the book rat

Image: An exterior view of the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. (Adam Bettcher/ Getty Images)

You guys: The Mall of America is looking for a writer-in-residence. According to their website, they want “a special scribe” to “spend five days deeply immersed in the Mall atmosphere while writing on-the-fly impressions in their own words.”

“It sounds like the dream of a 1990s teenager,” say our friends at Minnesota Public Radio. “Or the nightmare of anyone who doesn’t love crowds and the ever-present scent of Cinnabon.”

If you’re one of those dreamers, the application period ends March 10. So, you know, get to work!



Turn and turn and turn again. 
You see the what but not the when.
Remedy and wrong entwine,
And so they form a single vine

So I’m watching the Redwall animated series (caught a few bits and pieces of the show growing up, never read the books).  I have to ask, though.  Any of my lovelies who read the books, are there any rat characters that are protagonists?

That was something that bothered me when it came to “mouse” books, was there EVER a rat character in the Redwall series that wasn’t evil or a lackey?

No book I’ve ever read is gonna beat City of the Rats.

Nothing will ever be better than a city that got so full of rats that the citizens just threw up their arms and said “Fuck it–we’re moving to a new city, calling it ‘No Rats’, and if I even so much as see something that looks like a rat I will kill whoever brought it near me”