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Video by Kayla - “It’s Bottle Time with Aspen! 🍼

the gambler’s good luck charm.
layered from the bottom to the top is ginger, chamomile, basil and sea salt.
if you want the written spell, message me and i’ll send it to you!

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Ocean spell bottle

You’ll need:

  • Blue candle/wax - bonus if it’s ocean scented!
  • Clear Quartz chips.
  • Salt/Sea salt.
  • Lavender.

Pour wax first, let it dry. I added a lighter blue wax to look like sea foam too!

Add quartz, sea salt and lavender on top. I haven’t sealed it yet, but I will with some ocean-scented wax 🐚

Hey everyone!

So I am making donation kits for witches in need and beginning witches who can’t get supplies. I am trying very hard to get people to donate supplies and money for the cause. Several wonderful people have already donated items for the kits.

If you are interested in donating then please follow the tag #QuintessaBlessingsDonationKits

Anyways, I found a gift card in my purse for Michael’s so I decided to dedicate it to the donation kits. I bought some packs of these little bottles. I now have some boxes, basic herbs, bottles, jute rope, old keys, seashells, small crystals, and tube bottles. I have some old journals that have never been used which could function as a grimoire but they aren’t leather bound or anything. If someone would be willing to donate $10 then I would be able to get about 10 crystal pendulums or 5 sage incense bundles.

Just $10 will make a difference!