the body beautiful project

Some body headcanons about our favorite engineering chef leg

- Hunk is without fail always warm and everyone is bitter as fuck about seeing him walk around shirtless after a bout of exercising bc it’s fucking cold in this spaceship and everyone should be cold (Pidge, Lance, and Keith are especially bitter bc they’re those friends who are literally always cold)

- there have been literal fights over who gets to sit next to (and later cuddle) hunk during movie night because he is the comfiest, warmest, and best cuddler this side of the ‘verse

- when Hunk’s fingers get chilly, he tucks them up under his belly or between his thighs for a lil bit, and gets really comfy that way.

- his joints and feet get achy after a long day of training, so he’s partial to hot baths

- hunk takes a long time to shower because the first ten minutes is just him idly pinching or jiggling different places on his body he’s squishy, tapping on his stomach or reaching back to feel where his back settles and creases, because sometimes the placement changes

- loose clothes are honestly the best. Tight clothes make him feel claustrophobic and he hates having to readjust all day

- Hunk really loves loose crop tops because they’re the most comfortable thing on this earth

- his cargo pants and shorts all have drawstrings and no buttons unless the waistband is elastic, and he never wears jeans. Not only are they binding and hot, but he’d feel compelled to wear a belt with them, and belts dig very uncomfortably into his love-handles

- new stretchmarks itch a lot so he puts lotion or shea butter on those, but he leaves the old ones alone. He sees them like the inner rings of a tree. They show age, change, growth. He likes them

- though he doesn’t typically lay on his back, when he does he likes to hike his shirt up and trace patterns lightly over his stomach. He especially likes to do this when he’s stressed or nauseated

- he gets really hot at night, and tends to just sleep with a sheet or nothing during the summer. He can’t sleep without air blowing on him. Back home he liked to turn on a small fan and open the window, hear the night noises of the world as he drifted off

- to help keep his thighs or stomach and back from getting sweaty and chafy he puts deodorant there, so he always smells really good all over

-he likes going shirtless but he always wears long shorts or leggings bc chafing. Is. The. Worst and he doesn’t like taking chances with it

- he sleeps on his side and stomach, propped up all along the length of him with a body pillow to keep him slightly up off his belly and chest while he’s sleeping to breathe easier. He likes it tucked between his knees to keep his legs and thighs from touching

- he really loves himself and loves what he sees when he looks in the mirror but he hates hearing people’s ignorant comments

- typically he tries to stay out of confrontation with strangers but he will fight you about how pretty he is because he is damn gorgeous and he knows it. It took a long time and a lot of work for him to see it, and he'l be damned if some lowlife thinks they can change that


Formerly: the-pleasure-elf

I have had a massive blog change. I am no longer a yogscast/hatfilms or  a multi fandom blog. I am changing as a person and I want this blog to resemble that. I want this blog to be a place were myself and others can go to for positive vibes. This blog will be full of things I that make me happy and keep me happy.

I will be posting:

  • Cooking recipes/meal plans and prep (of all diet types)
  • Mental health support posts (mainly anxiety and depression, as i suffer from both)
  • Work out routines
  • DIY projects
  • Beauty tips and tricks
  • Beautiful people (body positivity)
  • Positive thoughts

Feel free to unfollow me, I know it’s a big change but I feel good about it. I do hope you will support my change and follow me through my journey.


Bath Soak DIY

More Homemade Projects

Hey guys so these are the models involved in an amazing and inspiring project called #ProjectWomanKIND is a web series on YouTube to address issues women only speak about amongst themselves. It’s the biggest topic that girls talk about and that is our bodies. It is a project founded by curvy model Jessica Vander Leahy and it aims to “motivate women to recognise that they are more then what they see in the mirror” personally I adore this idea and will one hundred percent be following the series. What I find most admirable about Jessica is not only that she has founded this project but that she calls her self a curvy model as she detests the term “plus size model”. I hope you guys will watch this with me. Hopefully this will be the start of girls being able to have more honest and open discussions about how they feel towards their bodies. Here’s the link for the teaser

thINNER BEAUTY and Project Harpoon

I’m calling bullshit for multiple reasons…
1) Studies show that body shaming leads to weight gain over time while promoting healthy practice independent of weight leads to actual progress.
2) Many pictures leave breasts at unrealistic sizes for the apparent weights
3) Many pictures Photoshop the women down to objectively unhealthy sizes
4) Once they started removing things like nose rings and tattoos their guise of health was lifted to reveal purely aesthetic and hostile motives
5) Scientists haven’t found a way to successfully loose and keep large amounts of weight off and yo-yo dieting is far worse than being initially fat