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“He joined in her laughter as he staggered backward, and wrapped his arms around her waist, lifting her up and spinning her through the air. The colours of the clearing swirled, green and gold and blue all blurring until there was nothing in the world but Bellamy’s smile, lighting up his eyes.”

In Defense of Bopal

This essay was written with the input of korrastorian

Even though Bolin and Opal are not as contentious of an endgame pairing in the LoK fandom as Korra and Asami, I do see a fair amount of criticism aimed at Bopal. The most common criticism is that Opal did not treat Bolin well: that she was too hard on/unfair to him in Book 4, or that she’s too controlling. Some other criticisms are that he had more chemistry with either Eska or Korra (I’ve never seen it argued for Ginger, thankfully), or conversely that Bolin doesn’t bring anything to the table for Opal.

It’s certainly not going to be the most compelling ship to everyone, but in my opinion, Bolin and Opal are as perfect for each other as Korra and Asami. They both push each other in ways that’s needed for their personalities, and at the end of the day are quite clearly caring and protective of one another.

I actually had originally intended to make this a light-hearted analysis, but there’s something that makes me a little uncomfortable about the charges levied against the ship. They just seem to be largely guided a bit by the mentality that Bolin deserves the affection of women or that Opal should go easier on him because he’s “a good guy.” And…that’s sexist. Look, we love Bolin. He’s kind of the best. But he also messes up, quite a bit actually. The fact that Opal directly challenges this and doesn’t automatically swoon into his arms the second he finally realizes the error of his ways is a very positive thing. It’s also fairly transgressive in terms of how romantic arcs with the “doofy, lovable guy” are normally portrayed.

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“I should be the one to take her out to the bookstore since she and I both share an interest in reading.” Sam huffed.

Dean rolled his eyes and groaned. “So what? I like to read too.”

“Yea? What was the last book you read?” Sam chuckled.

Dean opened his mouth but no words came out. He just shrugged his shoulders. “Shut up. I’m going to take her and then after I’m going to ask her out on a real date.” He smiled.

“No, I was going to do that.” Sam grunted.

“Ok first one make it to her room gets to ask her out!” Dean yelped as he pushed his brother down and ran the hall. They were both stopped as castiel popped in.

“What do you two think you’re doing?” He croaked. “How many times do I have to tell you guys to stay away from my sister?”


It was Free Comic Book Day yesterday and I was too busy to post this, but here goes anyway! Since you guys like free comics, I thought I’d just let you know (or remind you!) that I have two free webcomics running right now, one of which is my journal comic Boumeries! I’ve been doing it for more than four years, and I can’t lie that the subject matters have changed over time and it’s become a comic about being a parent more than anything else… but man, I’m sorry, but kids are freaking hilarious and mine has made my comic much funnier than it ever was before.

So if you like slice-of-life and gag comics, you should definitely check this one out! It’s free! Please pass this around!

i accidentally left a little booklet i made for a friend’s birthday in between the pages of some book we had to read in school once, so whoever got that copy next is very lucky. it was some doodles about the things you’re able to do when you’re 18, and i think i drew a box of dildos on one of the pages.

BookCon! (and chance to get the new book WAY in advance...)

At the end of May, I’m going to be at Day of Dialogue, BEA and BookCon in New York.  The first is for librarians, the second for booksellers (so if you’re either of those, welcome! check out my panels and signings!) but BookCon is for the public!  You have to buy a ticket, but there’s a billion authors and chances of cool things.

For example, on 30 May, I’ll be signing at the Candlewick Booth from 11.30-12.30, and we’ll be giving away a free copy of either Knife or A Monster Calls (while supplies last so come early) for you to have signed (and I’ll sign another book you bring, too, but they’ve limited me to two for time’s sake!).

Then - ready for this? - at 3.30, I’m on a panel with Lauren Oliver, Ellen Hopkins and Jason Reynolds.  I’ll be signing after …and the first few people who come to the panel and line up for the signing (you gotta do both, we’ll have an evil codeword or something) will get a free advance reader copy of The Rest of Us Just Live Here.  I know.  Supplies VERY limited, so start strategizing… ;-) 

I’ll also be signing other books you bring there, too.  I mean, I’m not a monster.

Either way, LOTS of authors to meet, lots of books to hear about, a great big bookstore, all kinds of great stuff.  Come along.

pretendthisnameiscool asked: Could you recommend books about kids who hate high school? Thanks!

Haha, this question made me laugh! I’m assuming you may be disliking it at the moment? The books below are ones that I remember the characters in the book not being thrilled to be in school….but I don’t know if they absolutely hated it or not. I’m sure other people will have some ideas too!

1. Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future by A.S. King

2. Will Grayson, Will Grayson by David Levithan and John Green

3. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews

4. Looking for Alaska by John Green- I think his other ones had books where they didn’t like it too! 

Thanks for the question! Happy reading! :)

Anyone know of other books where the characters disliked high school?

Dr. Dancakes is a local St. Louis artist whose medium is delicious pancake batter! He tints it with different levels of cocoa powder and works with food coloring too. He was at a Free Comic Book Day event yesterday taking requests and made this awesome Courage the Cowardly Dog for me! He’ll be a special guest at Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis this year if you want to see his work in person, it’s so much fun to watch. 

Let’s (-아/어/여요)

Sometimes when you want to do things with other people, you will say things like “let’s go”, “let’s do it”, or “let’s start”

There are a few different ways to say “let’s” in Korean:

  1. -아/어/여요 (polite/plain)
  2. -(으)시죠 (honorific)
  3. -자 (informal)
  4. -(으)ㄹ 래요 (polite/casual)
  5. -(ㅇ) 실래요 (polite/formal)


시작하다 = to start, to begin

  1. 시작해요 = let’s start (plain)
  2. 시작하시죠 = let’s start (honorific)
  3. 시작하자 = let’s start (informal)
  4. 시작할래요? = shall we start? (polite/casual)
  5. 시작하실래요 = shall we start? (polite/formal)

But the most frequently used one is #1, -아/어/여요


1. 저도 사점에 갈 거예요. 같이 가요!
   = I’m going to the book store too. Let’s go together!

2. 배 안 고파요? 우리 햄버거 먹어요
   = Aren’t you hungry? Let’s eat hamburgers

3. 지금 두 시예요. 세 시에 여기에서 만나요
   = It’s two o’clock now. Lets meet here at three o’clock.

4. 저 금요일까지 바빠요. 토요일에 시작해요. 어때요?
   = I’ll be busy until Friday. Let’s start on Saturday. How about that?

5. 다른 데 가요. 여기 안 좋은 것 같아요
   = Let’s go somewhere else. I think this place is not so good.

This is my son.

He likes sending marbles down car tracks; plastic helicopters that play songs and pull by a string; stuffed animals and blocks; sliding on slides and jumping off of everything. He like superheros too. He likes them in books and in cartoons and as toys. But guess what? A two hour live action movie that he’s never heard of doesn’t really interest him. And begging him to come watch a trailer that he also isn’t interested in while he is playing with his helicopter which he IS very interested in isn’t making it any more appealing.

This is what I was thinking as my husband tried desperately for 20 minutes to get our not even 3 year old son excited about going to see The Avengers with him today. Finally he gave up. Sometimes I feel like he is in such a rush for Billy to be interested in things HE is interested in rather than taking the time to do things with Billy that Billy wants to do. It can be extremely frustrating to watch, but I am letting my guys work out their relationship on their own. I will say, he does have his own special thing with Billy, and it is a good thing (most of the time), but sometimes I can’t help but want to butt my nose in and yell, “YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!” Sigh.

My husband is going to see the movie by himself this evening, rather than just passing on it like the majority of other parents of 3 year olds are probably doing. It’s cutting a pretty big dent into our collective quality family time this weekend. I’m allowing it because frankly I’m allowing a lot of things these days because I have 2 long child free weekends on my own coming up in the next few months which will surely make up for all these little bits of responsibility I am letting him shirk.

Give and take, right? Give and take.