the bordello

i tried to listen to songs that don’t remind me of him - here

boston - augustana

johnny and mary - placebo

love me like im not made of stone - lykke li

dance with me - nouvelle vague

ooh la - the koooks

losing my religion - R.E.M.

californication - rhcp

racing like a pro - the national

trying your luck - the strokes

feels like we only go backwards - tame impala

bathwater - no doubt

go slowly - radiohead

disorder - joy divison

through the roof and underground - gogol bordello

apartment - young the giant

deaths song - city and colour

fleetwood mac - dream

in the city - murray james

bad moon rising (cover) - the killers

So in addition to my other duties at my new job, I’m a general errand runner.  I announced today that I would be heading out to get a few chores done.  Immediately I was bombarded by requests from all sides.  Most were reasonable.  Taking packages to the post office, purchasing various supplies, recycling used ink cartridges, etc.

But then I was tasked with buying several dozen pillows.

This is what my car looks like stuffed with about 30 pillows (not pictured is all the pillows in the trunk, which was full to near bursting).

There were lots of questions from curious onlookers.  Here, in no particular order, are the various reasons I gave for purchasing a plentiful plethora of pillows:

“Because my queen demands it!”

“Best. Pillow fort.  Ever.”

“I’m opening up the cheapest and comfiest bordello this side of the Mississippi.”

*shifty eyes* “For research.”

“I’m just supplying my emergency bunker so I’ll be ready for the apocalypse.”

“*incredulous look* “You don’t have this many pillows?”

Immigraniada Pop-Culture Spell

A spell for immigrants to feel welcome in their new home


    • A map of your homeland
    • A map of where you live now
    • A white candle
    • *Soil
    • *A pot
    • **Lavender plant start

    Gather your items and place a small amount of soil in the bottom of the pot. Light candle and use to burn map of your homeland then burn map of your new home. Place ashes in pot, add a bit more soil and stir deosil. Place start on pot. Do this all while chanting Immigrada Immigraniada and imagining everyone in your town being friendly and welcoming to you and your culture. Place plant near entrance of your home

    *if you don’t have your own yard, use pot

    **If you don’t think you can maintain a plant, bury ashes in area near or on your property

    If you’ve lived many countries, you can modify it to suit your needs

    I am a Wanderlust King! I stay on the run. Let me out! Let me be gone!

    - Wonderlust King by Gogol Bordello 

    Drunk old men dancing together.