the boondock saints*

Drabble Request List So Far

Damn y'all are quick!

Harley Quinn x reader with smut Fast and Furious @bulletscrossbowpie

Margot Robbie x reader smut with WWE @joafinnbella

Misha Collins x reader with Code Black just fluff @totallypaletrash

Castiel x reader and End of Days smut @niciwinchester

Castiel x reader the Omen Smut @totallypaletrash

Daryl Dixon x Dean Winchester supernatural @totallypaletrash

Norman Reedus x reader SOA smut @fanficdaryldixon

Negan x reader suicide squad smut @kittydickson

John x reader with Boondock Saints @nothin-after-79

Crowley x reader with Dirty Dancing! @nothin-after-79

Jensen Ackles x reader with 50 shades of grey smut @deanjensengirlmaggie

Dean Winchester x Buffy with Buffy the Vampire Slayer smut @niciwinchester

Maggie Rhee x Sam Winchester and Supernatural smut @deanjensengirlmaggie

Lauren Cohan x Alex Karev with Grey’s Anatomy @maggieglenndaryl

Can I have a JDM x reader smut with the haunted @reedusmorgan

A Sammy x reader with the walking dead smut @samgirlcarmen

A Jared Padalecki x reader with what to expect when your expecting fluff @samgirlcarmen

Negan x reader with Criminal Minds - AU @nrjdmgirl

Jensen Ackles x reader fluff with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows @sgarrett49

Crowley x reader smut with Silent Hill @roxy-davenport

Can we talk about this moment?
How Daryl’s loyalty is just screaming from this scene. The devotion to his group. He is willing to give his blood in order to save what’s left of his family. Remember, he just thought everyone was dead after prison. Seeing Rick, Michonne… just imagine.
Daryl just went full Christ mode, willing to sacrifice himself to redeem the sins of people he loved. 

These wings on his vest are not only for sheer aesthetic effect, I tell you. 

Daryl Dixon is a saint. An angel. He will go down, sacrificing himself for what he loves.

(Edit: thanks people for such enormous reactions on my post. Note that the gif is from @hypernovadust ;) Love ya, guys. Fight the dead!)
St Patrick's Day coming soon and I know what I'll be watching

Boondock Saints

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