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The Allman Brothers Band- Stormy Monday
Atlanta International Pop Festival (07/05/70)

Platter Chatter: Albums from The Beatles, Donovan, Ravi Shankar et al

uncredited writer, Hit Parader, February 1967

SUNSHINE SUPERMAN, Donovan’s first big “commercial” success, is a
beautiful, poetic, soothing, soaring, lyrical, rhythmic, groovy experience. Rich 
in exotic sounds of sitars, flutes, violins, guitars, harpsichords, bongos, abundant with lyrical imagery and pleasantly flowing melodies, this is the most 
refreshingly original LP to please our ears in many moons. In each musical 
voyage to the many scenes painted by Donovan, you encounter princesses
and other gentle ladies, a fat angel, three king fishers, a ferris wheel, the now-famous ‘Sunshine Superman’ and lots of other visions you don’t run into 
every day. Wow! (EPIC BN 26217)

EAST-WEST is not the Paul Butterfield Blues Band at their best, but it's
 still superior to most contemporary blues albums. The tingling electrical
 excitement of their in-person dates, evident in their first LP, seems forced
 on most tracks. 'Walkin Blues’, 'I Got A Mind To Give Up Living’ and
 'Work Song’ come off best. 'East-West’ is good too, but we’ve had the perhaps unfair advantage of hearing it performed live a couple of times at 
the Cafe Au Go Go and the recorded version seems a dim caricature. Come
 on, you guys, you’re the best blues band today. Let’s have something more
 representative on records. (ELEKTRA EKS-7315)

ALTO BLUE, PRES AND HIS CABINET and SOUL MATES are three of the best VSP releases for anyone who wants to hear jazz giants like Johnny Hodges, Lester Young, Dizzy Gillespie and Roy Eldridge enjoying themselves, making music that’s sheer pleasure for them and for any fortunate listener. All the music is from historic Verve recording sessions in the 1950’s, a good era for happy swinging jazz. Sidemen include Oscar Peterson, Ben Webster, Ray Brown, Teddy Wilson, Lionel Hampton, Buddy Rich, Count Basie, Harry Edison and such all-star sessions are certainly rare these days. (VSP — 20, VSP — 27, VSP — 28)

PRETTY FLAMINGO is the last of five excellent albums by Manfred Mann
on United Artists Records. It’s also lead singer Paul Jones’ last session with 
the group. The title tune is groovy, as is 'Machines’ with its ominous
 clanking sound of encroaching automation. Also dig 'Tired Of Trying, Bored
 With Living, Scared Of Dying’, 'It’s Getting Late’ and the wild 'Tennessee
 Waltz’ and you’ll know why their always fresh, rhythmic rock-jazz sound
made the Manfreds one of England’s top groups for years. We recommend
 all their albums highly too. (UNITED ARTISTS UAS 6549)

THE SOUNDS OF INDIA features new teenage idol Ravi Shankar on sitar.
 Ever since the Beatles, Byrds, Stones and a hundred others picked up the
 sitar, the already monumental reputation of Ravi Shankar increased further.
 On this album Shankar, accompanied by Chatur Lai on tabla and Nodu 
C. Mullick on tamboura, weaves a fantastically complex musical tapestry
 with his sitar. Moods shift, build, explode and subside as his nimble fingers 
produce a fantastic variety of sounds. He also explains each Raga before he
 plays it, and the liner notes include a comprehensive description of the 
music. Groovy. (COLUMBIA CS 9296)

THE SUN AIN’T GONNA SHINE ANYMORE was a nice hit for the Walker 
Brothers so they named an album after it. They do eleven other songs too,
 and each displays the versatility of these three Americans who are such a 
giant success in England they might never come home. As long as they 
keep turning out big big big-sounding records like 'Baby, You Don’t Have
To Tell Me’, 'Don’t Fight It’ and 'People Get Ready’, they’ll have lots 
of fans. (SMASH MGS 27082)

REVOLVER represents the pinnacle of pop music. No group has been as consistently creative as the Beatles, though the Spoonful and Beach Boys are coming closer all the time (and 'Good Day Sunshine’ is very Spoonfulish). Rather than analyze the music we just suggest that you listen to Revolver three or four times a day and marvel at the lyrics, melodies, various instrumental backgrounds, special effects and everything. (CAPITOL ST - 2578)


The Allman Brothers Band - Statesboro Blues ( At Fillmore East, 1971 )

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The Allman Brothers Band ~ Statesboro Blues!!! !!!

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