the borely reports

Who's the Boss?

Party Poison smut ayeeee

Once again, the boys had left you behind in the deserted diner. The radio transmissions bored you, the traffic reports coming in sparse.

Ever since you joined the Killjoys, you were up at the top, leading above Party within a week, knowing your own strength, surviving life in the Zones for months on your own. Now Party decided to kick you down the ladder, constantly leaving you behind, always being the cheekiest motherfucker when they got back, excusing himself by saying he forgot you, always giving a wink as you fumed.

This time, you swore it would be different, you swore you’d stand up for yourself, yet when the 4 strolled in, drenched in sweat, you felt your nerve drop. Your confidence had wiped completely, and you allowed the disheveled men to stroll past you and sit at the counter, wiping sweat off their brow.

“Hey, y/n! Sorry, it was killer out there today.” Jet remarked as he passed by, seeing the dejected look on your face.

You simply watched, the men looking worn out and exhausted, life in the zones getting to them. God, they didn’t even bring back supplies, probably wasting all the gasoline without getting anymore… All because of that dickhead they called a leader.

You felt your body tremble, alive with fire at the thought. You breathed deeply before your eyes locked on your target, lips pursed, arms crossed, looking tough as ever.

“Party. We need to talk. In the other room. Now.” Your voice was smooth and hard like granite, the words creating a dead silence, shortly followed by Ghoul making various whip-cracking noises as Party rolled his eyes and moved from his seat. You roughly shoved him through the door to the back room, glancing back and shaking your head at your companions.

“Yeah?” Party sighed, slumping against the dirty wall, crammed only a few feet from the bare mattresses you kept. In the background you could hear one of the boys find music on the radio, blaring it at a high volume.

“Party, what makes you think you’re so fucking qualified to be a boss? What’s the deal ditching me here when you know damn well that I can survive longer on my own than you could?” Your voice was cold, dropping to a low tone you didn’t know you could achieve.

He licked over his thin, cracked lips and scrunched up the sleeves of his jacket, “Now listen, I know you’re pissed, but get this… I’m in charge.” He stated this so simply, casting a tight-lipped smile your way.

“Party, just because you wear the tightest goddamn pants, doesn’t make you a leader!” Your voice was heated, heart pounding like rapid gunfire, feeling it leap into your throat as Party clutched a strong hand to your neck, fingers curling around your throat.

His voice was quiet and low as he purred like an engine, “Y/n, we both know you’d be well dead without me, so don’t you ever… EVER say that to me again!” He was roaring by the time he finished, his fingers tightening in your skin, nearly choking you out.

Your breathing sped and slowly returned as he let you go, him smiling and winking before moving to get past you.

Unthinking, you shoved him backwards, knocking him down on the bed, moving atop him, pinning him down completely, nearly growling through your bared teeth,

“Don’t you dare ever leave me behind again. I’m the fucking boss now, do you hear me?!”

You barked down at him again, nearly panting, feeling his body suddenly tense up beneath you, springing up and pinning you down beneath him in complete surprise as you squealed.

“Aw Sugar, that’s not how it works.” He practically moaned into you in the most sensual of ways, dipping down to whisper in your ear, lightly running his tongue over the shell, kissing lightly on your neck below.

“I’m in charge, and you listen to me.” He whispered, light as a feather before pressing his body deeply against yours, his lips dragging themselves down your neck before working roughly, teeth moving to tease your sensitive skin every now and then.

“Party, what…? Oh god.” You moaned into his ear as his hips began to rock against yours, the friction between your jeans heating up as Party continued kissing all over your neck.

“Oh, Sugar, you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to see you like this.” He growled against your skin, vibrations sending themselves through your skin.

You cocked an eyebrow, seemingly questioning that he actually wanted to see you this way as he pulled his head back, his lips swollen and shiny from the sloppy trail of kisses.

Letting go of one of your arms, you felt his calloused hand glide over your cheek softly, feeling Party hum a soft ‘of course’ into your mouth as he kissed you roughly, holding your head firmly in place, his teeth nearly knocking against yours in the flurry.

You felt your muscles tense up as you rammed your body up against his, flipping him over once more, proud of your handiwork as his bold cherry hair spattered against the bare material.

You saw his eyes darken, the hazel now clouded beyond recognition, a more sinister entity taking its place. You felt Party’s hand slip free in the weak moment of your triumph. A stinging sensation formed across your face as you were moved on your back, wide eyes staring up at the Killjoy, who was now smirking, a hand at the button of your pants.

“Party… Party please…” You whimpered, feeling the button pop open and hearing the slow drag of the zipper as it came undone. His hand then moved back to your arms, clasped above your head.

“You gonna be good for me, Princess?” He breathed, sending a devilish smirk your way. Nodding profusely, you watched greedily as Party stood up, taking off his jacket and excuse for a shirt, tossing the jacket to the side.

“Just in case you get ideas…” He grinned, binding your wrists together with the muscle tee, strained above your head.

Wiggling your hips, you watched eagerly as Party groped at the tight material of your pants, yanking them quickly to your ankles, dragging them off- followed by your underwear, your legs crossing themselves to cover up your most sensitive place in response.

“Oh, Princess, you swore you’d be good.” He smirked, his hands prying your thighs apart, his hair bright like fire between your legs, hot breath teasing you.

“That’s muuuuch better, Sweetheart.” He cooed, hands moving and harshly pinning down your hips at both sides, planting kisses up and down your inner thighs.

You found yourself whimpering in response, completely submitting to every one of Party’s motions, an extremely loud moan somehow slipping from you as his tongue finally met your clit, wiggling back and forth, up and down, pressure building up as you felt your hips attempt to reach up, a failed attempt to gain more pressure.

You felt three of Party’s fingers shoot up inside you as his tongue flicked at your clit, a scream tearing from your body, panting as he worked, cursing his name.

He pulled his mouth away, lips absolutely glossy as he smirked, watching you come undone as he curled his fingers inside of you, one hand still holding down your wild hips, which were grinding themselves down on his fingers as you moaned, hair becoming a mess as you began to sweat a bit, strands clinging to your face. You felt yourself hit your climax shortly after Party again added his tongue to the mix of stimulants, throwing you completely over the edge.

“Oh, Fuck! Party- oh… Shit.” You moaned, your inner walls becoming uncontrollable as he continued to work himself inside you, tongue lapping strategically around his fingers to clean up any and all of your juices.

He surfaced with a completely glistening mouth, lips parted just a bit, the sight nearly bringing you another wave of intense pleasure.

Relishing in the moment, feeling your strength regain, you didn’t notice Party undressing at the foot of the bed until he was completely nude, the lean, muscular build of his body propped up on his elbows atop you.

“Sugar… I think the shirt’s a bit much for the situation at hand, don’t you?” He breathed, leaning down to pepper kisses on your cheeks and neck, smiling into the crook of your neck as he felt you nod a yes.

Resting on his knees, you felt his arms slip around you, pulling you up to a sitting position, feeling him release you from your bonds, his fingers slipping to the hem of your worn tee, rolling it over your head, fingers gliding over the newly exposed skin on your stomach, slipping to the back and reaching to the clasp of your bra, making deep kisses on your neck as he slowly slipped the garment off, gliding the straps down your arms, bruising your skin as he picked the bra up and whipped it away, laying you back down and re-tying his shirt to your wrists.

“Party… Party- we can’t.” You managed to croak out, feeling his teeth dig in your skin, a blushing bruise forming at the surface as he kissed over it.

“Babygirl, that’s not an option at this point.” He chuckled darkly into your soft skin.

“Party, the guys… They’ll-”

“Screw the guys. You’re mine and by the time we’re done here, they’ll know it.” He panted, his possessiveness strangely turning you on.

His teeth were once again nipping at the sensitive skin on your neck, prompting you to release small moans, shuddering under his touches.

“Party, c-c'mon… We can’t-” You squealed the last syllable, releasing a guttural moan as you felt him ram into you, your legs twitching, hips bucking in response, your eyes squeezing shut.

“Honey, don’t hold back, I wanna hear you screaming my name by the time we’re done.” He groaned, moving inside of you slowly. You struggled against the bond of Party’s shirt to your wrists, breathing becoming labored as you could feel him brush past your g-spot.

“Sugar, you’re so fucking tight, so fucking good.” Party purred, the cherry red hair falling into his eyes as he moved, his hips picking up pace, the force growing harder and he left stray kisses on your chest, his mouth roaming on your hot skin.

“Oh, shit…” You moaned softly, sweat beginning to break out on the both of you, feeling him hit harder inside of you, your hips tensing in response, another small curse falling under your breath.

“Louder, Honey.” He grunted, picking up the pace slightly, your hands straining to be free so you could just touch him, rake your nails into him… Instead, you simply let out another soft moan, much to Party’s dissatisfaction.

“I said, louder.” He whispered harshly, balancing himself on one arm as his pace became more intense, his hand connecting with your skin in a hard slap to the face, his fingers moving to your throat once again, the small amount of pressure intensifying your pleasure tenfold.

“Oh…. SHIT!” You cried out, a particularly hard thrust delivering it’s way deep inside of you.

“Who’s the boss, baby?” He whispered cooly, hips snapping into you at a completely mind-blowing pace.

“You-u-u, Party!” You whined, the pressure inside of you becoming nearly unbearable, begging for release.

“WHO IS IT?!” He barked, his hot breath against your skin, the sounds of the squeaky mattress and your skin together overpowering any sounds in the other room by far.

“Oh, fuck… IT’S YOU, PARTY, IT’S YOU!” You yelled out, finally feeling his thrusts angle themselves better to hit your most sensitive spot. You came screaming, swearing Party’s name, knowing the guys would hear as you felt Party pull out quickly after you hit your release, watching him with lustfully glazed eyes as he touched himself, jacking off at a rapid pace before finishing on your lower stomach, the hot sticky liquid nearly feeling the same as your sweat-soaked skin.

Your eyelids fluttered shut after that, completely exhausted from your encounter, laying there for who knows how long, feeling yourself cool down in the dampness of your own sweat beneath you, swallowing hard and mentally adjusting to your situation, your hands still tied as you felt Party at the very front of your neck kissing and licking, leaving multiple hickies before you felt him slip the shirt from your wrists- you too hazy to even move, eyes closed in complete bliss, even when you felt Party clean up the mess he made on your skin.

You could hear the door swing, eyes slowly opening only to realize that Party had left.

Uncaring, you rolled over, bringing your hands down from above your head and getting up, re-dressing and running a few fingers through your hair, waltzing through the doors to see the 4 Killjoys huddled in a circle.

Hearing the squeak of the hinge, they all turned to look at you, taking in the sight of your sweaty hair, a few strands still sticking to your somewhat flushed face. You could see eyes open wide and jaws drop slightly as they took in the sight of you- shirt on inside out, deep purple marks coating your neck.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” You rolled your eyes, striding over to them. “However, if you really want to take a picture, it should be of the real boss here.” You smirked giggling a bit as you sauntered up next to Party, extending a hand.

“You win.”

Okay, it’s dream synopsis time. This one is too fucking weird not to share with you guys. 

I was with my sisters and my oldest friend on a road trip and we got invited to Alex’s house for Miles’ birthday party……?!? But Alex’s house was actually on a farm? And we drove there with Miles and there were cucumbers hanging from the trees as decoration. Miles was cracking up. He loved it because it was apparently some inside joke. His hair was all soft like it was in the most recent photos of him shopping with Lana. Cam was there performing on a little stage and they had it broadcast on all these TVs like a honky tonk bar. I don’t remember what happened next other than I was drinking something clear with a lot of limes, like too many for a glass (but I also love limes a lot and I eat everyone’s from their drinks when I go out so). I don’t remember what happened next, but then I woke up with crazy bedhead and just a t-shirt in the dream, and I stumbled to my friend’s room where my sister was staying too and they were like “Yeah we stayed up all night partying with everyone what happened to you? You disappeared.” My head felt all fuzzy from the drinks and I shrugged, but I had this vintage ringer tee on with the old Batman logo on it, and I kept pulling it down because it was all I was wearing. And I said “I don’t remember… I think I passed out” and then someone was like, “Don’t wear that shirt around Alex… your boobs are huge in it!” And they WERE and they’re definitely not in real life hahaha. Anyways I don’t remember seeing Alex in person, but I could hear his voice and his laugh, but I know I was with him at some point in the night. I know I hung out with Cam and Miles and they were so cool and really funny and silly. And Cam draped his arm around my shoulders while he told these elaborate stories. And then my friend warned me not to go talk to someone, I forget who it was, but she told me they were so awful and mean and then I woke up. 

What. The. Fuck. 

as homework, i had to watch ‘a few good men’ and write a critique about it and hooo boy i’m so salty and negative nobody would watch it after my writing lmao

anonymous asked:

Lauren, you were in my dream last night! (Don't hate me) Alex and I were there together, but you and Cam were married (!!!) and we were visiting. You were like the responsible couple looking after us two children tbh. We wandered into the massive kitchen in the morning and you two were being very good hosts, cooking breakfast. Cameron had a beard and was just in jeans, and you whispered to me that you hide his shirts. I said, I would do that with Alex's lol

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS IN YOUR DREAM???? AND I WAS MARRIED TO CAM?????? ALSO I WAS COOKING???? I hope I didn’t accidentally poison your food and that Cam was doing most of the cooking because that is certainly not my strong suit, I can assure you. But I’m loving this. It’s okay, I don’t mind that you’re with Alex. Cam and I have a massive kitchen, and he has a beard (yessssssssss) and he was wearing JUST jeans. And I hide his shirts. Omg dream me is a genius. 

This is my favorite thing right now. I love you, thank you for dreaming this and then sharing it with me!!! xx

Let’s just look at Cam cooking again:

And hopefully Alex looked sleepy like this:

The Flash  Sentence Starters
  • “ A friend recently gave me the idea for a new name “ 
  • “ Every time I falter, the thought of you is what picks me up or keeps me going. “
  • “We only break the rules to save people.”
  • “the least you can do is give me a badass alias.”
  • “Thanks for not saying I told you so.”
  • “You’ve got to get yourself a girlfriend/boyfriend.”
  • “You’re doing that thing when you’re not speaking English.”
  • “Interesting… A man of steel.”
  • “ There goes your hero.“
  • “You scared the hell out of us, kid. “
  • “ I think I can say, unequivocally, you are one of a kind. “
  • “  I’m so proud to be your son/daughter.“
  • “ Something tell s me you didn’t just run 600 miles to say “hi” to a friend.  “
  • “My day job beckons. “
  • “ I’m bored. I blame you.  “
  • “ Reporters have none of the fun. Journalism is boring.“
  • “You’re not bullet proof… Wait, are you? “
  • “ Don’t look at me, I’m on your side.  “
  • “I am an army. “
  • “ I’m going full nerd again, aren’t I?“
  • “ Rescuing you is exhausting.“
  • “I’ll just be outside… looking into the witness protection program. “
  • “ Your shoes are smoking!  “
  • “  I’m really good at keeping secrets. “
  • “ I’m your partner, not your assistant.“
  • “ What is wrong with us? We are perfectly perfect for each other.“
  • “ You want to end up like that door?“
  • “  I’ve seen first hand what this life can do to people. It’s a lonely path, don’t make it any lonelier than it has to be. “
  • “Powerful men have a way of avoiding consequences. “

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Is MIVic still fused? What's up with that? Is Mini alright?

(( MIVic just escaped @fox-features-syndicate-official‘s fire attack with some mild burns and after some thought, MIV let them unfuse without explanation.  He seems to be a touch melancholy at the moment.  I guess he’s gotten bored. ~ Magpie mun reporting in ))

The Weasley twins are the best.

Seriously, I just love that JK Rowling depicted a set of characters who are ambitious and intelligent but who don’t do well in school.

You’ve got Percy who becomes a prefect, Head Boy, and gets twelve O.W.L.s but he ends up being loyal to his job and blinding himself to the truth as well as shutting out those he loves. We see no evidence of brilliant spellwork from Percy, just boring cauldron bottom reports and lots of passive aggression.

And then there’s Fred and George who, from the first book, show an aptitude for fun and mischief but clearly prove that they have above average intelligence but put it to work doing what they love. They leave school early to pursue their dream and their brilliance pays off big time. They wind up making a real difference in the terror-stricken world of book 6 because they bring smiles to people’s faces when everything looks grim.

The Weasley twins are proof that grades don’t make intelligence. It’s a message you don’t see much in books and their inclusion in Harry Potter, even if it’s just on the side, is really important. It goes to show that you can be successful, smart, and popular without doing well in school.

I’m doing the first assessment in my academic life that I’ve hated and I’m really struggling to get it finished/meet the minimum word requirement. It’s just such a boring report and I’m really not into it, I’m never usually like this when it comes to assessments and I can usually find some part of it that interests me but this is just an utter snoozefest. And it’s worth 60% of my grade :(

      It had been awhile since Tsunemori and Mika had had their tough conversation in the elevator. Despite the feeling of superiority she had gotten from the meeting, the next few days had brought with it a strange decline in mood, and she had done everything in her power to avoid the other unless it was ultimately necessary. Work came first. After that, she’d make sure there was a buffer of enforcers between them, or she had something to do to avoid being trapped alone with her again.

      She had taken to being more careful about remembering breakfast and lunches at least, had been taking care to sleep a proper amount. Anything to keep Akane from having anything to comment on. Anything that kept them from having to continue their conversation. And with the newness of the conversation gone, she felt the need to apologize wither away as well.

      Today she was gratefully alone, finishing some fresh, boring report she needed to file, glad for the solidtude of the office, already planning out her night to herself. It was almost time to go, at least.
Okinawa governor blocks controversial US marine base

Okinawa governor Takeshi Onaga instructed Japan’s defence ministry to suspend work after local officials found builders had damaged coral reefs. Photograph: Hitoshi Maeshiro/EPA 

The governor of a southern Japanese island, home to tens of thousands of American troops, has triggered a potentially bitter confrontation with Tokyo and Washington after he ordered a halt to the construction of a controversial US marine base.

Takeshi Onaga, who was elected governor of Okinawa last December on the back of vowing to block construction of the base, instructed Japan’s defence ministry to suspend work at the site after local officials found builders had damaged coral reefs when they laid concrete blocks to help conduct underwater boring surveys.

He told reporters that unless the Okinawa defence bureau, which is overseeing construction, did not halt work immediately, authorities would revoke its drilling permit within days.

 The ultimatum raises the possibility of a drawn-out legal battle over an issue that has divided Tokyo and local leaders, and soured relations between Japan and the US.

The anti-base lobby believes that without the drilling permits, construction workers will be unable to carry out surveys needed before land can be reclaimed for the base’s runway.

Monday’s escalation in the dispute poses a diplomatic headache for the prime minister, Shinzo Abe, who supports construction of the new base.

US defence officials say the new base, which is expected to cost at least $8.6bn (£5.8bn), is an essential part of the White House’s strategic “pivot” towards the Asia-Pacific, amid rising concern over Chinese military spending and North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme. []

  • Samson: Doesn't it bother you?
  • Desya Lavellan: Mm, lethallin, I'm exhausted. You need to be a little more specific.
  • Samson: I'm...I'm too old for you, Lavellan.
  • Desya Lavellan: I'll be the judge of that.
  • Samson: Some people could mistake me for your father. Some people have. I'm nearly twice your age. None of this bothers you?
  • Desya Lavellan: Lethallin, you know how I feel about you, right?
  • Samson: I'm reminded of that often.
  • Desya Lavellan: And we still have a slew of dreadfully boring reports and meetings and fate-of-the-world missions to tend to.
  • Samson: Of which I'm reminded of daily by my subordinate.
  • Desya Lavellan: Ma vhenan, your age is the least of my concerns. Besides, I adore the little white hairs I find every morning in our bed.
  • Samson: Oho! You play a dangerous game here, Inquisitor. Looks like this old wolf may have to teach the insolent pup some respect.
  • Desya Lavellan: Is that a punishment or a proposition?
  • Samson: You'd enjoy it either way.