the bottom one is weird

pastagay  asked:

How did you do that red and blue effect thing on your dave art?

Ho ho ho i learned this trick literally yesterday, let me share:
(Ps. I’m using photoshop for this)

1. Flatten your image and make two copies of it. Set the top layer to “screen”.

2. While having the top copy selected go to image > adjustments > levels; a window with mountains should pop up:

3. Click where it says RGB and select red from the list; then grab the middle gray triangle under the graph area and pull it all the way to the right, click OK. Your picture should change colours!

4. Do a similar thing to the second copy following the steps:
- select blue and then move the middle slider to the right,
- dont close the window yet!!
- change blue to green and pull its middle slider to the right as well,
- click okay

5. By now you should have 3 layers: the original one (must be on the bottom), and two weird colourful copies above it. Only the top copy should be set to screen. Your pic should look like the original version alone.

6. Easiest part: grab the screen copy and move it to the left/right! The RGB split will happen :D

That’s it, you’re ready to go!! Hope it helped!! <3 If you’re confused you can check out this site, they explained it pretty well.

A Night with the Winchesters

SPN Writing Challenge: deans-colette vs. sacrificialackles
prompt: seance + wincest (because I can)
pairings: Sam x Reader x Dean, Wincest
word count: 2396
tags: smut, wincest, threesome, bottom!dean, top!sam (even though I like it the other way around tbh), dirty talk, come play, rimming, anal sex, this is pretty dirty
note: ummm…this got kind of out of hand…muahah. *don’t read it if you don’t like wincest, and don’t complain about it to me*

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Weird Pennsylvania Town Names

Here is a short list of some of the weirdest town names in PA:


Balls Mills

Big Beaver

Blue Ball




Coon Hunter


Forty Fort

Free Love Valley

Glen Campbell

Honey Hole

Honey Pot

Hop Bottom


Jersey Shore




Noodle Doosie (Napierville)




Peach Bottom


Rough and Ready


Two Lick Valley


(Feel free to add more!)


designing some astronomical clocks/rose window hybrids for a building I’m working on


the wall and beyond;
               "beyond the wall the monsters live, the giants and the ghouls, the stalking shadows and the dead that walk… but they cannot pass so long as the wall stands strong and the men of the night’s watch are true.“