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EPA’s Scott Pruitt removes 5 scientists from Board of Scientific Counselors

  • Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt fired five scientists from the Board of Scientific Counselors.
  • Pruitt is contemplating replacing them with people who work for the very same industries the EPA is tasked with regulating.
  • The move, reported by the New York Times, is yet another action that Pruitt has taken to replace academic research with corporate influence.
  • EPA spokesman J.P. Freire told the Times that the decision was an attempt by Pruitt to “have people on this board who understand the impact of regulations on the regulated community” — in other words, those who work in polluting industries. Read more (5/8/17)

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Imagine what Sunny Baudelaire’s first job interview would be like.

“Well, you’re pretty young, so I don’t expect you to have a lot or experience..”

“Actually, I’ve worked in a lumber mill, I was an administrative assistant at a boarding school, and I was a concierge at a hotel. Unfortunately, all of my former bosses died in a fire at the hotel, so I can’t give you any references.”

Trump administration will not renew key EPA advisers, cancels committee meetings in agency shakeup

  • The Trump administration has canceled the 2017 meetings of the Board of Scientific Counselors — a key advisory committee to the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • The administration will not renew members whose terms are expiring this year, according to an internal EPA email obtained by Mic.
  • Robert Kavlock, acting assistant administrator for the EPA’s Office of Research and Development, announced the BOSC “schedule and membership” changes to members in an email sent on Friday evening.
  • The non-renewals indicate the Trump administration and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt are “continuing to purge science and undermine objectivity,” Peter Meyer, who resigned in protest from one of the board’s five subcommittees, said in a phone interview on Monday. Read more (6/20/17)

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Trump empowered these Kansas school administrators to take away trans kids’ rights

  • A school board in Derby, Kan., voted to disallow transgender students from using the restroom that matches their gender identity, BuzzFeed reported.
  • The decisions comes after President Donald Trump lifted the Obama administration’s guidance on federal statute Title IX.
  • “Trump was basically leaving it up to us,” Tina Prunier, a member of the Derby Board of Education, told BuzzFeed.
  • However, she seemed to have not given the actual wellbeing of transgender students much thought, adding: "To be quite honest, it’s not something I have gone over in my mind. It’s not something I feel strongly one way or another about — their personal rights or how they wish to be.“ Read more (¾/17 5:00 PM)

Valedictorian goes off script, so the school cut his mic

Not long after valedictorian Peter Butera referred to the “authoritative attitude” of his Pennsylvania high school administrators, teachers and school board members did the school pull the plug on his graduation speech.

Literally. They cut his mic off part-way through his speech, a fitting end to the 18-year-old’s ongoing battle with Wyoming Area High School administrators over the power of student government.

“Despite some of the outstanding people in our school,” said Butera, his voice booming through speakers, “the lack of a real student government, combined with the authoritative attitude that a few teachers, administrators, and board members have, prevent students from truly developing as leaders.”

Storsjöodjuret, a lake monster from Lake Storsjön in Jämtland, Sweden, is also known as “The Great-Lake Monster” or “Storsie”. The lake monster was declared as an endangered species in 1986 by the Jämtland County Administrative Board and it was given the status of an endangered animal and thus granted protection by law. However, this status was removed as of November 2005.


Elon Musk is not brave for quitting Trump’s White House council

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk stuck to his word and departed President Donald Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum on Thursday after Trump withdrew from the Paris climate agreement. Musk has served as an adviser to Trump since December but despite every other contemptible decision from the White House, saw no reason to distance himself before now.

“The more voices of reason that the president hears, the better,” Musk told Gizmodo in January after first facing criticism. “Simply attacking him will achieve nothing.”

Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement could be devastating for the country and the planet. But it’s also bad news for Tesla, which relies on the government requirement for clean energy sources.

That’s just one reason why Musk’s departure from Trump’s circle is not worthy of praise. The SpaceX and Tesla founder, along with his Silicon Valley counterparts, seem to believe that his presence on a presidential advisory board for this administration doesn’t signal anything disheartening to his employees, the public and the world. And he seems to believe that his unique power of persuasion alone might make the difference between peace and the world going up in flames. Read more (Opinion)

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Okay for your Kayleigh Lives AU - please consider this: It's summer break and Kayleigh takes her sons to the beach for vacation. (Maybe last minute booking so the four of them have to share ONE room or one of their bags got missing during the flight and it's big drama. BUT ALSO - BEACH! SUN! FUN?!)

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

Omg I sidetracked so hard from your prompt i’m sorry
but consider: Kayleigh’s 50th birthday

(I just realized it might be unclear but Kevin is holding a selfie-stick lmao)

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Storsjöodjuret: The Great Lake Monster of Sweden

The Storsjöodjuret is a lake monster that resides in Storsjön, the fifth largest lake in Sweden. Initial accounts of the monster date back to 1635. It is believed to have the head of a dog, and a reptile-like body with fins along its back. 

The original account, made by a folklorist by the name of Morgens Pedersen, is included below.

“A long, long time ago two trolls, Jata and Kata, stood on the shores of the Great-Lake brewing a concoction in their cauldrons. They brewed and mixed and added to the liquid for days and weeks and years. They knew not what would result from their brew but they wondered about it a great deal. One evening there was heard a strange sound from one of their cauldrons. There was a wailing, a groaning and a crying, then suddenly came a loud bang. A strange animal with a black serpentine body and a cat-like head jumped out of the cauldron and disappeared into the lake. The monster enjoyed living in the lake, grew unbelievably larger and awakened terror among the people whenever it appeared. Finally, it extended all the way round the island of Frösön, and could even bite its own tail. Ketil Runske bound the mighty monster with a strong spell which was carved on a stone and raised on the island of Frösön. The serpent was pictured on the stone. Thus was the spell to be tied till the day someone came who could read and understand the inscription on the stone.”

Notice the differing views on whether it has a cat-like or dog-like head. 

We see a huge interest in the creature in 1894, during the reign of King Oscar II. He had a unique interest in the creature, creating an organization to catch it. At one point, they dangled a dead pig over the lake, trying to lure the beast to them so they could capture it.

In 1986, the Jämtland county administrative board passed a law, granting the creature protection due to it being declared an endangered species. Not only was the beast protected, but so was its nest and offspring. Sadly, this law was revoked in 2005. 

Tell your local school board to protect trans kids!

On Wednesday, February 22nd, the current administration rescinded President Obama’s declaration that forcing trans kids into the wrong bathroom is illegal discrimination.

That means that local schools now have a choice about how to treat their trans students.  Which could be pretty bad news in some places– but it also means that you have the opportunity to let your schools and school boards know that you care about how trans kids are treated!

There’s no national directory of school boards, so you’ll have to Google your area’s school board (or school committee, in some places).  But once you do, you can tell them that you care about what happens to trans kids in your area.

Remember: school boards are locally elected.  Your vote, and your voice, will count so much more to these people than to senators and representatives at the national level!

Sample script:

Hi! My name is [name], and I’m a [your city] resident.  I’m [writing/calling] to ask you to protect transgender children in [your city]’s schools.  I’m very upset about the president’s recent declaration that transgender children are not protected by Title IX, and can be forced to use the bathroom of the sex they were assigned at birth.  Transgender kids already face bullying and harassment, and I’m worried that forcing them to use the wrong bathroom will make it much more dangerous and uncomfortable for them.  Please allow [your city] students to choose for themselves which bathroom they’ll be most comfortable in. These kids are counting on your help and protection!

Thank you for your time and attention.


[your name]

[your address]

Hidden Rooms - Part 4 - Jughead x Reader

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1

Jughead has followed a mysterious new girl to a room that provides students with escape. He starts to learn more about the girl to only find himself infatuated with her.

Jughead x Reader

Word Count: 3,329


Taglist: @sgarrett49 @theselfishllama

juggiebuggie: Do a part 4 please!!!! ✨❤️✨

galaticpanda: Please do write part 4 of Hidden Rooms! I love it so much!!

Anonymous said: Omg hidden rooms had me so caught up I couldn’t put it down I really hope you do another part for it your crazy talented <3 

She led me out of the shed and back to the house, her hand gently let go of mine as we crept closer to the house. She opened the sliding glass door and I followed her in.

The house was decorated to the fullest. Full of vibrant paintings as well as a wall of pictures. One included a woman that looked the spitting image of Y/N, just with shorter hair. I turned to the left of me and saw Cliff cooking. He peered up to the both of us with a smile.

He started to sign to Y/N who once again started to translate for him. “He asked if you can get Tim from his room, I’m going to set the table”, she gave a smile.

I nodded to both of them, “Sure”.

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Repost: @camillereck The people of Puerto Rico have had enough. Tomorrow, May 1st, there is an island-wide strike demanding the audit of the enormous debt and rejecting the fiscal and labor policies of the Gov. Ricardo Rosselló administration and the fiscal control board.

“When it rains, it rains for everyone. Let it stop raining!”

Don't be a sh*thead online.

One of my ex girlfriends had a mother who was a high school teacher. She was the sweetest thing, although was also a total pushover. For this story’s sake, we’ll call her Margaret Jones.

When I’d visit my ex, this woman almost wouldn’t leave me alone, constantly “Can I get you something to eat?”, “We had dinner earlier, can I warm something up for you”, “OH! I remember you like this hot sauce, so I picked some up for you and it’s in the cupboard - here, I’ll show you where so you can use it when you would like!”. Total sweetheart.

Now, I can’t particularly vouch for how she was as a science teacher, but I can only imagine she was probably overrun by sh*tty high school students who made her life hell. She probably had a hard time controlling the class in many situations. She just wasn’t all that assertive.

One day my ex calls me “Holy f*ck, you have to see this Facebook group!”, and sends me the link. It’s titled “Mrs. Jones Is A Cunt HAHAHA” and has somewhere around 60 members, all high school students talking sh*t about this poor women, how they make her life hell and what they’ve done / said to her, etc. Of course, my ex is deeply saddened because her mom is being slagged online. At this same time my ex was completing her Masters in university majoring in psychology. Her thesis was on bullying among teens. How ironic. My ex insists she contact Facebook to get it taken down. I told her no. Let me see what I can do first. This caused a bit of a fight between her and I as I’m one for teaching people a lesson, while she wanted to sweep it under the rug so her mom wouldn’t find out and it’d just go away. Further, she didn’t like “eye for an eye” mentality.

First, I screenshot every conversation, every comment, every photo - just in case it went away somehow. I then wrote down every name, made a nice little excel file with them all and began my quest. Seeing as I knew where all these kids lived (well, the general region) I began to search out phone numbers or the kids who were stupid enough to link their parents on their FB accounts. I found numbers (or profiles) for almost everyone - in many cases, multiples.

Next up I compiled all the screen grabs into a nice little 1 page webpage highlighting the worst comments. People’s full names as listed on FB, essentially nothing that wasn’t already public information. I just aggregated it together into a cute little package. Of course, this included phone numbers as well. Links to the FB group and the comments were below every photo.

Now the fun starts. I begin calling the home phones of these kids one by one. A typical conversation went as follows with little deviation.
“Hi, is Mr or Mrs ___ available”.
“Hi there, do you have a son/daughter named ____ ”
“yes, who is this”..
“well, I’m a concerned internet user who’s come across some very disturbing comments your child posted about their high school teacher”
“oh, what?”
“Well, if you go to _______, I’ve put them all together with some links for you”
* parent views page *
“I.. uhh… I’m so sorry.”
“well, so you’re aware, I’m calling every parent with this same call. When I’m done, I’m submitting this to both the school board head office and the administration of the school”
“I’m so sorry my child did this…. Screams name of child - GET IN HERE NOW
“Thanks, try and have a good evening”

I didn’t get to find out the end details, but her mother obviously ended up finding out about the group, and the only info I got was that a “good handful” of the kids ended up getting suspended for between 1-5 days depending on what they said. That was great and all, but I’m sure the wrath the parents laid out was far worse. I smirked to myself throughout the entire thing knowing I was probably ruining these kids’ spring breaks (as it was the week before).

TL;DR: - Found a hate group on FB against my ex’s mom. Got a ton of kids suspended and told all their parents, which was really the most satisfying part of it all.

Situationships (Feat. Mack WIlds & Tiara Thomas) [Prod. By Sonaro]
Situationships (Feat. Mack WIlds & Tiara Thomas) [Prod. By Sonaro]

Fabolous (Feat. Mack Wilds & Tiara Thomas)


Soul Tape 3

If you’ve ever been in or currently in one, you’ll relate.
Chinese scientists to pioneer first human CRISPR trial
Gene-editing technique to treat lung cancer is due to be tested in people in August.

Chinese scientists are on the verge of being first in the world to inject people with cells modified using the CRISPR–Cas9 gene-editing technique.

A team led by Lu You, an oncologist at Sichuan University’s West China Hospital in Chengdu, plans to start testing such cells in people with lung cancer next month. The clinical trial received ethical approval from the hospital’s review board on 6 July.

“It’s an exciting step forward,” says Carl June, a clinical researcher in immunotherapy at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

There have been a number of human clinical trials using an alternative gene-editing technique, including one led by June, that have helped patients combat HIV. June is also a scientific adviser on a planned US trial that would also use CRISPR–Cas9-modified cells for the treatment of cancer.

Last month, an advisory panel of the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) approved that project. But the trial also requires a green light from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a university review board. The US researchers have said they could start their clinical trial by the end of this year.

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24 May 2017 | King Felipe VI held audiences with the new officers of the Commercial Technicians and Economists (1st photo), with the Governing Board of the Federation of Associations of Upper Bodies of the Civil Administration of the State ((FEDECA) 2nd photo), and with the Board of Directors of the Association of Spanish Writers and Artists ((AEAE) last photo) at the Zarzuela Palace.

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where does Alex come in in the drama teacher au?

alex is the school’s new physics teacher, they kind of hit it off until maggie learns that alex (albeit unknowingly) schedules a mandatory senior field trip that conflicts with closing night of the spring production. they butt heads and it kicks off this sort of rivalry as they both try to make appeals to the administration and the school board over which should take precedence and which should be rescheduled.