the blue umbrella

Im not sure if anyones tagged me recently but idc! It was a nice rainy day and i found a new umbrella 😊😊 blue is my favorite and i love dome umbrellas. @whospilledthebongwater @emerald-nymph-princess @batmans-publicist @kiki-kannabis @fuckalmonds @bluexdreamx @black-stoners @blackhighandbi @bbylungx @latibules @dontthreathenmewithagoodtime @canofmixxednuts @legitimatelala @cosmic-canna @the-hippyhippie @sunflowerjawn stop drop and smoke a blunt!! Relax. Let your hair down. And tag me 💚✌🏾


your gaze captivates my soul;
     your smile brings me delight;
         i love you.