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Hey, everyone! I’ve gained a ton of followers ever since posting that schedule for the 10th anniversary so I thought I might take a minute and tell you all who I am and why I’m doing this event.

I’m Morgan. I’m known for cosplaying Bowler Hat Guy, my all time favorite fictional character ever. I love “Meet the Robinsons” and this blog is (mostly) dedicated to anything and everything about the film. I fanboy over anything Bowler Hat Guy and I’m very proud of my two collections (MTR memorabilia and Pokemon cards).

In real life I use to work at Walt Disney World in Magic Kingdom but now I live in California. I still often visit there, especially for the halloween season (Mickey’s-Not-So-Scary Halloween parties). Currently I’m working towards becoming a published author and at the time of writing this post I am planning a potential move (staying in California, just different houses) as well as looking into surgeries for some time this year (I’m transgender).

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Meet the Robinsons: Lewis [INTP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by isfjmel-phleg

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Lewis is a natural problem-solver. He creates inventions specifically to deal with both the difficulties of everyday life—correct ratios of peanut butter and jelly!—and the more impossible-seeming problems such as time travel or retrieving distant memories. Once he accepts that something is possible, he pours himself into figuring out how. He tends to become distant and absorbed in his work while thinking, but once he has followed an idea completely through, he’s good at concisely explaining it. When an opportunity to time travel presents itself, he’s able to use his debating and negotiating skills to convince Wilbur to let him revisit his own past. As the events around him get crazier and crazier, he’s driven by the need to know why—he can’t just accept that the mysterious Bowler Hat Guy hates him and leave it at that. However, his desire to do everything just right makes him deeply discouraged by failure.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Lewis has lots and lots of ideas for inventions. He’s a strong believer that possibilities for improvements are endless and that science and imagination can make the world better. Though he goes through numerous prototypes when developing something, he’s not concentrated on just one overarching project but extends his skills into many areas. He can create from anything at hand. He tends to tune out reality by absorbing himself in his work. In general, the random zaniness of the Robinsons (who on the whole exude Ne) doesn’t faze him. He’s always eager to share his ideas with others and thrives in an environment in which his creativity is unrestrained.

Introverted Sensing (Si): With no idea who his biological family was, Lewis longs to have knowledge of his personal past. He initially feels that the key to his having any future at all lies in reopening his earliest memories. He’s attracted to the stability of having a family. When working on his inventions, he’s a thorough researcher who gathers all the details he can and even resorts to personally observing brain surgery—disgusting though the sight may be—to learn about memory. However, the past that he does remember is an obstacle for him. He keeps a careful record of all his (failed) adoption interviews and feels that this record is against him—if they all turned out the same way in the past, isn’t that how it will always be for him? Because of this, he believes he has “no future,” but he eventually learns to use his experiences as encouragement to “keep moving forward.”

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Lewis is eager to impress possible adoptive parents but has a history of failed interviews because he struggles with social cues—he doesn’t always understand when to stop talking about his inventions and ideas. He wants to help people but isn’t always sure how; it’s easier for him to extend his concern by providing inventions to keep people’s daily lives running more efficiently. He means well, but he’s not a very considerate roommate, inadvertently ignoring Goob’s need for sleep when he himself has a project to work on. He tends to get more emotional when upset, worrying about not being wanted and hurt by what he believes was his birth mother’s rejecting him. The acceptance he gets from the Robinsons and the feeling of fitting in and connecting with them is a welcome relief to him after years of being on his own.


Leaving the medical clinic at a homeless shelter
Homeless guy #1 (sarcastic tone): “Hey look at Mr. Versace here! Ohhhh big Versace man!”
Homeless guy #2: “Hey, Hey, Hey… back off man. This is a gay area, you gotta expect things like this.”
Me: (Tips Bowler hat to second guy while praying my monocle doesn’t fall out of my pocket)

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: The ending of the 2007 film Meet The Robinsons (which, incidentally, is one of the most underrated movies to come from Disney Animation Studios in recent years) really bothers me. We are led to believe that protagonist Lewis is returning to the present day in order to make the future he sees in the movie take place. However, the very first thing he does upon returning to the present is help his roommate Michael "Goob" Yagoobian win the baseball game that he lost in the original timeline, which is what originally set him on the path to being the villainous Bowler Hat Guy. In doing so, Lewis ensures the future that he came from will in fact, never happen. Goob will now never become Bowler Hat Guy, and as a result of Lewis's experiences in the future, he will never invent the 'Helping Hat' prototype that would have become Doris. What all this ultimately means is that in a rather bittersweet twist, even though Lewis is adopted by the same family who adopted him in the other timeline, he will never meet the versions of them that he saw in the movie again, his son Wilbur will almost certainly not be born, and Lewis will live the rest of his live remembering the family almost like his own, who he can never see again.

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