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A small list of Egyptian deities

After a good look through Conway’s Little Big Book of Magic I found this wonderful list of deities from the Egyptian pantheon that I just had to share with you all. 

AMEN/AMUN/AMMON - God of reproduction, fertility, agriculture, prophecy. 

Associated with the ram and the goose.

ANUBIS - God of endings, wisdom, surgery, hospital stays, finding lost things, journeys, and protection. Considered a messenger from the gods to humans.

Associated with the jackal and sometimes the dog.

BAST - The cat-headed goddess of all animals, but especially cats. She symbolizes the moon, childbirth, fertility, pleasure, joy, music, dance, marriage, and healing.

BUTO - Cobra goddess of protection.

HATHOR - A mother and creatress goddess, protectress of women. Symbols include the moon, marriage, motherhood, artists, music, happiness, and prosperity.

Associated with the cow, the frog, and the cat.

HORUS - God of the sun and the moon, he stands for prophecy, justice, success and problem solving.

Associated with the falcon and the hawk.

IMHOTEP - God of medicine and healing.

ISIS - The supreme Egyptian goddess, who was honored for 3,000 years. In later times, her worship spread to Greece and Rome. Meanings include magick, fertility, marriage, purification, initiation, reincarnation, healing,
divination, the arts, and protection.

Associated with the cat, the goose, and the cow.

MAAT - Goddess of judgment, truth, justice, and reincarnation.

Associated with ostrich feathers.

NEITH - A warrior goddess and protectress, she represents magick, healing, mystical knowledge, domestic arts, and marriage. Two arrows were among her symbols.

Associated with the vulture.

NEPHTHYS - The dark sister of Isis. Magick, protection, dreams, and intuition. The basket was one of her symbols.

OSIRIS - The supreme Egyptian god. Fertility, civilization, agriculture, crafts, judgment, architecture, social laws, power, growth, and stability.

Associated with the hawk and the phoenix.

PTAH - God of artisans and artists, builders and craftsmen.

Associated with the bull.

SEKHMET - The dark sister of Bast, a lion-headed goddess. Physicians and bonesetters; revenge, and power.

Associated with the lioness.

TA-URT/TAURET - The hippopotamus goddess. Childbirth, maternity, and protection.

THOTH - God of books and learning, and the greatest of magicians. Writing, inventions, the arts, divination, commerce, healing, intuition, success, wisdom, truth, and the Akashic Records.

Associated with the ibis.

Amorralok week day5 In the work

My amorralok AU

The bloodbendeing brothers has a Chi blocking Arts Hall and pharmacy

in a small village.

Noatak is a chi blocking master,bonesetter and uncle.

Tarrlok is a pharmacist,owner,substitute teacher and father.

Korra is the Avatar and mother.

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