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The Elf and the Dwarf

Overall Summary: Erebor was reclaimed and the line of Durin had not ended. You were an elf and now that your quest was over, you didn’t know what to do especially since you gained feelings for a certain King Under the Mountain. 

Chapter Summary: Let the festivities begin

Categories: Humor, Romance, Angst

Pairings: Thorin x Fem!Reader

A/N: This is going to be completely different than what I originally wanted and it’s kind of shitty because I just wanted to post something because I haven’t posted about this in almost a month even though I’ve written ten other stories. This story may or may not be put on a back burner for a bit until I decide where I want to go with it because my originally plot line was stupid and I’m already doing it for Adventure Awaits, but we will see.

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You walk out of your chambers and meet Bard and his children at the main hall with Tauriel. The other guards already left to the mountain and it was yours and Tauriel’s duty to escort the King to Erebor.

“Ready you’re highness?” you ask and Bard glares at you, making you smile. He hated it when you called him that. Tilda and Sigrid giggle and the girls take your arms, leading you toward the lonely mountain.

These four were like your family. You loved children and you always wanted a family of your own and although they were not yours, they were yours. You and Bard had a very platonic relationship and he was glad that the children had someone else to depend on. Someone who loved his children as much as he did.

“Do you think there will be any dwarf women?” Tilda asks, bouncing excitedly. You try to calm her down, but once she was excited she was EXCITED. “Of course. I’m sure the princes mother is there along with a few other darrowdams,” you explain.

“Have you met their mother?” Sigrid asks. “No. Not yet. I suppose I will be meeting her tonight,” you reply.

You were not going to admit it but you were quite afraid of meeting the princess. You had heard Dwalin’s stories about her and she seemed more intimidating than Thorin. You wanted to get her approval, but you didn’t understand why given the fact that you were not courting her brother or sons. It was probably just the thought of her liking you that made you want her approval.

“We never did ask, but what was it like traveling with the dwarves. As an elf,” Bain asks. “Well, they’re very – different,” you start and Bard laughs. “You can say they stink, y/n. We’ve housed them before, remember?” Bard asks and you smile.

“They’re very loud and secretive at the same time. Getting them around a dinner table is the worst idea imaginable. You should have seen Bilbo’s house after the feast. IT was absolutely wrecked, but they are good people. Loyal to a fault. Especially those 13 dwarves,” you explain smiling at the past memories. 

“Who is your favorite dwarf?” Sigrid asks and you stop, surprised. “What?” you ask. “Who is your favorite? You have to have a favorite,” Tilda says, pulling you along and you look at Bard. He smirks and shrug his shoulders and you glare at the man for his nonexistent help.

“Well come on. Give us a name,” Sigrid insists and you sigh. “It is a tie between the King and Dwalin,” you say. “Dwalin? Which one is that again? Is he the one with the floppy hat?” Tilda asks. “No tilly. He’s the scariest dwarf of the bunch,” you reply. “Ah. It seems like you have a type,” Sigrid says. “Why are we talking about this?” you ask. “Because we have a lot of time to spare. Back to you having a type. It seems like you like the more rugged men,” Sigrid says and you roll your eyes, wishing the trip would be quicker.

Once you get to the ball room, you notice that there is a very long table in the front with the whole company sitting there. In the center is Thorin and there’s a missing seat and you realize that that is supposed to be your seat.

“IT seems milady, that they miss you after all,” Bard says and you ignore him. “Tauriel and I will talk to the guards. Please, try not to get into any trouble,” you tell bard. “Yes mum,” he says and you glare at him as he walks away.

The two of you walk around making sure that your men know their duties and soon the men and dwarves on guard are joined by the elves. Ah, you think to yourself, the elf king must be here.

Sure enough you see Thranduil talking with Bard and a few other elves scattered about. Legolas is nowhere to be seen which is strange. He’s usually-

You jump as you feel someone blow on your ear and you turn to glare at the elf behind you. He just smiles at you. 

“Prince,” you say. “Princess,” he says and you roll your eyes. “Should you not be sitting with them?” he asks looking at the front of the room. “I should, but I have a duty to the King,” you say, following his gaze.

Balin stands and the room goes silent. 

“I present to you the King Under the Mountain, Thorin Oakenshield,” he announces. “Hail Thorin,” the crowd says, lifting their glasses. Thorin stands and the cheering comes to a slow stop.

“It has been nearly a year since we’ve begun this treacherous journey and I could no have done it with these men by my side,” Thorin says and holds out his hands to gesture to the company. It makes you a bit mad, but you cannot complain. You chose your place.

“However, we are missing a member of our company. She came on this journey against her father’s wishes and she has been a huge help to all of us. She saved my life multiple times and I cannot be more grateful. Y/n, please join us where you belong,” Thorin says, looking straight at you.

You just look at him in shock before Legolas gives you a shove. You look at him and he nods towards the front with a smile. You find Tauriel and see her smiling and also nodding towards the front. You smile and the crowd parts as you make your way to the table.

“If she was not a part of our company, Fili, Kili and I would not be here and being with her has changed so many of my views including that of elves,” Thorin continues and as you take the empty seat between Bilbo and Dwalin, he smiles at you and you smile back at the King.

“Thank you. All of you. For never leaving my side and following me until the very end,” He says, looking at the company and you all grab your glasses. “To us,” you all say and after cheering, Thorin takes a seat and the chatter around continues and the party truly begins.

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I tore through all of the Toby books in the past month, mostly on audible. Mary Robinette Kowal is an awesome narrator. She does such justice to the emotions and character work. You can actually hear her choking up. She also has great comedic timing.

She is so great, and I am so, so lucky to have her.

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Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most. Of everything.
They make you feel so alive that you’d follow them straight into hell, just to keep getting your fix.
—  Karen Marie Moning, Shadowfever
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Courage doesn’t always roar.
Sometimes courage is the quiet voice
at the end of the day, saying,
‘I will try again tomorrow.
—  Mary Anne Radmacher, Simply An Inspired Life: Consciously Choosing Unbounded Happiness in Good Times & Bad