the body love project

Shawn Jackson and Hasse Bernfield, better known as Whit and Slug.  These two are Nana’s adopted grandsons, and certified little shits– ESPECIALLY Whit.  Both of them have spent most of their lives on the planet too.

Whit came to the planet with their (rich) family to live in one of the colony.  They got their nickname because of the old Whitworth rifle they carried around: it’s a family heirloom and they would always brag that they would inherit it and use it one day.  They’re kind of annoying, 110% sass, and a joker.  It was them who told Nana all that dumb shit that she totally believes.

Slug’s parents died in a mining accident and he became a bit of an outcast in the community.  He wouldn’t let anyone near him and ended up bullying kids out of food and money.  When he tried to steal from Whit, an outcast in their own right, they became fast friends.  He got his name from his weapon of choice: the shotgun.

Also Whit is totally pining for Slug.


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu DVD Group Interview

The first years introduce themselves with catchphrases (minus Kageyama)
Tsukki doesn’t have the best catchphrase.

anonymous asked:

Pink and red please?

pink: songs that describe your love life

  1. idfc // blackbear
  2. i wanna be yours // arctic monkeys
  3. turning page // sleeping at last
  4. mistakes like this // prelow
  5. fragile // gnash
  6. fallingforyou // the 1975
  7. make you feel // aline baraz
  8. kiss me // ed sheeran
  9. crazy in love // eden project
  10. body gold // oh wonder
  11. the middle // wet
  12. be my baby // bea miller
  13. distance // christina perri
  14. someone new // banks
  15. not in that way // sam smith
  16. permission to love // hayden james
  17. pressure // milk & bone
  18. in my veins // andrew belle
  19. drugs // eden
  20. the other // lauv
  21. training wheels // melanie martinez
  22. five tattoos // ella henderson
  23. heartbeats // amy diamond
  24. i can’t make you love me // soak
  25. secrets // onerepublic
  26. you’re the one that i want // angus & julia stone


Meet Abigail! She’s the third of the four romanceable girls in my next project.

She’s a cow, which I honestly kind of resisted at first because she’s kind of a country girl and it felt a bit on the nose, but as I was drawing it I just felt like she was too cute this way and so it kinda stuck.

I don’t have colors here so I just have to inform you that she has pink hair.

Participate in my Art Project!

Hey everyone, 

As some of you know I created a project about 4 months ago in which I collected people secrets and confessions for a zine / submissions box for my end of year gallery show. ( See Here  )

After receiving an overwhelming amount of confessions (most of them negative) I am inspired to begin my next project - Love Letters To My Self

In this project I plan to collect peoples dedications, compliments, messages of positivity, playful jokes, sweet remarks and backhanded compliments with regards to themselves. These can regard anything to do with yourself including your body, mind and personality etc. I will then embroider these love letters on to garments of clothing & photograph. The end result should be a compilation in a small book / zine of self love. I will be collecting these words HERE  (you may submit anonymously) All I ask is that you PLEASE keep the letters to a short sentence or two long & no more than 13 words long (If you really cannot shorten it feel free to send it anyway and I will do my best to shorten it for you). 

Thanks! Please share this post with people you feel would like to participate! I will be uploading progress pictures / updates to -