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scene change || pjm (f)

Being in one of BTS’s new music videos may take it’s toll on your feelings for a very shy, pink-haired boy.

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genre/warnings: fluff, drabble.
word count: 1,9k+

‘’What even is the concept of this music video?’’ Yoongi growled, looking down at the script in his hand while taking a sip from his coffee, ‘’sitting in a pile of dirty laundry? Me throwing a cake at Namjoon? What does that have to do anything with the lyrics?’’

‘’Stop complaining, hyung,’’ Namjoon simply said, seated next to him as his hair got styled, ‘’and just roll with it.’’

‘’Yeah, listen to what he’s saying,’’ you grinned, casually walking into the dressing room and picking up on the conversation. Yoongi shot you a glare, but decided it was best to give up on complaining. A last growl rolled over his lips. ‘’You better not keep up the informal talk, Y/N.’’

You stuck your tongue out and opened the little fridge, grabbing a water bottle and closing the door with your hip. Today was the day the boys had to shoot another couple of scenes for their Spring Day music video, and as a good friend of Taehyung, they asked you to be involved in the video. You were supposed to represent the friend they were missing throughout the song and so, even you got a couple of nice scenes. Not that you were really noticeable, but you were told the fans would definitely see you. Like, definitely.

You heard some laughter coming from the hallways and seconds later, Jungkook and Taehyung busted through, laughing their asses off as Taehyung held onto a small sticky note. Jungkook kneeled down and started to slap the floor while laughing, he could barely breath. Taehyung hastily handed the note over his two hyungs while nobody had looked at you yet. Minutes later, a blushing, pink-haired Jimin stepped into the room and looked very embarrassed, looking at the two youngsters before letting his eyes glide over the room and halting at your appearance.

A soft squeal left his lungs and he immediately disappeared, closing the door behind his back as the whole situation left you clueless. ‘’What’s so funny?’’ you tried to ask Taehyung, but he was leaning down on Jungkook while they were giggling and babbling weird things, and they clearly weren’t in a right state of mind to answer your question. So you moved on to the two older hyungs.

‘’What’s so funny?’’ you repeated the question as Yoongi and Namjoon grinned, looking down at the sticky note and sharing a few words before Yoongi gave you the small paper.

On the top were two names: ‘’Y/N + Jimin’’, followed by ‘’scene #67′’.

You tried to rack your brain and remembered scene 67 was supposed to be a scene where you were supposed to look lost in a train compartment as Jimin rushed over to you, pushing both you guys through a door to end up in the middle of a field with the rest of boys. But as your eyes lowered, you sucked in a breath as a change of actions were written down.

SCENE CHANGE: ‘’[Jimin] taking [Y/N] outside —> [Jimin] kissing [Y/N]’’

Your eyes widened as you felt your heart skip a beat. The thought of kissing Jimin made you feel a bit light-headed. Now you understood why everyone thought this was so funny, because Jimin never actually even approached you. You had some small talks with him, but he always seemed so shy around you and was never really someone to have some long ass talks with. And now you also understood why Jimin was so embarrassed and fled the scene; he knew he never really talked to you and he knew how embarrassing it would be for him to kiss you.

‘’Y/N, are you okay?’’ Namjoon asked, and you could tell he was trying really hard to push away the grin that was about to creep on his face. You just nodded, several strands of hair falling in front of your face, but you swatted them away immediately.

‘’Y-yeah, yeah. I just… think I’m going to have a chat with Jimin,’’ you stuttered and pushed your body past Namjoon’s. You gave the two giggling maknaes a disappointed look, before leaving the dressing room and making your way to the set.

As you arrived, you saw Jimin in a heated discussion with the director and he looked pretty upset. While you halted your steps and tried to listen to the conversation, another member of the crew came to stand right next to you.

‘’You know, we didn’t do it without any reason given. PD-nim said it’d give the video ten times more views,’’ he lowly said while you two watched the director throwing his arms in the air rather furiously. You grimaced.

‘’It shouldn’t matter whether a kiss gives a video more views. If both Jimin and I don’t feel comfortable with the sudden change of plan, it shouldn’t be included in the video. Him dragging me through a door would be shocking enough,’’ you argued and tried to sound convincing of your statement, but the crew member gave you a look which told you he knew he was right.

‘’Aren’t you comfortable with the idea of kissing Jimin?’’ he asked you straightforwardly and you immediately shook your head.

‘’No,’’ you said, ‘’I think.’’

‘’You think?’’

‘’I mean, who cares? It’s just a kiss, right? We don’t even know each other that well,’’ you said and you must’ve sounded very contradicting to what you said earlier.

‘’Woah, Y/N-ssi, go tell Jimin that. Maybe then he’d calm down a bit,’’ the guy said before he left you alone again, and you stared at Jimin’s tensed back for a few seconds. Was Jimin really that upset? Were you really that bad to kiss? Or was it something else?

Suddenly, Jimin turned around and was about to dash off again, but he stopped midway because otherwise, he had ran you over. He looked down at you and his eyes widened.

‘’Jimin,’’ you curtly said.

‘’Y-Y/N, h-hey,’’ he shyly said and he stood frozen in place, feet glued to the ground.

He looked really cute today, you had to admit that. They put him in a warm, fluffy soft blue coat and a striped sweater underneath it. His loose jeans was cut till his knees and he wore some green sneakers and high socks as a finish in touch. Well, actually, the finish in touch was his cute, pink pastel hair, and you almost gasped at how adorable and small the outfit made him look.

‘’Are you okay? With… the scene?’’ you asked him and hoped for him to answer it in all honesty. Because by the looks of that heated discussion he had just now, he didn’t seem too happy about it.

‘’Ah, about that…’’ he said and started to fidget with the zoom of his T-shirt, ‘’I’m not entirely sure if I am comfortable with it. I mean, gosh, Y/N, y-you’re such a pretty person. Everyone would kill to be kissed by you. I mean, wait… I didn’t mean to say… Y/N, what I want to say, is that–‘’

You halted him by holding up your hand. He pressed his lips together after his totally embarrassing ramble and just stared at your hand, really not knowing what to do now. He called you pretty but refused to kiss you. That’s fine.

‘’It’s okay Jimin, if you don’t want to, then don’t. Do not let other people push you around that much. The scene was good like it was, just you pushing me outside, you know?’’ you reasoned and tried to let Jimin understand you’re okay with basically everything. ‘’But it’s just… it’s just a kiss, you know? You’ll survive. You’ve been kissed before, so don’t be too nervous about it.’’

You tried to give him an encouraging smile and tilted your head. ‘’Think about it. I’ll see you in a bit for the shooting.’’

And with that, you turned around and sprinted away, leaving Jimin at the set as you silently squealed to yourself. You couldn’t really tell from his body language or facial expressions what he was thinking, but let it be a surprise what he was planning on doing so.

About an hour later, you were finally called over for the scene everybody had been talking about for the past sixty minutes. Yet it was still unsure what was about to happen. You heard from Namjoon that Jimin received the freedom to choose from the director and that you’ll see what his decision was soon enough. So, feeling slightly anxious, you tried to act your way through the scene as you dramatically turned your head towards the camera.

Just then, Jimin came running down the train compartment and grabbed your hand. He let the camera take different angles from his action as he looked down on you.

‘’C’mon,’’ he whispered as Spring Day blared in the background, and with those words, you knew he had made his choice.

You felt him pulling you along to the fake door and he was about to push it open, but suddenly he froze for a millisecond and turned around, his chocolate brown eyes staring deep into your eyes. With the acting skills flooding through your veins, you tried to adapt your expressions to the situation and leaned into Jimin. You felt his hands rest on your hips as you fluttered your eyes closed, hands resting on shoulders and breath quickening.

Soon, a pair of plump lips placed themselves on your lips, and weird enough, relief washed over you as you came in contact with him. It felt good, almost too good. Your heartbeat fastened and you felt Jimin rub his hands over your hips, trying to make the kiss as soothing as possible.

His lips felt really nice. Better than expected, and you tilted your head a bit more to taste just a little bit more of his softness. But after a good fifteen seconds to give the cameraman different angles from the kiss, you pulled back and kept your eyes closed for a couple of more seconds.

‘’Woah,’’ you heard Jimin breathlessly say and you hummed, opening your eyes and seeing how close you still were to Jimin.

‘’Yeah,’’ you smirked, ‘’woah.’’

And yet again, laughter could be heard from a distance and you whipped your head towards the sound, not noticing you and Jimin were still holding onto each other.

Taehyung and Jungkook were on the ground, again, and were laughing their asses off. But the rest of the crew was clapping and had big, satisfied grins on their faces, even the rest of the boys looked pretty impressed.

‘’Way to go, Jiminnie!’’ Hoseok yelled, which made Jin scold at him, but it still made Jimin smile.

As said before, you were still in each other’s arms and you both felt quite comfortable like this too. You looked up to meet his gaze again and smiled.

‘’That was pretty amazing, Jimin,’’ you said and meant it. You were probably never this serious about something.

Blood rushed to his cheeks as he started to smile sheepishly. ‘’You too, Y/N,’’ he said while biting his lip, the smile getting bigger as you finally decided to break the embrace.

‘’We’ll eh… We’ll talk later,’’ you said and you still felt a bit swooned by the whole scene. Was it weird you actually wanted it to do it all over again?

‘’Yeah,’’ Jimin said as he tried to regain the feeling of your lips on his, actually really enjoying that feeling, ‘’definitely.’’

*Jackson Wang voice* Cute.
Also, I have been listening to Spring Day on repeat because of this rip !!

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Bf! Jongin

  • Jongin was your man and your child
  • Your relationship with him was so peaceful and chill and you felt at home next to him
  • You both met at an animal shelter during the summer programme you had taken aboard
  • You loved dogs and working with them to gain experience seemed like a win win (pun intended) situation
  • And that was when you saw this angel, smiling like an adorable lunatic with the dogs all around him. He looked so cute in his oversized sweater and blue jeans
  • You stared at him for a while before he finally acknowledged your presence
  • Oh you must be Y/N, I want to adopt a dog and the person there told me to talk to you
  • “Oh yea that must be me” you pointed to your badge that said your name, laughing and them fixing your posture knowing that you seemed like a fool
  • Always embarrassing yourself smh
  • But Jongin genuinely laughed with you and then looked at you as if deep in thought
  • Before exiting, he asked if you wanted to hang out sometime, because the little time he had spent with you at the shelter made him want to know more about you
  • He called you the same night, just asking how you were and what you were doing on the weekend
  • Jongin came to see you at the animal shelter the next day as well and to anyone else it might seem creepy but you were head over heels for this boy. Your manager told you to stay away from him cuz he’s famous and all but you couldn’t and you didn’t want to 
  • He was so nervous when you met up with him over the weekend, he was laughing a lot and complementing you with every chance he got. You blushed more that day than you did the whole year
  • Jongin’s hugs are so warm and he always smells so nice. You love them because he totally envelopes you in his warmth and strokes your hair gently
  • He’s such a sweetheart towards you tbh
  • Like holding your hand really softly in case you get hurt and holding your back whenever you’re feeling anxious
  • He makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside and sometimes you don’t know how to deal with your messy feelings so you just end up kissing him 
  • His kisses are so tender and he holds your so close, like you feel loved and wanted and that’s what he wants you to feel like
  • A few more months into your relationship and you’re so comfortable with him
  • Like there are absolutely no expectations in your relationship and its so chill and slow
  • You’re in love with his dogs and he acts all offended when they like you more than him
  • Kai is so supportive of you and he’s always there when you’re feeling down
  • And he gets really concerned even if there is a slight change in your attitude about something 
  • Like if you leave him on read he legit freaks out and feels like there is something wrong, or when you’re too tired to laugh at one of this jokes, he becomes all sulky and concerned 
  • But he still understands that you have bad days like any one else and tries to comfort you with hug and food
  • You both are one of those aesthetic couples, always hanging out in coffee shops and taking pictures in cute ass clothes
  • You always steal his clothes and he secretly loves it but still scolds you when you do it
  • You’re his lock screen wallpaper and he looks at your pictures when he’s missing you or when he’s away on tour or something
  • You always get good morning and good night texts from him if anything and there’s always so many emojis
  • He can be playful too, like pulling innocent pranks on you. Like trying to scare you with a ‘boo’ and you’re like ‘oh hey jongin’ 
  • Jongin is lowkey a jealous type but when he does see you too close to another guy, he hugs your really tight and pulls you closer
  • And you love that protective side of him because he is always so soft around you, its good to see that side of him once in a while 
  • But Jongin isn’t always cute
  • He can be hella rough if he wants to, especially in bed
  • But then he can also be the bottom and loves it when you’re on top of him, taking control
  • the simplest things turn him on, like playing with your hair, or putting all your hair on one shoulder, or concentrating too hard
  • Then there other things like you sitting on his lap, then making out with him and the kiss getting heated as every second passes by 
  • The best thing about this is that Jongin is yours, and only yours
  • You want to spend your remaining life alongside him, because there is no better home than his arms, and no better scent than his musky one 
  • the end 
Little beekeeper!Cas fluff

(submitted by anonymous)

Beekeeper Cas sells honey at a sort of farmers market or something, at weekends maybe (guess who has no clue how that stuff works) and Dean is dragged there by Sam and…

And he can’t get over the cute blue eyed beekeeper in the ‘ugly’, adorable sweater. And soon it is Dean who is dragging Sam along to see Cas and… and they become friends. And exchange numbers.

But they meet for coffee and Dean buys Cas lots of adorable stuff with bees and bee puns like t-shirt that say “🐝 happy” and says things like “When a bee is in your hand, what’s in your eye? Beauty. Because beauty is in the eye of the bee-holder.” and compliments Cas which gets him all shy and blushy and Cas bakes Dean pie and they love the same books and cartoons and they’re HAPPY.

So when one day, Dean doesn’t find Cas’ stall anywhere, he is worried as heck and texts, and then calls him. Turns out Cas isn’t too well.

An hour later, Dean’s at his doorstep, with soup and comfort food and and a cute mug that says “Vitamin Bee” and has two happy bees frolicking on it.

And Cas just squints at him, blue eyes bleary amd droopy and dark circles under his eyes. He looks actually relieved when he sees Dean, and somehow guilty too. And utterly pathetic.

And Dean tells him he really can’t be trusted to take care of himself, which is why Dean is here. And Dean heats soup while Cas lies on the sofa, talking to him, telling him about the crazy things that happened in his day and then they drink soup and cuddle and watch a movie, well Dean watches the movie. Cas just leans into Dean and enjoys the feeling of Dean’s fingers stroking his hair and the slow rise and fall of his chest as he breathes and when laughs. Cas doesn’t even realise when he falls asleep.

Dean wakes him up a while later and guides a still disoriented Cas to his room, neater than he’d left it, Cas will realise only later, and tucks him in.

He’s a really kind and attentive friend all weekend, nursing Cas throughout, reading to him, cooking for him, cuddling and petting him and being so caring and patient.

Cas keeps thanking him over and over but Dean just smiles softly at him and brushes his thumb against Cas’ cheek or ruffles his hair or squeezes him tighter and asks him what else best friends are for.

And Cas, under the influence of cough drops and cold meds and half asleep is utterly adorable. And, as Dean hands Cas his tea- and honey, and Cas smiles at him, red nose crinkled, eyes watery and scrunched and just a hint of gums, it hits Dean with such force he almost drops the cup.

He’s in love with Cas.

He’s fallen in love with the shy, dorky, adorable beekeeper. Which is rather fortunate because right at that moment, Cas is thinking about how he loves Dean so very very much.

Still takes them another couple of weeks to admit it, somehow. But it’s so worth the wait.

And then they realise nothing has changed..


Tiny Sweaters 

Words: 473
Tony Stark x Reader
“So like I said I was gonna maybe blow up your inbox lol. Well I have an idea after watching a fluffy movie… lol Again I leave it to your imagination creativity ;) so like I can get a Tony Stark story where reader is going through labor and Tony helps her as she gives birth. This move just made me go aww’d lol Thank You !” - @tonystarksgirl 

“Why did I let you talk me into this?” You sneered at your husband. You had one hand squeezing around his hand and the other wrapped on the bedrail. Your stupid head had told you that you didn’t need an epidural. You were an incredibly brave hero! You were the first woman to tame the infamous Tony Stark! Labor pains were but a minor inconvenience! Oh how wrong you had been.

“If I remember correctly, Sweetheart, you had a lot to say when we were making the baby.” Tony smirk from your side. His smile wavered as you crushed his hand once more. “Ok, not helping. I get it.”  

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Can i get headcanons for kageyama, Yamaguchi and iwa-chan finding out their s/o is into wearing pastel cutesy fashion like fairy kei!!!(♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡

its so hard to describe the clothes. 

But i loved this request bc i gET TO WRITE FOR MY TOBIO-CHAN 



thank you for blessing us anon-chan


Kageyama Tobio

- okay so in school he would be like really blushy when he sees you in the black uniform

- so he asks you out to watch a movie (stuttering may I add)

- so the day comes and he’s wearing a black shirt with some print on it and jeans

- and you walk through the door and his world stops

- you wore a loose, cropped white tee, a holographic-y skirt, pink and white knee highs, and pink platform boots

- his jaw drops and face turns so red 

- he felt like he was going to explode

- he just wanted to hug you bc you were s o a d o r a b l e

- you walk over to him and say hi with a smile and he almost screams

- you panic bc oh my gosh he wasn’t breathing

- you pull him to the side to avoid making a scene and you put a hand on his forehead

- and he gets even more red (you didn’t think it was possible)

- you ask him if he’s okay and he nods really quickly

- so you enter the cinema and it’s already like halfway done cause he just couldn’t calm down

Yamaguchi Tadashi

- you two had been talking in school and he told you his feelings

- he would love how the uniform suits you so well

- he would invite you out to dinner one day

- so he dresses in a dark blue collared shirt tucked in a light blue sweater

- and he sees you walking towards him and his cheeks turn pink

- “Sorry! It took me a while to get ready…”

- you wore a fading pink to purple frilly dress, white stockings, purple doll shoes, and a thin fur coat

- He stutters and says it’s okay so you smile at him and he almost cries

- tells you he really loves the way you dress causing you to blush


- his cheeks would be pink the whole time you were together

- and he just couldn’t stop staring at you bc you were the cutest thing alive

Iwaizumi Hajime

- he would think you were really beautiful in the school’s uniform, but he’s never seen you out of school

- he invites you to go to the park with his dog one day (i would like to believe he’s a dog person)

- so he’s dressed in a white shirt, red and black plaid, and skinny jeans

- he would be petting his dog as he waits for you by the park bench and the dog barks in your direction

- Iwa-chan.exe stopped working

- you would be dressed in a white graphic tee, a purple tulle skirt, kitten stockings, purple platform boots, and a light blue jacket

- he wouldn’t be able to speak as he stares up at you, looking at you from head to toe

- he wants to touch your ribbons

- his jaw is open and you look away blushing

- Y”Y-you look…” He pauses bc he couldn’t describe how adorable you look

- when he didn’t speak you felt tears in your eyes bc maybe he thought you wee too much

- so you turn and he grabs your hand, standing up

- “You look adorable,” he whispers, avoiding your eyes

- iwa-chan’s a sap

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Maybe some fluffy headcanons of jimin adopting the cute bunny jungkook with the adorable sweater paws? 🐰🙈

//jimin didn’t know he wanted a bunny hybrid until he saw jungkook. the tall and broad bunny hybrid, with blue eyes, dark hair and long fluffy ears.

//he seemed to be angry at everything, arms crossed and silently observing the other hybrids talk and laugh with the visits.

//that must be the reason jimin was drawn to him. the fact that he seemed to be rejecting everyone, but wanting desperately someone to approach him.

//jimin visited him during days. he brought the bunny presents and talked to him for hours, everything to make jungkook open to him. he knew he had succeeded when he made jungkook laugh.

//”what do you say about coming home with me?”
“yeah… but only if you want to”
“I would love that.”

//it doesn’t take much time for jungkook to adjust to his new home and new partner. jimin is nice, really sweet with him and is patient. let’s jungkook take his time, answers all his questions and never forgets to bring some present for him.

//jungkook is all big and muscle but contrary to everyone’s belief he’s a softy. he’s really sweet and caring for jimin. always waits for him with a wide smile and dinner ready (the first times he tried he always burned down the food and his nose kept twitching in annoyance, but jimin bought him cooking books and new utensils until jungkook learn how to properly cook - now he’s a true chef, his cupcakes are the best)

//jungkook’s ears are really soft and jimin looooooooooves petting them. it doesn’t help that jungkook enjoys it also, so after lunch or dinner, once their tummies are full of food, they like to sit on the sofa, jungkook’s head on jimin’s lap as the human caresses his ears.

//it’s adorable to see jungkook focused on something; he furrows his eyebrows slightly, purses his lips in concentration and sometimes his nose twitches. when he’s angry, his nostrils flare; when he’s happy he scrunches his nose adorably. to be honest, jungkook’s nose must be jimin’s favorite. Jimin loves to watch closely all those micro expressions. his fave is when he bops the bunny’s nose and it twitches from the surprise.

//it’s fun for jungkook to manhandle jimin. he can lift him up and throw him somewhere with ease, laughing as jimin protests for him to put him down. one day, jimin discovers the best way to make jungkook stop it is caressing his ears. the instant jimin’s fingers come in contact with the soft dark fur, jungkook goes putty on his hands, all soft. (jungkook’s vengeance later is worse, he throws jimin around his shoulder and pats his butt)

//cuddling, cuddling and cuddling. that’s all they do when they have time and nothing else to do. the both love it.

//jungkook makes jimin his plushie. hugs him tightly until jimin is squished between his arms and legs. he can’t asleep unless he has jimin on his arms.


I’ve been following a bunch of Gravity Falls blogs- one of which is elentori-art - recently their art all got taken down which is a shame cause I simply adore their Reverse Bill~! I couldn’t find a blue sweater for him but I think this is kinda cute?

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Pastel au?

I had zero idea how to make this I am so sorry.


When they had heard Thomas had been inspired by one of Dan and Phil’s videos, they had not expected he meant the Patel Transformation video.

And specially, they hadn’t expected it would be done… on them.

“What? No” Anxiety said, shaking his head as Thomas held a box filled with… pastel clothes and props.

“I have to agree with over dark lord over there. Pastels don’t go well with me” Prince nodded, watching as Morality was the only one to move closer to the box.

“I would rather stay as I am Thomas” Logic agreed, wincing when Morality gasped, taking out a flower crown.

“I am in love with these” Morality said happily, and Thomas pouted.

“But no one wants to dress up with us Mo. And I can’t make a video only with us” he said, and Morality frowned, turning around and making the other three step back.

“You three will dress up and you will now”


“I can’t believe this” Anxiety mumbled as he sat on the stairs, wearing a pastel pink sweater and a pink flower crown.

“Me either” Prince nodded, looking down at his pastel yellow shirt and pastel blue suspenders.

“I would rather choose death” Logic said stoically as he stood still, looking down at the soft blue crop top he was wearing. “I am still choosing death”

“You are all so cute!” Morality said, grinning as he looked down at his yellow dress and soft green pants. “I am so happy! This is so adorable!”

“I feel you” Thomas said as he wore very soft sweater with several pastel colored flowers. “I feel calm and free and content” he grinned, and Morality nodded excitedly, while the other three groaned deeply.

“I hate you all so much” Anxiety said angrily, crossing his arms, and Prince chuckled.

“At least the color matches your cheeks when you blush”

“Shut up princess”

Logic sighed as Prince and Anxiety started to fight while Thomas and Morality squealed over their outfits.

A book appeared on his hand and he silently started to read it.

At least those clothes were comfortable.

A Twisted Turn of Events

Summary: a fic in which Pastel!Dan and Punk!Phil meet in an English lesson and PJ and Chris, Phil’s friends, don’t like the way they’ve changed him.

Word Count: 2158

Genre: bit of fluff, start of smut

TW: there’s some violence and I don’t think there’s any more

A/N: a few time skips, some parts badly written I am sorry but I didn’t know how to write some parts lmao and it also hasn’t been proof read… whoops sorry for spelling mistakes

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Haikyuu!! Mutual Pining Headcanons

Headcanons about how some of the Haikyuu!! pairings acted when they were both initially pining/crushing for each other. If there is a request that you are curious to ask, I’m open to pretty much everything!

Thank you very much for this request and I hope you enjoy!

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