the blushes

anonymous asked:

OMG I LOVE U,WHENEVER I SEE HAMLAF FROM YOU I WOULD SCREAM LIKE I JUST BECAME A DINOSAUR can i have alex wearing a dress and a flower crown and lafayette with a nosebleed?I LOVE YOU SO MUCH U ARE MY JESUS

We need more cute boys in dresses!

also asdfghjkl thank you so much,you are so sweet-

You smell like...

I had this thought about prey who work with food coming home after work smelling like their Pred’s favorite food, and when they get a whiff of their prey they make silly comments about how delicious they smell, but in actuality they’re finding it rather difficult not to pluck them from the ground to either lick or outright gulp them down!

rnagyars  asked:

youd live because a group of people would like you and you basically have a mini-entourage willing 2 defend you like some secret service type deal, get down mr president


Wait @project-beast isn’t this essentially the Princess Dani Protection Squad™-

would i survive / be a victim / be a killer in a danganronpa scenario + bonus if why

femmesim  asked:

once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favourite followers! even tho u already did this deal with it binch

look at this ***** who sent it to me after I posted already wow

1- My puppy eyes seem to work every time

2- I document my life with diary/journal entries and polaroids all so I could sit back and look at everything when I’m an old grandma :’)

3- the fact that I’m trying to reconnect with my cultural roots (I blame growing up in america)

4- that I think about some deep shiz without the drugs tyvm

5- I would say that I’m pretty good at filling in my brows :’ )