the blues brothers band

  • Bentley: It's a hundred and six miles to Nunavut Bay, we've got a full tank of gas, half a box of Clockwerk parts, it's dark, and you're wearing sunglasses.
  • Sly: Hit it.

Billboard ad for Monterey Pop Festival that still lists Beach Boys in the line up.

(The guy who sketched this out requested that you listen to wicked jazz while you look at this picture.)

This is a drawing neogandw made, which I gladly offered to help color as his computer is undergoing repairs this week.

I can’t really explain too much about the concept behind this picture, since he came up with the idea, but it was something along the lines of a crossover between skullgirls and blues brothers, because the sequel from 2000 included animated segments, sadly I can’t really properly explain it. ^^; You’ll need to check out Neo’s blog for the full story about the idea behind this. (which you should, he’s a great artist! )

Anyway, this was really fun to color, and I really had a blast doing it. Sadly during this week it’s been extremely hot outside, which made the process much slower than it should’ve. <n< Still, I’m happy about how this turned out, so that’s always good. c:

Ramblin' Man
The Allman Brothers Band
Ramblin' Man


Ramblin’ Man by The All man Brothers Band

So I did a quick search through my blog’s archive (Ctrl+F, “Allman”), and though it isn’t always reliable, this album cover does not look familiar to me as something I’ve posted up here. It really is a huge shocker to me that I haven’t posted this, or any other Allman Brothers song. So, yes, this post is wayyyyy overdue. But who can say these guys aren’t worth it?