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Day 3 of Blogmas

Y/N may love Christmas too much, neighbour Harry can tell by the loud Christmas music she plays, and the fact that every time he jogs past her place, he always catches a whiff of chocolate, or peppermint, or some type of cookie. Harry usually visits home for the holidays, so he doesn’t really bother decorating. This year, however, he’s been snowed in with no chance of getting out of the city. 


Christmas Wishes

•Written by Maddy @legandaryharry


Peppermint, that’s what it is. Each and every morning that Harry wakes up when he’s jogging down the stairwell of his apartment building passing by his neighbors, he will get a whiff of something, and this day it is the sweet smell of peppermint. Even when it was barely light out, the moon giving him some type of guidance on the sidewalk, the thick cold chill to the winter air, he would still make a point to go running, but oh how much Harry wishes that he could just stay cuddled up in bed under the covers and sleep some more. But for some reason just having those few seconds to see what the new smell is of the day excites him enough to pull himself up and out of bed. He knows where it is coming from, a girl lives in there, y/n. He hasn’t talked much to her, just the occasional hello and how are you? But nothing much further. She was cute, not usually the type of girl that Harry would go for but since he first saw her she did catch his eye.

Christmas was finally here, actually to be correct, it was tomorrow. Harry planned to go and drive down to see his mother and sister, but sitting here in front of the tv with the news on, it looks like he probably won’t make it. 90% chance of snow tonight stating to be about as high as 4 feet of snow and temperatures dropping down to the negatives. As much as he would enjoy getting out of the house for once and seeing his family, he just knew it would be pretty much impossible. So to at least bring in some Christmas cheer he decided to go get a tree before the snow would hit and decorate it, even if it would be for his eyes only.

Harry sped out of the door, jogging down the stairs and jumped in his car. He looked up once more before backing up out of the parking lot to notice that same apartment is lit up. The girl living in there even though she has been here for only a year she has always kept up with all Christmas traditions. Having lights hanging around keeping her dorm lit all month long, a tree brightening up her front window and the soft sound of Christmas music ranging from Frank Sinatra to Jimmy Buffett. But today he notices that really isn’t the case for her this year. There was nothing to be displayed and it seemed to be very quiet, it kinda saddens Harry and he wondered if something happened?

When Harry finally arrives to the lot full of trees, in the first 5 minutes he comes across the perfect tree, not too tall and not too wide - just perfect. The workers help him tie down the tree on top of his car and Harry heads his way back home, ready to get all of this set up. Harry’s eyes guiding all over town taking in all the bright lights of red and green. The snow falls slowly, coming down on the hood of his car and all the people celebrating for this very day made his stomach feel warm. Missing out on all the Christmas memories he had when he was young and with his family, wishes he would never taken those moments for granted.

Harry soon pulls in and parks right back in the same spot, rushing out wanting to just get this over with. Harry is currently hurling the tree up the stairs to his apartment when he catches something in the corner of his eye and noticing that it is that girl. She is busy picking up all of the mail that the mail man must of not respectfully put in her box, not noticing him yet but Harry is indecisive if he should say hello or not.

She soon hears the grunts and huffs coming from behind her, she feels confused and wonders what is going on behind her back. She lifts her body up making it a point not to drop all of the letters out of her arms, not having much patience to be standing out here in the cold much longer to pick up mail. Her heart skips a bit when she notices that it is the boy from across the hall, Harry. He is currently trying to haul a massive tree up the stairs and from the looks of it he is struggling, to the point of almost dropping it. She wonders for a quick second if it is worth it, helping him and talking to the cute boy while leaving her mail or ignoring and entering her warm home away from the cold. She decides on the first option and turns around to set the stack of mail on her patio table. She slowly jogs over to Harry trying to reach to him in time.

“Harry, here let me help you” y/n says and puts her arms around the top of the tree, lifting it up off the ground. Harry shoots his head around shocked that she noticed him and that she wanted to help, and especially that she knew his name.

“Oh y/n thank you” Harry states turning his head back just enough so that he could look at her from the corner of his eye, surprising her with a smile.

He turned back and looked down to shove his key into the door, trying to hurry, worried if it is too heavy for y/n and if she is struggling as much as him. When Harry kicks the door open and they both make their way into his living room, setting the tree up on the stand and screwing it in.

“This tree is bigger than my future” y/n states laughing while checking the tree up and down, laughing at herself. Harry laughs with her, smiling at how much he was missing out on this girl and wondering where has she been all his life.
Y/n was a short person and comparing her to the tree, it was way over a foot taller than her built. But Harry loved how small of a person she was, he just wanted to hold her and for her to cuddle into him all night.

Y/n notices right away what Harry was wearing and smiled at how adorable he was, how much Harry went into and gave great pride into his fashion. He has a cream colored sweater with a long dark navy blue coat and last some tight fitted black jeans that seemed a little too tight for his own good. Harry’s hair seemed to be pushed back by some hair gel but the occasional curl would be poking out awkwardly but y/n thought it was just as cute, loving it on him. The soft look to his skin contributing to his good skincare line and the light pink tint to his lips that y/n so wishes that she could feel.

“You are one silly girl, but thank you y/n for helping me with this” Harry thanks her, turning his way to her and he pulls his hand out for her to shake.

When their hands touch Harry feels this spark run through his body, not many girls make him feel this way. Actually when he thinks about it - with Harry being young - yeah he sees girls and finds them attractive, but with y/n he feels a sense of protectiveness when he is in her presence and he doesn’t know what that’s supposed to mean… yet.

Harry did know that y/n had a boyfriend when she first moved in but he stopped coming around and she stopped coming out as much so he just assumed they weren’t together anymore. Harry wasn’t much of a relationship guy, especially with the type of career that he has. But the one thing that Harry and y/n do have in common is how private and reserved they both are with their lives. Even if for Harry that is rarely going on social media and not talking about certain things in interviews, but for y/n that is just never leaving her home. Two different lifestyles but also they can connect with each other in such a way.

When y/n looked around, she took an over look over his place, Harry’s apartment was a lot bigger than hers. His decorations seemed expensive and he probably had a lot of help picking out a lot of things. Now she feels nervous at the day that Harry will come over and she’ll welcome him into her home, realizing that she isn’t as upgraded as him.

She inhales the sweet smell of warm cinnamon that she assumes is coming from a burning candle coming in his home. 

“Anytime Harry, now I actually have a reason to say I decorated for the holidays.” She laughs but Harry can still sense in the tone in her voice that something was bothering her.

Something was telling him to not let her go home, even though they barely knew anything about each other he just didn’t want her to go on her way. He wanted her to stay, help him put ornaments all over the tree and drink hot cocoa. He wanted to see her smile and wanted to make her laugh and for her to actually mean it.

“Would you like to help me decorate the tree?” Harry asks her suddenly, nervous to see her reaction.

Y/n shoots her head right back up at Harry looking right at him in the eyes, she can tell from the way that he is twiddling his fingers and giving her an awkward smile that he is tense. She smiles to herself in her head thinking at how cute he is and how did she ever get in this situation? All Harry really ever was to her is the famous cute boy that lived across from her, but now she is currently being asked to decorate his Christmas tree.

“Yes Harry I would love to” Y/n quickly answers needing to see him loosen up and be himself around her. In those moments when y/n is in Harry’s presence and he doesn’t know, that is when y/n likes Harry the most.

When he gives no thought to what others think of him and acts himself, acts the loving bubbly boy that he is known to be. Seeing him on tv and listening to his music, she can really tell Harry has more to himself, but from the looks to Harry’s home he is just a regular human, like me and you.

“Ok great, well let’s get started” Harry says, huffing and plants his hands on his hips giving y/n this cheesy smile that she so desperately wants to kiss.

She knows she shouldn’t be having these thoughts, I mean this is Harry Styles for damn sake he would never even bat a single at her. They both pull out boxes of ornaments, seeing the glass red and green colored balls sparkle bouncing off the lights. They set them down and one by one do they start to decorate the tree, gently hooking each ornament to a branch.

“Why is the bottom of the tree decorated and not the top?” Harry questions. Looking at her with a confused look but laughing to himself.

She looks so cute trying to attempt to decorate the whole tree but with her height and built it is just almost impossible for her to reach for anything close to 6 feet tall. So she is left with having to resort to decorating the lower half, she did try to drop them on the top but really that was just from the help of Harry grasping it from her fingertips and doing it himself.

“Heyyy you know I have some disadvantages because of my height” y/n complains giving Harry a pouty look that he pleases so much to just run the tip of his thin on her bottom lip, the redness to her lip that he accurs came from her biting it from her being so nervous.

Harry has always seen y/n as just this girl that was reserved and friendly but never really understood what drawed him to her. But seeing her now under this light, giving him this spunky attitude with a mix of cuteness makes him so happy that he let her in.

“It’s ok to be short y/n, only short people are cute” Harry flirts giving her a cheeky smile looking right in her eyes waiting for a reaction but he looks back at the tree before she has a second to process what he said.

Y/n doesn’t know what to say, she doesn’t get if Harry is actually trying to make a move on her or if he is just being nice trying to feel pity for her loneliness. She looks down smiling to herself trying to hide her flushed cheeks not wanting Harry to know how much his words affected her. She inches her eyes back up to him looking back down at her with a look that she feels like she might just pass out.

Harry is looking back down at her while waiting for her response. She is wearing a big plaid fur hooded coat on, even in the minute of picking up some mail she can’t go any moment with out being warm.

“Thank you Harry… but I don’t know if that’s completely true” y/n whispers trying not to get Harry as wilded up as much as she did. She just acts like she said nothing and gets back to working on the tree. “Because you are tall and…”

“Are you trying to say I’m cute?” Harry giggles at her attempt to express her feelings to him, her very bad but cute attempt. He watches y/n get flustered again but this time having no mind in him seeing her this way.

They talk about each other trying to get to know one another a lot better. Asking about life, their jobs and family. She finds out Harry’s tour is coming soon since being on a 3 month break he’s sad to leave friends and family for so long but he loves doing his job. He has a mother and father who aren’t together, he has a stepfather but who has sadly passed away recently. He also has a older sister named Gemma that has a boyfriend named Michal. She feels sad seeing Harry’s face fall a bit when he mentions about his stepfather, knowing that it is a sensitive subject.

She could hear Harry talk all day and tell her all about himself learning so much more and never get bored of it. The way that Harry shows passion and love for what he does and the people that he is surrounded with makes her feel so happy. Seeing a man so satisfied and joyful with his life, who believes so strongly in himself like Harry’s is with his music is just an amazing thing about him.

Harry continues asking her about how things have been going for her and what he should learn about her. She tells him that things having been going fine for her, she has actually been promoted recently in her job. She loves what she does but actually these past few months she’s been feeling like something is missing. She doesn’t wanna go too deep into her feelings but she has been feeling very lonely lately. With her job, she is too busy to see anyone including her friends and family, even when they include her and invite her to places.

She mentions that she has a mother and a father that aren’t together anymore too, they separated when she was only 13. Her mother has a boyfriend who she lives with, she used to live with them before she moved into her apartment last year. She has two brothers that are older than her and a half older sister from her father’s previous marriage. Y/n still seemed sad about something and Harry wanted to figure out about what. Both having siblings and adding family members into their lives is something that they both can connect with each other.

“Are you still with that one boy?” Harry carefully asks y/n without startling her too much on the subject. He notices that she stops what she is doing and just stands there with not sudden movement, he feels as he must of went too far and touched a touchy subject. He hopes that he hasn’t made her upset to wanna cry or leave.

“We aren’t together anymore” y/n huffs out but smiling to try to hold it in and hide the hurt over the memories in her voice.

She tries to block out everything that is playing out over what she has been dealing with for the past few months. She doesn’t wanna get upset but she knows in herself how much this boy has hurt her and all the lies that make her wonder what was even the point of trying with this person in the first place. Realizing in the end of the relationship that there a lot of people out there that are better and she shouldn’t have been treated that way. She knows she shouldn’t be jumping into relationships or even having crushes, maybe being here with Harry or even having these feelings aren’t the best interest for her. But she just can’t pull away and leave, something in her head is telling her to stay.

“I’m sorry” He says, making her come out of her daze and awake to his words coming back to reality.

She gets back to what she was doing and acts as if she was not affected, that she was in a better place in life and that love didn’t bring her down. “No Harry it’s really fine, I’ve moved on no need to worry” She says trying to make herself look preoccupied.

“I’m glad we are hanging out, I like you y/n” Harry smiles trying to bring the mood back up and make y/n happy again.

She smiles back at him seeing him stand tall and proud above her, looking at the little stool that he brought from his kitchen to help him get to the top. She actually thought that Harry was an older man when she first moved in and only saw him from the back but when first be greeted realized who he was and how friendly and sweet of a man he was.

“I like seeing you too Harry, it really means alot” y/n mutters out to Harry, she wanted to hide her smile but she can’t, she knows and he knows that she is just bursting with this radiant glow and happiness on her face. Feeling so thankful for this to happen and why on earth she ever deserved this, wondering where this boy has been all of her life.

They start to sort through boxes and continue to decorate the tree, with y/n doing the bottom half and her passing any ornaments up to Harry to put on the places that she can’t reach. She catches Harry’s staring at her from the corner of her eye, but really she has always noticed that Harry was secretly been keeping an eye on her. He was the boy that never moved his eyes, they just would stay in one place. Soon, as the night passed on and the moon came out, his eyes did move but they just never left hers.

Her heart was starting to feel warm and her hands were becoming to feel extremely clammy. They were near the end of being done and she didn’t wanna leave, she loved spending time with Harry but she also didn’t know how to express her feelings. But unknown to her Harry was having the exact same worries as her.

They both step back wanting to get a better view of the tree, now in all of its glory. The bright white colored lights, the many green and red ornaments, even the oddly shaped kiwi ornament that Harry claims came from his many late night adventures to the store and thought it was cute. But the very most important part was the angel standing tall and beautiful at the very top. Harry looks over at y/n catching notice of her smile, it was like a blur and she was the only thing in the room but them two. The beams from the lights bouncing off and lighting up each fragment of her face, making her look even more beautiful. He just wants to make her his by the end of the night.

“You look beautiful” Harry just blurts out and he doesn’t understand himself where it really came from. He stands there just as frozen as the ice starting to harden out on the pavement on the roads, at any moment something else might just slip out of his mouth. He notices that her face drops when he makes the comment but Harry really isn’t sure what has come to it. Does she hate him now and want to leave? This is a bad idea, Harry shouldn’t of ever done this, why would some simple normal girl ever want anything to do with a guy like Harry.

“I like you Harry” She whispers feeling a bit more confident, even enough to look up at him to see how he will feel.

She knows deep down somewhere that Harry must feel the same was that she does, I mean why invite her over here, compliment her on her height and now say that she is beautiful. She decides to walk over to him but not to do anything else just to look up into his eyes, detecting every motion and detail to his face.

“Can I kiss you?” Harry asks, and y/n just stands there giving Harry the ok to proceed. He lifts his left hand up to her cheek while leaning down to her face. Harry still feels so nervous, not knowing what to take of it. What is this for them, will they become boyfriend and girlfriend or will y/n leave and never come back, breaking his heart.

“Please” She begs out to him, trying to sound seductive but doesn’t know at the attempt. Harry doesn’t do anything yet though, won’t move yet.

“Are you sure?” Harry asks one more time, making sure that is just what she wants to do, not wanting to pressure her into anything. Hoping that he doesn’t seem pushy or think she might regret after it happens.

“Harry just kiss me!” y/n says urgently not wanting to wait any second longer, to feel Harry onto her.

That’s when Harry takes the very last opportunity and leans down to her and catches her lips in between his, lightly drifting his hand onto her lips pulling her closer to him. She takes her left hand running her finger tips onto his cheek up into his hair, lightly tugging wanting him even closer. Her lips are so soft and Harry just doesn’t wanna let go, he is pulling him in even further captivating him. He tastes a slight taste of peppermint to her lips, smirking at the memories he had of that same sweet smell this morning. But Harry stands here kissing y/n like she is water and he is parched, wanting more and to never stop. He can hear the faint sound of whimpers coming from her mouth each moment that they open each others mouth, trying to move against each other. He smirks knowing that he is making her feel this way, never guessing that the night would play out this way.

He’s guiding her thumb running up his jaw, tilting her face up to his taking in any moment to have her closer to him. Her heart was starting to race and she doesn’t know why, was she actually having true feelings for this boy. Should she have confessed her feelings and would Harry want the same things that she does. Dreaming as much as coming home to see him lying on the couch for her at home giving him a welcoming kiss and just loving life. But would that be real or just some type of fairytale playing over and over in her head.

But that’s when Harry lets go, he’s breathing heavily and he doesn’t know what to make of it. He’s still leaning his forehead against hers, still wanting to feel her skin on his. Her light breathing and her chest rising up and down, is it from the short makeout or maybe she is nervous on what to say or do at this point.

“Will you stay?” Harry asks, deciding to talk first. She looks up at Harry smiling just as much as on the outside as on the inside. Harry only ever expected to be with his family spending the holidays together, but never woke up expecting he would be right here with her. Now deep down he is so thankful for this storm keeping them both from being apart from each other.

To give him an answer she lightly pecks the side of his cheek, smiling into him and pulling away. Happy to how the night will play out and the rest of their lives. Dropping her hand to her side and searching for his to grasp and intertwine hers with his. Needing to feel the warmth of skin onto hers, even if that didn’t mean his lips. This morning she didn’t expect that her day would play out like this but on Christmas night she realizes that this was the only Christmas wish she could have asked for.

scene change || pjm (f)

Being in one of BTS’s new music videos may take it’s toll on your feelings for a very shy, pink-haired boy.

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genre/warnings: fluff, drabble.
word count: 1,9k+

‘’What even is the concept of this music video?’’ Yoongi growled, looking down at the script in his hand while taking a sip from his coffee, ‘’sitting in a pile of dirty laundry? Me throwing a cake at Namjoon? What does that have to do anything with the lyrics?’’

‘’Stop complaining, hyung,’’ Namjoon simply said, seated next to him as his hair got styled, ‘’and just roll with it.’’

‘’Yeah, listen to what he’s saying,’’ you grinned, casually walking into the dressing room and picking up on the conversation. Yoongi shot you a glare, but decided it was best to give up on complaining. A last growl rolled over his lips. ‘’You better not keep up the informal talk, Y/N.’’

You stuck your tongue out and opened the little fridge, grabbing a water bottle and closing the door with your hip. Today was the day the boys had to shoot another couple of scenes for their Spring Day music video, and as a good friend of Taehyung, they asked you to be involved in the video. You were supposed to represent the friend they were missing throughout the song and so, even you got a couple of nice scenes. Not that you were really noticeable, but you were told the fans would definitely see you. Like, definitely.

You heard some laughter coming from the hallways and seconds later, Jungkook and Taehyung busted through, laughing their asses off as Taehyung held onto a small sticky note. Jungkook kneeled down and started to slap the floor while laughing, he could barely breath. Taehyung hastily handed the note over his two hyungs while nobody had looked at you yet. Minutes later, a blushing, pink-haired Jimin stepped into the room and looked very embarrassed, looking at the two youngsters before letting his eyes glide over the room and halting at your appearance.

A soft squeal left his lungs and he immediately disappeared, closing the door behind his back as the whole situation left you clueless. ‘’What’s so funny?’’ you tried to ask Taehyung, but he was leaning down on Jungkook while they were giggling and babbling weird things, and they clearly weren’t in a right state of mind to answer your question. So you moved on to the two older hyungs.

‘’What’s so funny?’’ you repeated the question as Yoongi and Namjoon grinned, looking down at the sticky note and sharing a few words before Yoongi gave you the small paper.

On the top were two names: ‘’Y/N + Jimin’’, followed by ‘’scene #67′’.

You tried to rack your brain and remembered scene 67 was supposed to be a scene where you were supposed to look lost in a train compartment as Jimin rushed over to you, pushing both you guys through a door to end up in the middle of a field with the rest of boys. But as your eyes lowered, you sucked in a breath as a change of actions were written down.

SCENE CHANGE: ‘’[Jimin] taking [Y/N] outside —> [Jimin] kissing [Y/N]’’

Your eyes widened as you felt your heart skip a beat. The thought of kissing Jimin made you feel a bit light-headed. Now you understood why everyone thought this was so funny, because Jimin never actually even approached you. You had some small talks with him, but he always seemed so shy around you and was never really someone to have some long ass talks with. And now you also understood why Jimin was so embarrassed and fled the scene; he knew he never really talked to you and he knew how embarrassing it would be for him to kiss you.

‘’Y/N, are you okay?’’ Namjoon asked, and you could tell he was trying really hard to push away the grin that was about to creep on his face. You just nodded, several strands of hair falling in front of your face, but you swatted them away immediately.

‘’Y-yeah, yeah. I just… think I’m going to have a chat with Jimin,’’ you stuttered and pushed your body past Namjoon’s. You gave the two giggling maknaes a disappointed look, before leaving the dressing room and making your way to the set.

As you arrived, you saw Jimin in a heated discussion with the director and he looked pretty upset. While you halted your steps and tried to listen to the conversation, another member of the crew came to stand right next to you.

‘’You know, we didn’t do it without any reason given. PD-nim said it’d give the video ten times more views,’’ he lowly said while you two watched the director throwing his arms in the air rather furiously. You grimaced.

‘’It shouldn’t matter whether a kiss gives a video more views. If both Jimin and I don’t feel comfortable with the sudden change of plan, it shouldn’t be included in the video. Him dragging me through a door would be shocking enough,’’ you argued and tried to sound convincing of your statement, but the crew member gave you a look which told you he knew he was right.

‘’Aren’t you comfortable with the idea of kissing Jimin?’’ he asked you straightforwardly and you immediately shook your head.

‘’No,’’ you said, ‘’I think.’’

‘’You think?’’

‘’I mean, who cares? It’s just a kiss, right? We don’t even know each other that well,’’ you said and you must’ve sounded very contradicting to what you said earlier.

‘’Woah, Y/N-ssi, go tell Jimin that. Maybe then he’d calm down a bit,’’ the guy said before he left you alone again, and you stared at Jimin’s tensed back for a few seconds. Was Jimin really that upset? Were you really that bad to kiss? Or was it something else?

Suddenly, Jimin turned around and was about to dash off again, but he stopped midway because otherwise, he had ran you over. He looked down at you and his eyes widened.

‘’Jimin,’’ you curtly said.

‘’Y-Y/N, h-hey,’’ he shyly said and he stood frozen in place, feet glued to the ground.

He looked really cute today, you had to admit that. They put him in a warm, fluffy soft blue coat and a striped sweater underneath it. His loose jeans was cut till his knees and he wore some green sneakers and high socks as a finish in touch. Well, actually, the finish in touch was his cute, pink pastel hair, and you almost gasped at how adorable and small the outfit made him look.

‘’Are you okay? With… the scene?’’ you asked him and hoped for him to answer it in all honesty. Because by the looks of that heated discussion he had just now, he didn’t seem too happy about it.

‘’Ah, about that…’’ he said and started to fidget with the zoom of his T-shirt, ‘’I’m not entirely sure if I am comfortable with it. I mean, gosh, Y/N, y-you’re such a pretty person. Everyone would kill to be kissed by you. I mean, wait… I didn’t mean to say… Y/N, what I want to say, is that–‘’

You halted him by holding up your hand. He pressed his lips together after his totally embarrassing ramble and just stared at your hand, really not knowing what to do now. He called you pretty but refused to kiss you. That’s fine.

‘’It’s okay Jimin, if you don’t want to, then don’t. Do not let other people push you around that much. The scene was good like it was, just you pushing me outside, you know?’’ you reasoned and tried to let Jimin understand you’re okay with basically everything. ‘’But it’s just… it’s just a kiss, you know? You’ll survive. You’ve been kissed before, so don’t be too nervous about it.’’

You tried to give him an encouraging smile and tilted your head. ‘’Think about it. I’ll see you in a bit for the shooting.’’

And with that, you turned around and sprinted away, leaving Jimin at the set as you silently squealed to yourself. You couldn’t really tell from his body language or facial expressions what he was thinking, but let it be a surprise what he was planning on doing so.

About an hour later, you were finally called over for the scene everybody had been talking about for the past sixty minutes. Yet it was still unsure what was about to happen. You heard from Namjoon that Jimin received the freedom to choose from the director and that you’ll see what his decision was soon enough. So, feeling slightly anxious, you tried to act your way through the scene as you dramatically turned your head towards the camera.

Just then, Jimin came running down the train compartment and grabbed your hand. He let the camera take different angles from his action as he looked down on you.

‘’C’mon,’’ he whispered as Spring Day blared in the background, and with those words, you knew he had made his choice.

You felt him pulling you along to the fake door and he was about to push it open, but suddenly he froze for a millisecond and turned around, his chocolate brown eyes staring deep into your eyes. With the acting skills flooding through your veins, you tried to adapt your expressions to the situation and leaned into Jimin. You felt his hands rest on your hips as you fluttered your eyes closed, hands resting on shoulders and breath quickening.

Soon, a pair of plump lips placed themselves on your lips, and weird enough, relief washed over you as you came in contact with him. It felt good, almost too good. Your heartbeat fastened and you felt Jimin rub his hands over your hips, trying to make the kiss as soothing as possible.

His lips felt really nice. Better than expected, and you tilted your head a bit more to taste just a little bit more of his softness. But after a good fifteen seconds to give the cameraman different angles from the kiss, you pulled back and kept your eyes closed for a couple of more seconds.

‘’Woah,’’ you heard Jimin breathlessly say and you hummed, opening your eyes and seeing how close you still were to Jimin.

‘’Yeah,’’ you smirked, ‘’woah.’’

And yet again, laughter could be heard from a distance and you whipped your head towards the sound, not noticing you and Jimin were still holding onto each other.

Taehyung and Jungkook were on the ground, again, and were laughing their asses off. But the rest of the crew was clapping and had big, satisfied grins on their faces, even the rest of the boys looked pretty impressed.

‘’Way to go, Jiminnie!’’ Hoseok yelled, which made Jin scold at him, but it still made Jimin smile.

As said before, you were still in each other’s arms and you both felt quite comfortable like this too. You looked up to meet his gaze again and smiled.

‘’That was pretty amazing, Jimin,’’ you said and meant it. You were probably never this serious about something.

Blood rushed to his cheeks as he started to smile sheepishly. ‘’You too, Y/N,’’ he said while biting his lip, the smile getting bigger as you finally decided to break the embrace.

‘’We’ll eh… We’ll talk later,’’ you said and you still felt a bit swooned by the whole scene. Was it weird you actually wanted it to do it all over again?

‘’Yeah,’’ Jimin said as he tried to regain the feeling of your lips on his, actually really enjoying that feeling, ‘’definitely.’’

*Jackson Wang voice* Cute.
Also, I have been listening to Spring Day on repeat because of this rip !!

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Outta My League 2.0 → Peter Parker

♬ Outta My League — Teyana Taylor ♬

❈ If I tell you, you belong to me, would you be mine, in reality? And not just in my mind. I’m so tired of being invisible, to you. ❈

warning(s): public humiliation, if that’s a thing. fluff.


Weeks since their first encounter, (Y/N) found herself daydreaming about him more. She didn’t even think of making a move.

Every now and then, she’d sneak glances at him. It was quite often that he was already looking at her, looking away quickly as their eyes met.

Typical high school crush; she couldn’t be within the same room range as him without thinking about him.

“(Y/N), mind telling the class why Peter Parker seems to be more important than my teachings?” Mr. Nova had clearly decided she was no longer going to pine after Peter Parker.

“I- um,” her cheeks flushed in embarrassment as she heard little giggles scattered across the classroom. She bowed her head slightly, avoiding eye contact with anyone and everyone. She could feel Peter’s eyes lingering on her.

“You seem lost for words, or am i just talking to myself?” Mr. No a caught her attention once more. God, why couldn’t he just leave her alone?

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Do it for Obi Wan

Peter Parker x Fellow Fem!Nerd

Your fingers skim over the keys at lightning speed and your eyes are darting all over the screen, desperately looking for a way in. Your brain is going into overdrive, calculating a million different solutions in your head with every changing detail in the code. You curse under your breath at every failed attempt until you can’t handle it anymore.

“Damn it!” You slam your headset on the desk next to your keyboard, the sudden outburst causing Ned to jump in his seat. Noticing this, you quietly apologize to him before burying your face in your hands, your elbows resting on top of the desk.

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Harry and Matt are matching on the live tweet photos! Blue sweaters!

Bffs casually matching:

Little beekeeper!Cas fluff

(submitted by anonymous)

Beekeeper Cas sells honey at a sort of farmers market or something, at weekends maybe (guess who has no clue how that stuff works) and Dean is dragged there by Sam and…

And he can’t get over the cute blue eyed beekeeper in the ‘ugly’, adorable sweater. And soon it is Dean who is dragging Sam along to see Cas and… and they become friends. And exchange numbers.

But they meet for coffee and Dean buys Cas lots of adorable stuff with bees and bee puns like t-shirt that say “🐝 happy” and says things like “When a bee is in your hand, what’s in your eye? Beauty. Because beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.” and compliments Cas which gets him all shy and blushy and Cas bakes Dean pie and they love the same books and cartoons and they’re HAPPY.

So when one day, Dean doesn’t find Cas’ stall anywhere, he is worried as heck and texts, and then calls him. Turns out Cas isn’t too well.

An hour later, Dean’s at his doorstep, with soup and comfort food and and a cute mug that says “Vitamin Bee” and has two happy bees frolicking on it.

And Cas just squints at him, blue eyes bleary amd droopy and dark circles under his eyes. He looks actually relieved when he sees Dean, and somehow guilty too. And utterly pathetic.

And Dean tells him he really can’t be trusted to take care of himself, which is why Dean is here. And Dean heats soup while Cas lies on the sofa, talking to him, telling him about the crazy things that happened in his day and then they drink soup and cuddle and watch a movie, well Dean watches the movie. Cas just leans into Dean and enjoys the feeling of Dean’s fingers stroking his hair and the slow rise and fall of his chest as he breathes and when laughs. Cas doesn’t even realise when he falls asleep.

Dean wakes him up a while later and guides a still disoriented Cas to his room, neater than he’d left it, Cas will realise only later, and tucks him in.

He’s a really kind and attentive friend all weekend, nursing Cas throughout, reading to him, cooking for him, cuddling and petting him and being so caring and patient.

Cas keeps thanking him over and over but Dean just smiles softly at him and brushes his thumb against Cas’ cheek or ruffles his hair or squeezes him tighter and asks him what else best friends are for.

And Cas, under the influence of cough drops and cold meds and half asleep is utterly adorable. And, as Dean hands Cas his tea- and honey, and Cas smiles at him, red nose crinkled, eyes watery and scrunched and just a hint of gums, it hits Dean with such force he almost drops the cup.

He’s in love with Cas.

He’s fallen in love with the shy, dorky, adorable beekeeper. Which is rather fortunate because right at that moment, Cas is thinking about how he loves Dean so very very much.

Still takes them another couple of weeks to admit it, somehow. But it’s so worth the wait.

And then they realise nothing has changed..

Lee Daehwi; Early Christmas Present | 11 Days of Christmas ❄

Originally posted by smolbeandaehwi

you know i deliberately used a gif of him in a sweater hehehehe

Genre;; fluffy christmassy fluff and established relationship aaaa

Warnings;; none

Pairing;; Lee Daehwi x reader

Requested;; nope

Summary;; It may be early, but you can’t wait any longer…

Style;; bullet point

Word Count;; 508

The 11 Days of Christmas;; 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th | 6th | 7th | 8th | 10th | 11th (coming soon) -MASTERLIST-

aaaah i can’t believe this is almost done omg anyway yes on we go

  • you and your boyfriend daehwi had been going out for… a long time
  • you two met in college
  • he was a performing arts major and he was romeo in their production of romeo and juliet
  • and it was like love at first sight for you at least;;
  • you really admired the way he acted so you went backstage to find him and tell him just how good he was
  • and from that moment on you were inseparable

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