the bodyguard*

YALL I REALIZED WHY MAGNUS DOESNT WEAR A ROBE. at first i assumed he was a bodyguard or escort but then realized actually the other six are all powerful magic users, why would they need a nonmagical tuff boy?? but his job isnt combat related at all - the mission they were sent on was a biology field research mission. they went to INVESTIGATE THE VOIDFISH, and MAGNUS HAS ANIMAL HANDLING

okay but where is my ffxv/versus twin au?

I know I can’t be the first person to think about prompto and versus!prompto being twins. 

ffxv prompto is an experiment who got away, while his twin remained behind and became the PERFECT MT.

they have polar opposite personalities, one is cocky and the other is self concious and when they meet oh the ansgt when prompto meets the perfect version of himself. versus prompto learns not to be such a dick, prompto learns to have more confidence in himself and the team gains another hottie

OMFG One Punch Man is fantastic. Especially episode 4 where the villains “the paradisers” are basically commie antifa dumbasses. It’s so perfect. spoiler alert though

- The socialist villain “hammerhead” praises himself for his abnormally thick skull

- Says gems like these “Why are we forced to work? Why must we pay money in order to eat? Can’t we all just share?” “We do not want to work period!” “I will transform society into one where only those who want to work will work, while the rest are supported!” 

- Only a threat because of black suits of power armor they stole

- Media calls him and his group lazy terrorists made up of young men who don’t want to work

- Decides to randomly destroy the home of the richest person in town, but knock down the wrong building.

- People accuse the hero Saitama of being a terrorist because he shares their bald look

- They all get slaughtered by a single bodyguard of the man they are on their way to attack for being too rich.

- Hammerhead rekt by one hit before running away crying

actually, have a sample

“I don’t mean to alarm you, sir,” says Jingyan, because when Jingyan gets a good look at him, he’s very obviously a scholar of good breeding and frail health. “But bandits are known to be in this area. Surely a man like yourself should have a bodyguard, at the very least.”

“I have a most reliable one,” says the gentleman, smiling faintly.

Jingyan draws his brows together, but before he can ask where the bodyguard is, if he’s swearing at the cart instead of being near him, a little furry face pokes out of the gentleman’s robes and meows.

The gentleman laughs at him, not out loud, but with his eyes, as he strokes a finger down the calico velvet of the cat’s nose. “As you can see, my lord.”

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3, 4, and 6 for the ask thing. 😉😉

Omg I can’t believe people actually asked me these, I’ crying y’all  😂 😂. But anyways, I got a lot of thoughts and feelings on the matter, so here they come, buckle up, cause this will be a long ass ride.

3. How do you think Mon-El should be killed off?

 I’m personally of the opinion that Mon-el doesn’t deserve to have a heroic death at this point. Not after leaving so many people behind at Daxam the way he did, not after the lack of compassion he showed for his people. Even a half-decent person would have had the discernment to at least do something, even if something small. Mon-el only knew how to run and hide behind his bodyguard, like the coward he was and still is.

 I’m not even going to get into the abusive and manipulative person he is, not only to Kara but to his “friends”. I think that the Daxam incident was disgusting enough, along with the fact that he literally owned SLAVES, so he contributed to destroy the lives of all of those people as well.

 He has no honour, and no will to help others and to be good. The only way you’ll see Mon-el doing something for anyone else is if he gets something in return. Obvious example: He’s only trying to help people now because he gets to shag Kara, like he literally said, and I quote: “I love being a hero because it means I get to spend every single day by your side” this is not being selfless, this is not what being a true hero is about. Being a hero is about helping for the sake of helping, for the sake of seeing the smiles on people’s faces, to bring happiness to the people, not about getting laid.

 In my opinion, a good scenario for Mon-el’s death would be: Him getting killed off by one of his old slaves, who survived the destruction of Daxam, also took refugee on earth, and who remembers the awful things that Mon-el and his family did to him and his own family, including not helping them on the last day. He should plead for his life, but not get his way and end up dying anyways.

4. How do you want Mon-El to be killed off? 

 This question is pretty much the same as the one before so I took the liberty to change it up a bit: How to you think Mon-el will be killed off?

 And yes, will, because, at this point I am almost certain that he will be dying any time soon. The signs are all there, and, besides, I honestly think that the writers have already pushed him beyond redemption anyways.

 The way I think they’ll do it is in a very heroic way (the opposite of what I think he deserves) and in a self-sacrificing way, in which he will most likely give his life for Kara, declaring his undying love for her. They will probably have a fight prior to this, and his death will be meant to be seen, not only as his redemption for his past mistakes, but also his way of apologizing to Kara, making her feel guilty for not letting his lying arse off the hook earlier. This will, of course, be very hard on Kara and she’ll have to deal with his loss for a couple of episodes, finding solace in Lena Luthor (think about it, they just promoted Katie to a series regular, it makes little to no sense that Lena will turn out to be a villain at this point, given everything we’ve seen of her so far, and if she were, they sure as hell wouldn’t have her being a villain for more than a complete season, so she probably wouldn’t have gotten that contract) I might be super biased here, but I honestly think it makes sense that they will end up getting together at some point, Lena is a fan favourite as is supercorp, that’s a fact.

6. Who else could possibly be better for Kara instead of Mon-El?

 I think that my position here is pretty obvious, Lena Luthor would be a perfect match for Kara.

 I could write an entire master post on why I absolutely love supercorp and why they just fit together in such a beautiful way, but for the sake of not making this the size of a bloody will, I will try to keep it simple:

 1. Kara and Lena have such a great relationship founded on trust, mutual respect and, yes, love. You can argue whether it is platonic or not (it isn’t), but you can’t deny that it is there. You can see it in their eyes, in their voices and in their constant defensiveness toward the other. 

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 2. Lena is someone who has always done everything she could to help Kara/Supergirl save the world, never expecting anything in return. She went against her own mother in order to be on the side of good, because she trusted Kara, and because she listened to what Supergirl (Kara) had to say. 

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which leads me to point number…

3. Lena and Kara both actually listen to each other. (Unlike Mon-el who doens’t care about anything Kara has to say, and can’t even respect her fucking wish for a bit of privacy).

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4. They both believe in each other, which is extremely important for a good relationship to work out, there has to be mutual trust and belief in the other person which must be reciprocated. Kara believed in Lena since day one, even though all the evidence pointed her way, Kara never stopped believing in Lena, not even for one second, and always stood up for her against her own friends.

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and finally and most importantly:

5. Lena values Kara for Kara and not because she is Supergirl. One of Kara’s arcs in season 1 was trying to be Supergirl and Kara and managing both lives at the same time. But she never really felt like she was good enough as Kara Danvers, and Lena just went to her and said that she, Kara, was her hero. She validated Kara for the person that she is and for all the good things she’s does as Kara Danvers, which tend to go a little bit unnoticed compared to Supergirl’s doings. Yet, Lena always shows how much she appreciates Kara Danvers as opposed to Supergirl. 

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 Wow sorry that this got as long as it did, I didn’t know whether you wanted me to answer like “SHOVE A LEAD PIPE UP MON-EL’S ASS 2K17!!!” or in a more serious note, so I went for a more serious note, mostly because I really think this should be talked about more, and discussed. 

 Anyone who read this can feel free to debate me and tell me whether or not they agree with my positions. 

 Thank you for sending me this ask!! I really enjoyed writing all of this and I hope it is enjoyable to read as well :p

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What kind of relationship do you think Steven and uncorrupted centi/jasper are going to have?I personally believe that they will be very over protective of him(kinda like pearl in S1) but in a kind of bodyguard way

I think his relationship with Jasper could be a lot like Season 1 Pearl! She ends up being really over protective of him and not really aware of boundaries.

But I think his relationship with Centi will be a lot more like Garnet. She’s protective of him, but they also pal around and have a lot of fun together.

Its really ironic that King Julien...

That being the number 13 of the lemur monarchs (you all know, the number 13 its considered an unlucky number and a bad omen) has a bodyguard called Clover (and clovers, especially the four-leaf clovers are considered good luck charms)

So metaphorically speaking, Clover is King Julien’s good luck charm.

I’m thinking on it and I’m totally ok with my decision to back Sloane if only because doing so forced her to drop her mask a bit around you.

When you go back to talk to her after, she tries to give you a bit of crap for bothering her but you’re like “maybe I came to check on *turian bodyguard who’s name I forgot*” and her reaction is so good??? She’s caught off guard and she’s really worried about him and glad you are too and then she called me Sara??


dirk gently’s holistic detective agency + text posts 1/?


Darling, don’t be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years
And I’ll love you for a thousand more

Prince of Altea and his bodyguard from Blade of Marmora 
Lately this has been stuck in my head so I was desperate to get it out of my system. The original idea was from this AU by @littlecofiegirl , I loved it so much that I couldn’t help starting to come up with more settings and storylines😫💕
Think I’ll work on more arts of this AU and talk about their relationship in the future✨

It means a lot to me;;Pls feel free to talk to me anytime<3