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Hey, are you still doing this prompt-thing? Then maybe Atomwave with 13. “How can anyone not be afraid of love?” or 32. “I’d ask you to stay but I don’t like you.”? That‘d be awesome, thanks! Great blog btw, love your writing! :D

((Heeey! Yes, I am! I just got a little – lot – discouraged when tumblr deleted like half of my asks, including the beginnings, middles of replies I had finished in drafts ^^;;; And I know I’m a bit late, but work was terrible these days. Anyway, hope you’ll like this! ))

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They find out, the dinosaurs are not the worst thing waiting for them. Dinosaurs, they can deal with. The twisted buildings, they can deal with also. The broken time, it’s not like that happened to them for the first time. They just have to go and figure out exactly which event it was and fix it to the best of their ability – and they manage, sure, it requires jumping few Earths, stealing some spears and Christ’s blood, but they DO get the world back to how it is supposed to be.

No.  The worst thing is happening right now, right here in Mick’s room and it’s the first time in forever that Ray feels helpless. Because Mick’s drinking his fifth or tenth beer – Ray stopped counting by now – with his feet on the table, saying the most unbelievable things.

“How can anyone not be afraid of love?” Mick grumbles, right after Ray told him about Amaya and Nate, about how disapproving he is, because they are both going to get hurt in the long run, but still happy that his teammates found something as important as what they are in each other.

“What?” Ray asks, half hoping he just heard wrong.

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  • Hinata: look at him, darling. He's so precious. The son of the future Hogake, of the hero of Konoha. How do we name him?
  • Hinata: how about Neji, my cousin, who died valliantly in battle as a hero and whom I loved dearly?
  • Hinata: or how about Jiraiya, as your master who also died heroically fighting for the village?
  • Hinata: or Minato, your father, the heroic Fourth Hokage?
  • Naruto: ... Nah. I heard Sasuke's calling his like a food or something, can't lose to him on this


i guess this counts for @kaminaridenki-appreciation ? :3c