the botox barbie

anonymous asked:

Sam and MM are not in touch and had rarely been since M became a huge famous star that the world loves, ha, but their dad gave her m new number and she called to catch up and got her ear assaulted. She's a selfish monster that cares for one person, herself and one thing, fame.

What😂😂😂huge star? She on for 4 minutes 😂😂😂They do love her?? They are trying to get rid of her. MM is nuts she is refusing to go, fame no ring. 

I like Sam I chatted with her back in December, and I got busy on here. Sam sister needs mental help. Charity begins at home, you don’t throw your family out or use them to make yourself look better or get sympathy at the expense of them. 

MM help your sister out, not the plastic fantastic botox barbie,  but Sam. The one in the wheelchair, the VET. The one that was there for you growing up. 

Thanks anon


This man must never ever have botox.