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Storsjöodjuret, a lake monster from Lake Storsjön in Jämtland, Sweden, is also known as “The Great-Lake Monster” or “Storsie”. The lake monster was declared as an endangered species in 1986 by the Jämtland County Administrative Board and it was given the status of an endangered animal and thus granted protection by law. However, this status was removed as of November 2005.
Trump's Budget Endangers American Workers
After the president issued a budget last week slashing and burning environmental, labor and educational programs, the guy responsible for the thing, Mick...

Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, asserted that members of my union, the United Steelworkers (USW), coal miners and urban parents are eager to kill off Public Broadcasting’s Big Bird, to drink lead-laden water, to breathe cough-inducing air and to work among life-threatening dangers.

This illustrates a complete lack of knowledge of the working and living conditions of huge swaths of Americans. Big Bird and Mr. Rogers are way more popular than Congress. Americans would much rather pay their freight than the wages of politicians. Americans are horrified by the poisoned water in Flint, Mich., and are willing to invest in an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that would prevent such health hazards. And steelworkers and coal miners have seen dismemberment and death on the job and don’t want the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) eliminated or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) decimated.


Dear Leland Bosseigh High Administrative Board. We accept that you are withholding our deposit of $1,500 for damages. We also accept that you just see us as you want to see us: in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. A snarky psychic, an uptight pharmaceuticals salesman, a pretty female blonde detective, and a not so pretty, unusually lanky detective. But each of us is all of those things. Plus our normal fee for solving a murder in one meaningful evening is twice that. So enclosed is a bill for $3,000. Please remit payment in the form of a check made out simply to “Psych”. 


Beginning a new academic year is stressful to almost everyone on campus: from freshmen with their new beginnings and unknowns to returning students with their hopes of maintaining, improving, or completing what they’ve already started; from parents and guardians with their anxieties to faculty and staff with their increased work loads. The stress finds its way even to the administrators and governing boards beyond for a host of reasons. It abounds.

Regardless of how confident one may feel, entering campus totally unaware of the stress is a little like wading into a pool with no expectation to get wet.

Deep inhale. Count. Seek patience. Learn. Grow. Achieve.

usuk writing 10/13

hi! back with some original writing! turns out brainstorming scenarios for usuk fanfiction is a lot harder when you’re not stuck in boring classes all day. so today i decided to write a little fic inspired by an idea that my beta @churchcats and i have been obsessed with for literal years. i hope you guys like the concept as much as we do!

The county high school always played it safe. With the supervision of the administration, the PTA, the school board, and plenty of other advisors, the school usually spent money on things like hiring teachers, buying sports equipment, upkeep of facilities, and the occasional splurge for the theater department. It had a good reputation and, obviously, didn’t wish to lose it. 

So it came as a surprise when the school invested in two-person desks over the summer. They were regular chairs with a built in desk, typical of high schools, but they were taller so that a slightly lower, smaller seat could be attached to the side. The smaller seat was also movable. The desks were meant to allow Alpha-Omega couples to sit together comfortably, but they mostly perpetuated negative stereotypes against Omegas. With the implication that Omegas were less important in the classroom setting being so obvious, that is.

As an Omega, Arthur was furious. As a mated Omega, he was secretly… less furious.

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Prompt: An older one from castlefanficprompts. AU S1 “why don’t you shut up and put your mouth to better use” so he does.  M rating.

She’s going to kill him.  Him and his stupid theories, him and his constant questions, him and his cocky grin and his blue eyes and his broad shoulders and the way he crowds in close to her that turns her on more than she will ever, ever admit.

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anonymous asked:

May I have some headcanons about arima please?


  • Arima does not eat sweets often, but when he does, his favorite flavor is green tea.
  • He prefers tea over coffee, but will drink either one depending on what is available.
  • Arima does not let anyone clean his office, both in the CCG and at home. He does not believe anyone can do a better job at organizing than he can.
  • Arima does not have an eidetic memory but his processing ability is so superior to that of others that he is often said to have one.
  • Though his salary is beyond that of almost everyone at the CCG, besides the director and the highest board of administration, Arima is quite conservative with his money. Instead of spending it on luxury goods or services, he uses a part of it to support Haise.
Musings on Madam Secretary 2.07

Before we take a trip to Cuba, let’s head back to Syria for a moment. When news first broke about the drone-strike death of “Jihadi John,” my mouth literally fell open. I know Madam Secretary eerily follows, if not oddly predicts, real life, but even this was some straight-out-of-a-Ouija-Board kind of stuff. I realize the Obama Administration isn’t sitting around in the Situation Room, catching the weekly escapades of Elizabeth McCord, thinking, “Hey, what a great idea,” but the similarities are striking… no pun intended. Perhaps the writers could take second jobs as phone-in psychics.

I’ve been looking forward to this episode for 2 months. It’s amazing what one little behind the scenes picture can do. (I’m looking at you, Lori McCreary.) Like virtually every other episode this show cranks out, “You Say You Want a Revolution” is remarkably timely. From Cuba and Russia to police shootings and race relations, this episode could basically be titled, “2015.”

Craig Sterling is back, still jumping on the “LET’S BOMB RUSSIA” drum like it’s a trampoline. I’ve missed him like I miss getting kidney stones. As if provoking war with Russia isn’t enough, he’s also firmly against any peaceful or positive resolution involving Cuba. Color me surprised. Despite his age, he’s still a toddler at heart, getting his tighty whities (you know he’s a tighty whities guy) in a bunch whenever he doesn’t get his way. He even insulted Elizabeth in front of her face.  Throwing her stiletto at him isn’t Elizabeth’s style… but damn, I wish it was.

Sterling, Russell and Elizabeth lining up in front of Dalton was basically like a political game of Red Rover. Which one will Dalton call over? When Conrad eventually agreed to attempt something other than dropping bombs on every country, I’m pretty sure Sterling bit his tongue so hard, he severed it. His “It’s never about me, sir” comment to Dalton is also the biggest lie since someone said men wearing skinny jeans was cool. The fact that it elicited a smirkle from Elizabeth made the scene even better. Score one for McCord.

Russell is quickly becoming a member of Team Elizabeth. Apparently there’s only room for one Satan in the administration and that spot is currently occupied by Craig. Perhaps it’s even Sterling’s existence that is bringing Russell and Elizabeth together. I’d never admit that, however, because that would be too much of a compliment to Sterling. Elizabeth and Russell tag teaming senators to get the necessary votes for the embargo measure to pass was fun. Elizabeth being her non-political self quietly stood in the background, providing her visual and powerful support, while Russell wheeled and dealed. Their brief exchanges of “You know what the sixth is, Elizabeth?” “No,” even showed their united front. I’m sure once they delouse the White House of Sterling, they’ll return to their typical angsty banter, but I’ve grown to truly enjoy their relationship, even when he’s being an assho…..

“Sometimes politics has to take a back seat to doing the right thing.” That right there is the key difference between Elizabeth and Sterling. She’s no nonsense, no BS and makes decisions based on emotion, logic and reason for the greater good. Sterling probably couldn’t even spell those words. I may have to pop some popcorn next week to see Russebeth take him down. I’ll even buy the shovel to bury the dude. Put it on my tab, Russell.

While we’re still talking politics, I loved seeing the backdoor political wrangling that goes into garnering votes for bills. This is truly how it’s done in real life. Major U.S. government decisions are made based on how much funding some random representative or senator will receive to make shoes for bumblebees or someshit like that. Just check out the pork barrel every time the Congressional budget rolls around. Elizabeth the non-politician even realizes this, as evidence by her rolling her eyes in the background during those little negotiation sessions.

Henry is still all up in his head in the wake of Ivan’s suicide. I can’t blame the guy. He was already walking a tightrope along the edge of a canyon, and Ivan’s death has basically left him holding onto that rope with his fingertips. He’s not sleeping and is tormented by his silent demons more and more each week. While touring the church with Alison, he mentioned something about finding the light in the darkness. What perfect symbolism for his current mental state. He’s even mirroring PTSD Elizabeth: not sleeping, on edge, set off by the littlest thing, trying to grasp to sanity while going through the motions of everyday life. It’s furthering my belief that Henry and Elizabeth are doing a sort of career flip flop this season. Someone page Dr. Sherman.

Henry’s state of mental chaos and his lack of ability to discuss these concerns with Elizabeth can be seen physically playing out. It’s been a bit of a drought in the sweet scenes department this season because of this. Their physical “rift” is symbolic of their current career states. I’m not talking about the deep moments where they connect, because I feel like we’ve been treated to those more so this season than last. I mean the cute, playful, flirty scenes. I ADORE last week’s window seat scene, but I also cherished this week’s fun balcony scene. Despite everything they’re going through and the pressures they’re under, they still cherish one another. “Your speech is perfect and so are you.” The balcony scene was a light moment of calm water within the stormy seas of their current lives.

Can we also talk about how Henry worked to get the necklace placed just right on Elizabeth? Instead of just stringing it on, he moved her hair and lifted her blazer lapels, settling the chain delicately against her neck. Henry/Tim, you’ve obviously done this before.

Unpopular opinion: as much as I loved the balcony scene, my favorite Elizabeth and Henry scene was in the limo. They were simply being parents, and doing so adorably as a team. Bust out the heart eyes emoji at how Elizabeth used both of her hands to cling to Henry, not in a desperate way, but in a we-actually-get-a-moment-to-be-physically-close-to-each-other-so-let’s-take-advantage kind of way. The limo also showed the dichotomy that is Elizabeth’s life: Alison and Russell sitting next to each other. She (most of the time) flawlessly flips between caring, concerned mom mode and badass-advisor-to-the-leader-of-the-free-world mode.

The storyline involving Afeni Rehim proves just how much this show does not shy away from real, current societal concerns: Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Ferguson and Charleston. Not all crucial issues involve foreign affairs. Yes, in Afeni’s case, there were foreign benefits to be gained. However, some of the U.S.’s most urgent matters are domestic. Even a show dealing with foreign policy realizes this. I can’t help but think Elizabeth’s speech about hope for a bright future referenced not only Cuba, but other foreign affairs, society, herself and her family… as well as the current state of the real world.

Blake being Blake will never not be funny. The relationship between he and Elizabeth is cute. He’s her confidant. She’s on his pedestal. At times, there are even shades of mother/son: “Wait. Let Blake say it.”

Loved seeing Nadine do a bit of covert ops herself with the FBI to get the file on Afeni. Elizabeth’s unusual tactics are rubbing off. It was also great to see Bebe show off more of her fabulous acting chops.

Other things:

–For Manuel Barzan’s sake, I hope we never see him again. I appreciate the way he worked with Elizabeth for a backdoor deal to get the embargo lifted. However, given Elizabeth’s stellar track record of foreign counterparts, we can only assume he’d meet a premature death.

–This show consistently offers history and government lessons via storylines. I’m positive viewers learned something about Cuba and U.S./Cuban relations from this episode. I’m not saying a TV drama should be considered a history book. I’m simply saying it may inspire people to search out more on real life topics.

–Someone tell Alison that growing up isn’t all unicorns and flowers. Yes, you can do whatever you want, go wherever you want and buy whatever you want. However, those bills that come daily in the mail? Yeah. They’re now in your name.

–Henry McCord in aviators, a blazer and jeans. What’s up, Top Gun?

–In my head, Tim or Téa came up with Elizabeth’s quip about kale. For reasons.

–I need one of those “Yay, may, nay” magnetic boards to help me make my life choices.

–Whenever I see the title for this episode, I spiral into a Hamilton show tunes rabbit hole: “You want a revolution, I want a revelation. So listen to my declaration.”

((Disclaimer: this probably wasn’t as observant, thought provoking or funny as some of my other musings. It’s been a long, rough week at work… but I couldn’t NOT do one. The McCords have my heart.))

Adopt-A-School Author

Last week on twitter, I tweeted the below set of tweets about school systems adopting an author. Rather than respond individually to the request I received, here are a few of my broad thoughts on the benefits.

If you’re an educator who wants to adopt a school author, here are my suggestions:

*Reach out with passion. Let the author know why you’d love to see the school and author form a long-term partnership.

*Work within your own school to generate excitement. This is the most important step. It usually happens via: making the author’s work available to students, hosting book clubs, using author’s free content in the classroom, getting teachers and administrators on board, having special set-ups in the library, encouraging students to review an author’s book, giving students access to contact author via social media, etc.

*Present that author with a long-term hope of what this partnership will likely bring to them and the school. (I.e. sales, reviews, blurbs, cultivating the arts/literacy, changing the world, etc.)

*Pay the author every single time you can afford to pay them. By asking them to do visits out of the goodness of their hearts, you aren’t valuing their time, investment, or professionalism.

*Measure the results.

*Let the author know the value of the investment post visits.

If you’re an author considering being adopted, here are some of the rewards:

*The ripple effect. One thing becomes another that becomes another. Events spiral into other events. 

*Book sales. If you need a monetary reason (and I highly suggest that you do), here it is: when you build this type of relationship, students will buy your books. What day in a single bookstore am I going to see 100 books? None. But I’m grabbing that opportunity in this school at least once a year. Imagine adding to first week sales in this way.

*Teachers/librarians/media specialist/literacy coaches all talk. They are connected to larger networks. If they think this is working for their school, they’re going to be talking about you to peers.

*Emotionally rewarding. I’ve seen a huge change in the climate of the arts in this school system since we started partnering. I don’t believe a year ago, 900 students would have signed up for a writing workshop.

* Supplemental income. If the school is paying you, it should help justify the cost of the investment.

Zoe Dunning

Zoe Dunning (born as Maria Zoe Dunning) was the only openly gay person allowed to remain on active duty in the U.S. military prior to the end of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. She graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1985, and was commissioned an Ensign in the Navy Supply Corps. After attending Navy Supply Corps School in Athens, Georgia, she was assigned to the USS Lexington homeported in Pensacola, FL. At the end of her obligated active duty service, she transferred into the United States Navy Reserve and attended Stanford Graduate School of Business.

At a January 1993 rally in support of Keith Meinhold, who had outed himself to the Navy in 1992 to fight the pre-Don’t Ask Don’t Tell ban on gays in the military, Dunning announced, “I am both a naval officer and a lesbian, and I refuse to live a lie anymore.”

On June 10, 1993, a three-member Navy administrative board recommended that she be honorably discharged despite arguments that the action violated a Federal judge’s ruling the previous winter.

Dunning appealed and argued that she made a statement of status and not conduct. In December 1994, another three-member Navy administrative board unanimously agreed with Dunning’s argument that her public statement that she was a lesbian did not violate Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. She was also promoted between those hearings. Afterwards the military released regulations that made any future use of that defense impossible.

In a letter dated May 24, 1995, the Chief of Naval Personnel wrote Dunning, “Your administrative separation case proceedings are closed, and you will be retained in the Naval Service,” ending a two-year battle.

Dunning retired from the Navy Reserve in 2007. By the time of her retirement she had risen to the rank of commander and had been awarded the Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal, and the Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medal.

#Cheers -- New mixtape coming soon from @blackcobain!

@Blackcobain just announced that “Cheers” is the name of his next mixtape. 

Get ready, folks! Another amazing mixtape on the way (and so soon after “Young, Gifted, and Black”!). From what I remember reading on twitter, it should be coming out in February. But things change, so start counting down to “soon” until the official release date is announced!

#cheers :D
DEA Employees Fail Drug Tests, Shockingly Face No Serious Consequences
New documents reveal lax discipline at the agency.

This is so fucked up.

“ USA Today reporters Brad Heath and Meghan Hoyer found that, from 2010 through 2015, DEA employees have avoided getting fired despite serious violations of agency policy, including distribution of drugs, falsifying official records and having an “improper association with a criminal element.” And in the few cases in which administrators did recommend termination, the DEA’s Board of Professional Conduct often reduced sanctions to suspensions or lower forms of discipline and even required the agency to rehire problem employees. 

Indeed, a closer look at the internal log turns up numerous examples of disturbing behavior being punished with suspensions of a few days, at most. From 2010 through 2015, HuffPost found 62 instances of an employee losing or stealing a firearm; more than 30 violations for driving while intoxicated, including four while driving a government-owned vehicle and one that involved a hit-and-run; two occasions in which employees deprived individuals of their civil rights; nine instances of employees losing or stealing drug evidence; 10 cases in which agents lost or stole a defendant’s property; four violations for committing fraud against the government, two of which were punished by a letter of caution; and two more general violations of DEA policy on drug use. The DEA didn’t fire anyone as a direct result of these actions.”

Tiara Thomas
I’m gona spit a quit sixteen
It’s gona go like this, uh-yea-
Aint I the very one you said you didnt care abt?
Bought me some shoes and we broke up, but I still wear em out.
yea- That aint the only thing I’m wearing out
cause I’ve been making movies with your friend now paramount.
Different dude, different groove, same boose my pillow is the only thing I’m giving head to.
This music is the only thing I put my head into.
The only shit I write is the shit u put me to bet to.
Put me to bed boo-but in the next room cause
you’re a stranger to me so could use the guess room.

Say my name say it loud and I say yours too.
Just like the stage: shout it out–shout it ow
uhn- Would that do something to ya?
Cause I been on ya mind like it do something to ya.
And if you have the time I could prove something to ya!
And while u wait in line, let me move somethan to ya.
ugn- Spit a word shawty what’s my name?
I rock this shit–like what’s my name??
I got this shit–fuck the fame.
What’s my shawty?

Thank you!
Um.. that was actually for everyone who thinks I can’t do shit without my guitar!
You shut your mouth.
Cease to this sis ho.
mix tape coming out this Spring.
Look out for that!
This is for my team:
The Board of Administration.
That’s Wale. Black Cobain, Ms. Sasha and myself of course.

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Amtrak Train Derails, Cars Roll In Philadelphia; At Least 5 Killed
The train, on its way from Washington to New York, went off the rails late Tuesday. In addition to the 5 deaths, dozens have been transported to area hospitals, including six with critical injuries.

Teams from the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Railroad Administration have been dispatched to Philadelphia to investigate the derailment of Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188, which killed six people and injured dozens more Tuesday night.

Additional updates here: NTSB Team On Its Way To Investigate Amtrak Derailment

South Carolina is Considering Drastic Action to Cut College Funding

Another day, another story about a state de-funding higher education. This time it’s South Carolina – where the South Carolina House of Representatives has recommended that South Carolina State – the state’s only historically black college – close for two years in order to get its financial house in order.

Saying the college needs a “clean slate,” legislators recommend firing the college’s employees, board of trustees, and administrators and reopening in 2017. Students who maintain a 2.5 GPA would be eligible for state-funded scholarships to go to other public colleges or other historically black schools.