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Demolition Lovers (Next Door Edit)
My Chemical Romance
Demolition Lovers (Next Door Edit)


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**Headphones Recommended**

i do not own this song, i edited it. credit for the song goes to the past members of my chemical romance and the producers.

Anyone taking art requests?

If anyone draws the following:

-Rick and Morty

-Calvin and Hobbes

-Parappa the Rapper

-Sonic the Hedgehog


-Invader Zim

-Gravity Falls

-Regular Show

-Phineas and Ferb

-Star vs. the Forces of Evil

-The Loud House

-Ed, Edd, ‘n’ Eddy

-Milo Murphy’s Law

-Codename: Kids Next Door

-Over the Garden Wall

-Wander Over Yonder

-South Park

-The Simpsons

-Bob’s Burgers

-Home Movies



-Mystery Skulls


-Mega Man


-Welcome to Hell



-Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

-Anything else, really

Please note me if you’re willing to take requests from me, OK?

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Character(s): Reader X Minhyuk, Best Friend!Changkyun

Genre: fluff, smut in upcoming chapters, romance, slow-build

Warning(s): tooth-rotting, fluffy pick-up lines, fuckboi!minhyuk

Length: 3.2K (This is the start of a series, there will be seven parts)

Summary: In which Lee Minhyuk is a fuckboi and he is so not your type.


A warm breeze drifts into your apartment as you push open the window, the last warm rays of sunlight filtering into the room. Your hands rest on the windowsill as you stick your head out halfway, inhaling sharply.

“Why do you always act like that’s the last breath of fresh air you’re ever going to get?”

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p0cketw0tch  asked:

I love your foodie!verse! I'm Garmache at a small (but popular) chef owned restaurant, and I thought you might enjoy hearing about our stress. This Friday neither our dishwasher nor our shucker/floater show up for dinner service. One of our servers ends up calling his roommate to do dishes. Meanwhile we were already short staffed since Chef and the lunch crew are off doing a catering event in which the oven fails to work and the fryers are about 100 degrees too low (1/2)

The shucker had been arrested for possession btw. 

The next day, 30 mins before service two of the servers are snipping at each other, when one (call him bob) starts yelling because the other (call him fred) had either threatened him with a lighter or had tried to burn him with it. Our Sous says one of them needs to bounce, Bob says FINE and storms off to the bar next door and the Sous scolds Fred for provoking other servers. 2 hours later the cops pull up in front of the restaurant in the middle of Saturday dinner service because Bob had decided to call the cops and tell them Fred tried to set him on fire. Our Sous ends up giving the cops Beignets to try and smooth things over.

This is life in food service, you guys. This is why I’m so glad I only eat at and write about restaurants :D  I thought this story was so entertaining and facepalmy I asked to share it with all of you and @p0cketw0tch said I could!

okay so like/reblog if you post any of the following bc i went on a MASSIVE unfollowing spree bc i was following about 3000 people bc ive been on this site for almost five years hah

  • KND
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Late 90s cartoons and later
  • Gravity Falls
  • Regular Show
  • Adventure Time (even tho im really behind on both this and reg show)
  • Steven Universe
  • Wander Over Yonder
  • My Little Pony
  • RC9GN
  • Ben 10
  • Bobs Burgers
  • I guess pretty much ANY cartoon tbh
  • LGBT stuffff
  • Harry Potter (even though I haven’t even finished the second last book)
  • Feminism/social justice
  • IF YOU’RE AN ART/FANFICISH BLOG AYYY (super including if you post a lot about your OCs; i find them interesting and adorable)

im not fussy about ships either, everything is pretty cute to me even if i dont ship it tbh *shrug emoji*

Thank you @percytheskeleton for this kick ass post.

-“Percy, why did you leave me?” Annabeth cried out. She blindly wandered, arms in front of her.
-Percy looked to her, and despite the fact that her eyes had gone a milky white, he could see the panic in them.
-His heart was breaking all over again; in between the slashes and the curses he cried out her name.
-She couldn’t hear him.
-As he slashed through another one of the demons, cursing himself to having his hands covered in paper cuts (seriously?) he looked over his shoulder. Just one second too late.
-She wandered over the cliff. He heard her strangled scream, her arms flailing, hands grasping at nothing.
-And, just like that, she was gone.
-He jumped forward, ready to dive over to her, but Bob grabbed him at the last second.
-Bob held him as he slashed through the last of the demons.
-Bob held him tight. His heart was ice cold and beating too fast. He was going to scream. He was already screaming. He was going to throw up. He lurched from Bob’s grip just in time to throw up.
-The ground around him begin to quake.
-“Percy, stop!” Bob pleaded.
-But the fisher had already opened. The monstrous black blood of Tartarus began to pool out of the crack.
-With a final cry, the blood exploded outward.
-Percy fell to his knees.
-He whispered Annabeth’s name.
-He wanted to die, too.
-Bob knelt next to him. “The doors are close. We must go. Your friends, Nico, they need you.”
-When Percy made no attempt to move, Bob picked him up and carried him.

-Somehow, Percy was alive. The fates being cruel, no doubt. He was alive, and the sun was kissing his skin, and all he could do was sit there, hands fisted in his hair.
-He squeezed his eyes shut. It was too bright out here.
-He heard Frank and Hazel and Jason begging him to tell them what happened.
-It was all he could do to stop himself from punching Leo in the jaw when he asked what had happened to Annabeth.
-Pipers charmspeak couldn’t even get him to talk. She pleaded, lacing her words with magic, but they had no effect on him.
-Nico stepped forward and knelt in front of Percy. He placed his hand on his knee, and looked into his eyes.
-Percy couldn’t breathe as Nico gave his head a tiny shake.
-“I am so sorry.”
-Fountains exploded, pipes burst.
-Percy Jackson said nothing.

-It’s a year later. Percy is constantly in the arena, training.
-Either that or sitting at the bottom of the lake.
-He’s training in the arena one afternoon when he hears Piper scream.
-He takes off towards Thalia’s tree, Riptide gripped tightly in this fist.
-But he didn’t expect to see this.
-Piper is clutching a boy so fiercely it looks painful.
-Behind Leo, there’s a beautiful girl with hair and eyes the color of Carmel. Shes wearing blue jeans and a tee shirt, and she looked nervous.
-“You,” he whispers.
-And he lunged.
-Startled, no one does anything until he has her pinned against the ground, Riptide poised over her throat.
-“Percy, stop,” Piper said forcefully, and he did.
-He’s sobbing now, primal heaves ripping through his chest.
-“You.. Did.. This,” he heaves out.
-At this point, many campers had filed around the scene.
-“You killed her,” Percy growled. “She’s dead because of YOU!”

-Later that night, Percy tells Frank what happened, and Frank tells the seven.
-Word gets around camp, and suddenly Calypso isn’t as well loved as she had originally been.
-But it doesn’t matter.
-Percy is well beyond the camp borders by the time people start understanding what’s happened to them.

The World Is Ugly (Next Door Edit)
My Chemical Romance
The World Is Ugly (Next Door Edit)


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**Headphones Reccommended**

this is not my song, i edited it. credit for the song goes to the past members of my chemical romance and the producers