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So I started reading the Jughead comics...

yeah they’ve been out for a while. Sue me.

But honestly???



me 100%???

Ouch, right in the personal experience!

Literally my reaction to anyone talking about romance ever…

But honestly, I have never related so much to a comic book character. And while I’ve definitely wondered whether I’m a late bloomer, or asexual, or just a freaking weirdo, this is something relatable. This is something I feel, all the time. And it’s here! In a comic book! Laid out just as normally as any other silly teenage comic!

some stuff that I love/think is neat in The Wizard of Oz book, that was left out of the movie/almost every re-make

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the 1939 movie cause it’s colorful and pretty, the songs are awesome, and it’s a hollywood classic. However, these are just some things that I loved in the book, but everyone ignores since they weren’t in the 1939 version. 


In the book she’s a very little girl, around 8-10, and I always liked that, and I’ll always see her as a little girl. Judy Garland was a really good Dorothy, but she was still a teenager. I know it was made over 70 years ago but I still think they should have cast Shirley Temple like they were planning. 

The witches:

In the original book, The good witch of the north, and Glinda the good with of the south, are two different characters. The witch of the north is the one who gives Dorothy the silver slippers, and all she knows is that they’re magic. It’s Glinda who comes in at the end and tells Dorothy she can use them to get home. It makes a whole lot more sense than Glinda knowing what they can do the whole time.(Also I really like Wicked and want to see it live eventually, but in my mind it’s basically it’s own thing)

Nick Chopper: 

The tin woodsman has a backstory! A really good one that ties in with the rest of the story. He used to be a regular man named Nick Chopper and he was engaged to a munchkin girl, but the lady who the girl worked for didn’t want her to get married. So she made a deal with the witch of the east and she enchanted his axe. His axe ended up cutting off each of his limbs but he was helped out by Ku-Klip the tinsmith and he kept replacing his limbs. Eventually the axe cut off everything and he became the tin woodsman. He was so upset that he didn’t have a heart anymore that he felt like he couldn’t love his fiancee without one. 

His backstory is really cool and (won’t apologize for the pun) heartbreaking. It’s lame to me that it’s never really used, and it’s a shame because it gives him motivation to want a heart again. 

The Kalidahs:

These are super horrifying beasts that live in the Kalidah forest, and they litteraly kill and eat anything they can. I see people adding in a lot of beasts and characters into Oz to make it more scary and grown up, and I don’t see why you’d do that but leave these guys out. The run in with them is how we learn that The Cowardly Lion has courage, because he crosses a log bridge to get away from them even though he’s scared. 

The Emerald City isn’t made of Emerald:

Okay so this is way easier to do in a book or black and white comic than it is to do in a movie or tv show. But, in the book before anyone can see inside the city, they need to put on green glasses so the brightness of the emeralds won’t “hurt their eyes”. Then at the end when we find out about the Wizard, they take the glasses off and they(and the audience) learns that like the Wizard, the whole city is a sham. It’s not made of emerald, it’s all just white and plain. That part of the book had a really great lesson to /litteraly/ not look at the world through rose colored glasses. It’s probably one of my favorite things that get left out. 

Ozma and Dorothy are gay as hell:

Lookit these lesbians. Bein lesbian… Ozma(a cannon trans girl btw) doesn’t come into the picture until later books, and it takes a few years for Dorothy to come back to Oz but lookit these 1900s gays in these official illustrations. 

Oh, and Dorothy and the gang get rescued from the poppy field by a gang of field mice this is their queen:

Anyway, I do like the movie, and I love the Muppets version since they got a lot from the books. I just wish there was an adaptation that used the cannon stuff that’s neat instead of trying waaaayyyy hard to not be the 1939 movie. But it seems like the adaptations are just adaptations of the movie and don’t take anything from the books. Cause L Frank Baum wrote 14 of them with trolls, wheelers, frankenstein monsters, princesses, endless deserts where if any part of you touches it you turn to sand, more witches, sky fairies, and most importantly lesbian princess girlfriends! 

Endless List of Favorite Characters: Dorian Havilliard (Throne of Glass Series)

“You gave me the truth today, so I’ll share mine: even if it meant us being friends again, I don’t think I would want to go back to how it was before — who I was before. And this… I think this is a good change, too. Don’t fear it”

Too many people forget their books once they’ve read them once. I’ve always wondered if the books, the characters, wind up missing you.

luluherondale  asked:

Hi, Cassie! I'm from Brazil and we love you so much here! Your books are very important for me. Well, I was wondering... the characters of TLH, the young ones, do they know each other? They act like a huge family or just... know each other names? It's a little weird: I badly know them, but I already love them. Kisses from Brazil!

The characters of The Last Hours are in general extremely close. Some are obviously closer than others (Matthew and James are parabatai, and they’re also unbreakable friends with Christopher and Thomas; Lucie and Cordelia are BFF) Anna, Alastair and Charles are a little older than the others, so sometimes take big-brother/big-sister roles with them; little Alex is only three and doesn’t get out much — but in general I’d say they’re a tight-knit group who’ve grown up together. The only exception might be the Blackthorns, who have grown up in Idris (well, Jesse hasn’t exactly “grown up’ at all) and are fairly separated from the others.

So….here are my totally non-canonical interpretations of the characters from the wonderful book “Every Heart a Doorway.” 

Tor released a free download of the book and I had not the slightest inkling of what it was about. I really enjoyed it( That may be a mild understatement. It was one of those books that leave you satisfied and then the plot and it’s characters haunt you and you’re slowly forced to realize it had a lot more impact than you originally gave it credit for and you go and reread it and look for all the hidden clues and hunger for more). All that being said, I really enjoyed the characters. McGuire describes them in such a way that their personalities really instruct their appearance. I couldn’t help but sketch out my visions of them.  I highly recommend reading this book and I’m excited to read Seanan Mcguire’s other books! 

Expect much more fanart of this series.  

P.S it would mean everything to me if @seananmcguire saw this. 

Endless List of Favorite Characters: Shadow Moon (American Gods)

“I believe that life is a game, that life is a cruel joke, and that life is what happens when you’re alive and that you might as well lie back and enjoy it”

Trials of Apollo <3

-Spoilers Ahead-

I think this book has got to be the most unique of Riordan’s work. Apollo is hilariously arrogant and his journey puts him in contact with some familiar faces. Nico and Will?? Wonderful. And Leo and Calypso coming back was a great way to end the first volume. I absolutely loved all the references to the other books. Apollo met a handsome god with an annoying, talking weapon??? Wonder who that could be~ (>cough< Frey >cough<). Overall, a wonderful book with some amazing new characters, campers, and a nice little peak into the Apollo cabin or as Apollo himself would call it, the ‘me’ cabin :)

grayblebayble-deactivated201708  asked:

HiI Cassie! So I'm an aspiring writer myself and I'm having so much trouble with spacing out my story. Everything seems to be happening too quickly. Also, world building. UGH. Do you have any tips/resources? I would be forever grateful! (P.S You're books are one of my many inspirations not only for my writing, but for everything I do in life <3<3<3)


Not an reply right now, just to say I’m going to do a week or so of writing questions and answers (saved this one) so if you have writing questions or publishing ones, about the business of writing, send them in. It’ll be about a week before I start answering them because I’m off to Ireland to see Sarah Rees Brennan and then to Y’AllWest in LoS Angeles where I’ll be signing books and talking on panels, hope to see you there! In the meantime if you’ve ever burningly wondered how characters are developed or book covers designed, ask away. 

Now, off to a helicopter. (really.)

Endless List of Favorite Characters: Drusilla Blackthorn (The Shadowhunter Chronicles)

“You’re the heart of this family, sweet girl”