the book the hunger games gets compared too

Divergent Movie Rant

OMFG I JUST WATCHED THE DIVERGENT MOVIE AND I CAN’T EVEN. I AM SO EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE RIGHT NOW IT’S NOT EVEN OKAY. I USUALLY NEVER FREAK OUT OVER ANYTHING BUT THIS IS WORTH FREAKING OUT ABOUT. THEY CHANGED UP THE ORDER OF ALL THE SCENES AND THEY TOOK OUT MY FAVORITE PARTS. LIKE WHEN TRIS IS ABOUT TO FALL OF THE FERRIS WHEEL. AND WHEN SHE’S IN FOUR’S LANDSCAPE HE FEELS HER HEART BEAT AND ASKS HER WHY IT IS BEATING SO FAST. AND THEY TOOK OUT THE WHERE SHE DEFENDS TOBIAS FROM MARCUS. AND THE CHASM KISS!!!!!!! IN THE BOOK SHE WAS LITERALLY UNCONSCIOUS AFTER BEING ATTACKED BUT IN THE MOVIE SHE’S COMPLETELY FINE. AND THEY DIDN’T PUT “ARE YOU ASKING ME TO UNDRESS, TRIS?” “THEY TOUCHED ME” ” THAT’S MY GIRL, TOUGH AS COTTON BALLS”I WOULD ONLY GO IF THERE WAS CAKE” “MAYBE BECAUSE YOURE SO APPROACHABLE LIKE A BED OR NAIL” and “I WAS ALMOST SHOT YOU, WHY DIDN’T YOU SHOOT ME? I COULDN’T DO THAT. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE SHOOTING MYSELF” ” THE CHASM REMINDS US THEIR IS A FINE LINE BETWEEN BRAVERY AND IDIOCY”YOU LOOK TOUGH AS NAILS” “I HAVE A THEORY THAT SELFLESSNESS AND BRAVERY ARENT ALL THAT DIFFERENT. “THEN EVERYONE CAN CALL YOU SIX. FOUR AND SIX” “I MIGHT BE IN LOVE WITH YOU” “I DONT GET IT IM YOUNGER IM NOT PRETTY. “YOURE BRAVE, YOURE DEADLY SMART, AND EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW ABOUT MARCUS YOU ARENT LOOKING AT ME LIKE A KICKED PUPPY “I AM SELFISH, I AM BRAVE.” “YOU LOOK GOOD TRIS” “BEING FEARLESS ISNT THE POINT. THATS IMPOSSIBLE. ITS LEARNING HOW TO CONTROL YOUR FEAR AND HOW TO BE FREE FROM IT. ” ” A BRAVE MAN ACKNOWLEDGES THE STRENGTH OF OTHERS”and instead of saying Tobias to break him out of the simulation she calls him four. He didn’t even seem afraid of Marcus. Al never confessed that he liked Tris. There wasn’t enough Tris and Christina moments. They didn’t put the part where Christina tells Tris that Will kissed her. She never got reamed out in front of everyone and she never got interviewed by Eric. She was ranked number six and then number one. But in the movie she’s ranked 20. Jeanine is also there when Tobias is controlling the simulations. There is no “Fear God Alone” in Tobias’s room. In the fear landscape Marcus said Tobias name instead of Tris. And obviously there is no Uriah or Marlene or any of those people. And they don’t get a goodbye kiss when they are lead away. There is no visiting day. Edward never gets stabbed in the eye, Drew isn’t all messed up by Four. Tris never asked tori about her tattoo. She never runs into a faction less man. WHERE IS SUSAN AND ROBERT??? They never tear the clothes of her and she beats up Molly. Nobody falls from the jump from the train to the roof. Tris never comforts Al. Tris doesn’t help Will with the fear if heights and Four doesn’t get jealous. In the book Christina takes the flag instead of Tris and she gets mad at her. Never shoots a muffin off of Marlene’s head. Tris doesn’t get her abnegation tattoo. Tris is about to be executed by getting shot not water tank. JUST UGH. Don’t get me wrong I’m not hating at all just frustrated. I feel like if you didn’t read the book you wouldn’t understand the movie. There was no character development in the relationships. Tori seemed like so mean and so did Four. Ugh. There was too much technology and it had a hunger games futuristic feel which I didn’t like. There were a lot of initiates but in the book there are only 9 transfers and 11 dauntless born. OMG I NEED TO STOP COMPARING THE BOOK AND THE MOVIE. THIS IS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.