the borrowers

Borrowed Magic Excerpt

“Oh, I don’t think you’d be too shabby,” she put in encouragingly. “Even with your wings, there’s loads of places you could–”

A SLAM cut her sentence short and caused Bowman’s wings to flare out entirely as the Doctor burst back into the TARDIS, followed by him rushing around the console flipping switches and throwing levers on the way.

“Fell through the rift again,” he explained shortly, teeth clenched in concentration as he worked the controls. “Came pretty close this time, though! I think we can beat that time! Hang on to something, you two! Allons-y!” Bowman stared at him in confusion and shock.

Can we talk about the “This Kiss” music video by Faith Hill?

Cuz if you were around in the mid to late 90s, your mom probably loved this song and it was on every damn radio station constantly.

But the music video… is a masterclass in surrealism. 

So I’m thinking this is supposed to be akin to The Borrowers, Alice in Wonderland, or Honey I Shrunk the kids because Faith Hill spends the entire fucking video sitting and twirling inside daisies and other flowers

and sitting on a giant peach in a white pantsuit????

OH shit bitch it’s raining inside my blue filter?!

AND THEN there’s this couple of 8 year-olds who wanna bone eachother????

INSIDE MORE FLOWERS… Because aesthetic???

Oh shit, Faith Hill is inexplicably blasting off!

Trampolines under a greenscreen!


Oh. She’s riding it now? Ok.

Then, after that fever-dream, lisa-frank nightmare circus the song starts to fade out and it fades out ON THIS IMAGE:

Giant flora and butterflies, randoms jumping to the sky, trying to reach a god that clearly doesn’t exist meanwhile Faith Hill flies on her giant butterfly of doom, relishing in the insanity that she caused.

This is just A Whole Lot™ and I needed to talk about it.