the bodley head

Polish Fairy Tales, translated from A. J. Glinski by Maud Ashurst Biggs.
Illustrated by Cecile Walton.
London : John Lane the Bodley Head.
New York : John Lane Company.

The Whirlwind

The prince then dug a grave, and buried the skull. He then called out :

“Grey Seer-horse, with golden mane !
Like a bird - and not like steed,
On the blast - and not the mead,
Do thou hither fly to me !”

The wind rose, the lightning flashed, the thunder roared, and the wonderful horse with the golden mane appeared. He flew as fast as the storm-wind, flames shot from his nostrils, sparks from his eyes, and clouds of smoke from his mouth…

Illustration by Frank Papé. From Thaïs by Anatole France. London: John Lane, The Bodley Head, 1926.

“He struck his forehead against the pavement, and uttered a cry of terror. And every night the player of the theorbo left the wall, approached him, and spoke in a clear voice mingled with soft breathing. And as the holy man resisted the temptations she gave him, she said to him—"Love me; yield, friend. As long as you resist me I shall torment you. You do not know what the patience of a dead woman is. I shall wait, if necessary, till you are dead…” “


С Днем Рождения  Пётр Ильи́ч Чайко́вский!

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, May 7, 1840 - Nov 6, 1893.

Happy Birthday!

1. Portrait of Tchaikovsky (Photogravure), Frontispiece. Tchaikovsky by Edwin Evans. J. M. Dent & Co. New York, 1906.

2-3. The Life & Letters Of Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky by Modeste Tchaikovsky Edited From The Russian With An Introduction by Rosa Newmarch: Illustrated.  John Lane The Bodley Head, London, 1906.


A blistering story of obsession, music and obscene money. A story of visionaries, criminals and moguls. How Music Got Free is about the greatest pirate in history, the most powerful executive in the music business, and an illegal website six times the size of iTunes.

Our cover ‘displays’ one of the main protagonists, and hints at how one man’s crime snowballs into an explosive moment in history. 

Published by The Bodley Head in June 2015.


Here is my latest bookhaul, with a few delightful treasures: The Complete Works of Rabelais (John Lane/Bodley Head, 1933) and Reliques of Ancient English Poetry from 1857 (Routledge). Because of the photo limit I’ll present the latter in another post. The bookpiles have a lot of neat stuff, including some books on architecture and empire that I want to delve into for novel research. I was pleased to find Angela Carter, Doris Lessing, and James Tiptree, Jr. the other day. Very happy to get the Kiernan ARC as well.

The Rabelais covers are not in great shape but the contents are. The illustrations by Frank C. Papé complement the prose very well. They are whimsical, surreal, and unsettling all at once. I don’t know how good the translation is but I couldn’t pass this up.