the blue swallow

Care For You (3)

Slight!Steve x Reader, Billy Hargrove x Reader
Every time he takes care of her, she runs away  
Warnings: language, angst, mentions of abuse, slut shaming, some teasing, character dynamics change, uh that’s it i think
Word Count: 2.1k+

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The next morning, Y/n decides to walk to school. She was still pissed at Steve and rightfully so, he was acting like an asshole.

She walks quickly through the hallways, avoiding the whispers and stares directed towards her. She tugs on her coat and walks towards her locker.

Her brows quirk in question as a crowd gather around her locker. She shoves through and people whisper and snicker under their breaths. She stands in front of her locker and tears threaten to fall down her cheeks.

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Anon: Can you please do one where lance is self-doubting and staying up really late and training? Like he gets really sick from not sleeping. Like can’t keep anything down sick. It’s okay if you don’t want to do or you already did this already. Please and thank you!

Anon: Maybe something where Lance is getting berrated (idk why) and Keith comes to his defense like in intensness or something.

A/N: When I started writing this, I didn’t intend for it to be so dark. Hot damn. Deep shit ahead. Also, I’m horrible at pet-names. I tried to write from 3rd person Keith instead of omniscient so here we go ᕕ(ツ)ᕗ

It was a particularly depressing mission.

The Blue Paladin had to make a near-impossible choice. Surrender Voltron, or surrender a resource-heavy planet and all its inhabitants. Death wasn’t mentioned in either scenario, but it was very heavily implied. In the end, Lance made the choice to save Voltron on the basis that they would save many many other planets by defeating Zarkon in the long run.

But that didn’t mean a whole planet’s worth of deaths wasn’t weighing on his soul.

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You make me dream of a moment, a beautiful one

One right after an evening shower

The rain glistening off of every surface

The sun has just fallen behind the trees

Allowing the night sky to emerge with its millions of lights

A glow from the remaining sunlight fades to a deep, rich blue

Swallowing all of our worries

The stars forming their familiar connections

Our eyes slowly becoming aware of how we could be like the lights in the sky

No lines needed but the connection known to all

I need nothing more than your eyes to glance at me

To feel completely safe at the top of this hill

Surrounded by nowhere and everything

Come join me

i can’t stop thinking and scaring myself with the thought that allura would unlock her bayard upgrade for voltron before lance does and then lance falling into an endless pit of self-devaluation and feelings of worthlessness

Phantomhive Twins Headcanons

These are just a few of the headcanons I have for the Phantomhive twins. Feel free to disagree or add to this list. Some of these I have held for years while exploring the Two Ciels Theory…and now with recent developments, I’ve thought of many more…

1. They slept in the same bed while growing up and even after they started sleeping in separate beds, one would often join the other, especially on stormy nights.

2. Our!Ciel has never gone into their old bedroom since returning home as the Phantomhive head, which is why we as readers have not yet seen it.

3. Sebastian the dog would sleep on Our!Ciel’s bed when he was sick to comfort him. This may be one of the reasons why Our!Ciel named his demon after his dog, who was his protector and source of comfort.

4. Real!Ciel protected his younger brother while they were in captivity, even going so far as to volunteer himself for cult activities in his brother’s place so that he didn’t have to suffer them.

5. Winter was particularly bad for Our!Ciel, due to his asthma. He didn’t get to play outside very often, but when he did, Tanaka would bundle him up extra well so that he stayed warm.

6. The twins were evenly matched at chess.

7. Real!Ciel was more mischievous than Our!Ciel and would often get into trouble, or get his brother into trouble.

8. Vincent gave Real!Ciel the blue Phantomhive ring shortly before or on their 10th birthday, which is how the boys ended up with the ring at the cult.

9. Real!Ciel knew from a young age that he would one day become the head of the Phantomhive family, and this fact weighed down on him, though he would try not to show it.

10. Our!Ciel knew from a young age that he would not inherit anything as a second son, and thus harbored feelings of jealousy towards his brother, even though he still loved him.

11. Real!Ciel was always very protective of his younger brother.

12. Real!Ciel swallowed the blue Phantomhive ring while the boys were held captive to protect it from the kidnappers and the cultists.

13. The twins have a telepathic connection (think about Our!Ciel’s dreams/visions about his twin in the two most recent arcs).

14. Real!Ciel found strong women scary and thus didn’t want a strong wife, but Our!Ciel didn’t mind.

15. Our!Ciel, being more shy than his older twin, would simply go along with what his brother wanted to do, even if it was against his better judgement.

16. The words and actions of Our!Ciel since his return to the Phantomhive household are more representative of what he thinks his older brother would say or do than what he himself would say or do, since he has assumed his brother’s identity and repressed his former self.

17. Real!Ciel walked first but Our!Ciel spoke complete words first.

18. Vincent and Rachel went to great pains to ensure that both boys felt equally loved, right down to buying 2 of the same toys.

19. Real!Ciel spent more time with Vincent and Our!Ciel spent more time with Rachel.

20. Our!Ciel, being the younger, more sickly twin, never had great self-esteem. Thus, he feels tremendous survivor’s guilt over the death of his brother, and feels that his brother should have lived instead (another reason he took on his brother’s identity).

Bonus #1: Tanaka, Vincent, Rachel, Frances, and Angelina were the only people who could tell the twins apart.

Bonus #2: The boys loved playing hide and seek in and around the manor.

My Good Girl

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Summary: Bucky’s on an undercover mission overseas and finds that it’s awfully difficult to keep his urgencies at bay when his mind keeps traveling back home, back to you. He misses you terribly, and he’s going to make sure you know just how much he does. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

WARNINGS: 18+, dirty talk, masturbation, sexting, graphic description of a nude image, name-calling

Wordcount: 4,134


“C'mon, T-1000. She’ll still be here when we come back!”

Bucky hisses at the sound of Sam’s pestering, even more at the nickname he’s been given. The metal-armed male presses his forehead down against yours as he breathes against your lips, “I’m gonna kill him. I swear to God, I’m gonna kill him.”

“Relax,” You chuckle and plant a firm hand on his chest, “Sam’s right anyway. It’s just two weeks, Buck. I’ll still be here when you come back.”

Bucky knows you’re right. He’s done undercover missions without you before, but there’s something about him leaving you for two weeks that doesn’t sit well with him. He’s grown attached to you and he’s not sure he has it in him to leave you behind for so long without losing it.

The silver specks in his baby blues disappear when his eyes slide shut as he presses his lips tightly and firmly against yours. The kiss leaves him craving more, but he pulls away to make it easier for him to leave. “‘m really gonna miss you, baby.”

“I know,” A nudge is delivered as you push him back gently, much to your own displeasure, “I’m gonna miss you too, T-1000. But that quinjet’s leaving in five, so get your ass on it before Sam and Steve have to drag you.”

A boyish grin crawls onto Bucky’s face, his dimpled chin only accentuating the sharpness of his jaw as he shakes his head in amusement. Once he finally moves back towards the quinjet, you call out his name, and he looks at you over his shoulder.

You nod to the overnight bag that he carries, “I packed a few sandwiches for you. In case you get hungry along the way.”

Bucky can’t help the fire that washes over his chest at the thought of you getting up early in the morning just to make him some sandwiches. And then his mind wanders back to how early the both of you woke up to buy enough time to become entangled in sweaty limbs over a shaking bed frame. Bucky pulls his pink lip between white teeth and smiles at you, one that crinkles the corners of his eyes, “I love you, sweetheart. See you in two weeks?”

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Glaucus atlanticus? One of my favorite creatures!

Hate it | Not my type | it’s ok | Good | Great! | One of my Favorites! | I LOVE IT!!

Yooooo These guys are awesome!!! they look out of this world!

 like honestly if i didn’t know they existed and someone just showed me a picture of one i would probably just think they were some weird high definition version of a creature someone created in Spore. 

They float at the surface of the ocean! their cool coloration is camouflage! they’re darker blue on one side and lighter blue on the other.  so one side is camo to protect against birds looking down on them and the other side camouflages them with the underside of the waves so fish don’t eat them! very cool example of countershading! 

They feed mostly on hydra (like the portugese man o war) and they can take the stinging cells (cnidocytes) from the ingested hydra and incorporate them into their own bodies! 

They really are what they eat! 

[sources: pic, videofacts.]

R.I.P. Kim Joo-Hyuk

Sad news. Actor Kim Joo-hyuk 김주혁 was killed in a car accident today (October 30, 2017 / 4:30 PM). Rest in peace. Here is his filmography.

Variety show

  • 2 Days 1 Night 1박 2일 (2013~2015)

TV Drama

  • Argon 아르곤 (2017)
  • Reply 1988 응답하라 1988 (2015~2016)
  • Heo Jun, The Original Story 구암 허준 (2013)
  • God of War 무신 (2012)
  • Ttelua 떼루아 (2008~2009)
  • Lovers in Prague 프라하의 연인 (2005)
  • A River Runs Through It 흐르는 강물처럼 (2002~2003)
  • Rival 라이벌 (2002)
  • KAIST 카이스트 (1999~2000)
  • A letter written on a cloudy day 흐린 날에 쓴 편지 (1998~1999)


  • 창궐 (2017) posthumous work 
  • 흥부 (2017) posthumous work 
  • 독전 (2017) posthumous work 
  • The Tooth and the Nail 석조저택 살인사건 (2017)
  • Confidential Assignment 공조 (2017)
  • Yourself and Yours 당신 자신과 당신의 것 (2016)
  • The Truth Beneath 비밀은 없다 (2015)
  • Like for Likes 좋아해 줘 (2015)
  • The Beauty Inside 뷰티 인사이드 (2015)
  • Intimate Enemies 나의 절친 악당들 (2014)
  • Couples 커플즈 (2011)
  • Pitch High 투혼 (2011)
  • In Love And the War 적과의 동침 (2011)
  • The Servant 방자전 (2010)
  • My Wife Got Married 아내가 결혼했다 (2008)
  • Love Me Not 사랑따윈 필요없어 (2006)
  • Blue Swallow 청연 (2005)
  • When Romance Meets Destiny 광식이 동생 광태 (2005)
  • Mr. Handy, Mr Hong 어디선가 누군가에 무슨 일이 생기면 틀림없이 나타난다 홍반장 (2004)
  • Singles 싱글즈 (2003)
  • YMCA Baseball Team YMCA 야구단 (2002)
  • Say Yes 세이 예스 (2001)