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NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 2016 July 25 

Deep Magellanic Clouds Image Indicates Collisions 

Did the two most famous satellite galaxies of our Milky Way Galaxy once collide? No one knows for sure, but a detailed inspection of deep images like that featured here give an indication that they have. Pictured, the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) is on the top left and the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC) is on the bottom right. The surrounding field is monochrome color-inverted to highlight faint filaments, shown in gray. Perhaps surprisingly, the featured research-grade image was compiled with small telescopes to cover the large angular field – nearly 40 degrees across.

Much of the faint nebulosity is Galactic Cirrus clouds of thin dust in our own Galaxy, but a faint stream of stars does appear to be extending from the SMC toward the LMC. Also, stars surrounding the LMC appear asymmetrically distributed, indicating in simulations that they could well have been pulled off gravitationally in one or more collisions.

Both the LMC and the SMC are visible to the unaided eye in southern skies. Future telescopic observations and computer simulations are sure to continue in a continuing effort to better understand the history of our Milky Way and its surroundings.

I got some gems!!!
From top left, to bottom right, I got Malachite, Sardonyx, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Peridot, and Amethyst.

When I was buying them, I could tell the guy was kinda getting the theme and then he just goes “Is this because you watch Steven Universe?” and then we just talked about the show while he added up the price. He even said “be careful you don’t lose the Peridot, it’s so tiny. Just like her.” They had some others there, like Opal, Ruby, and Sapphire but they were muuuch more expensive. Hopefully I’ll add more to the set one day.


I’m experimenting with lighting mods today instead of doing anything even remotely productive. The photos are captioned in case anyone’s curious (or confused), but from top-to-bottom left-to-right the first, third, fifth, and seventh images show the mod I’m currently cobbling together for Serendipity while the even numbered shots are with BrntWaffle’s Fresh Cut Day Lighting Mod and Gelina’s Lighting Tweaks. I originally took the pictures with Fresh Cut Day so I could have something to reference and compare my edits to, but I decided to include them here as well because I think it’s interesting to see the two lighting styles side-by-side. Each pair of screenshots was taken at the same time of day, from the same world location, and under the same partly cloudy weather conditions.

I still need to improve water color and texture and figure out how to make nighttime look like something other than an all-consuming black blob of death, but I’m fairly happy with my progress so far. I’m bored with it now, however, so I’ll finish it later this week. :P

Credit to @potato-ballad-sims, @nilxis, and @brntwaffles for the base mods I’m using here. :)

New Cow Chop Editors

Earlier on the CowChop reddit it was announced that they hired two new editors in order to help lessen the workload.

If you look at the “KICKED OUT OF THE MALL • Pokemon GO video, you’ll see that there’s two perspectives being filmed. Joe is seen holding a camera, but the other cameraman isn’t really shown. At around 9:55 you’ll see someone holding a camera in the bottom right corner of the screen.

It’s a pretty blurry picture but you can still see that it’s someone new. I’m pretty sure this is one of the new editors, and I’ll be sure to update if I can find screenshots of the other editor.

analyzing the sherlock  s4 trailer (part 2)

ok so i haven’t seen any speculation yet as to where sherlock is when he’s fighting that goon (that hair swoosh tho)

to me, the reason why this scene stands out is bec the background is still in focus unlike most of the other scenes in the trailer, where only the character is in focus and the background is blurry af (see: john in the hospital, lestrade in 221b, molly in the hospital etc)

anyway so one of the first things that struck me about this scene is the level of colour coordination! the wall is blue and the stuff on the shelf is all in tones of yellow/mustard/brown/cream. it’s just - kinda sticking out. there is also a leather couch (bottom right) with a green cushion/throw (looks like that to me)

also notice the wall behind sherlock has a latch type thing on it (door? also blue?) 

and now, what is this? looks sorta like a kitchen counter? with a chopping board? (also notice that weird blue window/painting in the background! a pool?)

what’s beside sherlock?? looks like the arm rests of a chair? also what are these two white tube like things in the bottom right???!!! and is that a phone on the white table in front of sherlock?

From what I gather, this looks like a house/flat belonging to someone pretty eccentric – it looks super minimalist but there’s a few homely touches too. For eg, if we focus on the shelf/rack, here’s a list of stuff we can see, in order from left to right,

Top shelf

  • A cup and one of those glass/transparent shields (a sportsman then? But only an amateur or they’d have more trophies. Also the size of the awards remind me of my kid trophies – are these a child’s??)
  • A gold/bronze jug on a pedestal??
  • A photo frame – looks like just one person – a woman in a dark coloured shirt, holding something up to shoulder level, hair looks blond and very short (or tightly pulled back) if you zoom in
  • Another silver trophy, smaller than the first

Second shelf

  • Another photo frame – looks like a woman again, in a dark coloured top, one hand up to her face, shielding her from the wind maybe? Background looks like the sea (upon second inspection, it seems the photo is b&w)
  • Two metal/marble statuettes. One seems golden one seems silver. I can’t make out what they are exactly.
  • Another photo frame – woman again, pose looks same. The background only seems to change – significantly bluer

Third shelf

  • A tape player (?) flanked by two speakers?

Fourth shelf 

  • A set of books, in shades of orange yellow and white – nothing on the spines – maybe they’re diaries/journals?? They vary in size though. Flanked by an a-z bookend. interesting thing to note is that the first few from the left have a strange rectangular black mark on their spines near the top

Last (visible) shelf

  • two boxes, one covered with patterned paper, the other looks wooden. the box with paper has another photo frame on top but the photo is indiscernible (to me at least)

so what can we deduce? sherlock is wearing his suit but not his coat which is strange because everywhere he goes, he goes with his coat and doesn’t usually take it off unless he’s staying for a long time. so why is he belstaff-less here? 

who is the woman in the photographs? the top shelf frame’s photo is of her holding a trophy (looks like it). is she a sportswoman? is she a client? 

why is the flat itself so minimalist but the shelf full of homely touches? 

why is there a solitary phone on the table? is it sherlock’s? is he trying to maybe get to it but the goon is stopping him? is the phone ringing? is john calling? 

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would love to hear your thoughts!!


In this AU, Diana and Bruce met when they were much younger and like any young couple in love, jumped straight into marriage and started having kiddos. 

Top left: Thomas Wayne.
Top center: Zane Wayne.
Top right: Danielle Wayne.

Middle left: Bruce kissing Diana’s stomach while she’s pregnant with their unborn daughter.
Middle center: Bruce Wayne and Diana Wayne.
Top right: Martha Wayne, Zeus Wayne, and May Wayne.

Bottom left: Superman.
Bottom center: Ace.
Bottom right: Clark and Kent.


Say Hello to New York Fashion Week: Men’s 

@cfda’s NYFWM is back, and so is our tradition of sending some of our top fashion Tumblrs out into the big, bad world of catwalks and platforms. Please welcome:

These guys are giving you an all-access pass to the best pants this industry has to offer. Follow their Tumblrs, the #NYFWM tag, and of course, @fashion: your hub for all things menswear on Tumblr.

Photo credits go top to bottom and left to right in the order listed

For some people that asked for Yohamaru doodles!

I call this tfw your gf is too cute