the blushes

He tried
  • Chat Noir: My Lady, I have a question.
  • Ladybug: What’s up Chaton?
  • Chat Noir: Are there any other attractions in the city besides you?
  • Ladybug: Huh?
  • Chat Noir: *smiles and stands proudly besides her*
  • Ladybug: *smiles* Yes, you.
  • Chat Noir:
  • Chat Noir: *he did not expect that, trying to remain calm*
  • Chat Noir: *he fails and starts to blush furiously*
Heat and Lightning

Destiel + what about one where dean and cas have been crushing on each other for ages. One night, Sam has a party, where they both get invited without knowing the other is going to be there too, with pining and crushing and awkward blushing and all the good stuff | requested by @jimminovak

~1,700 words | College AU, fluff, getting together, awkward blushing


Sam had begged Dean to go with him to the party. He’d turned his nose up at going somewhere with a bunch of students who he wanted nothing to do with. Who even wants their big brother at a party with them?

Dean enters the house, following Sam through the door, he can hear some music going but it’s not that loud and there’s not even that many people here. Dean narrows his eyes at his brothers back.

When they enter the lounge area, Dean realises that this isn’t even a party… it’s a fucking get together. Dean scans the people in the room, all of Sam’s friends. Why does he even need to be here, Sam’s not eight anymore.

Then his eyes land on a dark-haired head, sat with his back to Dean.

Oh. Oh no.

“Sam!” Dean hisses. Sam spins round and gives his brother a smile like he’s completely fucking innocent and Dean hates him so much right now.


“You said this was a party. Not some nerdy get together.”

“I wanted you to come okay.”

“But he’s here.” Dean looks pointedly over to the darker haired guy, who still (thankfully) hasn’t turned around to see who’s entered the room.

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So one of Bill's fantasies of Dipper is that he's a submissive, pliant and even more lustful husband who worships the grounds Bill walks on complete with a revealing slave outfit? Wouldn't that fantasy contradict with his real enjoyment of the rebellious, sarcastic and equally capable Dipper in real life?

This is one of those things that’s fun for Bill to fantasize about. He wouldn’t want that all the time, or he’d get bored of Dipper fast. But the idea of Dipper doing it has a thrill to it, because it’d be exotic coming from his feisty little mortal.

Dipper actually doing any of that would quickly kill any fun about Bill’s fantasy, if only because Bill would be out to find out what screwed up his nice defiant human.

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Okay this is totally embarrassing but I was just scrolling through tumblr and I saw your art for a howls moving castle au for yoi and I gasped because it was so beautiful! So I looked into your blog and art, especially your ghibli aus, and fell in love with your art style! You are very talented and I will definitely follow you and look forward to future art from you! (Oh btw I've reblogged literally all your ghibli au art because it was all so beautiful, so I hope you don't mind haha!)

asdfasdfdas your ask made me blush <33 reading it just made me blush more and more! you are soo sweet thank you! im glad you like my ghibli aus!

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Ticklish Nico

Not a lot of people know and he doesn’t want them to. But the secret is that Nico is terribly ticklish. It’s mostly his stomach or his neck but every so often there is a certain spot that makes him really ticklish. It wouldn’t be so bad, because everyone is ticklish somewhere. But Nico especially likes to hide it because of his laugh. Sure when someone says something funny Nico will laugh, but when he is being tickled he can’t hold back his laughter, and it is full blown. He is pretty catious when it comes to people touching him anyway. So when someone finds out, it’s by accident. Him and Will have been dating for a little over a month and Nico is in because he got his stomach slashed during capture the flag a while back. The sewed him up, and he was back today for a follow up appointment to make sure the cut wasn’t infected. “The paper crinkled as Nico sat down on the starched white infirmary bench. "Alright Nico so I’m just gonna lift your shirt up and see the stitches to make sure they are holding properly and there is no infection.” Nico was I start blushing. “O-Okay.” He managed to choke out. Will lifted up his shirt and Nico’s blush only burned brighter. Will’s long, nimble fingers stroked over the stitch marks, but the blush Nico was expecting to rise to his face didn’t come, instead the most embarrassing giggle embarrassing escapes his lips and he turns away to hide his stomach. Nico tries to hide his blushing face, but is suprised by what happens next. “Oh my gods that was the most adorable thing you have ever done.” Nico puts his head down trying to hide his blush, but a Will lifts his chin up and looks right in to Nico’s eyes saying with a smirk “no seriously.” Will starts leaning in closer so their lips brush “but I didn’t know you were so ticklish.” He says. “Well I usually try to cover it up, because when I get tickled I just can’t stop laughing and not many people know about it, it would kind of ruin my reputation, and then people would only remember me for my laugh, and not as the Ghost King and I don-” Nico was cut off when Will’s lips met his, Nico smiled into the kiss and pulled Will closer by his belt loops. Taking this as a good sign Will moved his hands to Nico’s waist, then slowly moved them up to his torso under his old dancing skeletons shirt. Nico was too caught up in the kiss to notice until what Will was doing, until Will lightly ran his fingers lightly across Nico’s bare stomach, and that was it. Nico burst into a fit of giggles, as will tackled him on the infirmary bed, mercilessly tickling him. “Will, Will, stop!” Nico said while laughing and trying to pull away. This went on for a couple minutes, and ended with Will hovering over Nico. This was when Nico saw his chance, and smashed his lips against Will’s, Will groaned into Nico’s mouth, and it was at this time that Nico but Will’s lip. Hard. A look of confusion passed over Will’s face, and a grin lit up his face, as Nico dashed towards the dining hall just as the conch horn blew.

Both campers sat down hastily at the Apollo table just as Chiron started the evening, he gave them a look but continued on talking about the problem concerning the Hectate cabin (they keep hexing their enemies), but neither of the boys was really paying attention. “I’ll get you for this Death Boy.” Will whispered in Nico’s ear. Nico just scooted a little farther away in response, but that only made Will smile more mischievously. Once everyone had gotten their food, and sacrificed a portion to the gods, Kayla looked over at Will her eyebrows draw together. “Will what’s wrong your chewing funny?” Nico turned toward Will with wide eyes and a pleading look on his face, he knew what was coming next. But Will just smirked back. “Well Kayla if you must know, I hurt my lip this afternoon.” Austin looked up from his plate. “How could you have possibly hurt your lip” he asked “you were in the infirmary all day?” Nico was desperate now, his look said so. Will was full on grinning now. “Actually Austin it was in the infirmary that I hurt my lip, it was when Nico here-” Nico scooted over to Will and covered his mouth with his hand. “When I accidentally bumped into Will and he smashed his lip against a table.” Nico said hastily. “Wasn’t the only thing I smashed me against.” Will mumbled under his breath, but it was still loud enough for the entire table to hear. Nico. Was. Ruined. It only worsened when Will wrapped his arm around Nico’s shoulders, his hand came up and tickled Nico’s neck. Nico instantly let out a giggle and shyed his neck away. He was blushing. The entire Apollo table was silent, until they burst out laughing. “Nico that was priceless, I can’t believe your laugh, are you really that ticklish?” These questions all followed through the night. Nico. Was. Ruined.

  • raven, holding her boyfriend's hand, sitting on his lap, leaning her head on his shoulder: i hate couples