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Peter is so graceful. His work is detailed, sensitive, intuitive; I’d love to be like him when I’m older. We have our own bizarre language, and make each other laugh.” She admits that working on the genre-pushing show taught her a lot. (She stayed on the show for three years.) “It moves from comedy to action film to farce; it’s domestic and epic. Peter and Matt do takes in so many ways, throw so many balls in the air – it’s an invaluable experience.” Heading off the inevitable, she adds, “Fans always ask which Doctor I prefer, but it’s a question I can’t answer.” It’s obviously Peter though, isn’t it? “Hahaha! I usually say David Tennant.

Jenna Coleman speaking of Peter Capaldi in an interview with The Guardian

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Some people are saying that Jared only sent the dead pig and the live rat but he did in fact send the anal beads (along with a box full if adult toys and magazines) to the actress who plays katana, which she confirmed in an interview.

Yeah the first gifts Jared sent was the dead pig and the live rat to Margot Robbie. He also sent anal beads and the magazines to Karen. 

But amongst all those things, he sent nice things to. Like he wrote all of them poems and even sent cupcakes. 

But like everything else, people are always going to focus on the negatives and that is why the good things he sent are overshadowed. 

Hope this answered your question :)

FRICKE: Could you do something with the raw tapes from the White Album or Sgt. Pepper, telling the story behind those albums the way Bob Dylan released his 1965-66 sessions as a box set last year?

PAUL: The talk between the takes – I’ve always loved that. We always had this two-track tape recorder running in case we came up with a little jam. “Take 36, what was that like?” But it was actually a chronicle of our dialogue. There’s one bit I particularly liked: We were doing ‘I Saw Her Standing There.’ I went, “I can’t do it. I haven’t got my plec.” We didn’t call them guitar picks, we called them plectrums. John said, “Where is it?” – this in our thick Liverpool accents. “I think I left it in my suitcase.” John goes, “Ah, soft ass.” “Soft ass? I’ll give you a soft ass.”

FRICKE: That’s very schoolyard.

PAUL: The Beatles became more worldly. But it’s nice to see the school stuff, the banter. To answer your question, is there any more? There’s a few things. Is it worthwhile? I don’t know.

—  Paul McCartney, interview w/ David Fricke for Rolling Stone: The Paul McCartney Interview. (August 11th, 2016)

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I did a lot of dance shows as a child: when I was 10 I played an Italian bridesmaid with Darren Day in Summer Holiday, the musical. I got the job by singing Happy Birthday to myself in the audition, literally inserting my own name into the song” she breaks off, laughing to herself. “Sorry, I’ve got Peter Capaldi in my head. He always takes the piss out of me for that.” She mimics Capaldi’s impression of a theatrical impresario, boasting about his latest protege: “This one, oh, she started young… hahaha!