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Imagine that you are a talented artist in Asgard and the Allmother hires you to paint a picture of Prince Loki. When you work, you don’t talk much, but Loki keeps staring at you intently, fascinated by you. You often blush from his intense gaze, when your eyes meet.
During those few days that it takes to finish the painting, Loki falls in love with you as he watches you work gracefully, and you fall for him too.

Oh wow, you think so? I never even considered that but no, I’m definitely not popular enough for that :D
Maybe … maybe sometime in the far future. Idk it just seems like such a huge thing, something only the really really cool, popular artists and writers do and I’m def not there yet ^^
But thanks for the suggestion! I’ll keep the idea in mind for a (far far) later date…

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24 & 28? :)

24. How well does he (really) keep his promise to Ryder to either be honest or tell them about the big stuff?
A: Well, he thought he was doing a good job. He’d made a concentrated effort to be honest, but he had a hard time recognizing what actually constituted “big stuff”. He’s used to doing things on his own and only sharing info when it’s vital to do so. That backfired on him eventually.

28. (For something a little more smutty) What is the biggest turn on for Reyes?
A: Ahem. Well. He really likes being behind Sara. He loves her back, the way the muscles glide under her skin begging him to touch, and the control such positions offer him. Because, as we all know, Reyes Vidal is a man of control ;)

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I’m doing this on my phone lol, let’s see how difficult it’s gunna be


✨5 things you’ll find in my bag✨

🎀 a knife or pepper spray lol
🎀 a book, of the sketch or reading variety
🎀 bus tokens
🎀 my water bottle
🎀 loose cash cuz I’m too lazy to grab my wallet half the time

✨5 things you’ll find in my room✨

(I’m choosing the weirdest stuff I can find)
🎀 a large glass container partially filled with flour
🎀 an old cigar box filled with matches
🎀 jars of coins
🎀 so many blankets
🎀 a vintage clock that ticks but doesn’t move

✨5 things I’ve always wanted to do✨

🎀 go to college lol
🎀 go to Vegas and do some dumb shit there so I can regret it later
🎀 travel the country in a van/rv
🎀 hang out in a parking lot at 3 am w/ friends and roll around in shopping carts (I am a simple man with simple wishes in life)
🎀 move in w/ the future loml

✨5 things that make me feel happy✨

🎀 my friends!!!
🎀 hiking !!
🎀 boys who treat me like one'a the guys
🎀 squirrels that let me feed them peanuts on campus
🎀 finding a good book that I can read even with my depression and that makes me forget everything for a bit

✨5 things im currently into✨

🎀 ghost b.c.
🎀 learning guitar !!
🎀 home decor ??? (Me and blush baby have been planning our future apartment together and I’ve gotten super hyped about it, like full on pinterest boards yk, even tho it’s kinda unlikely we’ll move in together I still like to think about it)
🎀 uhh wow I have no interests… uh I mean I found this new Columbia coffee place and I’m super into their coffee
🎀 oh I know!!! Buzzfeed unsolved and cayleigh elise youtube videos!! Spooky

✨5 things on my to-do list ✨

🎀 civics essays :(
🎀 go for a walk
🎀 clean my dang room
🎀 do my dang dishes
🎀 actually remember to take my meds for once

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