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Harder (Smut)


A/N: This took me so long to finish. Here’s a mix between some jerking off and some passionate sex. I’d love to hear what you think. 

Word count: 3,295

After Karen and I picked up Shawn at the airport, we went straight back to their house to spend the night. Though Shawn would have rather gone home, he’d finally given in after a couple of hours pouting childishly in the car from the airport and back to Pickering. 

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand he wanted to spend his first night back in his own apartment, but his cousin were graduating tomorrow and driving all the way back and forth two days in a row was just stupid when Karen and Manny had left Shawn’s old room untouched since he moved. 

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“What A Ride” A. Andrews x Reader imagine

WARNING(S)  Okay I have only one thing to say… don’t drive and get’s fingered by your boyfriend at the same time! Reference of fingering. / not edited \

IMAGINE ABOUT: When you and your boi go on a interesting ride. 

Archie reached across the table and laced the fingers on our right hand together, igniting that familiar warmth. A half-smile bloomed on Achie’s lips as he glanced at my neck for a moment before he glanced at my neck for a moment before meeting my gaze. He did that a lot–stared at the hickey he gave me. And every time he did, this look would flash in his eyes just for a second, like he was overwhelmed with what it meant. 

“Have I ever told you just how much I like you?” 

My own lips tugged upwards. “Not nearly enogh.” 

He lifted our intertwined hands and pressed a kiss against my fingers, turning the flame that sizzled between us into a forest fire which burned pleasantly alond my veins. “I really, really like you, Y/N. Like, a lot.” 

“You’re not so bad yourself.” 

Archie chuckled, his dimple teasing me. “Your pride’s going tto end up killing you one day.” 

I stuck my tongue out in response. And then. “Are you finished your milkshake? Or do you want to sit here all day and discuss more of your deepest, darkest secrets? The lunch menu did look pretty tempting…” 

Every day this week we had gone out for either breakfast, lunch or dinner, but never two in one. Archie would stroll into whatever room or class I was in all casual, and tell me to get ready, or tell me we were leaving. It had become a thing. Having lunch here would definitely break some kind of rule, and I personally liked the little routine we had going. 

“Definitely finished.” 

After paying the bill, Archnie and I exited the dinner and climbed inside his car. It wasn’t until we were ten minutes into the ride, singing along to the radio that I noticed we weren’t taking the usual route home. 

“Where are we going?” I asked. 

“I’m pretty sure that’s not the line,” Archie replied, grinning. 

“Yeah, well, I’m free styling,” I dead-panned, turning down the radio. “And you’re deflecting.” 

He chuckled. “We’re going nowhere, babe.” 

Archie,” I groaned 

Y/N,” he mimicked 

“Come on, for all I know you could be taking me to a slaughterhouse where I finally meet my end.” 

The sound of Archie’s laughter filled the car. “A slaughterhouse? Seriously, where do you came up with this stuff? I’m going to start writting them down.” 

“Okay, so maybe I watch a lot of horror movies. Sue me.” 

“Yeah, don’t I know it.” 

Okay, and perhaps I had talked Archie into watching one or two horror movies with me, and it was very possible the he wasn’t the biggest fan of the genre. But in my defence, Veronica had forced Titanic on Betty and I three times in one week, and I fugured it was as good a way as any to replace the heartbreaking imagine of Leonardo DiCaprio sinking at the bottom of the ocea. 

There was totally enogh space on that door, contrary to Betty’s beliefs. 

“I take that a s no, then?” I said

Archie rolled his eyes. “You’re relentless. We relly are going nowhere, Y/N. I just feel like driving arond for a while.” 

“And why’s that?” I asked, not buying it. 

“Because I want you all to myself for a little longer before we have to go back home when privacy is a luxury the universe clearly doesn’t think we deserve.” 


A small smile toyed on the end of my mouth. “Okay,” I said, just like that. “You win. But if we’re just going to be driving around—” 


My mouth fell open at Archie’s abrupt interruption. “You don’t even know what I was going to say!” 

He rolled his eyes. “No, you can’t drive my car. Is that better?” 

So maybe I had asked Archie a few dozen times if he would let me drive, and maybe his answer was the same every time. And maybe I had stupidly told him about the incident with mymother’s car back in April. But I hadn’t sat behind the wheel of a car, much less driven one, since I’d got here. And with Riverdale territory, I was craving speed. 

Luckily for me, we reached a red light, so like the evil enchantress I was turning out to me, I leaned over and closer the gap between Archie and I. Resting one hand on his thigh, I whispered, “Please?” in his ear. 

Archie cleared his throat. “No.” 

Slowly, I dragged my fingers along the inside of his thigh, causing him o grip the steering wheel that little bit tighter. Then I pressed a kiss against the sensitive spot under his jaw, and when my tongue flicked out, tasting his warm skin, I knew I had him. 


“Mmm?” I hummed as I kissed along his neck, feeling his pulse vibrate against me. 

“You’re going to make me crash.” he said breathily, and I realised het the light must have turned green. When my tongue glided across his senstive spot again, Archie surrendered. “Fuck.Okay.” 

Just like that, I pulled away, settling back into my seat. “See, that wasn’t too hard, was it” I said, all casual, as if my pulse wasn’t fluttering out of control ass well. 

I was so going to Hell. 

Archie turned into an empty-one way street and pulled over on the side before pushing his seat as far as it was build to go, taking off his seatbelt and then taking off mine. 

“What are y—” 

Archie efforlessly lifted me from my seat, as if I was a feather, ignoring my surprised squeal. And then he placed me between his muscular thigs, my back pressed against him and his hands holding my waist. Luckily for him, his choice of transport today had been his spacious Range Rover, which had enogh room in the driver’s seat for us both, considering the fact that I was plastered all over him. 

I knew this was too good to be true. 

“Come on, you didn’t really think I was going to let you behind the wheel of my car all by yourself, did you, babe?” Archie said, his deep voice vibrating against me. I could feel his heart beating wildly, a sign that he was still flustered. 

I runed my head and glared at him, but his smut smirk only grew. “I’m not a child, Archie. This is ridiculous,” I huffed. 

“I prefer the term compromise.” And then “Well, what are you waiting for? I thought you wanted to drive.” 

“You’re such an ass.” 

Still, I turned on the ignition and started driving, realising that Archie had purposefully choosen a desolate area where there was only a plethora of trees on both sides of the street. I could go as fast or as slow as I desired, and there was no way we were going to get pulled over for our very illegal seating arrangment. 

I hadn’t really been paying much attention to the fact that I was sitting between Archie’s thigs with my ass and back pressed against him, or to the fact that his delicious scent was clinging to me, or even the fact that I could feel every breath he took. But when his hands moved from my waist to rest on top of my thighs, thanks to the mini denim skirt I was wearing, the realisation hit me like a ton of bricks and it became very hard to concentrate. 

Archie much have noticed my grip tighten on the steering wheel. “What’s wrong?” he asked,, all sweet and casual. 

Guess he was going to be joining me in Hell. 

“Nothing,” I answered, speeding up a little bit. Yes, I thought. This was good. Go faster. 

And then Archie spread my legs apart ever so slightly and pressed a soft kiss under my ear, and everything inside me liquified. Payback was a bitch. 

“What are you doing?” I asked breathily, thankful that there we no cars or pedistrains lurking around because this was deifnition of dangerous, times a thousand. 

Archie’s tongue and teeth glided sensationally across my neck, pausing only to kiss my hickey. “Concentrate on driving Y/N,” he said in a low voice, his fingers trailing like tiny snakes along my thigs, travelling higher and higher. Goosebumps scattered all over my skin. 

“I can’t,” I rasped, leaning further against his solid chest. When I did, I felt that Archie was just as turned on as I was, and I knew then that I was definitely going to wrap this car around a tree. 

“You can,” he whispered, continuing to rain kisess all over my neck and collarbone. When he pushed my skirt up, fingers brushing slowly–painfully fucking–slowly against my lace panties. I all but slammed my foot down on the brake. 

Concentrate on driving, my ass. 

Archie chuckled into my neck, the sound deep and husky, and doing my arousal absolutely no favours. “Park on the side of the street.” 

I had never been so happy to follow one of Archie Andrew’s orders. 

Once I had safely parked, Archie turned me around so that I was stradding him, my skirt now pushed all the way up to my hips. His lips immediately found mine in a surprisingly soft, slow kiss, turning my bones into honey. It was like Archie needed me to know that this was all him– that he was in complete control. 

With our lips fused, I tugged the bottom of Archie’s henley, wanting to feel his skin and muscles in all their glory. We broke away for only a moment as he pulled his shirt over his head, discarding it on the passenger seat. 

Thank God for tinted windows and empty streets. 

And the hell with giving a damn. 

My hands snaked across Archie’s chest–across his heart– over his broad shoulders and rested on his muscular back. When his hand went in between my legs and his fingertip instantly found the right spot, stroking slowly and gently, everything inside me imploded wonderfully. 

Archie..” I moaned his name like my favourite prayer, titling my head back in pleasure. 

“Look at me,” Archie said, his deep voice coated in desire. 

I did as told, meeting Archie’s beautiful eyes, and then I felt the urge to kiss the life out of him. His mouth curled upwards in a half-smirk and then his finger slipped inside me, causing me to cry out in euphoria. 

Oh, my God.” 

“That’s not my name,” Archie said and I cold hear the wolfish grin in his voice as his fingers continued to caress and explore, sending a series of tremors down my entire body. Then he slipped another finger inside me and my nails clawed at his back, cluthing on for a dear life whilst his touch incinerated me. 

“Open your eyes, love.” 

I menaged to shake my head in response, unable to do anything other than gasp and moan waiting agonisingly for my release. This was pure heaven. 

Archie used his other hand— the one that wasn’t totally destroying all my self-control– to gently pull my chin towards him so he could kiss me, and another tsunami of delight crashed oover me. “Please?” he asked softly, lips gazing mine. 

My eyes fluttered open but they were hooded and I was so damn close to my release, I could feel the anticipation spreading all through my limbs. My nerves crackled and sputtered like sparklers before electicity surged through every atom in my body. 

“You’re the prettiest fucking person I’ve ever seen,” Archie rasped, his expression one of awe and appreciation. 

And then he finally granted me my release, and I exploded like a supernova, inadvertently dragging my nails alond Archie’s spine and digging then into his lower back as I cried out in pure, unadulterated exstasy. My lungs felt positively destroyed and I was sure my ribcage was going to shatter and splinter my organs, the sensation was that intense. I was left panting and most likely sweating as I leaned my head against Archie’s shoulder. 

Holy fucking shit. Archie Andrews was a goddamn wizard. 

I felt Archie raise his hand to his mouth and I knew, without even looking, that he was licking his fingers tasting me. “Perfect,” he mumbled. Then he pressed a kiss into my hair and let his hands go under my t-shirt, resting his palms on my lower back. I wrapped my arms around his neck: sitting like this, it felt something close to home.

“Sorry about your back. Think I drew blood,” I mumbled into his warm skin, though I had a suspicion that he actually liked it when I clawed his back. 

I felt his laugh before I head it. “It’s okay. Sorry in advance about your sore throat,” he teased. It was his fault for being so damnn good with his hands/ 

I lifted my head from his shoulder to stick my tongue out but stopped short when I was the look of absolute, unwavering devotion in his eyes, and the lazy smile on his face. He was the picture of serenity. So, instead, I kissed his chest, then his collarbone, his neck and then his jaw, which I felt clench. 

“Y/N,” Archie said. “I really, really don’t want our first time to be in a car.” 

I smiled and pressed a final kiss against his cheek before looking at him. 

“That’s good,” I replied. Neither did I. 

“I’m not a saint, though.” 

This time I laughed. “No shit?” 

“You’re terrible,” Archie responded. “And I’m being serious. Any self-control I had left is hanging by a thread. 

“If I’m not mistaken, you were the one who hive me a nuclear orgasm. I was merely an innocent bystander.” 

Archie grinned, dimples and all. “Nuclear, huh?” 

I rolled my eyes. “Shut up.” 

He chuckled. “Y/N Y/L/N, if I didn’t know you any better I’d say I just rocked your world. And it’s barely even midday.: 

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Next time. I’ll do the honours.” 

Archie shook his head and looked up, like he was hoping the roof would open and then the sky would split in half and God would hand him some of that self-control he wanted to bad. “Our first time is not going to be in a car,” he told himself. 

I tried not to laugh. “You said that already,” 

“It’s not,” he insisted, and then groaned when I kissed the senstive spot under his jaw. Purgatory was completely out in the question for me. 

“What were you saying again?” 

And then In a flash, I was off Archie’s lap and sitting in the passenger seat, and he was wearing his henley again. I was laghing so hard whilst I put on my seatbelt. I thought I was going to run out of the little oxygen I had left in my lungs. 

“You,” Archie sad, out of breath, as he turned the car on, “Babe, are you sorceress.” 

“Pot. Kettle. Black.” 

“I didn’t remember you complaning.” 

This time I did stuck my tongue out. 

Archie just laughed. “Best breakfast ever.” 

I really, really hope you like it!

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Maxis Match Lookbook

I had the opportunity to test the lovely @helgatisha’s upcoming model poses! I had hard time choosing, all of them are soo amazing!! They are coming soon guys! :) 
EDIT: download them here

Meanwhile, I’m showcasing some of my favourite MM items atm with the help of my gorgeous models: Hailee, Mayra, Brittany and Chelsie! (from top to bottom, left to right) :)

Sweater @serenity-cc / Skirt @rusty-sims / Tights by FENC  / Shoes @dreamteamsims / Headband @wildlyminiaturesandwich / Hair @kotcatmeow

Dress @rusty-sims / Shoes @dreamteamsims / Hair @rusty-sims

Dress @wildlyminiaturesandwich / Jacket @blogsimplesimmer / Tights @daerilia / Sandals @madlensims / Hair and Flower @grimcookies

Top @pixelunivairse / Jeans @nolan-sims / Shoes @theslyd / Necklace @tukete / Hair @aquarius4sun

If you’re reading this: stylessemantics is now one year old! And to celebrate I’m going to step away from this blog but not delete it. (For more info on this click here for my goodbye note). But I couldn’t step back without giving much deserved praise to the people that are the definition of my good days, specially in this last, very crazy year. Give these people a follow. Some are writers, some are just awesome friends, some are very cool blogs. But they all mean something to me. 

“I truly, honestly, undoubtedly, without question, don’t deserve a single one of you or my followers and I never will” - iv, 2017.

I will start with some very special mentions, and then a list of all these amazing people, right under this cut :)

@permanentcross : I think everyone’s tired of hearing me say this but if there’s someone who directly or indirectly pushed little ol’ iv to start stylessemantics, it’s this lady right here. She is probably annoyed by me because I say this to her all the damn time, but she just doesn’t understand that to me, talking to her is like talking to harry himself, and that she’s like the top of the food-chain to me. Being her friend was all I ever wanted. I know I’ll never have a relationship like her and B have but hey, a girl can dream :P Thank you for your time, and I’m sorry for taking it!

@stylesunchained : Well, I mean, I had to mention you, DUH! I believe I discovered you thanks to E, and again… I’ve told you this before, but you’re top of the food-chain to me. You once told me that you liked a piece of my writing and that you wished you had written it yourself cause it was just
“so good” and I’m still starstruck, I still have trouble believing it, and from that moment on I check what I’ve written since then, daily to see if you’ve liked it cause if you haven’t then it’s crap. I have to impress you like I did that one time. That’s how important you are to me. Thank you for everything. Sorry for everything. Also please post more selfies they soothe my soul.

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@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy @babymyharry @ihearthemcallingxx @moonlight-hazza @moonchildstyles @raspharries @honeyskins @fairylightsstyles : Honestly I have to apologise to you guys more than I can say anything else. Sure I can start a whole new post to talk about you guys but I think people would hate me for it! You’re honestly the cool kids squad I feel like the nerd that somehow joined, and joined too late. Idk where the idea came from or why andrea wanted me to join this gc but she did and I found all of you and I have regretted it ever since (I’m joking) Y’all cheer me up and are so supportive. I’m annoying I know that, but y’all put up with me even when I’m obviously the black sheep of the group. And I better not see anyone arguing over this cause y’all know me by know. Nothing anyone of you says will make me think otherwise, I AM the one that comes and ruins shit. Thank you from the bottom and left and right and center and top of my heart for being one of the greatest, funniest bunch of people ever. And I’m sorry you guys got me as the 9th member. Yikessss, that must suck. But alas, I love all of you. You guys know I can’t pick favourites to save my life so I love all of you equally (maybe taylor a bit more… jkjk (taylor, ily))

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Thank you guys for being there, wether we talked once or twice or every day or never, wether we were mutuals or not; just seeing you in my dash made some very down days a tonne better in an instant.

I truly, honestly, undoubtedly, without question, don’t deserve a single one of you or my followers and I never will. 

All the love, always.

Kiss Me Instead. [m]

smut // Junmyeon thinks there are much better and worthwhile things to do that going to dinner.

Junmyeon is a charming man, and you are not a resilient woman.

“Let’s say here, mh?” His voice bounces against your neck, sending chills down your body.

“Why?” You ask boring your eyes into the mirror, his lips were marking their spot against your neck.

“Because we’d end up doing this anyway,” he said. “Let’s not wait”

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Today’s Colour Study was of this amazing artwork of Netero! 

(the first image is the full colour original, original greyscale on the bottom left, my drawing is on the right.)

I’m still drooling over this piece, it’s one of my favourite HxH artworks.

(I’d credit the artist but I cannot for the LIFE of me find the original post.) 

(If anyone knows the original artist, please let me know who they are!) 




Tony’s Going To Kill Me  [ P.P ]

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Peter and Stark!reader (they’re older I sh like early twenties) where the reader finds out she’s pregnant and before she can say anything vision blurts it out and peter kind of freaks out and tony is like I’m going to kill you but in like a protective dad way

Word Count: 699

Warnings: I suck at writing pregnancy fics I am so sorry y’all. Also, in this fic, Peter and reader are in their twenties. Mid or early or late is up to you.

Tagging: @insideoflit (Let me know if any of you want to be tagged in any of my fics!)

A/N: Hey! I’m back to writing for this blog after a much needed and much enjoyed break. Thanks so much for you all who understood and waited for me to get back this. 


“I’m pregnant.”

Tony’s eyebrows shoot up so high you were pretty sure they were going to fly right off of his forehead. His mouth falls open as he stumbles over his words, his palms beginning to sweat as his hands ball into loose fists. It felt as if the air had been punched out of him by a certain Hulk and a certain Thor. Tony hadn’t felt this type of fear before. It was a mixture of being afraid and of being nervous for his little girl. You weren’t his daughter biologically but you were still nonetheless his daughter.

“You’re pregnant?” Tony’s jaw clenches as you nod your head in reply. He knew you didn’t mean to say it like that and you were probably nervous beyond words but he couldn’t exactly help what he was feeling.

“Tony’s going to kill me,” Peter mumbled into your ear, stepping away from Tony. “He’s going to pin my head to a wall and throw darts at it. He’ll aim for my eyes, I’m sure.”

“Damn right I’ll have your head on a wall. You got her pregnant! And-and you’re both still in your twenties and-and so young! You should’ve wrapped it before you-” Tony cut himself off, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. Peter gulped, not meaning for Tony to have heard him.

“Tony, it’s not all his fault. I was just as careless.” You frown at your choice of words, sighing before speaking again. “I mean, I’m just as responsible as he is. Carelessness had nothing to do with it. We used protection but something must’ve gone wrong.”

“I can’t believe it,” Tony groans. “You’re pregnant. There’s a baby in you. You’re having a baby before me.”

“I thought you told me you didn’t want a child–”

“That’s beside the point, Y/N.” Tony rolls his eyes, stepping into Peter so that their chests are barely touching. Peter was shorter than Tony so it was more like his chest was barely touching Peter’s face.

“I’m so-I’m sorry, Mr. Stark,” Peter stutters. His hands shake at his sides and he was pretty sure he was sweating through his shirt and his hoodie. He knew there wasn’t much he could do to make the situation between him and Tony any better but he couldn’t stay silent.

“Sorry isn’t going to do anything, Parker. Just be more careful with her, yeah? I can’t have you being irresponsible as it is,” Tony grumbled, his hand finding itself squeezing Peter’s shoulder “So, of course, I can’t have you being irresponsible with Y/N.”

“I understand, Tony-”

“It’s Mr. Stark to you, Spider-Boy,” Tony interrupted. “You may be the father of my favourite girl’s unborn child but we still aren’t at first name basis.”

“Oh, uh.” Peter blinked. “Sorry. I understand, Mr.Stark.”

You stay silent as the two of them have their exchange, nibbling gently on your bottom lip. Yes, it did bother you that Tony and Peter were having this conversation right in front of you, all the while ignoring your presence but you decided against doing anything about it.

“Good. That means smoking anywhere ne-”

“I don’t smoke as it is, Mr.Stark. There will be zero cigarette smoke anywhere near our baby.” Peter does a little salute with his fingers, bouncing up once on his toes.

“No more sex for at least another year,” Tony says. His expression is blank and untelling as he steps once more into Peter. “And I mean that.”

“Tony!” You huff, gently pulling him back from your boyfriend. “It’s okay. We may be young but we are old enough to handle ourselves.”

Tony holds himself back from making a comment he knew would be a smart-ass thing to say. With a sigh, he pulls you into a tense embrace. He places a hand on the back of your head and gently ruffles your hair, glancing over your shoulder and giving a small nod to Peter.

Peter understands exactly what Tony was trying to say to him despite not having said anything at all. You pull away from Tony and towards Peter, letting him wrap his arms around your body. He smiles, placing his hands softly over your stomach.

Today was a day of sketching! So I’ve been doing some character studies and poses, as well as a few animal studies. From left to right, we have Lan (my deep-sea mer OC), Kale and Steele having a hug <3, and a rather sexy Damen. At the bottom, I decided to add the orca doodles I had been doing while watching movies this afternoon. Orcas are my favourite aquatic animal, I swear they’re so gorgeous and intelligent <3 <3 <3.

nooneelsecomesclose17  asked:

'Did I say that out loud?' for the prompt 😀

Aaron Dingle was only human. That’s important to remember. He’s just one human man, with a ridiculously attractive husband at the best of times, but when said husband was holding a tiny baby, well - Aaron’s jaw was about ten seconds from hitting the floor.

They were babysitting Victoria’s little one. It was the first proper day she was back Diddy Diner-ing, since Grace had been born, and so they had the newest addition to the Sudden clan all to themselves for the day.

Robert was a great uncle. He’d talked as though he didn’t have a clue about kids, in all the months Vic was pregnant, having more than his fair share of meltdowns about helping Victoria with her little girl.

She was going it alone, their Vic, and Aaron couldn’t help but feel massively proud of his sister-in-law. It’s not like it had been easy, hadn’t been easy for a single second, but Grace Sugden, his niece, had been the most magical addition to their lives.

Even more so now, Aaron decided as he trudged down the stairs, pausing on the last step so he could watch as Robert bounced around the kitchen with Grace in his arms, still dressed in his pyjamas, and cooing at the little girl.

Six months old, and cute as a button, a photo of Grace fast asleep on Robert’s chest had been his screensaver for the past month or so, making Aaron’s heart melt in his chest every time he checked the time.

“You’re a right little diva sometimes, you know that?” Robert murmured, one of Grace’s tiny hands clasping tightly to his finger. “I remember when your mum was a baby, she was the same. Always crying, your mum - until one of us gave her a cuddle.”

Grace gave a gurgle in response, a content look on her face. She’d clearly just been fed, dozing on Robert’s shoulder.

“It’s okay though, because you’re too cute for me to say know to, aren’t you?” Robert continued, one hand nestled under Grace’s bottom as he crossed the kitchen, flicking the kettle on. “Yes you are, gorgeous. Don’t tell your mum, but you’re my favourite Sugden woman, promise.”

God, I want you so much right now.”

Robert turned around, eyes wide. “You what?”

Aaron couldn’t stop his face from going absolutely bright purple as he realised he’d spoken aloud, and not in his head, like he’d intended to. “Did I say that out loud?” he blurted, padding down the last step and into their kitchen, feeling a little bit ridiculous, if he was honest.

“You did,” Robert confirmed, unable to hold back his laughter. “This is doing it for you then? The t-shirt covered in baby sick, the dark circles.”

“You always do it for me,” Aaron murmured, stroking a finger across Grace’s cheek, enjoying how the little girl’s mouth turned up into the beginnings of a smile at his touch. “You’re a natural, Rob.”

“You think?” Robert was practically preening, clearly delighted with the praise.

Aaron nodded. “You’d make a great dad.”

(This was always it, always their sore spot. The baby that hadn’t been his, the DNA tests, the clear results. Robert had been adamant, from that day on, that he didn’t want kids of his own, not anymore.)

(Not when he’d fallen so in love with a little boy that hadn’t been his son, in the end.)

Robert didn’t react how he always did, didn’t clam up, look annoyed. He simply grinned at Grace, nuzzling his face against the top of her head, the lavender scented shampoo Victoria always used on her the nicest thing in the world (Aaron knew, from experience, considering the amount of time he spent just holding her.)

“Maybe one day, eh?” Robert said quietly, focus on Grace. “Maybe one day.”


roadhog week day 4: maskless headcanon

well….it’s the last day of mermay and since i saw zero (0) merhogs this whole month i thought i’d take matters into my own hands. oh yeah and also he has a face (full view for best quality since tumblr hates me)

some long rambling about my hcs below the cut:

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from that time in may, after trk came out, when I said I was drawing Adam and Ronan making out- ahahahaha, only took four months to get around finishing them (casually neglecting all my favourites).

I draw Ronan’s tattoo different each time, what’s consistency? I don’t know what I’m doing with my art style in the bottom picture  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ -other than making a right mess.

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I understand what you say, but why Yuuri? Why always bottom Yuuri? Why Yuuri doesn't need to be comfortable? This fandom has bottom Yuuri and top Viktor way up their asses

I can’t speak for the rest of the fandom but personally I see Yuuri as preferring being bottom yet more dominant and Viktor as preferring being top yet more submissive. That’s why in my fics Yuuri ends up physically on top a lot of the time and why in obs&bh Viktor talks about loving it when Yuuri takes control, something that will definitely continue in the next chapter. Not to say that that is what they want all the time but personally that’s how I headcanon their favourite positions. In regards to Yuuri being comfortable, anal sex isn’t necessarily uncomfortable if it’s done right and some people really enjoy it or have a preference for it so being bottom doesn’t automatically mean his comfort isn’t being taken into account by Viktor.

As for why I chose to have bottom Yuuri specifically in my fic, it was a plot choice. I tried to vary their positions, they don’t always have anal sex since that’s not the be all and end all of everything. They both give and receive oral sex to each other too and just use hands sometimes too. And while Yuuri is the ‘bottom’ he takes a more dominant role in a lot (although not all) of their encounters. But I didn’t have them switch because it’s a point of insecurity for Viktor that they never do and drives his perception of their relationship as Yuuri only wanting one thing from him, even when he is completely wrong. Him trying to ask for switching is what prompts the reveal that he was Yuuri’s first and only which was very important in how his perception of their relationship begins to change. And the moment he finally asks outright is the moment he finally has realised and acted on the knowledge that Yuuri really cares for him and would  be open to try what he wants for Viktor. Which Yuuri does and also wants to try for himself because he was labouring under the same wrong impression that Viktor only wanted him for one thing. When he realises Viktor wants to bottom with him he absolutely wants to try topping too. The lack of switching was a misunderstanding that dragged out their incorrect views of how the other saw the relationship and the decision to ask and try is a promise for the future. And when they actually do it’s the first time they sleep together as a couple and it becomes a very special moment for both of them and the point in their relationship where they both feel equal and completely trusting of each other and free to share their desires and ask for what they want because they love each other and both want to make the other happy. 

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16. Nessian, pretty please Kate *I promise to post the dirty smut gif set*

“when one person’s face is scrunched up, and the other one kisses their lips/nose/forehead”

AN: See, you know me, Paula! I would sell my soul to the devil (aka you, FACTS) for dirty smut.

“I cannot believe you right now!” Nesta’s expression is one of true outrage, making Cassian fear for his life.

Just a little.

They stand in the library of their Velaris townhouse, the one Cassian organized and stocked for their 50th anniversary. Nesta stands just next to one of the bookcases, hands on her hips, her gaze drawn to the empty space on the shelf on her head-level.

“I cannot believe you lent my book - my book - to Feyre, of all people!”

“Nes, you lent her books all the time,” Cassian tries to reason with her.

It’s the wrong thing to say. If the looks could burn, he would be a pile of ash right about now.

“Yes, I do, from that shelf right at the bottom - where I keep all the books from the ‘I never ever wish to re-read’ category,” she explains, exasperated, “the head-level shelf is the all-time favourites category, Cassian. We’ve talked about this!”

“It’s not on my head-level,” Cassian mutters under his nose.

Unfortunately, Nesta hears it.

“It’s my bloody bookshelf, you oversized bat! Of course it’s categorized according to my height!” A loud thump carries over the floor as Nesta stomps - actually stomps her foot - angry and annoyed. Shooting him one last glare, she twirls around to the bookcase, her gaze turning longing, almost…soft.

A small resigned sigh slips past her mouth and Cassian takes it as a sign that he may approach. Carefully, he rests his hands on her shoulders and turns Nesta around to face him.

“Feyre is the worst with books. The last time she brought me back that fantasy trilogy, there was a garter tucked inside it. A garter belt! And she got moss all over the cover of my favourite tom of Illyrian poetry! Or that one time - “ she trails off, her face scrunched up in distaste of some distant memory.

“I’m sorry,” Cassian says, pecking the corner of her lips. “I know how much this library means to you.” He places a quick kiss on her nose. “How can I make it up to you?”

Nesta just rolls her eyes, as if saying “Do you know me at all?”

He does.

He answers with a grin and a slow kiss to her forehead.

“More books it is, then.”

send me fictional kiss prompts from this list

Hood and Wolf thumbnails for art school. Top right and bottom left are sort of repeat images with a similar pose. I think my favourite is the middle left:P

A different take on the cautionary fairytale; instead of avoiding the wolf and sticking to the path, Hood approaches the wolf and finds that it leads her further into the woods but does not devour her. Inspired by Elude and on the same topic as well.


TIGER & BUNNY Appreciation Week
DAY 1: Favorite Character

Kotetsu. Of course he is my favourite. Who doesn’t like him? He’s a pure, goofy, kind-hearted hero who does his best to impress his daughter and being a good father while protecting the city… and he still does his best in the job even when he’s losing his powers. I like so much how he’s written and designed. Oh and he’s hot as hell fuck me sideways daddy

If they came to the real world I’d stop breathing. I just couldn’t handle his handsomness.


i was having a creative block and i didn’t know what to draw so i decided to draw a bunch of my facial expressions! (plus a few of my favourite things haha) don’t ask me about the face in the right bottom 

i have recently re-discovered the greatness of the primary colours in pastel so i decided to use them to substitute my boring black hair🤷🏻‍♀️

(i just realised i forgot to fill in the star next to the cat what the hell)

heyoo got some new stickers for my laptop and it is lookin fresh

alright here are some credits (to tumblrs when possible, but otherwise to the redbubble stores i got them from):

  • the watercolour starbird and the stack of spectes on the right are both by @lorna-ka (who does the most amazing star wars stuff it is seriously beautiful)
  • the ghost graphic in the bottom left is by @paleocat a.k.a. @lotldraws (a.k.a. my new favourite swr artist i stg dude you are hilarious)
  • the little heads of all the spectres are by @meldy-arts
  • the tiny journal #3 is by @chiicharron (it came with little dipper and mabel heads as well but those fell off ages ago)
  • the lightsaber rainbow is by @halfabubble
  • ezra’s jacket insignia is by r2-t2
  • the trans flag snake is by greentorsos (they have tons of other pride stickers as well, i’d highly recommend them!)
  • the gipsy danger insignia is by kidesign
  • the mareep is by ranger katherine (it only looks all worn cause it used to be on my tablet/had my grubby fingers all over it on a daily basis, they’re actually really cool smooth vectors if you get them new)
  • the sunflower is by virginia skinner and the purple daisy is by electroslag
  • i got the pigeons at a convention last year and can’t for the life of me remember the artist (sorry!)
Helping Hand - ( G.D )

SUMMARY - Y/N helps Grayson with his Coachella outfits

WARNINGS - Gray being a cute lil shit

It was the weekend before Coachella and Grayson was yet to get his outfits ready, he had asked Ethan to help him decide what to wear but unfortunately he was busy so he called up his favourite lady, someone he trusts will tell him if he looks stupid or not. That person being you.

You received a text from Grayson late Friday night asking you to come round to his Saturday morning which you replied telling him you would be there.

It was a little after 10 when you arrived at the Dolan’s Flat. Grayson flew the door open giving you the biggest hug ever and maybe squeezing you just a little bit too tightly but who are you to complain. “Y/N it’s an emergency! I don’t know what to wear for Coachella, I have a few ideas but you’re into fashion and you know how to work a pair of scissors right?” You couldn’t help but laugh at how fast and loud he was talking “never fear Gray for I am here. Y/N To the rescue” you said as you mockingly did the superman pose.

Grayson rolled his eyes “ha ha very funny now come help me babes” he winked and pushed a load of shirts in your arms “so I was thinking I tie the army shirt into a little knot at the bottom so it reveals my lower half but not too much and then for night 2 Ethan and I are gonna wear vests (idk what you’d call them) but for night three I wanna go all out and wear a crop top because fuck gender roles am I right” You stood there smiling at how sweet Grayson is.

“I think night three is gonna be my favourite outfit. Now, let’s cut some tops up shall we” you said whilst pecking his lips. “Grayson smirked and said I trust you to make me look hot” you gasped “baby, God made you a work of art. You can make anything look hot even socks with sandals!” Grayson glared at you before he gave you the scissors and the tops he wanted you to crop.

“Ta daaaaaa!” You screamed as you had finally cut a shirt that Grayson liked and didn’t complain about his belly button showing. “Thank you babe! you’re my superhero literally! now, let’s go buy you the exact same top and cut it just like mine so we can match and everyone at Coachella will know you’re mine” Grayson said whilst pulling on your arm and leading you out the door.

Thanks for reading guys! Sucky ending I know but I hope you liked it as always you can request any type of imagines and feedback is always appreciated. xo


This is the first of a pair of stories for the dialogue only @xfficchallenges It is also for the conversation about learning about sex through fanfic between an anon and @storybycorey and @2moms-0fucks. Sex is not generally as glamorous as we write, is it? So it got me thinking about the realities of Mulder and Scully getting down and dirty.

Set in season 7… not too NSFW.

“Mulder, do you want me to help you in the bathroom?”

“I’ve been holding it with one hand for a few years now, Scully.”

“I meant with your bandage, your wound care.”

“I can manage.”

“I’ll be right outside.”

“There’s beer in the fridge. We didn’t get to celebrate the New Year properly.”

“I don’t know, Mulder. That kiss was a nice way to ring it in.”

“I can do better. If you’re willing to do some more ringing.”

“Mulder, you’ve had a big night. It’s probably not the best time to…”

“To what? I just want to kiss you again.”

“I’ll get the beer. You do what you need to do in the bathroom, Mulder.”

“I’ll be right out.”

“I always did wonder what your bottom lip would feel like against my mouth, Mulder.”

“Better than you expected or better than you hoped?”

“It’s right up there with the smell of freshly baked bread, the unfurling of a new leaf, a new book by your favourite author, the cry of your newborn.”

“That’s a pretty good list of amazing things, Scully. I’m humbled. Can I be honest with you? I always did wonder what your breasts would feel like against my mouth.”


“I’m sorry. It’s the beer. No, actually. I’m not sorry. It’s the drugs. Can I say something else? I’m going to anyway. Your breasts are perfect. No, I mean it. They’re not too full, they sit just so, your nipples are neat and the most delicate shade of coral and I want to kiss them and suck them and…can I? Can I kiss them?”

“This is getting uncomfortable here, Mulder. My neck against the arm of the couch. It’s…can we go to your bedroom?”

“Can I check it first?”

“For what? Zombies?”

“Well, if you consider that I haven’t done my washing for a few weeks, there might well be some inanimate objects now able to walk by themselves.”

“If you need to find where you’ve thrown your undies and socks, then by all means, I’ll wait out here.”

“I’ll be real quick. Promise.”

“Mulder, do you feel okay?”

“Just a bit light-headed. It’s okay. I’ll be fine.”

“This is probably not a good idea.”

“Scully, this is the best idea we’ve ever had.”

“Mulder, you’ve been attacked by…unknown assailants, you’ve got a nasty shoulder injury, you’ve been given some pretty heavy medication, you’ve been awake for more than 24 hours…”

“And I’m incredibly turned on and I don’t want to stop and I love you, Scully and don’t roll your eyes and ‘oh brother’ me again, Scully. Don’t. Just let me love you and let me make love to you and ouch!”

“I’m sorry, I caught my nail on your…Mulder, are you okay? You’re pale. You’re clammy.”

“I’m fine. Here…let me lie back and you get on top. You like it on top, don’t you? I mean, I can see all of you and I can help you get…there…if you can’t…I mean if you have trouble…do you have trouble with that, Scully? I’ve never asked you. I mean I know some women…”

“Shut up, Mulder. I can get there just fine most times. With or without help. But with your constant jabbering I can’t concentrate and I need to focus. It’s…”

“It’s what, Scully? It’s good? It’s good for me, I…ow!”

“What? Did I hurt you?”

“I moved too quick. My shoulder…I just want to touch you…oh god, Scully. You feel so…”

“Mulder? Mulder?”


“Mulder, are you okay? Can you open your eyes?”

“M’fine…are you? What are you doing here, Scully?”
“I came back from the hospital with you, remember? To make sure you could manage…to help you…”

“I feel good. Really good. Do you feel good?”

“I feel fine, Mulder. Go back to sleep.”

“Happy New Year, Scully. Did I say that to you yet?”

“Yes, Mulder. You did.”

“I don’t remember.”

“You need to rest. Just go to sleep. I’ll be right here when you wake up.”


“Yes, Mulder?”

“I love you.”

“Oh, brother.”