wake up where your heart is by mingyups
Nostalgia by 84cm–
Rental Boyfriend by bespokenboy
Polar. by minseokmyass
#idiot by -kaiyeol
all i know is how to love you by jeonswonwoo
  Side Meanie
Pretty Boy Across the Hall by shinusual (Jicheol)

  Main Meanie
waiting and waiting for you to make a move by brightlight
i want (a pizza) you by chorusofthesong
i can give you love to fill by semesta
Connections by rjdgopiso
I Need You to Reparo My Heart by iamnotaprodigy
when i met you in april, you were looking like may. by itsnotgillian
didn’t you know it wasn’t forever by havanas
(i’m not) perfect for you by kouki (jinsation)
Different by minghaon
these arms were made for loving you by jeonswonwoo
it’d be fun, they said by insanelywrecked
Are They Dating? by chunjoe 
liar liar pants on fire by AlexNow
  Side Meanie
Routine by arashianelf (Junhao)
we’re just friends by dustie (Soonseok)
Like a Lifetime Movie (Except Not Really) by TrashcanGod (Jicheol)

Seventeen Fanfic Recommendations

Chaptered (13)

Fall For You (ongoing)
Pairing: meanie, jihan, soonhoon
Mingyu is getting tired of being a fifth wheel so he does what every logical person would do: find a fake boyfriend. Okay maybe it wasn’t that logical.

Sweet Boy (ongoing)
Pairing: meanie, jihan
Jeon Wonwoo is special. He was born with very sweet blood that attracts vampires. They would go crazy for his blood and one of them is none other than Kim Mingyu who is head over heels for Wonwoo.

Pretty Boy Across The Hall (complete)
Pairing: jicheol, jihan, meanie
Jihoon’s just a normal guy, who gets really tired and frustrated easily. But he definitely gets flustered even more easily, and the new boy moving in across the hall does NOT help with that. 

Pizza and Other Cheesy Things (complete)
Pairing: jihan, meanie
It all started when Jisoo accidentally said ‘I love you’ to the pizza boy on the other end of the line.

Pink Prodigy (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol
Jihoon is an 18 year old boy who recently got invited to attend the most elite boarding school in the nation. He’s extremely talented and often takes to the internet to post his newest compositions under his popular alias, Woozi. 

Taming Your Demon- For Dummies (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol
Choi Seungcheol, didn’t your mom ever tell you not to use black magic? After mixing up his spell text-book with the wierd kids unfortunately similar-looking book of illegal black magic spells (…………) Then comes a small figure attatched to the tail, with large, sharpely shaped horns atop it’s round head, pale skin and… Pink hair?

Code of Love (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol, soonseok, meanie, jihan
In a dystopian world with little resources and biased system, Lee Jihoon (19) found himself struggling to live to his fullest, let alone to survive. He hated the fact that his wrist was engraved with a barcode of the 'Indigents’…..

Picture Perfect (ongoing, rate M)
Pairing: jigyu, jicheol, jeongcheol, gyuhan
Jihoon is incapable of expressing his feelings but he isn’t stupid enough to not realize Seungcheol is cheating with his younger cousin, Jeonghan.

Gray (ongoing, rate M) 
Pairing: jigyu/hungyu
To Jihoon his life was, to put it in one word, boring. Boring job, boring days, boring nights, everything was just boring. If his life had to be a color it would be gray, dull and unexciting, no color whatsoever. He’s always wondered what it would be like to have some color in it… 

Autumn Serenade (ongoing)
Pairing: soonhoon, jicheol
That Soonyoung had forgotten every moment and love they shared, with ‘I love you too’ remained unsaid. 

A [Not] Love Story (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol, soonhoon
Jihoon’s life wasn’t a love story nor was he its protagonist.

In The Summer (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol
Jihoon didn’t want much in life. Really, he didn’t. All he wanted was to complete high school without any major difficulties, get accepted into a good university, and spend the rest of his life with a stable career. He also kinda wanted to know what it felt like to hold Seungcheol’s hand. But he had a whole Summer to worry about that.

만세!  (ongoing)
Pairing: jicheol, meanie, jihan, verkwan
Jihoon is ridiculously close to transferring schools; Choi Seungcheol isn’t helping one bit. 

Ghost!AU | Lee Minhyuk

Summary: After getting kicked out of your dorm, you find a cheap and amazing apartment not too far. The catch: a ghost supposedly haunts the room. But ghosts aren’t scary, right?

Genre: fluff, slight angst
Word Count: 1,843

Originally posted by theseoks

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Arranged Marriage (Fred Weasley x Reader)

************************************** Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader

Warnings: I don’t know if there are any?


Request: Anon said: “Could you do something where you’re basically forced to marry Malfoy, but you end up falling for Fred?? Sorry if this is really confusing. I love your blog by the way 🙂🙂🙂☺☺”Tagged:


A/N: This was really rushed so I’m sorry if it sucks! Send in some more Weasley requests! Maybe Charlie? He doesn’t get enough love. Also! Y/F/N=Your fathers name and Y/M/N=Your mothers name **************************************


Seventeen Years Ago


“It would be an honour to be associated with the Malfoy family, Lucius.” Y/f/n (Your father’s name) agreed, placing a hand on Y/m/n’s (Your mothers name) growing belly. Y/m/n smiled softly. Lucius smiled, hugging his pregnant wife, Narcissa, tightly. “Our children shall be married at the end of their last year of Hogwarts.” Lucius and Y/f/n shook hands. Narcissa and Y/m/n hugged, offering their congratulations on each other’s pregnancys. The Y/l/n family exited the Malfoy Manor, happy that in seventeen years, their darling daughter, Y/n, would be married to Draco Malfoy.



Fourteen Years Later


A now fifteen year old Y/n stared across the Great Hall at Draco Malfoy. The boy she was supposedly going to marry in a measly three years. She sighed. Draco was attractive, no doubt, but Y/n’s heart belonged to a certain red headed twin.


Fred Weasley. The name that made Y/n’s heart flutter. The boy, who was in his sixth year, also felt an attraction towards Y/n. He had first laid eyes on her when he was in his third year, she was sorted into Gryffindor. The look of horror on her face when the Sorting Hat yelled out the house name was understandable. Y/n had come from the Y/l/n family, who were famous for being placed in Slytherin, as the Black family were. Y/n had quickly befriended the Weasley twins once she sat at the Gryffindor table. From that moment on, Y/n, Fred, and George were inseparable, much to Y/n’s parents dismay.


Draco Malfoy was sitting with his friends, Crabbe and Goyle, when he caught Y/n’s eyes on him. He gave her a wink and returned to his conversation. Y/n shuddered. Marrying Draco Malfoy was Y/n’s last chance to win over her parents again, who had threatened to disown her when they found out about her befriended the Weasley twins. This information had not so subtlety been passed by Draco, himself.


Fred and George knew of Y/n’s arrangement to marry Malfoy. They had offered to do everything to help her out. From faking her death to moving to an exotic country, Y/n had turned down every option. Fred, who had developed a crush on Y/n, felt as if Y/n had truly wanted to marry Draco. He knew that Y/n had to now about his feeling soon.



One Year Later


Fred prepared himself for the worst. This was his last year at Hogwarts. This was his last year with Y/n. He had to tell her. Fred walked into the common room, catching sight of Y/n sitting on the couch. He sat beside her, watching the fire crackle. He sighed. “Y/n. I have to tell you something.” He smiled softly. “Yes?” Y/n asked, smiling back. “Well, y-you s-see I think I’m in love with you.” Fred confessed, looking down at his lap. “I just can’t stand the thought of you marrying Malfoy. I know it’s stupid and I’m sorry if I’ve ruined-” Fred was cut off by Y/n’s lips pressing against his own. “I’m so glad you said that. I love you, too Fred.” Y/n smiled, pulling away. She was happy to finally have Fred. She was extremely happy with not marrying Malfoy.
I Only Want to Fight With You

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Request: Can I get a Isaac x reader where they both get into a silly argument and when night comes around, they both leave their dorms (they’re in college) to go to apologize to each other at the same time? Extra fluff requested babe ❤

Notes: So, this is my first fic in a while, thank you guys for being patient with me while school started and I was busy with tennis. But I’m back now, and I hope that I can keep writing and putting things out as often as I’d like! And this is my first Isaac imagine, let me know what you guys think!

Isaac Lahey. The boy across the hall. You’d met him during move-in day, the tall boy almost knocking you over as he walked with boxes covering his face.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, are you alright?” He asked, setting down his pile and fussing over you.

“I’m fine, I promise.” You laughed, causing him to smile lightly.

“I’m Isaac.” He offered his hand, which you gladly shook.

“Y/N.” You introduced yourself.

“Do you, uh, wanna come in? This is the last of my stuff,” he motions to the boxes now set on the ground. You smiled, nodding.

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tinysoftdrinkstate  asked:

"I cut my finger too deep while cooking but I don't want to go to the hospital and you're the med student who lives in the apartment across from mine; why can't you just stitch it up?" for sprace or javid? also can you tag @dailyau in the post? the prompt is from them) 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

This is a real old prompt so I’m so sorry it took so long! But thank you for passing it on from @dailyau. Also the working title for this in my saved documents is ‘noodles’… 

Content warning for minimal gore, but there’s quite a few mentions of blood and cuts.

Davey was colour coding notes when a knock on the door sounded. He wasn’t expecting visitors at 2am so his first instinct was to ignore it, but then the knocking sounded again and who disturbed someone at that time of night unless there was a problem. Sighing at the disruption, Davey pushed his textbook off his lap and laid his highlighters on top of it so he could answer the door.

“What on Earth-?!”

The last thing he expected was the cute boy from across the hall standing on his doorstep cradling his hand against his chest. That wasn’t so bad, but then the boy – Jack, maybe? – moved his hand and there was a lot of blood.

“So I was making noodles and-” Jack started sheepishly, but Davey wasn’t having any of it.

“You did that making noodles?!” he asked.

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princekierz  asked:

Can you write some romantic heronstairs? Yes, I'm a complete heronstairs trash. In canon-verse or AU, your choice. If you'd like, of course. ❤️

(Modern soulmate au cause why not)

Will traced the name that was branded on the underside of his forearm. The ink stark against his skin. James Carstairs. The words carried a weight that Will didn’t care to quantify.

Soulmates were overrated anyways, who was destiny to tell him who to fall in love with?

Will tipped back the shot glass, feeling the liquor burn its’ way to his stomach. He didn’t know how long he’d been sitting here, but judging by the way the bartender was squinting suspiciously at him, it was probably time for Will to get home.

He made his way around the block with staggering steps. Just my luck that my apartment happens to be on the same block as a bar. He thought bitterly. A soft breeze blew through the streets, bringing the smell of asphalt, exhaust, and dusty rain.

The climb to his apartment was five stories and Will gripped the banister as his head pounded. He was vaguely aware that he was making more noise than was necessary, but he was too drunk to care.

The floor outside his apartment was littered with boxes. A sort of haphazard maze. Will made his way through it, fumbling with his keys. He tried and failed to open his door.

Someone cleared their throat behind Will. He turned, not sure if he was grateful that someone could open his door for him, or indignant that he needed help.

The boy in front of Will eyed him curiously. He had very dark brown hair with a silver streak running through it. Christ does he dye it? Will barked out a laugh and the boy squinted at him.

“Exactly how drunk are you?” The boy asked. Will hummed noncommittally.

“Hmm, at least one”

The boy rolled his eyes, rubbing a palm across his face in exasperation. Will briefly registered that he was carrying a violin case in his other hand.

The boy plucked Will’s keys from his hand and deftly opened his apartment for him. Will took the keys back, staring at him in a daze. The boy wiggled his fingers in a half wave. “Goodnight.”

Will watched him disappear into the door across the hall. Weird. He’d never even gotten the guys’ name.

The next day passed in the clutches of a hangover.

The next week passed uneventfully. Will didn’t see the boy across the hall again.

Around two weeks after Will’s drunken adventure he was starting to wonder if he’d imagined the entire interaction.

Will pressed the elevator button, watching the arrow light up white. He took a sip of his coffee and waited as time ticked by.

There was a scuffle and the boy from across the hall dashed into the room, visibly letting out a breath of relief when he saw that he hadn’t missed the elevator. His dark hair was rumpled and sticking every which way, and his sweater looked like the softest thing ever made. Will made the conscious decision to touch the boys’ sweater at one point in his life.

“Oh thank God I thought I’d imagined you.” Will exclaimed, making the boy jump.

“I’m new to the city so I haven’t had much time to make friends.” The boy explained. He had a nice voice, Will hadn’t noticed it before.

“Ah, makes sense.” Will said, grinning. “Where’re you off to on this fine day?” The elevator pinged and the doors slid open. Will stepped inside, the boy followed.

“Um- I was just going to explore?” It sounded like a question. Will glanced at the other boy, he had his gaze firmly planted on the wall.

“I could show you around.” Will supplied, surprising himself. “Give you the proper tourist experience.” Will told himself it was a friendly gesture, one that had nothing to do with the boys’ dark bottomless eyes.

The boy turned his head to look at him incredulously. “Really?”

Will nodded. “Yeah, I’ve got nothing better to do.” The boy nodded and returned to staring at the wall.

Wanting to fill the awkward silence Will said, “The name’s Will by the way- Will Herondale.”

The boy made a noise like a small mouse being stepped on. His eyes widened. Will bumped his shoulder playfully, laughing.

“James- Jem Carstairs.”

Will froze. He could feel his heartbeat thumping along in his chest. This was James Carstairs? He thought he might pass out.

The elevator opened and Jem stepped out into the entry hall, dragging Will with him. Will managed to regain some composure, straightening and yanking his arm away from him.

They stopped on the steps outside. The sunlight was making Jem’s hair glow. Not helpful. Will thought.

“I still have to show you around the city.” He said haltingly. Jem still looked shocked.

“You still want to do that?”

“Um, yeah why wouldn’t I?” Will groaned, stretching. Jem gaped at him.


“Destiny?” Will grinned at him. Jem rolled his eyes. “Believe me hot stuff, I was planning on asking you out anyway.”

As Jem opened and closed his mouth like a fish Will pulled out his phone, checking the time. He glanced at Jem, who was still staring at him. “You want to get breakfast?”

“Like a date?” Jem squeaked, he looked terrified.

Will smiled at him again. “Yeah, like a date.”

Just Say Yes|| Jack Avery|| Why Don’t We Imagine|| Part 1

You sit in a chair at McCarran International Airport, waiting for your best friend, Daniel Seavey, and his band-mates to land. The last time you had seen them was Christmas Break, which felt like forever ago. While you had been in LA with them, you had developed a bit of a crush on Daniel’s friend, Jack, but had refused to tell anyone. You bounce up and down in your seat, excited to see everyone again, but nervous to see Jack. 

After waiting for just about forever, you see the five boys walk out of their gate. A huge smile appears on your face when Daniel sees you, waving frantically. The boys’ faces light up as you break into a sprint, charging right into Daniel’s arms. He nearly falls over, but gathers his balance, hugging you tightly. “God, I missed you.” He says into your hair, closing his eyes. “Not as much as I missed you.” You giggle.

“Okay, that’s enough. My turn.” Zach says, pushing Daniel away and enveloping you in his arms. You laugh into his chest, “Missed you too,Zach.” You give the rest of the boys hugs, hoping no one notices the slight pink in your cheeks when you pull away from Jack. 

After grabbing the boys’ suitcases from baggage claim, all six of you pile into an UBER and head for the hotel.They would only be in Las Vegas for a couple of days since they were really only there for the Billboard Music Awards. Having you there was just the cherry on top for them. 

The six of you had three rooms in total at the hotel. You had booked one for yourself, but you knew that in the end, you and Daniel would end up in the same room. Jack and Daniel (are supposed to) share the room next to yours, and the rest of the boys pile into the room across the hall. 

You plop down on to the couch in your room, noticing the connecting door between Daniel’s room and yours. Almost immediately after you see the door, it swings open, revealing a curious Jack. He blinks at you for a second and you raise an eyebrow. “Yes?” You ask, trying to hide your smile. 

“Just wanted to see where this door leads.” He quickly scurries off, but not fast enough for you to miss the color in his cheeks. You feel yourself go red. 

The next couple days, you hang out with the boys, a smile never leaving your face and a laugh never too far away from escaping your mouth. You even hang out with Jack a little, which make you insanely happy.

You were right from the start. Even if Daniel left his stuff in Jack’s room, he still slept in your bed. You roll your eyes as he climbs into under the covers the last night before the boys have to head back to LA. He props himself up, leaning on his hand as he rests his arm on his pillow, staring at you. 

“What can I help you with, Daniel?” You ask, your eyes not leaving you phone.

“Well,” He starts. “I would appreciate it if you gave me all the details about you and Jack.” You turn as red as a tomato, dropping your phone on your face. 

“Where did you hear that?! That’s ridiculous!” You defend yourself, looking straight at a smirking Daniel. 

“Is it though?” He says, his smug expression staying firm. “Come on, Y/N! You honestly thought I missed you trying to sit next to him in the car, or how your cheeks turned pink when he accidentally brushed your hand, reaching for his drink at dinner?”

You make a pouty face, giving in. “Fine, I like him, okay? He’s really cool and pretty frickin cute.” You look everywhere in the room except for Daniel’s eyes. 

“Oooooh, Y/N!” He pokes you in the ribs, laughing. You swat at his hand.

“Shut up!” 

“Not until you tell me everything.” You sigh your defeat, starting from the beginning. The two of you stay up for hours, just talking. You fall asleep with your head on Daniel’s chest, and when you wake up, you realize it would be the last time you’d do it for a very long time. 

You walk the boys to the gate, feeling down but not letting it show on your face. You didn’t want to, but somehow Corbyn and Jonah persuade you to stay with them til their plane arrived. You sit in between Zach and Daniel, scrolling through your phone. 

After about twenty minutes, Jack walks up to you and you immediately put your phone away. “Hey uh… Y/N? Can I talk to you for a sec?” He asks, clearly nervous.

“Sure.” You smile, getting up and following Jack. Sparing a glance at Daniel, you find him wiggling his eyebrows at you. Jack stops just out of ear shot of the rest of the boys.

“Look… I uh,” He looks down, scratching the back of his neck. “ I think you’re really amazing and beautiful, and I was wondering if you wanted to go out… sometime?” You stare at him in shock, eyes wide. 

“Um… I- I mean-” 

“I know you feel the same.” He looks straight into your eyes.

“Wait, what? How do you know that?! Did Daniel tell you?!” Jack laughs at your outburst, his cheeks turning pink.

“Nah. Let’s just say that the hotel has pretty thin walls. It’s good to know that my future girlfriend thinks that I’m “pretty frickin cute.”“

Your entire face flushes red. He heard all of it! You shriek in your head. You stare right over Jack’s shoulder, not knowing what to do. 

“Would ya just say yes already? I’m sweating in my boots over here.” 

You smile, realizing how nervous you make Jack. “Yes. I would love to go out with you sometime.” You stretch on to your tip toes and kiss him on the cheek. 

Smiling, Jack takes your hand and leads you back to the chairs where the boys are waiting. You try to hide your excitement, but the skip in your step clearly gives it away. You snuggle into a seat next to Jack, leaning your head on his shoulder. You glance over at the rest of the boys, all of them looking shocked except for Daniel, who gives you a thumbs up, still wiggling his eyebrows. You laugh and close your eyes, treasuring this moment, recognizing it as a new chapter in your life.


Ron Weasley x Reader
Warnings: this is so cheesy!!!
Requested by @assorted-fuckery

When a large amount of students returned to Hogwarts after the war, the staff decided to throw another Yule Ball, to celebrate victory and all of the lives that were sacrificed during the war.

Most of the eighth year students thought it to be lame and unnecessary - but that didn’t stop them all from going.


“So, are you gonna tell him?” Harry half-whispered, a cup of (probably spiked) punch clutched between his fingers. He took a sip and wiggled his eyebrows up and down at Y/N.

She closed her eyes, shaking her head before saying, “I can’t, Harry.” Naturally, her eyes drifted over to the red-headed boy, who was talking to Hermione all the way across the Great Hall.

“Are you telling me I died and came back to life just to keep watching you two do this stupid dance around each other?” Harry said, tilting his head to the side, his eyes slightly widening through his wire-frame glasses.

Y/N sighed, pouring a scoop of fruit punch into a red cup. “Harry-”

“Y/N,” Harry imitated. “He is head over heels in love with you, for fucks sake! Everyone can see it but you.”

She said nothing in response, and just stared at her friend, heart rate beginning to quicken inside her chest. 

“Go,” Harry prompted, nodding his head toward Ron and Hermione. “Tell him how you feel.”

Exasperated, Y/N sighed again and bit down on her lip, before whispering, “What do I even say?”

“Tell him the truth. Speak from the heart.”

After throwing him a sarcastic smile, Y/N handed him her untouched cup of punch and took a deep breath. “You’re so fucking cheesy, Potter. I hope you know that.”


Ron saw Y/N slowly making her way toward him, and he could immediately feel his heart begin to throb in his chest. Widening his eyes at Hermione, he whispered, “She’s coming over here. How the hell do I do this?”

“Just do it. Don’t think too much,” Hermione responded, before briskly walking away, leaving Ron alone - and as an anxious mess.

He ran a trembling hand through his red hair and walked a few steps toward Y/N, so he wasn’t just standing there and fidgeting. 

“Hi,” she said, offering him a small, nervous grin.

“Hi,” Ron replied, returning a smile.

And then, at the same time, a tumble of words spilled out of their mouths in less than two seconds.

Y/N had said, “I have to tell you something.”

Ron had said, “I love you.”

A thick, sudden silence filled the air, and the two shaken souls just stood there and stared at one another. Ron turned an unsettling shade of pink, and Y/N’s lips parted in surprise. 

“What?” she said, her voice coming out a bit hoarse.

Ron ran his tongue over his bottom lip before repeating, “I love you, Y/N.” He then began blabbering, “You’re my best friend, and I know I might be ruining that right now but the war made me realize that I needed to tell you…”

Suddenly, he appeared to become very nervous, as if he hadn’t expected all those words to pour out of his mouth at once. “So, what did you need to tell me?”

Y/N stifled a laugh, shaking her head slightly from side to side. She was smiling so wide that her grin could’ve been stretched across the entire country.

She completely forgot whatever she had planned to say in her head. Overwhelmed by everything Ron had just said, Y/N thought of nothing else to do but press her lips directly onto his. She had to get on her tiptoes to reach his level.

After wrapping his arms instinctively around her torso and indulging in quite a messy, clumsy kiss, Ron leaned his head slightly back and asked, “So what did you want to tell me?”

This time, Y/N failed to stifle her laugh before leaning in to taste his lips once more.

Unspoken Friends

Story Summary: To get through the mind-numbing lectures from your professor, you develop an uncanny friendship with a boy from a classroom across the hall [College-AU]

Word Count: 1,668

A/N: This was a request I got from an anon. I hope you guys like it! 

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Your eyes drifting, you propped your elbows on the desktop and cupped your face to keep yourself alert. However, it was difficult to suppress the sigh that escaped your lips when your professor continued his long and boring lecture in front of the classroom. It was only day two in the course and you began to wonder if you should opt for a different class instead to fulfill the Diversity and Globalism requirement for your degree. However, you were certain that the majority of the classes within that area were full and grudgingly, you decided that being in this class wouldn’t be that bad if you discovered something that would amuse you.

Remaining aloof to the lecture at hand, your eyes wandered about and landed on a dark-haired boy seated in a classroom directly across from yours. The door propped open, you watched as he tried to keep himself engrossed in the lecture, his eyes glued to the front of the class. Like you though, he surrendered as his gaze strayed away, somehow settling on you.

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I Thought You’d Never Ask // J-HOPE

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Pairing: J-HOPE x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: Can you do a J-Hope X Reader where you are childhood friends and then you guys start liking each other?


You could feel the bundle of nerves inhabiting your stomach twist and turn with every second that passed. Every time you swallowed, it felt like shards of glass scraping down your throat as you sat outside of BTS’s dance practice room, waiting for your friend Hoseok to finish up so you could both hang out and go for lunch together.

But that’s the thing…he was your friend. Your childhood friend.

You met Hoseok when you were just 6 years old. Your families were quite close and he was around the same age as you, so naturally you both became best friends, completely inseparable at the best of times.  People often mistook you both for either being family, and as you got older; boyfriend and girlfriend. You never had a problem with these honest mistakes as you always stressed that you two were best friends. Like brother and sister – as did Hoseok. You were both quite literally, joined at the hip and shared every little detail about your lives with each other. Even when Hoseok moved to Seoul to become an idol, he insisted that you were to come with him. You remembered his words; “(Y/N), I can’t do any of this without you, I need you here with me”.

You had been through everything with Hoseok. When your first boyfriend cheated on you and broke up with you in the most horrible way possible, he was there to hold you and comfort you.

“How could he do this to my (Y/N)? Huh? Do you want me to beat him up? I would do that for you, you know that right? He doesn’t deserve someone as…beautiful and amazing as you…” were his words as he held you in his embrace while you stained his white shirt with your makeup and tears.

Sitting on the bench outside the practice room, you began to piece together a puzzle that had been long perplexing you. “When did I fall in love with Hoseok? How did this happen?” you thought quietly.

You thought back to recent events. Hoseok had been dating a girl for a few months, and you could tell that he was falling in love with her as each day passed. But, something inside of you began to change as he explained to you his feelings for her. You began to feel ever so slightly jealous of the way he spoke about her, how much he adored her. And you hated yourself for feeling like this. You mentally scolded yourself for feeling these things for him when you should be happy that he had found someone who he could love.

As time went on, it turned out that his girlfriend had been texting other boys, telling them she was single and so on, so forth. Hoseok found out pretty quickly and left her soon after. Just as he had been there for you, you were there for him. Telling him that it’s okay to cry, that he deserves someone who will love him and be loyal and true to him, and him only.

But inside you were screaming. You were screaming “I would love you, and you alone.”

Ever since then, you knew that you had created a huge problem for yourself.  You knew that Hoseok did not reciprocate your feelings of more than friendship. For months, you had lived with this huge secret inside of you. You were terrified of losing your only friend in the entire world, but you decided today that you could no longer keep it in. You were going to confess to him, no matter what.

“Alright guys that’s a wrap for today, good work! You all did really well” you heard Namjoon shout from the other side of the door.

You straightened up and managed to wipe your sad, sullen expression off your face so that the boys wouldn’t think there was anything wrong or suspicious.

The doors suddenly swung open, and Jungkook was the first boy to appear. He noticed you sitting across the hall and motioned for you to come over with a smile. You stood up and hurried towards him.

“(Y/N)! It’s great to see you again, we missed you” he said while giving you a hug. “You should have just come on in, we don’t mind you watching our practice” he said while letting go of the hug.

“Yah, I didn’t want to interrupt you guys! I know you’re busy and I didn’t wanna be a distraction” you said, an embarrassed smile forming on your face. You looked over Jungkook’s shoulder to see the rest of the boys gathering their belongings.

“Is that my (Y/N)’s voice I hear? Aigoooo!”

Hoseok came running over, still overflowing with his youthful energy and grabbed you into a hug while spinning you around and around, laughing at your tiny squeals escaping your mouth.

“Kookie is right, you should have came in! We never get to see much of you these days, Hobi keeps you all to himself” Jimin added in a huffy tone, just as Hoseok placed you back on your feet, steadying you so that you didn’t fall from dizziness.

“Yah, she’s MY best friend, not yours Chimmie~” Hoseok retorted, pulling you by your waist against his body. Your heart started to flutter like the wings of a trapped butterfly, desperate to be released. That word again; friend.

“What’s wrong (Y/N)?” Jimin asked, noticing your slight change in demeanour. You had let your guard slip for a second too long.

“Nothing, I’m just really hungry” you lied, forcing a smile on your face, enough to cover your tracks and convince the boys that you’re okay.

“Alright alright, we’re going now! Pizza time right?” Hoseok said, showing his beautiful smile that you adored so much. You smiled back up at him and nodded your head cutely.

“Aw, she’s so cute!” he said, scrunching his face and pulling the strings of his backpack together – an image which truly warmed your heart. Your favourite look on Hoseok was his bare face, no make up with a smile. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold.

“See ya (Y/N)! Don’t be a stranger okay? You’re always welcome here!” you heard Jin shout as you and Hoseok both made your way to the end of the hall to the elevator to go for food.

On your way to the restaurant, your stomach was doing leaps and summersaults. As Hoseok chatted away about his day and other recent events, all you could think about was how today might actually be the last time you can be as comfortable with Hoseok like this. You rehearsed your lines over and over in your head, as if this were a theatrical performance. You wondered if you should be direct or more aloof about it. So many questions, and even less time.

You decided you would wait until after your pizza to tell him. It was tradition for Hoseok to walk you back to your apartment through a beautiful park close by, where you two would always get ice cream and sit on the swings, talking about anything and everything. You both had dubbed this place “our place”. A fitting name, you thought.

You sat on the swings, waiting for Hoseok to return with the ice cream. “Well…this is it.” You thought, watching him walk over, being careful not to trip and fall with the ice cream – something that had happened before. It seemed like forever ago now.

He handed you your ice cream and took his place on the swing next to you.

You didn’t even notice that Hoseok had been talking to you for the past 10 minutes, nor had you noticed that your ice cream had began to melt. You just sat there, swinging idly and staring off into space, wondering how you should bring up the topic of “I’m about to ruin our friendship, but I’m kinda actually in love with you” speech.

“Okay, what’s wrong with you (Y/N)?” you heard, as you seen Hoseok’s hand wave in front of your face. You quickly snapped back to reality as you began to feel the ice cream soil your skirt. You began frantically licking your hands and the cone to avoid further mess, Hoseok making “tsk tsk” sounds as he pulled out a napkin to clean your skirt. You watched him closely as he gently wiped the ice cream, smiling at you as he did so.

“What’s on your mind, (Y/N)? You’ve been quiet all afternoon. I know I’m a bit loud and overbearing at the best of times, but…” he trailed off, his smile fading a little.

You knew it was time. You took a deep breath and smiled out of pure nervousness. It was now, or never.

“Hoseok…” you said, turning to face him. He knew when you were serious or playful, and he quickly understood that something was deeply troubling you. As if he had a telepathic ability to read your emotions like a book.

“Just tell me what it is (Y/N), Hobi will make it all better” he said, getting down on his knees in front of you and taking your hands in his. His eyes full of concern. “It can’t be so bad that we can’t figure out a way to make it better, together” he said, giving you another heart warming smile.

“Trust me…it’s bad” you said, lowering your head, trying your best not to burst out into tears at that exact moment.

Hoseok raised his hand to your chin and cupped it slightly, moving your face to meet his.

“You can tell me anything, you know that.” He whispered, furrowing his brows, desperate to know what was troubling you so.

You steadied yourself, looking up at the sky, before collecting your words. “Here goes nothing”

“Well…you know how we have been friends for…since..”

“Since forever” Hoseok finished your sentence for you.

You both giggled at this, as this was a regular occurrence. You were both so in sync and always knew what the other was thinking.

Hoseok raised his face, looking directly into your eyes making it even harder to confess your true feelings for him. You were going to miss this. You were going to miss him.

“I really don’t know how to say this. I’ve been trying to find the words for the past few months…and I’m so scared that you’ll hate me…”

A look of confusion swept over Hoseok’s face as you finished mumbling your sentence. “What do you mean? How could I possibly hate you? I love you (Y/N)”

His words stung your heart, like salt on an open wound.

“I love you too Hoseok…but not in the same way that….you love me” you finally let the words fall from your mouth, released them in the air for Hoseok to hear.

You squeezed your eyes shut. You wanted the ground to open and swallow you up whole, 6 feet under. You weren’t sure if your heart was beating so fast that it might burst out of your chest, or if it had stopped beating altogether. You felt acid forming in your throat as you tried to swallow. Your face began to burn with such intensity that you felt it might start to melt away.

But you also felt something else. Something that was strange, completely alien. A sensation you had felt before, but not quite like this.

You felt pressure on your lips, a soft, needy pressure placed right on top of yours. You felt a pair of hands gingerly fold around your neck. You opened your eyes, to see Hoseok had pulled himself right into you and was now kissing your lips softly and tenderly. All of your fears, worries and insecurities were exorcised from your body in that moment. You couldn’t believe what was happening. Everything you had ever wanted, right there in that moment.

Hoseok pulled away gently and slowly from the kiss, his brilliant smile still donned on his face.

“I was wondering how long it would take for you to finally admit it to me” he giggled. You looked back in shock, your mouth wide open.

“How long…?”

“Since I can remember.” He admitted, still smiling, still holding both your hands.

“Why didn’t you…”

“Admit it? I was afraid of course. I was afraid of losing you. I guess that makes me a coward right? I love you so much, that I was terrified of admitting it to you. I tried to forget about it…but it wouldn’t go away.” He finished your sentence again.

“I know that feeling…” you whispered, recounting your previous dating experiences. You knew you had probably been lying to yourself this whole time, trying to push your feelings for Hoseok aside.

“So…what now?” you asked, nervously looking into his eyes to find any kind of answer.

“Now? Well…I thought you would already know (Y/N).” He stood up, putting his hands on his hips and pouting at you.

“Already know? I don’t know what you mean Hobi…” you said, standing up to meet him at his level.

He sighed before pulling you in closer to him, his nose brushing yours, making your cheeks form a beautiful shade of crimson.

“I was hoping now, you could be my girl” he said, his eyes finding yours and searching deep inside them.

You laughed, half breathing a sigh of relief, half not believing how everything turned out. You felt like the luckiest girl on earth, to be here with him now in this moment.

You pressed your lips against his once more.

“I thought you’d never ask”

Home Sweet Home (Tom GC) Part II

Part 1

Your parents ushered the both of you inside, so, to quote your father, “we don’t have to talk in this damn heat.” The house was quaint, with three bedrooms: your parents, and what were once yours and your brothers’. You had a seat on the green plaid couch that had sat in the same spot since you could remember, and pulled Tom down with you. He sat comfortably, like this was his own home, with his right leg propped up on his left, and his posture relaxing deep into the cushions.

“Y’all must be pretty hungry after all that travelin’, huh?” your daddy asked. “Why don’t we get a good meal in you two,” he looked over at your mama, who was already set up in the kitchen, apron and everything.

“Your brothers will be over in a quarter hour or so, we thought it would be nice to have family dinner.”

At her words, the front door swung open and two tall, burly boys came running through.

“YN sandwich!” they hollered as they hurdled towards you, trapping you in-between them.

“No!” you tried squirming away from them, to no avail. “Jake, Wade, quit it! Mama!” You yelled, acting like a child again. Tom and your dad were chuckling at the whole display. “Don’t you laugh at me, mister!”

Your brothers instantly focused their attention on your laughing boyfriend.

“Well, well ,well,” said Wade, “If it ain’t the mysterious Tom. We were startin’ to think you were all made up!” The boys sat on either side of him and stuck their hands out. “howdy, I’m Wade.”

“Jake,” said your other brother.

You were all sat around the dinner table, when your family started grilling Tom like they were the FBI.

“So, Tom,” started your dad, “What do you do for a living?”

“I’m an actor,” said Tom, taking a sip from his wine glass.

Your mother tried to lighten the conversation, “An actor, how exciting! Are we gonna see you on the big screen?”

“Maybe one day, I’m mostly working at theaters right now.”

“And being an actor, does that make you a pretty good salary?” Your father gave a stern look.

“Daddy!” You exclaimed at your father.

“What? I just wanna know what the boy’s got in store for you.”

You sighed and let your head sink into your hands. Under the table Tom gave your thigh a squeeze.

“Yes, sir. I promise I only want to give your daughter the best I can,” he smiled at you, love in his eyes.

“Now that I like the sound of!”

After dinner, you helped everyone clean up and your mother showed you to your room.

“Alright baby, you can set up in your room, and Tom,” she gestured him across the hall, “you can stay in the boys old room.”

“Mama,” you looked at her, “I’m an adult. I think I can stay in the same room as my boyfriend; we live together, for Pete’s sake.”

“Not in my house. You’re under my roof, you can play by my rules for a few days.”

“Thank you, Mrs. YLN, for your hospitality. I’m very grateful.”

Your mother scoffed a little before grabbing Tom’s hand, “Honey, call me Laurel, Mrs. YLN is my mother. Now y’all get some rest, your daddy and I have a big day planned tomorrow.

Later, when you tried to sleep, you just couldn’t. You were so used to Tom’s body next to yours, and his arms pulling you close for warmth. Gingerly, you tiptoed across the hall and slowly creaked open the door. There he was, sat up in his boxers, glasses perched high on his nose, reading a book.

“Hey,” you whispered, crawling into bed with him.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

You shook your head, “No, you?”

“Of course not,” he laughed. “Not without you here,” you pressed your lips to his jaw, hand running up his chest. “Ah, babe, your parents are one room away, I really don’t want to make a bad impression.”

You paused to pull yourself onto his lap.

“They wouldn’t wake up if a bomb went off overhead. C’mon,” you stared into those sky blue eyes and pressed your forehead against his. Every night since you had moved in together, you had slept pressed up next to each other, so not being in the same bed was a pretty excruciating challenge.

Tom gave you one long kiss.

“Be gone, tempest!”