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Loving all the blue you're reblogging!

Oh, that is so good to hear! 💙💙 I was worried it was maybe Too Much, but I have personally been dying for some megamind photographs and had nearly resigned myself to never achieving that dream when I discovered the magical world of blue glow blogs! I have so many more pics saved in my likes that I’m planning on reblogging!



“An Agate terrifies, a Lapis terraforms”

This line stuck out a little bit to me. Since Same Old World, we haven’t really known why Lapis was even on earth in the first place, and according to this line a Lapis’ purpose is to terraform. Now, if you’re like me and have no clue what this means, look no further:

“transform a planet so as to resemble the earth, especially so that it can support human life.”

There have been some theories that Lapis were meant to be messengers, which would explain the wings, but it seems to be more than that. I think that Lapis was sent to earth in order to study it. 

Now why would homeworld need her to study the earth?

But let’s not forget about the theory of Lapis being a messenger, it still has some validity to it. Lapis was on earth to gather information for the human zoo, but she still needed to relay the information back to homeworld and that’s where a different power comes into play.

The mirror thing she did with her eyes, wasn’t an accident. I think that it’s a power that all Lapis Lazuli gems have. The gem who put our Lapis in a mirror, clearly knew what she was doing, considering that’s likely how they transfer their information. 

Lapis was on earth to gather information for the human zoo.

Hey I hope you are doing fine and here is Allura and her tiny fluffy lions to cheer you up because everybody needs big fluffy cats.