the boo lew

bluescarfvivi  asked:

*throws a Vivi in the fray, mun is definitely not snickering* "Lewlew? How's my ghostie boo doing?"

“Dying again.”

Came the groan from the ghost currently sprawled on the couch, in nothing but his pants. A damp towel was over his face once more and a ice pack was added. Though it looked like it’s contents had melted a while ago due to the heat coming off the ghost.

“I decided I hate life right now.”

mysteriouslyhopefulstranger  asked:

★★★★★ ((For adding your own original twists to the characters and adding dimension to Mr. D.))



Thanks boo, I am glade you like them both, I have a lot of fun with all my muses. Rainboo!Lew probably wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for all the alternate Lewis I saw (Splatter and such) or a few people wanting me to start a RP blog for him after he was created. As for Mr.D…like I said in a post, he wasn’t always so fleshed out or had the backstory he did and his original purpose was just to be an irredeemable baddie, but after much talking and brainstorm, he became what he is now.

And just wanna say, love ya too boo and I am so glade we get to see Alice. She’s a really fun character and you are a total sweetie yourself. Keep being awesome.