the bodyshop game


sliders y’all

CAS Music Challenge:
  1. Open up your game/Bodyshop and your music player of choice.
  2. Put your playlist on random and generate 6 songs. If you get the same artist/song twice, skip until you get a new one. You can swap out the older song for the newer one but you can’t keep both.
    If you don’t like a song you can honestly skip it lol. This is for fun!
  3. Make one Sim based on each of the songs you got! You can use anything related to it for inspiration - the song title, the artist, the lyrics, even the music video or promos from the song.
  4. If you share your results, talk about what inspired you and why you chose the final result!

Bonus idea: Listen to your Sim’s song on repeat as you make them to really get into the concept.

I have been playing the 50/50 game with Bodyshop for the last 48 hours, and I think you are right that I have two conflicting skintones. I think I have two defaults in for the same skintone and somehow never noticed it until now. Of course, the file appears to be mislabeled and in the wrong folder, so I am STILL trying to track it down. Thank you for the help!

okay the official bodyshop game post

because I did confuse people, I’m sorry guise it’s 24924021942 degrees out here~


1. randomize five times

2. work with what you’ve got, MANUALLY. don’t change the hair, eye, or skin color, and don’t use any template sliders :>

3. this is probably not original but I’m playing this game right now, so I guess I’ll be uploading some sims as well~~



When I accidentally had loaded Bodyshop instead of the game to work on things I figured I’d play around with sims sitting in my sin bin for ages. :D This is Antonie.