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Virgo Mars.

You are the one in squad scolding your friends for not eating enough greens or drinking enough water but also is the one breaking into vacant houses and downing an entire bottle of your moms vodka. You’re incredibly analytical and logical, but you LOVE to have fun and get crazy. You love trying new things.

Although you are reasonable, understanding, motherly and responsible, you’re also poor at taking criticism, overly sensitive, gets violent when they outburst with rage, is biased and only sees their side of the story when they’re seeing red. Well that’s not entirely true, you can see every side of the argument, but you’re too blinded by emotion and rage to act objectively or rationally.

Sexually they like it rough, they are most likely bottoms or even subs. They NEED to switch it up a lot or they get bored, although the same thing 3 or so times is alright. They are shy at first so give them time. -Riley

Imagine Sirius joining the choir to ‘get on your nerves’ (read: ‘get your attention’.)

You couldn’t do anything but grit your teeth when you saw Sirius Black walk into the choir room. He bad been pushing your buttons all week, throwing little bits of paper at your back during Transfiguration, sitting across from you during meals and stealing food from your plate, hell he even followed you through the library when you tried to hide from him. 

Now he was going too far. The school choir was the one place that you had never had any unnecessary drama. But there was Mr. Drama himself, sitting two rows behind you. And you knew it was specifically to piss you off because not even once did you hear him sing a note. 

By the end of rehearsal you were fuming. You were surprised that there wasn’t actual steam coming out of your ears when Professor Flitwick finally dismissed you. 

Without a word to any of your choir mates you fled the room, your bag on your shoulder. You were almost at the bottom of the first moving staircase when you felt a hand tugging on your shoulder. 

“Hey! You swept out of there quick. Didn’t even get a chance to ask you how my voice sounded,” Sirius grinned, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. 

You shuddered in disgust and shrugged him off, trying to step away from him. 

“What on Earth do you want? What is the need to keep on bothering me? Huh? I mean, you haven’t wanted to talk to me until now, what the hell is up?” You growled, trying to step forward. He smiled slightly and shrugged in response. 

“Well, you can’t blame me for not thinking you would respond. But hey, I decided to take a chance,” He said flippantly. 

“Take a chance?” 

“Yeah. If you haven’t noticed you’re kind of ‘above everyone’.”

You frowned and crossed your arms. “I am not above everyone!” 

“You’re above me.”

“No I’m not.”

Sirius grinned. It should have alerted you.

“Then you would go out with me?”

“Yes I would!” You shouted, pushing him back and forcibly making your way up the staircase.

It took you a few moments to really understand what you had said, but it was too late to take it back. When you turned around to tell him off he was gone. What a prat.

The title for this felt better in Russian than it did in English so let’s just roll with it. I put the pronunciation there instead of the translation because I didn’t want to spoil the illusion but for those interested parties, it means “trust” (or at least, that’s what google translate tells me). This was requested by jamesbuckyfuckingbarnes and I hope it turned out alright for you. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Hey hun :D could i have a bucky x reader where she’s a scientist at HYDRA and is the only one nice to him and they have a thing going on and when he regains his memory he comes and saves her with Steve and he doesn’t trust her until they get out and Bucky gets all fluffy an they get all lovely ext :)

“Доверие (Doveriye)”

Steve’s shield made short work of the padlock across the door but nevertheless he paused.
“You’re sure that we can trust her…” He asked again. Bucky grunted.
“For the last time – yes. You just broke a padlock off of her bedroom door and you’re questioning her loyalty? She’s a prisoner. Just like I was.”
“There’s more than one reason to lock someone in a room.” Steve mumbled before twisting the handle.

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“Come on Cinderella.”

Daryl Dixon Fanfiction Series 7


I growled and pulled on the cuffs. I screamed as loud as I could.

“Daryl!” I yelled and lifted me, and the chair up onto my feet. I couldn’t even process the thought of what happened, or how we were captured. My wrists already beginning to bleed from rubbing them so hard.

“Fuck.” Is all I could say. Daryl could be dead, or hurt and I would have no idea.

“Daryl!” I screamed trying to walk over to the door. I had to fight somehow.

Daryl’s POV

My eyes opened slowly, I felt pressure above my brow, and dry blood on my stache. Light was shinning on my face, and my arms were above my head… Chained.

Getting a hold of them I tugged.

“Hey!” I muffled into ducktape.

A man was sitting across from me at a table.

“Hello Daryl.” He said with a nod. I growled and tugged on the chain.

“Oh stop that, she is safe and sound, right next door.”

“Daryl!” I finally heard. Thank the dear lord she was safe.

“Let’s cut to the chase shall we, we let you go if you tell me where your group is.” The man said with a smile. I looked at the walls then back at him.

“You both.” He smiled. I could smell his bullshit as if there was a cow in the room. I tugged hard against the chain.

“I see you both are not budging.” He came up from his pretty set up table and stood in front of me.

“How about I go take care of your girlfriend?” Huh? Will that make your filthy mouth speak?“ He said in a hushed tone. The thought of him hurting (y/n) only made me sicker. Before I could even try to speak , or move. His fist went into my stomach. I grunted and hung a little over. I think (y/n) began hearing the skin against skin and started screaming.

"Daryl!” She screamed and to my ear, sounded like she ran herself into the wall.

“Daryl!” Came with another loud bang. The governed threw one more punch against my stomach then stood back.

“Guess she really wants to see if your okay, I think I’ll go tell her.” He said at a hiss. I yelled against my ducktape.

“Please, not her.” Is all I thought as I watched him walk away. I kept listening for her screams.

“Daryl!” She screamed one last time before I heard her scream from pain, then a hard thud against ground. I forced myself not to cry, my rage only became more and more red.

The governed walked back in with bloody knuckles.

“Pretty tough girl, you got Mr.Daryl. It took me two punches to put her out.” He laughed wiping the blood on a handkerchief. I thrashed against my chains at this point. How dare he hurt her.

“Well this my time to leave.” He took a corner of the ducktape, and ripped.

“Welcome to Woodbury.” He said and smiled as he left.


Readers POV


My eyelids forced themselves open. My stomach felt like it was in knots, and my head pounded. My whole body aches as I straightened my spine.

“Good mornin. ” I heard the same man speak. With a heaving sigh I opened my eyes. He smiled at me, sitting at the same table with the same bright damn lamp.

“Where is he?” I winced out looking up at my chained hands. They must have moved me while I was knocked out. My body felt oddly limp.

“Oh just hanging around.” The man said with a chuckle. I opened my eyes with a glare at him.

“We had a lovely discussion, me and Mr. Daryl.” He replied to my silence.

“He’s alive.” I mumbled with a relieving breath.

“Yes he is, and I would let you see him if you told me where your group is.”

I thought about telling him, truthfully I did, but instead I tried to lie.

“What group, it’s just him and me, and another couple.”

The man stared at me for a second. I stared into those brown eyes with a slight snarl.

“I see.” He said with a blank tone, and expression. With one shift of his chair he was standing before me. My grip on the metal chain tightened feeling his hot breath on my face. I could tell his eyes were searching for a crack in movement, searching for my lie. I stood as convinceful as I could without feeling faint.

We stood this way for what feels like a hour, but it was truthfully five minutes.

“I will go ask Daryl then, you seem to be either telling the truth, or you are very good liar.” He said with a devilish grin. I felt his rough man hand slide along my cheek.

I moved my face away from his hand causing him to chuckle. He walked away swiftly and out the door. I didn’t even know if Daryl was alive, he was either telling the truth, or he was a really good liar.

Daryl’s POV

I screamed against the fresh duck tape. I missed my girl, I wanted to see her. I remembered hearing her scream when they busted through the back door. Them taking her down with the back end of that pistol. I truthfully thought she died, watching her limp body hit ground, brought me back to when I was young. I couldn’t even call her name before they were on top of me punching my jaw.

“Bring them.”  Is all I heard before the Mexicans last blow.

Now we are here, in this dirt hell, with a wall in between us. I can’t protect her, I can’t fight against these chains, I’m not strong enough.

“So just you two and another couple huh?” Said a voice. I didn’t care anymore, I just shook my head still glaring at the ground. I bet she told him this to protect us, it’s whatever.

“I see. Well they are probably dead now, you can stay in woodberry.”  I gave him a surprised look. I don’t know what (Y/n) said but she must have been a good liar.

Another guy came in and uncuffed my hands.

“Now your girlfriend will need to take some time at the the infirmary… Just to be safe.”  He said as he walked out.

“I wanna see her.” I commanded taking a step forward.  The man turned and nodded.

“Right through that door.” He pointed to a door in the room. I ran and swung it open.

There she was, cuffed. Bruised. Almost naked. Completely helpless. I felt my eyes water, I couldn’t hold it anymore. The one who was so strong was suddenly so weak to me.

I came closer making her jump. Her right eye was bruised and purple, also with dry blood coming from her hairline.

“Its me.” I said holding my hands up. She shook gripping onto the chains above her head. It took her eyes a few minutes to adjust to me, she reminded me of a rabbit. When I would hunt them , they always knew there was something there, then they would freeze.

“It’s me sweetheart.” I repeated. She trembled and began to cry. I finally ran up to her and embraced her.

“Daryl.” She whispered in my ear while she wept in my shoulder.  My arms were around her tiny torso, she winced with every movement I made.

“Whats going on? How did you get out?” She mumbled pulling her head back from our hug.

“Your lie worked-”

“So it was a lie.” I heard behind our backs. I felt arms on my shoulders then I was on the ground and handcuffed. I couldn’t fight back, one reason because it happened too fast, and two because the main boss man hand a gun on my (y/n).

“fuck.” I spat out as they lifted on my feet.

“Daryl, don’t tell them anything!” She screamed. I was pulled out of the room and down hallways and into separate rooms. Then I was tied around a chair and left in what seemed to be a old bedroom. The man just stared at me, with that smirk of how little I fought.

“Let her go.” I commanded.

“She said the same about you, strange.” He said while he opened the door and left. I hated how I couldn’t do anything, one wrong turn of either of us, and the other is dead.

“(Y/n)!” I yelled seeing if she could possibly hear me. And just like that there was no response, just dust particles floating around me.

“Fuck.” I whispered trying to move against my cuffs.

Readers POV

I screamed using my last bit of energy. My Daryl was pulled away and I was restricted.

“Daryl!” I tried to yell but it felt like a whisper. I felt emptier than this room.

“Well here is this little lady my brother been smoozing around with.”  I heard the door open.

My head went up with a growl. “Go away.”

“Oh no need to get feisty now little tits.” He joked closing the door.

My fists tightened against my chain as his muggy grin came close to my face. I spat at him causing him to move back.

“Why are you keeping him here then if he is your so called brother.” I growled pulling against my restraints.

“What do you think I’m planning to do? Come here to ask for a cup of sugar?”  He chuckled biting his bottom lip.

I stared at him not finding an answer good enough for his cynical response. All I truthfully wanted to do was spit in his eye again.

“But here’s the problem here sweet cheeks,” he said cocking his head toward my rear end, “I can’t get both of you out. And since you’re a little weakling, I bet they wouldn’t believe me if I said you got out.” He chuckled at calling me a weakling. I looked up at my cuffs then back at him.

“I don’t care about me, just get him out. Safe.” I commanded pressing against the wall behind me. The man nodded.

“Who are ya, sweet thang? Let me hear that pretty name.” He said feeling my jaw line.

“(Y/n).” You mumble moving your head sideways.

“Alright kitten, you got any words you want to tell my idiot of kin.” He chuckled.

“Just tell him I’ll find someway to be with him again.”  I whisper almost starting to get emotional.

“Okay kitten, I’ll try not to get as mushy as you.” He laughed.

“Oh and sweet cheeks, in case ya wonderin, I’m Meryl.”  I truthfully didn’t care about his name, I only cared if he got Daryl out safe and sound.

Daryl’s POV

The governor walked in a short time after I was placed in the room. He shook his head walking to me, and with one hand he leaned me back in my chair.

“I see your little girlfriend likes to lie.” He smelled of liquor, and he hasn’t brushed or attempted to brush his teeth months. I gained all the spit in my mouth and spat at him. He stumbled back letting my chair fall back.

“Oof!!” Is the only sound I made when I hit ground. I heard him wipe his face repeatedly.

“Hey governor, your woman said she would like to speak to you.” I heard a seperate voice.

“Can it wait?”

“Naw she is all bitchy and shit.” I recognized the voice by then. My brother. I tried to scramble to my feet but the chair wouldn’t budge.

“Alright, then can you please help our guest get more comfortable.” The governor said.

I saw Meryl when he leaned over to grab the back of my chair and lift me up single handed.

“So it is true, baby brother, you finally got in the sack.” He chuckled. Why was I surprised that his first words to me in a year is something about sex. His arm was now metal with a knife attached.

“Yea I guess I did.” I mumble trying not to brag, at least not in this situation.

He made the ‘hmph’ noise before saying “time to get your stupid ass out of here.” He said taking keys out of his pockets.

“Meryl, no get (y/n)!” I tried not to yell but in instinct I got loud.

“Oh I already talked to your kitten, she said 'I’ll find someway to see you again’ so let’s see if the bitch can keep her word.

"Don’t call her that.” I growled as he uncuffed me. He rolled his eyes and sighed as usual.

“You better get her out.”  I said with a sneer.  Meryl got close to my face and growled,

“Maybe you should get that fancy group and come save her instead of making me do your dirty work.”

I looked away from him rolling my eyes now. I hated how we were standing here arguing about (y/n).  Meryl walked me to the door and let me open it.

“We can get out if you shut up.” He whispered starting to walk out, with me treading his heals. The only weapon i had was my fists, and my want for (Y/n) to stay alive. I tried not to think about what they would do to her, beat her, touch her, or worse even kill her. I had to hurry , gather everyone, especially Michonne with that samuri sword of hers. Meryl kept making bends and sharp crosses, this place was a maze.

“Meryl, how much further?” I whispered up to him.

“Why ya little princess feet hurting?” He whispered back to me. I just rolled my eyes. Soon we were in a back lot, with high building covered in rust. To finally see the sun felt like heaven, but it was still hell without her next to me.

“Comeon Cinderella, we still got long ways to go.” He said starting to trot towards the woods. I followed taking one look back at where my lover was. I hated leaving her and I hated admitting it to myself but, Meryl was right. If he got both of us out we would have been focused on each other, I can admit I wouldn’t stop kissing those perfect pink lips. I ran after my brother trying to focus on my foot and keeping his pace. I felt a ache in my chest from leaving her, it almost made it hard to breath.

“Meryl stop.” I said starting to lose breath, and him. He stopped and turned around to see me hovered over and gasping for breath.

“What’s wron Cinderella?” He joked starting to laugh.

“Kitten must really have your balls, cause you can barely keep up with me.” He laughed more at me.

“At least I can keep a girl.” I spat out starting to walk. Meryl rolled his eyes,

“At least I ain’t afraid to stick it in.” He mumbled making me clench my fist.

We walked and ran off and on, soon we reached the prison. Carol and Glenn were on gate duty and instantly saw us.

“Hey!” Glenn yelled at the prison. I couldn’t help but smile at my friends. Rick soon came and opened the gate and hugged me. The group instantly shunned Meryl. I even saw that idiot Tyler, he still had a bruise from where my (Y/n) pistol whipped that bastards forehead.

“(Y/n) is back at that place, we need to go get her.” I commanded staring at Ricks eyes. He looked at the rest of the group, i felt lonely standing there, nobody was budging to come help me. Beth looked around,

“She has been apart of this group for a while now, and she has helped cleared this place. Why isn’t anyone going to help her?”  She pleaded walking behind me, then Maggie and Glenn followed.

“Fine, can we leave tomorrow morning.” Rick asked.

I looked up in the sky, It was probably late afternoon.

“She can’t survive another night.” I mutter looking at Meryl.

“But she has too.” He replied patting my back and then walking next to Tyler. I already say friendship in the two bastards. I glared at Rick,

“First ray of sunshine, we leavin.” I said walking close to him then pushing his shoulder with mine. I was pissed off at my group, at how little they wanted to leave for her. Maggie came up to me. Her eyes were soft with sorrow,

“She will be fine Daryl.” She croaked out. I heard the crack of disbelief in her voice. I nodded and patted her shoulder, then Glenn’s.

It hurt, being separated. I walked to my cell and started cleaning my bow. Rick came by after I skipped dinner. I wasn’t hungry, how could I be when I knew my (Y/n) was starving.

“Daryl.” I heard him say from the door of my cell.

“What.” I said with a glare.

“You have to under-”

“Understand what? How you had the single thought of letting her rot in that place. She is staying there so I can come and bring more people, more help. An you can’t bother to go help her! You should be ashamed of yourself!” I yelled at him getting in his face. I was starting to see red I was so pissed. Rocks hands came up showing he wasn’t a threat, then walked away. I returned to my cell and looked at her guitar. I wish I asked her to play it more, and I will make sure to when she gets back.  I heard footsteps come past my cell so i whispered loudly,

Then there was Tyler, his fat head looking in on me.

“What?”  He whispered back.

“What was she like?” I asked.

“(Y/n)… I couldn’t tell you, our relationship was barely anything. She captured my heart then avoided me like the plague man, thats when she caught me cheating….” He trailed off looking around. “She would shoot me for telling you but,”

I stood at this point.

“Her uncle wasn’t too good to her okay. He had PTSD , and he put her through the same simulations he did, but harsher cause he was was a sexist pig. She was almost arrested for beating a guy up, he was just going to pick up something she dropped. She snapped and beat the shit out of him…” He trailed off again. I didn’t know what to think, she seemed so innocent.

“Don’t let her know I told you okay.”

I nodded. I sat down as he left, I was shocked, I finally knew who my (Y/n) was.

Readers POV

I have never woken up so happy to see flames. Fire surrounded me, then my hearing came back to me and it was atomic bomb of screams, and uproar. My eyes adjusting I noticed I was in a ring of fire, and people cheering. I became alert, what was going on?

“Welcome Woodbery” A mexican man yelled walking close to me.

“Ready to fight, newbie.” He said staring me down. I looked in front of me to see a man about my height  but the body built like a ox.

‘Fuck’ Is all I could think. I was going to have to fight for my life. I thought of Daryl and how much I wish I could have seen him before Meryl taken him, but I know that would have made this time worse. I felt like I was alone in this ring, me and my opponent.

Could this get any worse?

Unfinished Business

AN: This story is a sequel to the story I posted the other day. I wrote it largely due to how much support the first part got, and I also felt that first part really did need a sequel to it. I would recommend reading that first here. Apart from that I hope you enjoy!

Characters: Dean Ambrose/Reader

Words: 1,053

Plot: The last encounter with Dean had put your emotions all over the place. You had to make a decision take Dean up on his offer or somehow move on.

You couldn’t get over the way Dean had left you, after your previous encounter the other week in the bathroom with the lotion bottle. Your emotions were only made worse when you realised the two of you were rooming together for yet another night. On one hand you would be left alone – for the better part of the night – with Dean. However this meant you were on edge, your feelings beyond in a mess. Tonight you realised it was either do or die. You’d either spend the rest of the night watching Netflix on your iPad or you’d rip the band aid off and take Dean up on his proposal from the other week. You paced around your bedroom trying to make a decision, until finally you’d made your choice. You took a deep breath, before walking towards your room door.

You stood in front of Dean’s door, it would be very easy for you to simply turn around and head back to your own room. You took one long deep breath, your heart not easing up one tiny bit. You shut your eyelids and knocked on the wooden door.

“Come in” you heard Dean say and slowly opened the door. By this time your heart rate was now well and truly through the roof. You slowly enter the room and notice Dean sitting on the bed in only a t-shirt and briefs. You stand awkwardly still at the door, rubbing your arm for comfort.

“Well little lady…” Dean begins, looking at you “why don’t you come sit over here and make yourself comfy” he finishes, patting the seat on the bed next to where he is. You reluctantly move to sit where you were asked, your two bodies only mere inches away from each other. Your eyes completely fixated on each other.

“The thing is…” you start, and begin to fidget with your hands “do you remember what you said the other week…about…well…uh…showing me more?“ Dean looked at you with a grin on his face.

“Now tell me…how would I forget telling a beautiful girl like you that?” You just shrugged embarrassed.

“I just…well…I wondered….if um-”

“If my offer is still open?” He interrupted. You couldn’t speak and nodded ‘yes’ in response. Dean put his thumb on your cheek, brushing it delicately.

“Darlin, my offer is always open to a beautiful girl like you.” Your heart was beating faster in your chest. He moved his thumb to trace your bottom lip.

He pulls his hand away from your lip, and brings your lips towards his own. You moan the feeling you felt was amazing. However you needed and craved for more after that first encounter - which had undoubtedly changed you - the other week. As if the man read your mind you suddenly his hand went up the back of your nightgown. His fingers trailed up your thigh, until they stopped rested right on your entrance.

“Well, well, well” Dean remarked with a dirty smirk on his face. “You’re not as innocent as everyone thinks you are little lady, are you?” You nod ‘no.’ His smirk grows wider. You feel his thumb stroking at your lips. You are absolutely soaking wet. Dean smirks. “You really couldn’t wait for me to show your more Y/N could you? All wet just for me eh?” You can only moan, and Dean begins to stroke you even harder and faster.

“Shit” you whimper. He inserts on finger inside of your entrance and immediately finds and begins rubbing at your clit.  
“God…Dean…please…“ You beg, in between breaths. His blue eyes look up at you almost devilish his mouth moves closer to your face
"Louder for me darlin’” he whispers lips pressed on your right ear, and that alone is close to sending you over the edge. Dean pushes another finger inside you eliciting a moan, your body almost completely overcome with pleasure. He suddenly stops, pulling his finger out from your entrance. You whine with displeasure, which makes him chuckle.

Dean pulls the nightgown from your body, throwing it onto the floor. His hands fondle your breasts, as you yank his briefs from off of his body. Before you can even find the words to speak his length is eased inside you. You quickly wrap your legs around his waist so that you are supported. You were glad you did that, as each thrust was unrelenting with the pace only increasing in speed as time passed.  His arms moved to support just under your shoulders. Dean starts sucking and biting at your neck -– which would surely leave marks tomorrow, - but not stopping his thrusts into your body for a second, with your fingernails clawing into his back. As each thrust happened you feel your body becoming more and more consumed with pure ecstasy.  

“Oh…Holy…fuuck…Dee-aan…” you panted, your body nearing exhaustion.
“That’s it darlin’” he coos into your ear.
You know there is no way your body will be able to hold out for much longer, and you sense Dean is close too. Finally after one hard thrust and panting, your body was finally able to find release it had so desperately craved. Dean was quick to come next, and the two of you a hot, sweaty sticky mess. You took a minute before sitting up, and leaning over the edge of the bed to pick up your nightgown.

“Well Ambrose, you made good on your promise.”  Dean still on the bed, looked up at you with an arrogant smile.
“You know me Y/N, I keep my promises” you chuckle.
“Besides there’s always more I can show you” he says. His hand groping your ass – even if it was for one second. “Just gotta ask.”
“I’m sure if I want to ‘know more’ then I will ask.”  You say, moving ever closer to door. Dean winks at you, and you leave the room.

You take a minute to regather your composure before going back to your room. Dean. Fucking. Ambrose. The man sure knew how to have an effect on you. One thing was for sure, you knew this was probably far from the last encounter the two of you would have. You sensed Dean would most likely show you more sooner rather than later, and there was no way you’d complain about that.