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BoM ask meme
  1. how did you first hear about the show?
  2. have you seen the show live? if so share your experience
  3. what was your first impression of the show?
  4. what was the first thing you did after watching the show?
  5. the first time you saw it, what cast did you see?
  6. what casts have you seen?
  7. what’s your favorite cast?
  8. who’s your favorite cast member?
  9. who’s your favorite price? why?
  10. who’s your favorite cunningham? why?
  11. who’s your favorite naba? why?
  12. who’s your favorite mckinley? why?
  13. who’s your favorite [insert any other character here]? why?
  14. who’s the most attractive cast member?
  15. what’s your favorite song? why?
  16. do you have a particular favorite performance? which? why? (link to it if you can)
  17. what’s the best headcanon you’ve read?
  18. what’s the best headcanon you’ve created?
  19. what’s your favorite pairing?
  20. have you had a stage door experience with the show? if so share it
  21. cast your dream performance of the show
  22. cast your dream genderbent performance of the show
  23. if you could play any character, which would it be? (dream role)
  24. if you could play any character, which would it be? (realistically)