the book from family guy

Did you know that my earliest memories are of us?“ I heard her ask in the dark.

I looked at her and saw her smiling at her entwined hands.” I remember climbing the peach tree in our back yard, and building a fort up there so me and my brother could stay there all day.“ She laughed without looking up.” I remember eating chips with my brother on the balcony and looking at his stained red mouth from the spicy chips and laughing. I remember sitting on my big sister’s shoulders in the driveway and laughing and smiling at the sky as she spun me around on the broken concrete. I remember when all of our siblings and I snuck out one evening and took a walk around the block, and I remember that my oldest sister bought us all ice cream which was a rare treat for us. I remember climbing up to our balcony and eating our ice cream before we went inside so nobody found out, and we all joked around and laughed and smiled as the sun was setting. I remember it was the best feeling, seeing all my siblings smiling and happy at the same time.“ She spoke with a smile to her lips the entire time." I remember getting in trouble once and that I ran outside and I sat on the sidewalk, crying, and my big brother followed me and wiped my tears and said it would be ok. I remember sitting on the sidewalk with my big brother and my big sister as it rained all around us, and feeling safe surrounded by the people I loved. I remember sitting on the balcony with all of my siblings and watching all the lights of the airport that was right behind our house, and I remember thinking that the lights were kinda like stars." 

And then she finally looked up at me, finally reaching my eyes with her green ones.” I remember feeling safe and content with you guys.“ A tear fell from one eye as she said.” I remember feeling happy no matter what because I always had my family. But now I don’t even have that.


And she said it all with a smile on her face.

 Even though it was a sad one.