the borromeo family

Stefano Ercole Carlo

The first child and son of Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo. Born on February 28, 2017, he is 8th in line to the throne of Monaco.

Stefano is for Pierre’s late father

Ercole is the Italian version of Hercules and is for Ercole, Lord of Monaco and father of Honoré II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco.

Carlo is a family name on the Borromeo side

MOLTO BENE - photography: Dario Fusaro - text: Sam Cochran - AD July 2017

“Situated in scenic Lake Maggiore, the Italian Islands of Isola Madre and Isola Bella can count Gustave Flaubert, Edith Wharton, and Napoléon Bonaparte among their historic admirers. Is it any wonder why? Tended by the Borromeo family since the 16th century, both private islands are fanstasie of flora - Isola Madre and English-style stunner full of rare plants; Isola Bella a Baroque beauty with 10 tiered terraces and a menagerie of statues.“

Royal Family July 2017 Photo Challenge

[13/31] - Favourite Look(s) of Evening Wear worn by a FEMALE Royal

I love ballgowns in any shape and form so this could have gone on forever. Instead, I decided to pick my favourite evening outfits of my favourite female royals. Designers such as Self-Portrait, Elie Saab, Fadi El Khoury, YDE, and Felipe Varela, among others, are iconic and only elevated when paired with the faultless beauty of the women I have chosen. Letizia, Kate, Madde, and Max’s gowns here are particular favourites.

Royal Family July 2017 Photo Challenge

[06/31] - Favourite Photo(s) of Royal (Hair) Updos

There were so many hairstyles I could have chosen for today and I imagine I have forgotten even more than I know. I love it when royal ladies have their hair down - Kate’s hair is like mine, Madde’s is incredibly voluminous, Mette Marit’s hair frames her face like the sun, and seeing Victoria’s hair down is so rare it is worth a page of facts to itself. I have chosen a selection of royals from across the families (including Princess Ameerah, who I didn’t know existed before I made this), with updos ranging from the highly intricate, to the epitome of good tiara hair, to the few updos I could recreate in my own hair, if I had the time and patience.


Isola Bella

In the midst of one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, Maggiore, in a fantastic way “floats” pyramid Isola Bella with a magnificent palace, which was built in the XVII century, commissioned by Count Carlo Borromeo III for his wife Isabella d'Adda,with beauties and multistage terraced park. Architect was inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon idea. This unique hanging garden is full of exotic plants and exotic animals. And on the uppermost platform is a statue of a unicorn, a symbol of the Borromeo family.