the boxer rebellion

Maybe there’s no use in things being like they used to. Maybe there’s no use in the way it was before

Change is a scary thing. You get accustomed to a place or a lifestyle, and in the blink of an eye everything can change. Which isn’t always a bad thing. Change can actually be really great for you. It allows you to gain a new perspective on things that you thought you knew all about. Change can be as simple as trying a new food or as extreme as leaving everything behind and moving across the country. For me, it was leaving everything I had come to know and love behind and move to Florida to become a part of something bigger, an opportunity I had desperately been waiting for. This change gave me the chance to not only explore the world, but to also explore myself.

I’m the true recluse, blissful as a loner. And all that we have left is never like before.”

I was always the quiet one. I was the one in the background, the one in the shadows waiting for the light to shine my way. I was the outsider, just another voice in the choir that was longing to be heard. For so long I waited for the right time to speak up, a time that never seemed to come. When you are seen as “the quiet one,” no one really expects you to have anything to say. And maybe, for a long time, that was true. All the things that I wanted to say never came out right. Maybe I was scared or maybe I thought that my opinion didn’t matter, but either way I waited for a time when I could speak up and be heard.

Delivered on a word, but never near the target. Seen for what it was and never eye to eye.”

I found solace in songs like this one and in writing my own. Lyrically I knew the story I wanted to tell. Songwriting gave me the outlet to say things without actually saying them. I could be myself and make sense of things I was feeling without being judged. I could finally express myself in ways I had never been able to before. I found a peace in writing. I found a freedom that I had been longing for. Music was my escape from a silent reality. For that, I am forever grateful.

“You stand by watching the world let you down” 

What I have come to learn is that there is never a perfect time. There are no neon signs or flashing lights letting you know it’s safe to speak. I am still the quiet one, but I am finding my voice. I am finally finding the words that I have always longed to say. So here is to new beginnings. Here is to the chance to find your voice and all the words that you never said. Here is to finding yourself and exploring what the world has to offer you. There is a home for you out there. There is a place for you to belong, to love, and to be loved.

“So watch what you say. There’s a beast that’s in me”

- Chris, TWLOHA Fall 2014 Intern

everyone likes feeling a little sad, sometimes (x)

iscariot; walk the moon || snaggletooth; vance joy || arsonist’s lullaby; hozier || young and vicious; night terrors of 1927 || fireside; arctic monkeys || buzzcut season; lorde || lanterns; birds of tokyo || speed of sound; coldplay || promises; the boxer rebellion || maps; yeah yeah yeahs || april come she will; simon & garfunkel || the moon song [feat. ezra koenig]; karen o || can’t help falling in love; fleet foxes || re: stacks; bon iver || dance on our graves; paper route || runaway; the national || space and time; the pierces || windowsill; arcade fire || touch; daughter || nothing left to say / rocks; imagine dragons

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The Boxer Rebellion - Evacuate

Okay so these guys have got a bit of recognition but just little enough to still in the indie circle. This single was released on their album Union, which was only available for digital download on iTunes in 2009. They released a new album recently, entitled The Cold Still and the whole thing is a pretty solid indie rock album. They haven't been touring a lot since they cancelled their North America tour because of some personal problems or something, but they preformed at SXSW so you can probably expect to see them there next year.

Iv'e been playing too much Rayman: Origins, my screen is wavy as I type this.


This was a request: “A mix for a chill night watching the stars with your best friends”. Here it is, thanks for requesting!

Listen Here: Shine Bright.


Welcome Home, Son // Radical Face

Losing Sleep // John Newman

The Lime Tree // Trevor Hall

Explosions // Ellie Goulding

1957 // Milo Green

What You Need // The Weeknd

New York // The Boxer Rebellion

Heartbreak Warfare // John Mayer

Me // The 1975

Young & Set // Dylan Reynolds