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- SU AMETHYST THEORY: “Deep Cut” Definition - Not a Defect; a Secret Weapon!! -

So when the Crystal Gems are all at the forge, Bismuth calls Amethyst “Deep Cut”. She says “Hey deep cut, what’chu packin’?”

When Amethyst pulls out her whip, Bismuth is genuinely impressed and continues, “Not every Quartz can make a whip like this”

I looked up what a “deep cut” means in gem terminology. 

“When we discuss colored gemstones such as sapphire, ruby and emerald, the main motive of cut is to maximize color to its full potential. In contrast, cutting in diamonds mostly refers to maximizing brilliance.”

Stones that are too deep will look smaller than expected but they will show off more color than they would if they were cut to normal proportions. Deep-cut stones also preserve weight, increasing the cost of the stone without the expected increase in the size of the crown (top portion of the gem).”

Well, we now know why Amethyst is considered a defect by Homeworld, she came out cut too deep, so she looks smaller. But check out what else it says about deep cut gems; their color is more saturated, vibrant, beautiful. Possible relevance as their bodies are a projection of light, and with light you get colors. I think that’s why her weapon is special.(Or, if the color has nothing to do with it, then a deeper cut/color would mean her potential is maxed out. Like maxed IVs!)  They also ‘preserve weight ’ without having to be physically bigger. That could mean Amethyst has more mass packed in her body than the other gems; she’s smaller because of her gem’s density, which would explain her shapeshifting prowess.

In particular, why Amethyst can shapeshift into someone twice her size like The Purple Puma, or Jasper, without taking damage (when she’s used to the form, comparing Purple Puma vs Jasper, she’s been shown to sustain Puma for much longer without resting). Even then it took a long time before being Jasper started to be hard for her. 

In contrast, remember how tired Steven got, from just stretching his body a few inches??

Her smaller body is ALSO why when she finally accepts herself, it takes her TEN SECONDS to reform after she’s poofed the second time: 

How long did it take Pearl the Perfectionist?

TWO. WEEKS. So in battle, though she still needs some protection, Amethyst’s small size gives her a tremendous advantage; she could potentially save herself from being shattered by reforming almost immediately. No other gem has had that ability so far.

Finally, Amethyst is just deep. She’s a very deep person.

Why else do I think this is relevant? Well… 

“Stones that are too shallow will look big for their weight and appear lighter in color than deeper-cut stones.”

Why does that sound familiar?


Shallow has several meanings here. Her weapon is a helmet. Her battle strategy is to run into her foe. 

That’s a shallow strategy. No one will stay with Jasper because she only thinks of things from her perspective; she lacks insight in other’s emotions. She’s, in a way, shallow. 

Or, an allegory for being born with pure talent vs having to work for everything you have, and how shallow pure talent alone really is. 

In Conclusion

Homeworld has a recourse problem, and Amethyst’s ‘deep cut’ gives her all the abilities of a regular cut Quartz soldier plus more, while taking the same amount of resources to create, and they’d consider her a defect?? Homeworld. You fools. 

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hi i saw your workout post um what workout would u reccomend to get a kpop idols body such as nana sooyoung goo hara hyorin hyuna etc i know i cant get there exact bodys but what would u reccomend lol a body like good waist thin but toned legs etc like a skinny toned body i know its kind of a weird question lol and sorry if my english is bad im from brazil ps love your blog you just scored a new follower

I’ve answered popular kpop diets here and you could see a general trend of idols eating similar foods that you could incorporate and adjust to your meals!

And I found some workout and diet advice from female idols on youtube:

Some are more helpful than others, but they all give good motivation. And the ones without subtitles, you could get a general understanding and see the food and workouts. Good luck :-)

hey guys!!

so this blog is growing thanks to all of my lovely followers and I wanted to use the platform for a small positivity project/ photo series. I was thinking since having brown eyes has been an insecurity for me and many others and this is a blue aesthetic blog (and many of these romanticize blue eyes) I would do a photos series with blue makeup designs featuring my brown eyes:)) it’ll be coming shortly and tagged •brown/blue/beautiful• feel free to let me know your thoughts and reblog any of the pictures with the tag(leaving the caption) thanks guys!!!


You are beautiful

Look at this star. It’s pretty, right? It is not “perfect”, it has marks in weird places, and it may not be “shaped properly”, but it is still beautiful and still capable of doing good and helping others.

You are beautiful as well, despite what you may think or see in the mirror. You are amazing and beautiful and strong, so be sure to tell yourself that today <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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heres a nurseydex prompt if you want: au where dex is an art major and nursey is a model for one of his classes

Lardo was hands down the coolest, secretly-sweetest, most intimidating person Dex has ever met. She had taken him under her wing as soon as she had spotted his paint stained flannel and freckle constellation tattoos, arched achingly alone with his notepad. She even dragged him to Haus to meet all of her weird hockey friends after he confessed that it was hard getting to genuinely like some of the other art students. He was taken aback by how much he liked the small Georgian boy who was obsessed with baking and he honestly looked up to one of the team co- captains like he was an older brother. The only member of the team he didn’t immediately love was Derek Nurse. Nursey was an English major minoring in poetry and he reeked of the same “special snowflake” attitude most of the other art students possessed. He wore expensive clothes, bought expensive, frilly coffee drinks and flashed the whitest teeth that Dex had ever seen on a living person. He was spoiled and entitled and pompous and Dex hated him, which is why he was so furious when his Studio in Art professor assigned the students corresponding models for their living portraits project and his folder read Derek Nurse. The menace himself was thrilled, even offered to let Dex go through his closet to pick his photo shoot outfits but Dex begrudgingly that he was being painted and the portrait was nude. He seemed even more excited after that and Dex considered dropping out. Nursey was a douche but he was also extremely attractive and Dex was going to have to see his rippling muscles and washboard abs and hockey ass and Dex was going pass out. Nursey leaned in way too close to ask if Wednesday nights were okay and Dex choked on his coffee a little when he relied fine.
Nursey shows up to Lardo’s studio ten minutes late with a tray of coffees from the small coffee shop near campus. He huffs as he drops his jacket to the ground and toes off his shoes, taking in the pile of blankets and pillows in the center of the room. There are several large lights pointing at the apparatus and a stool and aisle poised just outside the lit area where Dex is mixing a sample of colors for the pillows. Dex takes a moment to set the palette down before he turns to address his model, yet when he sets eyes on Nursey the man is mostly naked and striding towards him
“I’ve modeled before, William, no need to be shy.” He’s peeling off his boxers as Dex simply points to floor and directs his position.
“Lean back against the pillows, tilt your head back and bend your left leg at the knee, foot flat on the ground.” Nursey complies easily, smiling gently and closing his eyes.
“I got you a coffee, black with no cream or sugar like you like it.” Dex feels a tug in his chest as he realizes Nursey memorized his coffee order. He takes in every detail of Nursey’s chiseled body before starting his soft strokes, moving the brush slowly.
Before he knows it three hours have passed, and the sun is setting a warm pink glow on Nursey’s dark, gorgeous skin. Dex finished the small detailing on Nursey’s lips before dimming the lights and tossing a robe at the model. Nursey’s eyes open lazily and he smirks at Dex as he pushes the robe off his lap and strides naked across the room to collect his clothes. Dex doesn’t have the strength to look away as Nursey walks away, his perfect ass bouncing and stretching as bends to pick up his boxers. It happens again and again, week after week until the project is finished and Dex doesn’t want to stop seeing Nursey and his beautiful body so he asks Nursey to model for other “projects” that are purely recreational. But Nursey doesn’t have to know that.
Nursey sat shirtless covered in gold glitter surrounded by peonies, he laid nude on the hard wood with a pink silk sheath placed artfully over his body, he let Dex streak white paint over in limbs in a Kim Kardashian esque fashion. Every session allowed the artist and the model to reveal more about themselves, Nursey’s mothers are loving but distant and he spent most of his childhood alone or with uppity rich white kids and Dex’s parents were ‘crunchy granola’ hippies who encouraged Dex to be an artist after their first two children grew to be a biologist and a lawyer. They learn each other’s favorite pizza toppings, favorite movies and where in the world they wan to travel the most. They spend every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon together until Dex’s gallery showing and Nursey swells with pride when most of Dex’s portfolio is Nursey, as if he were more of a muse than a model. Lardo takes several pictures of Nursey in front the copious portraits and Dex’s face burns the entire time. The majority of the hockey team is there to support Lardo but they provide wolf whistles and hollers when they see Nursey’s naked body. There are several cheeky comments and innuendos pointed at Dex but he brushes them off in favor of watching Nursey’s flushed face.
“You should come by the Haus after the gallery, Bitty made pecan pie.” Nursey nudged him slightly before sauntering away as Dex stutters a “yeah”.
When he arrives at the Haus, Ransom and Holster make the same chirps about his septum piercing and his all encompassing freckles and he laughs with them because he knows it’s all in good fun. The goalie (Chowder??) asks Dex a million questions about art and Maine and lobsters and traces his constellation tattoos with his eyes. Bitty distracts everyone long enough (with pies of course) for Nursey to pull Dex up to the reading room unnoticed.
They sit side by side and stare at the stars in silence, letting the warm spring night wash over them. Nursey trails his finger tips over the constellation on Dex’s right arm. “Orion’s belt?”
Dex nods slowly, then unbuttons the crisp blue button up to reveal a night sky on his skin. Hercules sat on his shoulder, Taurus and Cancer were on his back and Ursa Major on his chest. Dex brushes a hand over Nursey’s arm, tracing the intricate band. “What does it mean?”
Nursey laughs and whispers, “Does it have to mean something?” But Dex looks incredibly serious.
“It’s forever. It should hold some value. Isn’t that your expertise as a poet? Finding a deeper meaning in everything?” There was not a single hint of teasing in Dex’s voice, his face is open and and honestly confused, and Nursey’s heart swells.
“It was an act of pure vanity, I guess. I got it because the design was intricate and beautiful and I wanted to be more beautiful.” Dex is perplexed next to him and Nursey let’s out a nervous laugh.
“Derek there’s something I really need to show you.” His head snaps up but Dex is holding up his blank phone screen. “A mirror.” He takes the phone out of Dex’s hands and places it on the rooftop before moving into Dex’s space.
“Let me show you something.” When their mouths press together Dex tries to paint every emotion Nursey pressed under his skin into Nursey’s lips.

Some body headcanons about our favorite engineering chef leg

- Hunk is without fail always warm and everyone is bitter as fuck about seeing him walk around shirtless after a bout of exercising bc it’s fucking cold in this spaceship and everyone should be cold (Pidge, Lance, and Keith are especially bitter bc they’re those friends who are literally always cold)

- there have been literal fights over who gets to sit next to (and later cuddle) hunk during movie night because he is the comfiest, warmest, and best cuddler this side of the ‘verse

- when Hunk’s fingers get chilly, he tucks them up under his belly or between his thighs for a lil bit, and gets really comfy that way.

- his joints and feet get achy after a long day of training, so he’s partial to hot baths

- hunk takes a long time to shower because the first ten minutes is just him idly pinching or jiggling different places on his body he’s squishy, tapping on his stomach or reaching back to feel where his back settles and creases, because sometimes the placement changes

- loose clothes are honestly the best. Tight clothes make him feel claustrophobic and he hates having to readjust all day

- Hunk really loves loose crop tops because they’re the most comfortable thing on this earth

- his cargo pants and shorts all have drawstrings and no buttons unless the waistband is elastic, and he never wears jeans. Not only are they binding and hot, but he’d feel compelled to wear a belt with them, and belts dig very uncomfortably into his love-handles

- new stretchmarks itch a lot so he puts lotion or shea butter on those, but he leaves the old ones alone. He sees them like the inner rings of a tree. They show age, change, growth. He likes them

- though he doesn’t typically lay on his back, when he does he likes to hike his shirt up and trace patterns lightly over his stomach. He especially likes to do this when he’s stressed or nauseated

- he gets really hot at night, and tends to just sleep with a sheet or nothing during the summer. He can’t sleep without air blowing on him. Back home he liked to turn on a small fan and open the window, hear the night noises of the world as he drifted off

- to help keep his thighs or stomach and back from getting sweaty and chafy he puts deodorant there, so he always smells really good all over

-he likes going shirtless but he always wears long shorts or leggings bc chafing. Is. The. Worst and he doesn’t like taking chances with it

- he sleeps on his side and stomach, propped up all along the length of him with a body pillow to keep him slightly up off his belly and chest while he’s sleeping to breathe easier. He likes it tucked between his knees to keep his legs and thighs from touching

- he really loves himself and loves what he sees when he looks in the mirror but he hates hearing people’s ignorant comments

- typically he tries to stay out of confrontation with strangers but he will fight you about how pretty he is because he is damn gorgeous and he knows it. It took a long time and a lot of work for him to see it, and he'l be damned if some lowlife thinks they can change that