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Essays in Existentialism: FtWD III

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The ocean is quiet with the noon sun purposefully subduing it into submission for the moment. Not even a hundred yards from shore, the two girls catch their breath and watch the dock become infested, watch it wobble with the weight, watch the water fill with drowning things that do not know they are drowning.

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Roses she (or he) will really love

Real roses are beautiful, sure. But they usually fade within a day or so. These will last much longer (I hope, anyway; if they don’t, you have bigger problems than what to buy for Valentine’s Day). If you’re in the Louisville area, you can find both kinds from 5:30 to 8 tonight at the 8th annual Four Roses Flower Hour at Nanz & Kraft Florist, 141 Breckenridge Lane. Shop, sip bourbon and chat with Master Distiller Jim Rutledge. Minimum donation of $10 at the door supports the American Heart Association.

Tuesday's Shot of Bourbon Trivia

You might suppose that the Heaven Hill brand was named for a beautiful land formation, but the name is actually a typo. When William Heavenhill applied for a distilling permit, says Lynne Grant, director of guest services at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, the clerk (or “clark,” in her delightful Scottish brogue) misspelled the name - and Heavenhill couldn’t afford the $35 fee to change it. 

The company has recognized the original spelling in the name of this limited-edition ($129/750ml) 11-year-old small-batch bourbon. Bottled in bond at 100 proof, it’s sweet and spicy with a long finish. I bought the last bottle at the Bourbon Experience, but you might still find a few at the Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown, Ky.