the book says how to not be a lazy artist

My Scorpio view of the signs:

Aries: my mental image of you is a tall buff man who is internally sweet and a total cutie

Taurus: when I think about you I think about how Scorpios are stereotypically drawn to you.

Gemini: people say you are two faced but honestly? Most geminis I know are laid back and video gaming dorks.

Cancer: too sweet and too pure; artistic af; adorable

Leo: you lazy mf. It doesn’t matter if you slept for 14 hours, you are still bloody tired and hungry. Flirty af. Perverted af.

Virgo: quiet; book nerd; too pretty for either gender

Libra: my second favorite sign. They are elegant, don’t take shit, badass. Total baes.

Scorpio: oh shit. My fave sign. One scorpio is bad, two scorpios? Shit they can rule the world. Usually secretive, ambitious, mysterious. Fucking perverts. Totally flirty. *wink wink*

Sagittarius: the dancing sign. Literally every Sagittarius that I know dances beautifully. Like damn. They take whatever they are good at and make it better.

Capricorn: my god you video game geek. Nonstop YouTube videos. Scrawny. Glasses. Didn’t find out you were my cousin until a year later.

Aquarius: honestly scary af. Like damn. I spoke to two Aquarius and they both wanted to kill a man. Like damn. Would probably hire them for an assassination. They just have that scary vibe

Pisces: lmao you guys are fun, mostly forgotten, tiny babies. Precious children. Too amazing for this world.