the blue swallow

one sometimes sees claims in modern literature that “the ancient greeks had no term for the color blue,” but that is misleading. it’s true that ancient greek did not have a generic term for blue as we understand it, but there were many specific terms; these, like other color terms in ancient greek, often assigned more importance to the brightness or darkness of the color than to its hue.

ἀέρινος, aerial; light blue or grey
γλαυκός, gleaming; later, of eyes, blue or grey
καλάινος, turquoise-colored
κυάνεος, dark-blue, glossy, (of the swallow, the deep sea); dark or black
οὐράνιος, heavenly; sky-blue
χαροπότης, bright; light blue; sky blue


Yuri!!! On Ice One-Shot | Read here or on AO3

Pair: Viktor Nikiforov / Katsuki Yuuri

Tags: Drunkenness, drunken confessions, fluff

Synopsis: Yuuri gets drunk, and Viktor’s not quite sure what to do with him. How the tables have turned. 

Viktor drank an alarming amount. Sometimes he’d buy the expensive vodka from the international liquor store when they went to Saga; sometimes he drank the fragrant sake that Yuri’s mother served him for free. For a figure skater, he seemed unconcerned about it.

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This is the second part of I bet my Draco love story. 

Y/N gets confronted by Draco in the halls only hours after they kiss. 

I hope you like it and thank you so much for reading!! Have a awesome day :D

Draco Malfoy X Reader 

Warnings: There might be a curse word idk though 

Pulling away I ran my tongue over my lip to find that it was endead busted. I watched him swallow his blue eyes locked on my face but didn’t reach my eyes.

“I have to go to class.” I say moving out from his arms.

Laying my book down on one the the tables I picked up Hollow and quickly left the room.

I tried to not think about what happened for the rest of the day. It was not until potions class that I became very aware that I shared this one with Draco.

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A small mollusk  called blue dragon, sea swallow, blue angel, blue glaucus, blue sea slug or blue ocean slug (Glaucus atlanticus). Blue dragons are a  species of small, blue sea slug, a pelagic aeolid nudibranch, a shell-less gastropod mollusk in the family Glaucidae. Picking them up can result in a painful sting, with symptoms similar to those caused by the Portuguese man o’ war. Photo of hand showing nudibranch size is by vlastní obrázek.

Broken wings and Bloody Feathers

Foreword: This one took a while to make. Tracking down all of the various sirens, their interactions with each other, and justifying everything that was happening. Mostly trying to think of creative ways to have characters interact. I hope that this is to everyone’s liking and i hope i did the siren name justice.

Peoples sirens in order of mentioned: @liyuanne (violet green swallow/tsubame), @sovietsoldier1120 (golden eagle/ Constantine), @sai-shou (burrowing owl/ Amelia eamon, bluebird/ Faith eamon), @midnightminuet (self explanatory), @ask-crazy-blue-heron (again self explanatory)

Hope y’all enjoy it.

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Happy Birthday, glynnisi!

January 8 - “I think I could fall madly in bed with you.” Steve/Darcy for @glynnisi

“So,” Darcy dropped into a chair, propped her elbows on the kitchen table, put her chin in her hands and looked with interest at the man who was already sitting down, quietly eating a gigantic bowl of granola. “You’re Cap, huh?”

He blinked long lashes over blue eyes before swallowing and nodding. “Um… Miss Lewis?”

“Uff, no, Miss Lewis is my Great-Aunt Patricia. Call me Darcy.” She smiled widely at him. “Incidentally, Great-Aunt Patricia was one of the USO showgirls who toured with you in Europe, if you remember her.”

Patsy Lewis?” Steve blinked, shocked.

“You do remember her!” Darcy looked delighted.

“Well, for me it was only a couple of years ago. You… look kind of like her, actually.” Steve diplomatically didn’t say that Darcy had already demonstrated herself to be about thirty times as friendly and approachable as her relative. Somehow, he wasn’t surprised to hear that Patsy Lewis had never married.

“Well, that’s very nice of you to say!” Having seen photos of Patsy in her USO show gear and knowing what a beauty her great-aunt had been her youth, Darcy preened a little.

“Except that I think you’re probably quite a lot prettier,” Steve added, a little knocked sideways by her smile.

“Oh,” utterly charmed and delighted, Darcy gazed at him and blurted out “I think I could fall madly in bed with you.”

“I could… wait, what?”

“In love! I think I could fall madly in love with you!” Darcy’s cheeks flamed.

To her utter surprise, Steve grinned, a little wickedly. “We could start with the other one, if you like.”

Her jaw dropped. Steve started to laugh at her utterly flabbergasted expression. “Kidding! Just kidding. Nat keeps telling me that I have to loosen up, make more jokes. Was that a good one?”

“It was definitely not something I expected you to say, that’s for sure!” Darcy started to giggle too. “Yep. Yep, you got me.”

Steve smiled back at her, and then said, very much more shyly “I think maybe just a date would be a good start?”

“A date.” Darcy stared at him blankly. “Wait. Are you… asking me on a date?”

“If you’d like to,” he looked down, not meeting her eyes, fiddled with his cereal spoon. “You could tell me all about what Patsy Lewis did with her life after the war. Or… you could tell me all about you.” His blue eyes flickered up to meet hers briefly, and it was his turn to blush. “I’d like that better, to be honest.”

“A date. Captain America just asked me on a date,” Darcy said incredulously.

“Steve. Please call me Steve.”

“Jane!” Darcy scrambled off her chair and rushed for the door, leaning out to yell down the corridor. “Captain America just asked me on a date!

“Did you say yes?” came a faint response from the distance.

“Yes?” Darcy turned back to Steve with a smile. He smiled back at her. “Yes, I did!” she yelled along the corridor again.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” came the response.

“Well,” Darcy snickered, “that leaves me lots of wiggle room.”

Steve blushed again.

Coda for, 12.05, ‘The One You’ve Been Waiting For.’

‘So … guess what I did today, Sunshine.’

The happy chirp of Dean’s voice that came from the phone made Cas smile. ‘What did you do Dean?’

‘I killed Hitler!’

Cas frowned, subconsciously tilting his head to the side. ‘Dean, I think you pronounced that wrong.’

The hunter chuckled. ‘Nope. I killed Hitler! Shot him right in the head.’

Cas swallowed, blue eyes bright in confusion. ‘You… shot Hitler?’

‘Yes.’ The angel could practically see the Hunter’s smug smile.

“I don’t doubt your word. Or power Dean but…’ Cas frowned, ‘Hitler died years ago.’

‘No. You see the Thule stuck his soul or something in some old-Nazi pocket watch and brought him back. But then I killed him. ‘

‘Dean…’ Cas sighed heavily, ‘I’m not sure that… what you’re saying is plausible.’

He heard Dean sigh. ‘Hang on Cas-Sam! I killed Hitler, didn’t I?’

Cas heard a faint groan down the line from the younger Winchester. ‘Yes. Dean killed Hitler. And he won’t shut up about-OW! Don’t punch me! I told him okay?’  

‘There you go Cas!’ Dean announced triumphantly, ‘I killed Hitler.’

The angel shook his head tiredly; Dean was like a little kid at Christmas time. ‘Okay. You killed Hitler. Anything is possible with you Dean Winchester.’

Dean chortled, ‘thanks Sunshine.’

Cas smiled fondly at the nickname. It was becoming more and more frequent for the Hunter to use it around him now. In fact, it no longer held any hint of sarcasm.  The angel looked up with a start as Crowley entered the room, a serious expression the Demons face.  Cas spared him a sideways look. Time to go.


The angel exhaled, at the sound of the hunter’s voice.

‘Dean, I’m sorry, but have to go. I’ll call you later. Okay?’

‘Yeah.’ Cas tried not to feel guilty at the sudden heaviness in Dean’s tone. ‘Are you coming home soon?’

Cas felt a fond smile tug at his lips, at the thought of the Bunker being his home. Of dean calling the bunker Cas’ home. ‘I don’t know Dean. I’ll let you know.  Take care. That goes for both of you and Sam.’

‘Kay,’ Dean grumbled, ‘see ya Cas.’ The line went dead, as Cas closed the connection, raising his head to look at Crowley. ‘Yes?’ The demon smiled at the Angels bitter tone, ‘if I had known interrupting your precious call would have made you so mad, I wouldn’t have done it.’ 

Cas snorted, ‘you would have still interrupted, Demon.’ Crowley shrugged, ‘true. So how was your boyfriend?’ Cas smiled, ignoring the sarcasm in Crowley’s words. 

‘Dean’s being Dean. As always . Amazing but confusing.’ 

Crowley smirked, but neither the Demon or Angel said anything more on the subject. The answer was clear. Cas was Dean’s Sunshine. And nothing could change that.

Don’t be like the sun, my dear.
People will try to steal your light and claim it as their own, reflecting only pale echoes of your original thought,
maintaining you are their inspiration,
that it is because of you that they even live.
Don’t let them be dependent on you.
Don’t stay so far away from people,
that eventually they forget to look at you,
so assured they are of your distance.

Be like the ocean,
vast and unclaimed,
multiplying facets of light and reflecting them for all to see.
Swallow the blue and the wild.
Be limitless and beautiful,
the reason people learned how to swim.

—  n.h., Be your own wild.