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When I was properly diagnosed with ADHD last year, I found this wonderful book on adult ADHD written by two women with ADHD, and my gosh this thing has been a total gem. It’s taken me a while to get through it (I’m still not done), less because it’s boring (it’s actually a fun read and THEY BREAK UP THE TEXT ON THE PAGES PROPERLY. NO GIANT WALLS HERE. MY ADHD HEART WEEPS) and more because I’m so easily distractable that it’s a wonder I’m able to read anything longer than a takeout menu.

Anyways, it’s because of this book that I’ve discovered that I am woefully understimulated. Yeah. Someone with ADHD?? Aren’t they supposed to be overstimulated hyperactive cartoon characters all the time??? The answer is NOPE, y'all! Many people with ADHD, particularly people like me that were not diagnosed until adulthood, had to find ways to cope on their own. Quite a few of these coping mechanisms end up being malaptive – meaning they work in the short term, but in the long term do quite a bit of damage – and one such maladaptive coping mechanism is to severely limit yourself on things that you do.

Where some people with ADHD immediately want to do ALL the things to prove that they can, others will do as little as possible, out of fear that they’ll make a mistake or become too distracted. But this is just as bad as doing too much, especially for people with ADHD! It can lead to chronic fatigue, lathargy, and even depression. Understimulation is the god of boredom, and boredom is the god of death for peeps with ADHD.

Boredom is dangerous for anyone, but when you have ADHD? It becomes *literally* painful for you. Peeps with ADHD need stimulation to function; just not too much or stress will shut you down completely while also convincing you that you’re useless and worthless for caving in to circumstances that those without ADHD fly through with ease.

There’s nothing wrong with you. Your brain is just wired differently. You can achieve just as much, if not more, as people without ADHD. It’s just a matter of knowing *how*, since society tends to love throwing everyone under one criteria and assuming that if you can’t do X or don’t behave like Y, you must be an idiot or just plain wrong. It’s dumb af. Nobody is exactly the same, and shouldn’t be judged as such.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to know this. Do you know how long I questioned whether or not I had ADHD simply because I don’t display the stereotypical symptom of MUST DO ALL THE THINGS LOOK AT MY ADHD SQUIRREL BRAIN (at least, not always)? The answer is a long-ass fucking time, dudes, but now I know and now YOU guys know, too. The more you know.

(Btdubs, the books is ‘You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!’ by Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramudo. Even if you don’t have ADHD, I highly recommend it. It’s always good to be aware of these things, you never know who you might be able to help down the line with the knowledge)

It’s funny what kind of details you can miss from previous episodes of Sonic Boom (especially since most of season 2 didn’t air in HD at first.) I just now noticed in the episode “Three Minutes Or Less”, how Amy was wearing a referee whistle, when Sonic and Knuckles were rough housing. Easy to miss, yet still a funny little detail. 

Telling my mom a cool dinosaur fact led to a fifteen minute lecture on how I apparently don’t read enough nonfiction books and that’s how my mom and dad “know most of what they know”.

Uhhh, not to be correct or anything, but I literally just told you a scientific fact… nonfiction, if you will… and also… books that were scientifically correct when you were growing up aren’t necessarily correct now… like, I don’t know, all those on medicine and diseases and STDs and AIDS and mental illnesses and also DINOSAURS.

Then she went on to talk about my brothers and I aren’t reading books because we “never get bored” and I’m like, “I LITERALLY JUST WENT TO THE LIBRARY AND GOT NEW BOOKS TO READ WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT????”

So uhhhhh yeah.

anonymous asked:

Do you have an idea (or a fic) about how tiny Knuckles exactly got abandoned on Angel island?

What do you mean by “tiny Knuckles”? Do you mean younger Knuckles, or that one AU I did with a friend where he was tiny? Because if you’re talking about the latter, then he’s simply the last surviving resident of the island.

In my main fanon, however, it happened something like this: Knuckles (or “Nakkuru” as he was named at the time) was the outcast in his childhood village. He was a runt, and had some kind of learning disorder; his clan valued strength and intelligence above all else, so pretty much everyone, including his own parents, were really frustrated with him for not being able to keep up with his peers.

Eventually, his parents were so ashamed of him and fed up, that they left him for dead on the long abandoned home of their ancestors: Angel Island. Luckily, he survived long enough for Sonic and Tails to find him (and give him his new name), and that’s when his life finally changed for the better–and all of his memories from before then became repressed.

As for what happened to the rest of his clan, nobody knows. They just…vanished mysteriously. And they were the only surviving echidna clan left, so as far as anyone knows, Knuckles is now the last of the echidnas.

(Poor, poor Knuckles…💔)

How to tell who wrote the musical you’re listening to

*moody guitar riff*: Jonathan Larson

colloquial angst: Joe Iconis

the most vulgar baroque opera you’ve ever heard: William Finn

unhummable: Sondheim

hella hummable: Rodgers and Hammerstein

*soaring melody* *same soaring melody repeated 100 times but you cry anyway*: Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg

where have I heard this before?: Andrew Lloyd Webber

everyone is singing their own thing and you can’t possibly sing along anymore: Lin-Manuel Miranda

*key change*: Pasek and Paul

what the actual fuck: Robert Lopez