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@early-grape‘s Ygnocio threw Chianti a congrats-on-that-promotion party at @cupidjuice‘s hangout and lots of people showed up (yet again) including @cabsim‘s Kasper, Pip, and Pancake as well as @blarffy‘s Caleb and @bratsims Isabelle! (And her new boo. 👀)


???: Hi there. I can’t help but notice you look a little lonely.

Lily: Oh, uh, I’m not. I’m just exploring. 

???: That’s fun. Mind if I sit and chat a while?

Lily: By all means, go ahead. I’m Lily.

???: It’s very nice to meet you, Lily. I’m Archer. 

Introducing Archer McCauley, a sim created by @prismfamilylegacy Thank you so much for him, Joe! I love him so much!

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Do you have any olicity fics recommendations? :)

HI NONNIE! sorry it took me so long! but you know… Comic Con…

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lets see. It´s really hard for me to choose cause this fandom is insanely talented at absolutely everything.

I´ll start with the one I´m currently reading. A multi-chapter gem by my boo chronicolicity.  

- The Legacies We Leave - You´ll never be the same after reading this one. I´m an absolute fan.

also you should also try the “precuel” to Legacies :

-You Are His Hope. - pure gold.

another mind blowing fanfic writer among the Olicity family is Mrs jbuffyangel. she´s an absolute genius. One of my favorite works of her is:

-The Ring- an absolute blast to read. seriously. I would read this woman´s grocery list.

another fanfic celebrity within our fandom is anthfan. if you are into smut. she´s your girl. But my absolute favorite work of her is:

-Dust To Dust - It is absolutely beautiful. I re- read it very often :)

I read this one  the other day and I really loved it:

-And Then It Ends, Your Little Winning Streak

and of course you can always visit the theolicitylibrary. You will find amazing fanfiction. 

hope this helped you!!!

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